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Pregnancy, Parenting & Politics, is a breath of fresh air: accessible, authoritative, funny, reassuring and personal. It's chock-full of Jeanne's comprehensive, medically-sound advice and insights plus conversations with women, mothers and experts in pregnancy, parenting and the power to change the world. Women's health expert, labor nurse, feminist, mother of four, Fit columnist and author of Common Sense Pregnancy (Random House, 2015), Jeanne Faulkner has been at the bedside for thousands of deliveries. She provides the honest insider advice you need during pregnancy, labor, birth, and parenthood. Jeanne believes that parents have the power to change the world and that's what we're talking about here on Pregnancy, Parenting & Politics.

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#134: September Baby Booms & Why Am I Still Fat?
42 min
#133: Formula 101
46 min
#132: Queer Parenting, Core Strength, and Hospi...
45 min
#73: Insomnia, Anxiety, Pregnancy and Parenting
65 min
#90: Epidurals and Maternal Justice
48 min
#7: Karen Parker, Certified Nurse Midwife, Expl...
31 min
#5: Jessica Shortall on Workplace Breastfeeding...
42 min
#131: Where I Am In My Life As A Mom
17 min
#130: Motherhood, Friendship, & Murder
48 min
#129: US vs. The World on Breastfeeding and the...
59 min
#128: Husbands, Prenatal Care, and What’s Going...
41 min
#127: Worry, the Border, and your Core
42 min
#126: Pregnancy & Chemicals, Beauty & Skin.
55 min
#125: Best Advice for Dads, Laura Stanfill Talk...
54 min
#124: Traveling with Babies and Children at the...
34 min
#44: Labor Pains and Epidurals
25 min
#123: Title X, Emotional Labor, and BeFitMom
43 min
#122: Motherhood and Sex
53 min
#121: Running for Office With a Baby
46 min
#120: Supporting Politics to Support Mothers
41 min
#119: What Science Says About Respectful Parenting
44 min
#118: Debunking Pregnancy Myths with Math
41 min
#117: Pregnancy, Parenting, and Deportation
49 min
#116: Why Parents Worry About Vaccines
59 min
#115: Cherish Lee on Making Music as a Mother
68 min
#114: What Pregnancy Does to Our Feet
53 min
#113: Money, Women, Activism, and Parenting
62 min
#112: International Women’s Day and Communicati...
44 min
#111: Family Planning and Healthy Mothers
44 min
#110: Real Food, Gun Reform, and Teens Changing...
53 min
#109: Integrative Medicine and Fertility
34 min
#108: Fistula, Poverty, and Doctors Who Care
42 min
#107: Parenthood, Loss, Books, and Writing
Jeanne Talks with author Deborah Reed about her new book, The Days The Birds Come Back and about writing, motherhood and literature.
66 min
#106: Finding Your Way Into the Birth Industry
Jeanne talks with Deb Flashenberg, founder of Prenatal Yoga Center about how she found her way from musical theater to the yoga studio to the birth world.
49 min
#105: Naturopathy, Postpartum Health, and the N...
Jeanne talks with naturopath and new mom, Dr. Angela Potter, ND about why she focuses on postpartum health, how naturopathy supports women’s health and how she manages the back-to-work/baby-at-home scramble.
47 min
#104: Parenting, Good Intentions and Carolin Ri...
Jeanne talks with fellow mother-of many, Carolin Ricciardi about her businesses, parenting tips and how to set intentions and live on purpose.
55 min
#103: Bacterial Vaginosis, Pregnancy & Sex with...
In part two of all-about-BV podcast, Jeanne interviews author, clinical sexologist and outspoken women’s health advocate, Shan Boody about bacterial vaginosis, it’s impact on women’s sex lives and self esteem and more.
30 min
#102: Bacterial Vaginosis & Pregnancy with Dr. ...
Jeanne interviews Dr. Roshini Raj, Board-Certified Physician, Women’s Health Advocate, Author and Medical Correspondent about what BV is, what a new study says about its impact on women’s wellbeing and what women can do to get rid of it. This is...
30 min
#101: Fitness, Intention and Your Pre/Post Preg...
Jeanne interviews Lisa Druxman, creator of FIT4MOM®. and author of the new book, The Empowered Mama and answers listener email about how to get your body back.
38 min
#100: Hundredth Episode!
