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The Commonweal Podcast
Conversations at the intersection of politics, religion, and culture: Commonweal Magazine editor Dominic Preziosi hosts The Commonweal Podcast, a regular compendium of in-depth interviews, discussions, and profiles presented by Commonweal’s editors and contributors.
Religion & Spirituality
Ep. 16 - Servants of Memory
45 min
Ep. 15 - Leisure & Labor
39 min
Ep. 14 - Forget-Me-Not
34 min
Ep. 13 - Action & Contemplation
46 min
Ep. 12 - Crime & Sanctuary
74 min
Ep. 11 - Literature & Longing
Talks with a trio of great writers
73 min
Bonus Extended Segment: Alice Quinn, director o...
Alice Quinn, director of the Poetry Society of America with associate editor Matthew Sitman
30 min
Bonus Extended Segment: Poet and memoirist Caro...
Poet and memoirist Carolyn Forche with Garvey writing fellow Nicole-Ann Lobo
28 min
Bonus Extended Segment: National Poetry Month E...
Bonus Extended Segment:National Poetry Month Edition: Alice Quinn, director of the Poetry Society of America, Shane McCrae, poet and Guggenheim fellow, and poet and memoirist, Carolyn Forché
74 min
Eula Biss with Assistant Editor Griffin Oleynick
Eula Biss with Assistant Editor Griffin Oleynick
47 min
Ep. 9 - Austen Ivereigh on the Vatican Summit o...
Austen Ivereigh on the Vatican Summit on Clerical Sex Abuse, Eula Biss on "Whiteness", Hoffsman Ospino on the Latinx Church, and Tony Domestico with Novelist Kathryn Davis
92 min
Bonus Extended Segment: A Wide-ranging Chat wit...
Bonus Extended Segment: A Wide-Ranging Chat with archetypal New York personality Fran Lebowitz
39 min
Ep. 8 Marie Collins and Massimo Faggioli on Cle...
Ep. 8 Marie Collins and Massimo Faggioli on Clerical Sex Abuse, Vinson Cunningham writes about hell, and Staffers on Swedish Abstractionist Hilma af Klint
68 min
Ep. 7 - Peter Steinfels on the PA Grand Jury Re...
Peter Steinfels on the PA Grand Jury Report on Clergy Sex Abuse, Allan Lichtman on Voting Rights in the U.S., and poet Danielle Chapman with Tony Domestico
74 min
Ep. 6 - "Why We Came. Why We Left. Why We Staye...
We highlight the issue of December 1, which included our special feature "Why We Came. Why We Left. Why We Stayed." — a collection of essays by converts, practicing cradle Catholics, and lapsed or ex-Catholics.
73 min
Ep. 5 Long Segment - Dominic Preziosi and Dan B...
From the radical power of poetry to the power of journalistic witness: reporter Dan Barry spent more than a decade crisscrossing the United States, chronicling ordinary lives and extraordinary moments for his regularly-running column in the NYT.
32 min
Ep. 5 Long Segment - Tony Domestico and poet Ka...
The poems in Katie Ford’s fourth collection, "If You Have to Go", implore their audience—the divine and the human—for attention, for revelation, and, perhaps above all, for companionship.
29 min
Ep. 5 - The USCCB, the NYT's Dan Barry, poet Ka...
The USCCB, the NYT's Dan Barry, poet Katie Ford, and staffers on Cultural Appropriation
60 min
Ep. 4 Long Segment - Katherine Lucky with Megha...
Meghan O'Gieblyn is the author of Interior States, a new collection of essays on topics like living in what some call "flyover country," Contemporary Christian Music, and the mass-marketing of "hell."
28 min
Ep. 4 Long Segment - Tony Domestico with Emily ...
Emily Ruskovich's debut novel 'Idaho' received wide acclaim in 2017, named a New York Times Editor's Choice and The Idaho Book of the Year.
33 min
Ep. 4 - Synod 2018, writers Emily Ruskovich and...
