In this new show on the Compliance Podcast Network Valerie Charles and Tom Fox explore the intersection of Compliance and technology.

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Using Your Data to Get a Better Answer with Nei...
Neil Lustig, CEO of GAN Integrity, joins Tom Fox and Valerie Charles to talk about why compliance needs to embrace data and the future outlook for the industry.
19 min
Getting the Data to Work for You with Jonathon ...
Jonathon Kellerman, partner at StoneTurn, joins Valerie Charles and Tom Fox to share how he loves data analytics, his vision for a new kind of compliance program, and advancing compliance as a profession.
23 min
How Health and Safety Informs Compliance - A Co...
Jamie Spataro, Lead Counsel at FedEx Ground, joins Tom Fox and Valerie Charles to talk about the intersection of health and safety and compliance, and how focusing on the first leads to a better compliance program overall.
27 min
Philip Winterburn on Using Data to Drive Ethics...
In this episode, Valerie Charles and Tom Fox visit with Philip Winterburn, Chief Strategy Officer at Convercent. They take a dive into the use of data and data analytics in a compliance program.
32 min
Where is Your Data? - with Christian Perez Font
Thinkeen Legal is not your typical law firm, and on this week’s episode of ComTech, Valerie Charles and Tom Fox are talking to founder Christian Perez Font about exactly why that is, and what makes the firm so unique in the industry.
24 min
The Skywalker of Compliance Technology with Par...
This week on ComTech, Tom Fox and Valerie Charles welcome their first guest, Parth Chanda, founder and CEO of Lextegrity.
30 min
Welcome to ComTech
ComTech, a podcast on the intersection of technology and compliance. Our introductory episode.
16 min