Jeanne celebrates Thanksgiving and 100 great conversations about pregnancy, prenatal care, politics, parenting, healthcare and then some. Plus, She also answers listener emails with Chris Beard, CNM
38 min
#99: My Interview with Fit4Mom’s Lisa Druxman
For this episode, we’re crossposting Fit4Mom founder Lisa Druxman’s interview with Jeanne for her podcast, Motivating Mom.
24 min
#98: Parenting, Podcasting and Networking
Jeanne talks about podcasting and parenting with Sunny Gault, founder of New Mommy Media and The POD Network.
53 min
#97: Hospitalists, Health Coaching and Obstetri...
Jeanne and an OB-Gyn coach talks about obstetrics in America, health coaching, how hospitalists are changing maternal healthcare and about what real health really means. 
46 min
#96: Me, Meditation, and Expectful
Jeanne shares Expectful's podcast episode where their host, Anna Gannon, interviews Jeanne about her career, meditation practice and what she thinks we need to do to change the birth industry in America.
44 min
#95: Preterm Labor, Family Planning, and Emails 
Jeanne talks with certified nurse midwife, Chris Beard about listener emails, current events and why we need family planning for healthy pregnancies and lives.  
35 min
#94: Politics, Parenting, and How the U.S. Meas...
Jeanne gets political in this issue where she talks about gun violence in America and with Sophia Patsikas, lead researcher on a new report that compares parenting and work life balance among developed countries and why the US comes in...
60 min
#93: Midwifery, Wellness, Post Partum and Putti...
Jeanne talks with  midwife, entrepreneur, and ultra marathoner, Rebecca Egbert about why she founded LittleMothersHelper, and why we need to focus healthcare and support on the post partum year . 
52 min
#92: Meditation, Pregnancy, and Parenting
Jeanne talks with Mark Krassner, founder and CEO of Expectful (a guided meditation app specifically designed for expectant parents) about the important changes meditation makes in pregnancy, parenting, work and everyday moments in...
60 min
#91: Infertility, Adoption and Special Needs - ...
Jeanne talks with Heather Avis, author of The Lucky Few and mother of three children, two with Downs Syndrome. We talk about her path through infertility and adoption to become the parents of Macyn, Truly and August, her lucky few.
42 min
#90: Epidurals and Maternal Justice
Jeanne talks with Dr. James Lozada, an anesthesiologist and broadcast journalist with a passion for maternal justice. We talk about epidurals, health journalism, switching careers, finding your mission and what maternal justice...
47 min
#89: Hurricane Harvey - How You Can Help 
Jeanne speaks with a Houston midwife about conditions mothers and birth pros are facing and highlights two organizations - Every Mother Counts and  Circle of Health International - about the work they're doing for mothers and...
57 min
#88: Sarah's Induction
Jeanne talks with Sarah, who emailed with induction concerns about her birth, baby and prenatal care at 40.
34 min
#87: Charlottesville, Maternal Emergencies, and...
Jeanne talks with midwife Chris Beard, CNM about a recent article on NPR about maternal deaths and emergencies, about violence in Charlottesville and about fat shaming in maternal health care.
46 min
#86: Period Sex and Pressure to Induce
Jeanne reads listener emails and answers questions about getting pregnant on your period and what to do when your doctor is bullying for an induction.
18 min
#85: A Matter of Faith
Jeanne talks with Jo Saxton about faith, leadership, parenting, finding your spiritual home and whether or not you need religion to raise kids in the 21st century.
50 min
#84: Sex, Family Planning, Maternal Health & UNFPA
Jeanne talks with Sarah Craven and Rachel Moynihan from the United Nations Population Fund about what they do for women around the world and what happens now that President Trump has eliminated US funding.
62 min
#73: Women, Writing and Motherhood (Rebroadcast)
Jeanne is on vacation this week, so we're sharing her conversation about insomnia in your first trimester, and then talks with writer, Kelly McWilliams, about how anxiety impacts pregnancy and what the hell to do about it.
65 min
#83: Birth Trauma and Mental Healthcare
Jeanne talks with UK psychiatrist, Dr. Rebecca Moore about how birth trauma impacts mothers, parents and healthcare providers.  
45 min
#82: An Obstetrician's Thoughts on C-Sections, ...
Jeanne talks with Amanda Calhoun, MD, about c-sections, preventing maternal mortality, pain management and racial disparities plus, we answer two reader emails about epidurals and early births.  
49 min
#81: Midwifery and Mothers with Jennie Joseph
Commonsense Pregnancy teams up with Commonsense Childbirth's founder and director, midwife Jennie Joseph to talk about healthcare disparities and how to solve them.
