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TLTJTP: Clipper Steve Returns to Discuss New Lo...
Rob and Shap are once again joined by Steve Perrin after the Clippers very eventful past week to talk about the current state of the Clips, and Rob also chats about his Summer League thoughts fresh from Vegas.
76 min
TLTJTP: The Kawhi and Paul George acquisitions,...
Rob and Shap are joined by Sabreena to talk a bit more about the momentous Kawhi Leonard/Paul George acquisitions, as well as discuss the rest of the roster and the Lakers rivalry.
64 min
TLTJTP: Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are Los A...
WHAT IT DO BABAAY. Rob, Lucas, and Shap are beside themselves, as are a host of guest Clippers fans and media members. The Clippers paid a hefty price to get Paul George, but in doing so now have the most dynamic swing duo in the league. Missed wings all these years? Well, we got a couple for you!
150 min
TLTJTP: The Kawhi Leonard Situation, Mo Harkles...
Lucas, Rob, and Shap recap the few moves the Clippers have completed in the early days of free agency, and talk a bit about all the recent Kawhi Leonard rumblings.
72 min
TLTJTP: Final Preview of Clippers Free Agency
Rob and Shap are joined by Lucas to talk about impending free agency, Clippers scenarios, and destination predictions for free agents, including Clipper players.
96 min
TLTJTP: Clippers Draft Recap with Trevor Magnot...
Rob and Shap talk about the Clippers draft picks with draft expert Trevor Magnotti, and discuss free agency news with Lucas Hann.
87 min
SPECIAL: NBA Bloggers’ Mock Draft Recap
67 min
TLTJTP: Recapping the NBA Finals and the Loomin...
Rob and Shap are joined by Lucas to talk about the NBA Finals, the huge ramifications of the series and the injuries that took place in it, and how it all may affect the Clippers this summer.
88 min
TLTJTP: Reviewing the 2018-2019 Clippers Center...
Rob and Shap talk about the Clipper centers from this past season, and give a few takes on the Finals thus far.
60 min
TLTJTP: Free Agency Chatter, Kawhi Gloom, and S...
Rob and Shap are joined by Lucas to talk about some summer stuff, and commiserate about what feels like the dwindling odds that Kawhi comes to the Clippers.
86 min
TLTJTP: Clips Nation Founder Steve Perrin Discu...
Rob and Shap are joined by a special guest, Steve Perrin, founder of Clips Nation and writer of too many Clips Nation articles to count, who joins the guys in a long discussion on anything and everything Clippers.
109 min
TLTJTP: Love Letter to the 18-19 Clippers
Rob and Shap still think about what was an awesome Clippers team and feel like talking about it, as well as what's going on in the NBA playoffs right now.
86 min
TLTJTP: Clippers Fight til Finish, But Season E...
Rob and Shap talk about the fight the Clippers continued to put out against an all-time Warriors team, and touch a little bit on the Clippers' season as a whole.
48 min
TLTJTP: The Clippers Shock The Warriors In Oakl...
Rob and Shap just can't sleep after the Clippers lead virtually wire-to-wire in Oakland, pulling out a stunning victory.
35 min
TLTJTP: Shai Has Coming Out Party in Tough Game...
Rob, Sabreena, and Shap talk about the brilliance of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the disappearance of Lou/Gallo, and what else went wrong/right in a tight game against the champs.
54 min
TLTJTP: Warriors Punch Back in Game 3
Rob and Shap talk a bit about the rough return to Los Angeles at the hands of the Warriors, plus they preview a pivotal Game 4.
42 min
TLTJTP: Clippers Pull off the Greatest Playoff ...
Rob and Shap are beside themselves. Yes, they both thought this would be a rather brutal sweep, but how sweet it is to pull off the unthinkable, even if just for a game.
54 min
TLTJTP: Clippers Fight Hard, But Fall as Expect...
Rob and Shap were not surprised that the Clippers lost by double digits in Oakland, but were disappointed by some of the offensive performances from the squad.
32 min
TLTJTP: Warriors Series Preview, Ralph Apprecia...
Rob and Shap reflect on what's been a great run and the incredible Ralph Lawler, but they can't help but think about what could have been. They also preview the upcoming Warriors series, although doing so depresses them.
51 min
TLTJTP: Embarrassing Lakers Loss Exposes Stumbl...
Rob and Shap are not happy with an inexcusable loss to the awful Lakers, and feel that the concerns about the Clippers are fair as they stumble into the end of the season with a couple of tough games left.
60 min
TLTJTP: The Playoff Bound Clippers and the Fina...
Rob and Shap can still hardly believe how this Clipper team managed to be so good. With 4 games left against mostly stiff competition, dare we call this a 50 win team?
69 min
TLTJTP: Clips Reach 5th but Lose Shamet to Injury
Rob and Shap dive into this soft patch in the Clippers schedule and the wins the team has reeled off during it. Plus, more love for Shai and Gallo, as well as discussion of the Landry Shamet injury.
66 min
TLTJTP: Gallo Appreciation, New Look Bench, and...
Rob and Shap talk about another pretty good week for the Clippers, appreciate Danilo Gallinari a bit, and talk about the last dozen games of the season and jockeying for playoff position.
58 min
TLTJTP: The Streaking Clippers Keep Rolling
Rob and Shap discuss the suddenly rolling Clippers, and huge wins against the Lakers and Thunder.
63 min
TLTJTP: Quality Win in Sacramento, and a Nice U...
Rob and Shap talk about a couple of nice wins against the Mavs and Kings, and a decent showing in a losing effort in Utah, as well as the Clippers upcoming stretch.
66 min