The Contractor's Best Friend

Brought to you by and Caterpillar, TCBF: The Contractor’s Best Friend Podcast, is the ultimate “motivational and informational” podcast, perfect for your commute. Tailored specifically for contractors on-the-go, you’ll learn essential tips and tricks needed to develop your business and increase your ROI.Caterpillar experts are here to answer your questions:

S6E23: Monitoring Equipment Utilization and Man...
Contractors need to have full visibility into the use and availability of heavy equipment on the construction jobsite. Tracking that equipment utilization comes down to telematics and connectivity.
11 min
S6E22: Protect Operators in the Cab
There are a number of ways construction contractors can upgrade the safety of their existing fleets. One simple safety upgrade would be adding a seatbelt reminder kit to construction equipment to encourage operators to buckle up on the jobsite.
11 min
S6E21: Top Dealer Resources You Should Use
There are a handful of dealer resources that most construction contractors are not using, they said, including certified dealer operators, who are trained in how to use the equipment and will travel to jobsites to train workers on equipment.
12 min
S6E20: Getting Used to New Equipment
After purchasing a new piece of construction equipment, there are some basic steps contractors should follow. For example, contractors should learn how to use the new technology features and know how to use the machine for its intended applications.
10 min
S6E19: How Do Grade, Payload, and Compact Techn...
In this episode, construction guru Brad Humphrey talks with construction experts from Caterpillar about the latest construction technologies and how tech can improve grading, loading and other operations.
12 min
S6E18: 6 Steps to Reduce Downtime
Three construction experts discuss 6 keys areas to reduce downtime and mitigate “unplanned” downtime.
13 min
S6E17: What Percent of Your Budget is Needed to...
How Much to Set Aside for Construction Equipment Maintenance
16 min
S6E16: When Might It Be Smart to "Buy Up A Step...
Knowing When to Add More to Your Construction Equipment
14 min
S6E15: Win with Command Technology Part 2
How Command Technology Changes a Jobsite
18 min
S6E14: Win with Command Technology Part 1
How Cat Command Tech is Used on Construction Jobsites
13 min
S6E13: How Jobsite Consultations Can Add Up to ...
Beefing Up the Construction Site With Consultation
14 min
S6E12: Importance of Matching Equipment with Yo...
How Choosing the Right Size Equipment Makes a Big Difference
14 min
S6E11: Dozers: Range in Operating Weights
What to Consider When Selecting a Dozer for Your Construction Site
14 min
S6E10: Tips for More Efficient Equipment Manage...
In this episode, construction guru Brad Humphrey talks with three Caterpillar experts about managing equipment efficiency.
15 min
S6E9: What is a Total Cost of Ownership Strategy?
Calculating True Costs of Equipment
15 min
S6E8: Top 5 Ways Grade Technology Saves Money
Grade Technology in Your Construction Fleet
15 min
S6E7: 13 Habits of Successful Contractors
In this episode of The Contractor's Best Friend, the Caterpillar experts talk about the habits of successful contractors.
16 min
S6E6: Technology Quick Takes Part 3
Tech in Motor Graders
19 min
S6E5: Technology Quick Takes Part 2
Adding Tech to Your Fleet
18 min
S6E4: Technology Quick Takes Part 1
How Do I Know What I Need?
12 min
S6E3: Strengthening your Company’s Employee Dev...
Employee Development and How It Can Help Retain Employees
17 min
S6E2: Recruiting and Retention Part 2
How Coaching and Mentoring Can Help Keep Your Employees
15 min
S6E1: Recruiting and Retention Part 1
How to Retain Your Construction Employees
14 min
S5E20: Attachments & Technology
Tips on How to Choose the Right Attachment for Construction Equipment
14 min
S5E19: Where Do You Find Your Workforce?
How to Find Your Next Construction Employee
17 min