CNS Summit Podcast

CNS Summit is a platform for change and a community passionate about shaping the future with a focus on collaboration, innovation and technology. Our mission is to have a positive impact on the success of clinical development programs. We believe this mission is our ethical duty to the patients we serve by developing new treatments. If this mission resonates with you, and you would like to be surrounded by creative, passionate, and future-focused colleagues join us!

Life Sciences
S2: E05: Dr. Amy Abernethy on the Role of Techn...
In conversation with Dr. Amy Abernethy of the FDA and Dr. Amir Kalali
27 min
S2: E04: Ali Parsa of Babylon Health on Afforda...
Panel discussion with Ali Parsa, Dr. Amir Kalali and Dr. Junaid Bajwa
11 min
S2: E03: Jessica Mega of Verily on Life Science...
A panel discussion with Jessica Mega, Dr. Reed Tuckson and Dr. Amir Kalali
26 min
S2: E02: MIT Professor, Dina Katabi on Wearable...
An interview with Dina Katabi and Dr. Amir Kalali
17 min
S2: E01: Innovations in Psychedelics for Mental...
George Goldsmith and Ekaterina Malievskaia of COMPASS Pathways in conversation with Jane Metcalf and Dr. Amir Kalali
31 min
Bonus: CNS Summit Call on the Impact of COVID-1...
Featured Guest Speaker: Dr. Amy Abernethy, Deputy Commissioner and Acting CIO of the FDA
52 min
S1: E3: Eric Perkaslis on research, informatics...
10 min
S1: E2: A conversation with Deborah Dunsire, CE...
28 min
S1: E1: Insights from Vivek Ramaswamy, founder ...
Roivant Sciences is the parent of a growing family of companies focused on diverse areas
30 min
Welcome! Introducing the CNS Summit Podcast
Amir Kalali, MD
1 min