City Cast Boise

City Cast Boise is the daily news podcast that connects us to the city we love. With a companion newsletter, it’s the place where curiosity and passion for Boise meet. Host Emma Arnold local comedian and podcaster, and she’s excited to talk about people, places, and problems that matter to you.

Every weekday morning, Emma will introduce you to your neighbors — from newcomers to born-and-raised Boiseans. It’s like eavesdropping on a great conversation overheard at your favorite downtown coffee shop, except in this case you’re invited to join in. We’ll engage with you online and on the podcast, with stories that spark passion and delight — but sometimes also frustration and anger. With a clear-eyed vision of the challenges and triumphs of our rapidly changing Boise, the podcast will make you feel more connected to this city we share.

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Society & Culture
'You Know The Place' Visits Stan's Golf Cars
27 min
Your Guide To Winter Cycling
12 min
What Non-Boiseans Want To Know About Boise
16 min
Idaho’s Only Alt-Weekly Keeps On Printing
12 min
A Boise Cold Case Turns 40
12 min
BPD Lawsuits, A New Investigation, And December...
20 min
Is Garden City the New Downtown?
16 min
Boise's Best Holiday Traditions
Get in the holiday spirit, we are talking about the best light displays, the cheeriest trees, and why we'd rather be in bed than at the Potato Drop.
15 min
'Cabaret' Is Bringing Pre-War Berlin to Boise
Buffie Main with Alley Repertory Theater tells us about their upcoming production of "Cabaret."
14 min
Boise's Most Popular Airbnb? A Potato!
9 min
Are We In for Another ‘Snowmageddon’?
KTVB's Jim Duthie joins us to talk about folklore winter weather predictions.
12 min
Your Guide To Shopping Local For the Holidays
16 min
How To Get Cozy in Boise
20 min
What We Know (And Don’t Know) About the Moscow ...
17 min
We Settle The Boy-SEE vs. Boy-ZEE Debate
14 min
How to (Properly) Enjoy Boise's Hot Springs
23 min
Helping Our Unhoused Neighbors in the Cold
12 min
What It’s Like To Be the Dr. Fauci of Idaho
15 min
What Our State Election Results Mean for Boise,...
How did far-right candidates do down ballot? And were the Democrats able to make headway anywhere? We’ll get into it.
19 min
Boise’s Fave Barista Is a Mule
14 min
Your Guide to Election Results — So Far
Emma Arnold and lead producer Frankie Barnhill are here to update you on the most important local and state election results.
13 min
This Human Rights Org Finally Gets a Permanent ...
The Wassmuth Center recently dedicated the new Phillip E. Batt Building in honor of the former Republican governor,
14 min
We Love Caldwell and So Should You!
Audio Producer Evelyn Avitia shares her favorite Caldwell eats, hangs, and why racism and classism are behind Boisean’s tendency to look down their nose at this unique and fun sister city.
15 min
Local Elections, A Rascal Cat, and Why This Pol...
We're talking local races to watch with The Idaho 97's Project's Emily Walton.
17 min
Meet the Siblings Feeding Our Boise Neighbors
The wonderful folks at Boise Kitchen Collective join us to talk mutual aid and feeding our unhoused neighbors.
16 min