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Google Goes Limp
The Labor Day edition of this week’s Chad & Cheese Podcast is full of goodness: Hire by Google shuts it down, Entelo and ConveyIQ get cozy, AllyO may be melting down and much, much more. Enjoy and show some love to our sponsors: Sovren, JobAdx
39 min
Ding-Dong! Hire by Google is Dead
Welp! Didn’t see that one coming.
2 min
Coming Soon: Cult Brand Series
Chad & Cheese are turning the world of employment branding on its head.
8 min
Entelo Acquires ConveyIQ
You heard the rumors here first, but it’s official now. Here are the details. The Shred is sponsored by Dora by
2 min
Amazon’s Twitter Trolls Strike Again
Authenticity is a tough thing to come by these days, but Amazon takes things to a whole other level, and the boys hash out what’s wrong with the employers branding strategies. Oy! Plus, Stepstone wants to have its cake and eat it too, college...
48 min
Firing Squad: SBOJ
There’s already too many staffing solutions in the UK, right? Nay! says this month’s Firing Squad guest, SBOJ (it’s jobs backwards, get it?). Let’s just see how right this start-up really is on this Talroo exclusive.
31 min
Indeed’s Getting Into The Job Fair Business
The Shred, sponsored by Happy Recruiter.
2 min
Sex, Lies and … Clusterpuck?
The boys don’t do very many interviews with authors – ya’ know, smart people who write books ‘n’ stuff – but that’s starting to change with Operation Clusterpuck: A B.S. Incorporated Novel. Co-authors Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss took...
28 min
Niches Get Stitches
Think Google’s going to have an easy time taking over the world of employment? “Well, think again,” says Europe, as 23 job sites file a lawsuit against the search engine giant. What else, LinkedIn is in the news, and niche job boards may be...
43 min
The Dark Side of A.I.
Artificial intelligence is running amok! Someone has to police this out-of-control state of technology. Enter Miranda Bogen, a Senior Policy Analyst who focuses on the social and policy implications of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and...
33 min
Google for Jobs Antitrust or Bust?
It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — This is Chad Sowash The Shred is brought to you by, check out their chatbot Dora. Dora is the recruiter’s personal robot assistant that will help them hire more...
4 min
Fairygodboss Co-Founder Romy Newman
Think Glassdoor has a monopoly on employee reviews? Think again. Fairygodboss is one of the hottest startups hoping to help women breakthrough the glass ceiling and inspire companies to be more transparent. In this podcast, the boys explore the current s
31 min
No More
Joel: Hey guys, we’re not going to do a show this week. In light of the recent mass shootings and El Paso, and Dayton. Chad and I thought it would be better time served for the audience as well as ourselves, that we think about the world we live in
1 min
Chad & Cheese Mini-Documentary
The boys recently invaded the UK’s top recruiting conference, RecFest. Here’s what happened. Enjoy and special thanks to Talent Nexus for shooting the movie.
13 min
Talkin’ Gen Z Fuckers
More pearls from the Talent Nexus interview.
1 min
SHOTS FIRED w/ Ryan Gill
No one doubts the growth of the gig economy. By 2020, over 40 million Americans are predicted to be part of this reality. As such, platforms whose goal it is to support freelancers and solopreneurs are hotter than ever. However, not all platforms are cre
34 min
Recruitics, KRT Marketing: “Hold my beer.”
The hills are alive with the sound of acquisitions! The latest – Recruitics acquiring KRT Marketing – is the fourth similar deal in just a month. The boys cover the news, as well as discussing how much is sucks to be Slack right now, pane vie
38 min
New Celebrity Outro
Guess who?
0 min
Gerry Tales V (Endgame)
Gerry Tales with industry icon Gerry Crispin was off-the-chain, and this is Part V, the last of our interview on all-things-recruiting. Enjoy, get smarter and show exclusive sponsor Nexxt some love.
16 min
Recruitics Buys KRT
Welcome to THE SHRED a quick bite of Chad & Cheese breaking news - this is Chad Sowash This SHRED provided by our friends at Why Happy Recruiter, because you dont want a pissed off Recruiter... Duh... Visit an
2 min
When College Breaks US Economy
$1.5 trillion in student debt is breaking students backs, but it could also break the U.S. economy. Steven and Faith Rothberg who join Chad and Julie for a look at how College affects the workforce and our economy. Is college too big of a business to fai
25 min
Will Indeed Drink Ad Agency Milkshake?