52 min
#80: Race, Pregnancy & Healthcare, Part 2
Jeanne continues her conversation with Nikia Lawson about the impact of race on women's pregnancy, prenatal care, birth, post partum period, survival and future as a parent plus the role of doulas, childbirth educators,...
40 min
#79: Race and Fatherhood in America  
Jeanne talks with Marque Robinson about breaking stereotypes, work as a humanitarian, and what it takes to raise African American children in the U.S.
70 min
#78: Race, Pregnancy & Healthcare, Part 1
Jeanne talks with Nikia Lawson about the impact of race on women's pregnancy, prenatal care, birth, post partum period, survival and future as a parent plus the role of doulas, childbirth educators, and birth workers in this...
53 min
#77: The Feng Shui of Pregnancy & Parenthood
Jeanne talks about our national stress level and interviews author Bailey Gaddis about her new book, Feng Shui Mommy.
46 min
#76: A Labor Nurse Makes Her Birth Plans
Jeanne talks with Rachael, a labor and delivery nurse who is expecting her second child, about midwifery care versus OB care, birth center versus hospital birth and about the pregnancy complications she had with her first birth.
45 min
#75: Fitness, Wellness, and Motherhood Anxiety
Jeanne talks with fitness pro Melissa DiLeonardo about pregnancy and parenting, postpartum anxiety and depression and how practicing her own fitness and wellness advice helped her heal.
55 min
#74: Mother's Day Roots, Gifts and Grief
Jeanne talks about how Mother's Day started, this year's political focus, what Dads and partners should do for Mother's Day and answers a motherless listener's email about raising her own baby and missing her Mom.  
19 min
#73: Women, Writing and Motherhood
Jeanne talks with writer Sarah Menkedick about her new book, Homing Instincts and about why women's literature and books about motherhood aren't taken seriously and how books like Sarah's and Common Sense Pregnancy are changing the narrative.
52 min
#73: Insomnia, Anxiety, Pregnancy and Parenting
Jeanne answers listener email about insomnia in your first trimester and talks with writer, Kelly McWiliams, about how anxiety impacts pregnancy and what the hell to do about it.
64 min
#72: Ginger Breedlove and the Mother's March on...
Jeanne talks with Dr. Ginger Breedlove about how her 40 year career as a nurse, midwife, birth center founder and advocate for mothers and families has led to where she is now - co-founder of the Mother's March on Washington and VP at Baby+Co.
48 min
#71: UNFPA Cuts, Natural Birth Tips, and C-sect...
Jeanne explains the State Departments announcement to cut funding for UNFPA and answers listeners questions about best tips for having a natural birth and what it means when your c-section scar hurts.
20 min
#70: Starting a "Birth" Career
Jeanne talks with Sara, a graduating student nurse who's just starting her career in the birth world, about labor and delivery nursing, whether or not to become a midwife and how to plug motherhood into your career plans.
49 min
#19: Q&A Grab Bag (Rebroadcast)
Jeanne answers reader emails about inductions, gestational diabetes, bacterial vaginosis, and one grandmother's concern about her daughter's healing c-section scar.
21 min
#69: Cerclage and Midwives
Jeanne answers listener emails about how to achieve a vaginal birth after having a cerclage and about how to pay for a midwife if your insurance won't cover it.  
17 min
#68: Nights and Weekends on the Maternity Ward
Jeanne talks with Dr.  Brett Einerson, a high-risk obstetrician who studied why risks go up with night shift and weekend births.
54 min
#67: Backpain, Pregnancy, and Physical Therapy
Jeanne talks with physical therapists, Bill Reif and Joanna Mullett, about why so many women get back pain during and after pregnancy and what the heck they should do about it.
48 min
#66: An ambivalent pregnancy
Jeanne answers listener emails about what to do when you're not happy you're pregnant with a revisit of our conversation with Jennifer Pastiloff, author, yoga instructor and life-changing workshop leader.  
61 min
#65: How Midwives Are Changing Birth Systems
Jeanne talks with certified nurse midwife, Chris Beard, CNM about how midwives manage 80% of Kaiser Permanente births in Portland with an 8.6% C-section rate. Then we rant about how new ACOG guidelines are just like age-old Midwifery guidelines...
48 min
#64: The Maternal Health Lobbyist
Jeanne reads email from a labor nurse who wants to change her hospital's culture and talks with Ben Weingrod - the dude who lobbies on Capitol Hill for global maternal health policies.
