The Contractor's Best Friend

Brought to you by and Caterpillar, TCBF: The Contractor’s Best Friend Podcast, is the ultimate “motivational and informational” podcast, perfect for your commute. Tailored specifically for contractors on-the-go, you’ll learn essential tips and tricks needed to develop your business and increase your ROI.Caterpillar experts are here to answer your questions:

S5E18: Using Data to Make Decisions
How Data Can Save Time, Money in Construction
15 min
S5E17: Transition of a Foreman
How to Become a Construction Foreman
14 min
S5E16: Contractors’ Top Industry FAQs Part 2
Matching Equipment to the Construction Job
12 min
S5E15: Contractors’ Top Industry FAQs Part 1
Battling Safety Fatigue in Construction
13 min
S5E14: Quick Wins for Operators
How can you take your operators to the next level?
14 min
S5E13: Uptime - A Contractor’s Perspective on P...
Chris Seger of Pavecon offers a user's perspective on leveraging product support and service from an equipment provider.
13 min
S5E12: Quick Wins for Contractors
What are the advantages to partnering with a dealer versus doing it yourself?
14 min
S5E11: Best Investments in Technology
Making the right investments in construction technology.
11 min
S5E10: Electric Machines – the Next Generation
Electric construction equipment offers many value drivers for construction contractors.
14 min
S5E9: Build a Better Virtual Training Program
What can construction contractors do to keep employees engaged with virtual training?
15 min
S5E8: Machine Choices – Other Versatile Machines
The variety of equipment models available today creates versatile options to meet the needs of big or small projects.
15 min
S5E7: Keys to More Effective Virtual Meetings
How to optimize virtual meetings to make them most effective.
14 min
S5E6: Spotting Talent in Today’s Workforce
15 min
S5E5: Machine Choices – Matching Machines to Pr...
Best practices on how to choose the right equipment to match the job.
13 min
S5E4: The Impact of Electric Machines – Part 2
Part two of the discussion focuses on the maintenance aspect of electric construction equipment.
12 min
S5E3: The Impact of Electric Machines – Part 1
Caterpillar's electric drive construction equipment is saving fuel and increasing component longevity.
10 min
S5E2: Customer Perspective - What’s the Value/...
How customer value agreements can improve equipment uptime.
13 min
S5E1: How Has COVID-19 Impacted Contractors?
Caterpillar and contractors learned to adapt to the new normal.
12 min
S4E13: Taking a Scheduled Maintenance Break
A proactive approach to scheduled maintenance drives better uptime for construction equipment.
17 min
S4E12: Taking Care of Your Construction Equipme...
If you don't measure your equipment undercarriage regularly you're throwing money out the window
13 min
S4E11: Healthy Habits That Keep Everyone Working
Construction sites are getting safer, but contractors need to keep personal health and safety at the forefront as well on the jobsites and in their companies.
15 min
S4E10: How Construction Contractors Can Find an...
Traditional recruiting methods don't work as well today, so contractors need to start thinking outside the box.
17 min
S4E9: Take Time for Training
Despite a solid effort across the industry, construction contractors should be investing more time and money in training.
15 min
S4E8: Managing Machines and Growing Margins
Contractors should be reviewing telematics data at least daily and using that data to drive decisions that improve profits and decrease costs.
19 min
S4E7: Is Your Crew Really Ready for an Emergency?
Assess the potential emergencies your crew could face and create proactive plans so all are prepared
17 min