As the dog days of summer drag on, industry news remains hot, hot, HOT! This week, the boys discuss Indeed’s latest strategy to stick-it to recruitment ad agencies, as well as break down the latest buying spree of programmatic ad solutions and chat
43 min
Gerry Tales IV (Gerrymandering)
Gerry Tales with industry icon Gerry Crispin was off-the-chain, and this is Part IV of our interview on all-things-recruiting. Enjoy, get smarter and show exclusive sponsor Nexxt some love.
18 min
Recruiter Marketplace: Scout w/ CEO Ken Lazarus
One of the biggest stories from 2018 was recruiting software solution Scout getting $100 million in investment. The company is quietly becoming a force, so the boys decided to sit down with CEO Ken Lazarus to find out what’s going on. Enjoy this Un
34 min
What Can Two White Dudes Do About Diversity?
Part of our interview with Torin Ellis. Full video interview coming soon.
1 min
‘Job Board Summer Camp’ Sucks
It’s been a week since tearin’ shit up in London, and the boys are psyched to get back to the weekly round-up show. And the hits just keep on rollin’. This week, programmatic remains hot, Amazon says ‘there’s nothing to see
43 min
Firing Squad: StaffUpApp
Do staffing firms need a native app for iPhones and Android devices? This startup certainly thinks so, but do the boys agree? Let’s just say it’s a house divided. Ready. Aim. Listen. And enjoy this Talroo exclusive.
31 min
The Chad & Cheese Recfest 2019 ‘Hype Video’
Before going on stage at Recfest 2019, this happened. ‘Murica! Special thanks to Talent Nexus for creating.
0 min
TMP Acquires Perengo
Its The Shred - a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News -- This is Chad Sowash On to the NEWS for July 16st 2019.. THE ARMS RACE IS RED HOT We were talking about texting and chatbots - Now its a word most TA professionals cant even spell... Prog
2 min
630 Strikes Back
When Stepstone acquired Appcast, the boys wondered why Indeed failed to snatch-up programmatic’s most well-known and successful companies. Maybe Indeed wasn’t even interested. Turns out, they were, as proven by the recent announcement that th
45 min
Gerry Tales III (Beyond Thunderdome)
Gerry Tales with industry icon Gerry Crispin was off-the-chain, and this is Part III of our interview all-things-recruiting. Enjoy, get smarter and show exclusive sponsor Nexxt some love.
20 min
We Love the Smell of Acquisitions in the Morning
The week of July 4th is usually pretty slow, but there were plenty of fireworks this year. Aside from a big acquisition, Facebook, Walmart and Hallmark are in the news, as well as a segment on rainbow-colored flags and the companies that say they support
36 min
Recfest 2019: British / U.S. Relations are Head...
With Recfest 2019 a little over a week away in London, what better way for Chad & Cheese to pregame than to get the show’s masterminds, Jamie Leonard and Joe Slavin? The boys breakdown the show and give listeners a sneak-peek into the havoc tha
15 min
Gerry Tales II (Electric Boogaloo)
Gerry Tales with industry icon Gerry Crispin was off-the-chain, and this is Part II of our interview all-things-recruiting. Enjoy, get smarter and show exclusive sponsor Uncommon some love.
17 min
Appcast Acquired by Stepstone
Its The Shred - a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News -- This is Chad Sowash On to the NEWS for July 1st 2019.. The Deutschland powerhouse Stepstone acquires programmatic job distribution darling Appcast. You heard it here on Chad & Chee
2 min
‘Jibe’ Turkeys & Slack Smackdowns
If you missed the news breakdown from last week, you’re in for a treat this week. The boys breakdown a bevy of news, including iCIMS buying Jibe, another chatbot domino falling, rumors out of CareerBuilder, Entelo and Salesforce, and new headwinds
49 min
Firing Squad:
An old URL with a lot of new ideas – including blockchain, paying job seekers and a credit card (yes, credit card) – but we’ll see how the company does against 40 years of industry experience. Chad & Cheese run CEO Arran Ste
36 min
Gerry Tales w/ Gerry Crispin
Gerry Crispin is an industry treasure and a virtual encyclopedia for anyone who wants to take a look back at how things used to be, as well as getting an historical perspective on the present and the future. Chad & Cheese chatted with Gerry and it tu
13 min
Live from Smashfly’s Transform Conference
The boys cover just about everything with Smashfly’s Josh Zywien, Delta Airlines’ Holland McCue and Fiserv’s Julia Levy. Enjoy this live show from Boston and throw our sponsors – Sovren, JobAdx and Canvas – lots of love.