42 min
#63: Running For Her Life
Jeanne talks with Keysha Lleras about how running helped this single mom survive domestic violence and depression and turned her into a magazine cover model and triathlete.
37 min
#62: Herpes, BV, and Doulas
Jeanne answers emails about birth and herpes and alternative approaches for bacterial vaginosis when the whole nine yards doesn't work.  
33 min
#61: The Women's March
Jeanne goes to D.C. for the march and brings you with her.
20 min
#60: The To-Go Issue (Getting Ready To Go to DC)
Jeanne is taking Common Sense Pregnancy & Parenting on the road, or more accurately, she's walking over to Another Mother Runner Co-founder, Sarah Bowen Shea's house to talk about running, parenting, sanity, resolutions, and so much more....
35 min
#59: The History of Parenting
Jeanne starts out 2017 by taking a look back at the history of American parenthood from the 19th century to today with UC Berkley Historian, Paula Fass.
47 min
#58: Politics and Midwives
Jeanne talks about the electoral college and answers listener's questions about labor, birth, and more with Certified Nurse Midwife, Chris Beard.
51 min
#57: Mothering On the Other End of Life
Jeanne talks about late-stage parenting, how hospitals staff their labor units for the holidays, and answers a listener's email about early contractions and inductions.
15 min
#56: HELLP Syndrome and Mothering a Micro-Preemie
Jeanne answers a listener's email about home birth and talks with writer Danielle Dreger about delivering at 27 weeks, HELLP syndrome, and living in the NICU.
49 min
#55: Talking Shop With Obstetrician Dr. Neel Shah
Jeanne and Dr. Shah talk about obstetrics today, new fatherhood, cesarean sections, and more.
55 min
#54: Making Your Post-Election Stress Matter
Jeanne talks with CARE's VP David Ray and CARE Action's! Rachael Lehman about what the election means to humanitarian assistance for girls, women, parents and families living in the poorest countries on earth. Spoiler alert - They're more...
51 min
#53: Archaeology and the Election
Jeanne challenges listeners to dig in and commit to active citizenry and chats with Dr. Pamela Stone, an archaeologist, anthropologist and expert on the intersection of culture, birth, death and gender-based oppression.
48 min
#52: TMI For Our 1st Anniversary
Common Sense Pregnancy & Parenting is ONE! Jeanne answers a reader's Q about how to start labor naturally with a reading from the book. Plus, Jeanne talks with Child Fund International's Suzanne Berman about how brand new motherhood...
61 min
#51: Just A Couple Of Global Moms
Jeanne talks with Chrysula Winegar about how she connects mothers and solutions to global challenges all women face. We also talk about raising big families, sons versus daughters, nature versus nurture, laundry...all of it.
54 min
#50: Midwives in the World w/ Robyn Churchill
Jeanne talks with renowned midwife, Robyn Churchill about how midwives work to improve global maternal health, including in the U.S and how taking care of midwives is essential.
58 min
#49: When Dad's a Rockstar
Jeanne rants about sexual assault and consent and then talks with Hans Eberbach, lead singer of Joy & Madness and Hans & the Hot Mess about music, parenting, depression and creativity.
65 min
#48: Teens, Sex, and Parenthood
Jeanne covers current events on why maternal mortality in the U.S. is on the rise, plus International Day of the Girl (10/10). This week's guest is John Santelli, MD, a pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist at the...
57 min
#47: What Does "Having It All" Mean?
Jeanne answers a listener email about skin color and scars and also talks with writer, Rachel Kramer Bussel about her Salon essay, "Having it all” is impossible: What women really need is balance, fairness and respect."
52 min
#46: Biz Ellis is One Bad Mother
Jeanne talks with Biz Ellis, co-host of the podcast, One Bad Mother, about life after giving life and how unnatural motherhood can be.
72 min
#45: Why We Need Women in Politics to Lead Wome...
Jeanne talks with Emily's List's Alyssa Franke about why this campaign is critical for women's and maternal health and all our lives as parents.
46 min
#44: Labor Pain and Epidurals
Jeanne answers listener's email questions about what contractions feel like and FAQs about epidurals.
25 min
#43: Why the US Gets D's and F's in Parenting Laws
Jeanne talks with Sarah Fleisch Fink at the National Partnership for Women and Children about parenting, paid leave and pregnancy laws state-by-state.
54 min