A conversation between young writers Meghan O'Gieblyn and Katherine Lucky, discussion on the 2018 Synod by Griffin Oleynick and Dominic Preziosi, Emily Ruskovich and Derek Jeffreys each discuss their new books.
59 min
Ep. 3 Long Segment - Dominic Preziosi interview...
Commonweal editor Dominic Preziosi talks with managing editor Katherine Lucky about the power of female rage in this political moment.
9 min
Ep. 3 Long Segment - Staffers on David Wojnarowicz
Staffers Griffin Oleynick, Nicole-Ann Lobo, and Meaghan Ritchey chat about the recent David Wojnarowicz retrospective at The Whitney Museum.
31 min
Ep. 3 Long Segment - Julian Revie on Sacred Music
Julian Revie is a composer of sacred music at St. Thomas More, the Catholic Chapel at Yale University. Asst. Editor Griffin Oleynick interviews him.
61 min
Ep. 3 Long Segment - Matthew Boudway and Alan J...
Senior editor Matthew Boudway and Dr. Alan Jacobs discuss Jacobs' new book The Year of Our Lord 1943: Christian Humanism in an Age of Crisis.
23 min
Ep. 3 Long Segment - Paul Moses and Donald Kerw...
Contributing editor Paul Moses speaks with Donald Kerwin, the director of the Center for Migration studies, about the Trump administration's immigration policies.
29 min
Ep. 3 Long Segment - The editors on Brett Kavan...
The editors discuss their editorial "Injudicious," on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court
10 min
Ep. 3 - Donald Kerwin on Immigration, Alan Jaco...
Featuring interviews with Donald Kerwin, Alan Jacobs, and Julian Revie, as well as discussions on the recent Kavanaugh hearings and the Whitney's David Wojnarowicz retrospective
54 min
Ep. 2 - Paul Griffiths on Brexit, Christine Emb...
Paul Griffiths on Roger Scruton's book on Brexit, Christine Emba on Moral Economy, and Cole Stangler on French politics
54 min
Ep. 2 Long Segment - Matthew Sitman interviews ...
Matthew Sitman interviews Cole Stangler about the recent state of French politics, and what it suggests about the American political situation
43 min
Ep. 2 Long Segment - Griffin Oleynick interview...
Griffin Oleynick interviews Christine Emba of the Washington Post about ethics and economics in light of Catholic moral and social teachings
40 min
Ep. 2 Long Segment - Matthew Boudway interviews...
Matthew Boudway interviews Paul Griffiths about his recent review of Roger Scruton's Where We Are: The State of Britain Now.
14 min
Trailer: We're Making a Podcast
Commonweal editors Dominic Preziosi, Matthew Sitman, and Griffin Oleynick speak with Executive Producer Meaghan Ritchey about this new project
3 min
Ep. 1 - Kathleen Sprows Cummings and Massimo Fa...
Ep. 1 - Kathleen Sprows Cummings and Massimo Faggioli on the sex abuse crisis, Sam Adler-Bell on Jonah Goldberg, the poetry of Micheal O'Siadhail, and staffers on Alberto Giacometti
71 min
Ep. 1 Long Segment - Staffers discuss the work ...
Commonweal staffers discuss the work of Alberto Giacometti, who was recently the subject of a major show at the Guggenheim Museum
32 min
Ep. 1 Long Segment - Anthony Domestico intervie...
Commonweal contributor Anthony Domestico interviews poet Michael O'Siadhail
62 min
Ep. 1 Long Segment - Matthew Sitman interviews ...
Matthew Sitman interviews Sam Adler-Bell on Jonah Goldberg's Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy
62 min
Ep. 1 Long Segment - Dominic Preziosi interview...
Dominic Preziosi interviews Massimo Faggioli on Nuncio Carlo Mario Viganò's "testimony"
20 min
Ep. 1 Long Segment - Dominic Preziosi and Kathl...
Dominic Preziosi and Kathleen Sprows Cummings on the sex-abuse crisis
11 min