45 min
THE SHRED – Returnships
THE SHRED – Don’t Call It a Comeback! They’ve been here for years. Here’s a bit of news from the political blog – Roll Call. “A pair of Democratic senators introduced legislation Thursday that would offer subsidies to employers who hire longt
4 min
THE SHRED — Facebook That’s Just Nasty
The Absolutely Horrible, Disgusting and Inexcusable Working Conditions at Facebook Facebook moderators are the cops of the social network. They patrol its cyberspace for things like hate speech, murders in livestream, child pornography and anything else
4 min
Tag-Teaming ‘Recruiting Future’ Podcaster Matt ...
Three podcasters – one British, two American – get together and talk recruitment. Lock the doors, hide ya’ kids and serve-up the tea and crumpets. Enjoy this cross-Atlantic crossover.
34 min
Talkin’ ‘Bad Touch’ with Nexxt’s Andy Katz
What do you get when you bring 65 years of industry experience under one podcast? Press play and find out, as the boys chat with Nexxt’s 25-year veteran Andy Katz. There will be beer on this Nexxt exclusive.
32 min
iCIMS Latest Acquisition Keeps Recruitment Plat...
Popular ATS has added a new toy to the arsenal. Listen now.
2 min
… And You Will Know CareerBuilder By The Trail ...
Another week of breaking news highlights this week’s show. More bleeding at CareerBuilder as the C-suite loses another one, readies for an IPO and a new partnership, and the boys go rapid fire with more alerts. Enjoy and show Sovren, JobAdx
44 min
Live from RECex in Europe
If you thought you’d heard everything from the Chad & Cheese European Tour in Lisbon for TAtech, well, think again. Here’s their session on A.I. from RECex. Enjoy this Uncommon exclusive.
18 min
#AI Interview Regulations PASSED!
HR TECH SHOULD WORRY ABOUT “THE AI VIDEO INTERVEW ACT” Housebill 2557 is now an ACT. Housebill 2557 was passed May 29th by the Illinois House of Representatives and it sailed through the Illinois Senate without anyone voting – no. That kind of unani
5 min
$100m + Social Media = Jobcase CEO, Fred Goff
A friendly chat with the head of Jobcase, Fred Goff, who recently raised $100 million.
30 min
Big News @ ZipRecruiter, Indeed, AllyO, LinkedI...
Woah! Another big week with big news. Zip, Indeed, AllyO, LinkedIn and Dice all had announcements. And we find time to dog Generation Z while we’re at it. Enjoy and show Sovren, JobAdx and Canvas some love!
32 min
Death Match: And The Winner Is …
Four companies entered the ring to duke it out for European supremacy at TAtech in Lisbon for The Chad & Cheese Podcast. Here’s contestant No. 4, and the winner, The luck of the Irish was clearly in the building, along with a lot of skil
19 min
The SHRED – June 5
It’s The Shred – a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News — Wait a minute it’s a Chad, Cheese and Jim Stroud bite of breaking NEWS for June 5th 2019 Take it away Jim! THE SHRED – What’s Scarier than a Chucky Doll? Hollywood
5 min
Chad & Cheese Invade Jobcase
What do you do after raising $100 million? Bring Chad & Cheese in for a lunch-and-learn with your employees, of course. What could go wrong? Enjoy this, um, Jobcase exclusive.
46 min
Google ATS Enterprise Customer Framestore
If you thought Google was going to be content offering its Hire product to small businesses, well, you’re in for a surprise. Big G recently announced it would be supporting Enterprise customers as well. Look out LinkedIn … and, um, every popu
29 min
Chad Goes Nuclear on SHRM
Maybe it was the fact Boston was cold in late-May. Maybe it was the rain at Fenway Park. But whatever it was, as the boys were in Boston this week, Chad was not very happy with SHRM this week. Additionally, Google it sticking it to cookies, LinkedIn look
38 min
Death Match: CandidateID
Four companies entered the ring to duke it out for European supremacy at TAtech in Lisbon for The Chad & Cheese Podcast. Here’s contestant No. 3, CandidateID. Enjoy this Uncommon exclusive.
19 min
Recruit Philly Q & A
They didn’t hold back on the questions at Recruit Philly. Check ’em out.
13 min
Live Show: Recruit Philly
What happens when you get about 100 recruiters in Philly to witness a live Chad & Cheese podcast? A whole lotta trash talkin’ about CareerBuilder, Monster, Ladders, Indeed and anyone else who gets out of line, apparently. Grab a Yuengling and g
51 min
Death Match: Tengai Unbiased
Four companies entered the ring to duke it out for European supremacy at TAtech in Lisbon for The Chad & Cheese Podcast. Here’s contestant No. 2, Tengai Unbiased, a recruiting freakin’ robot. Enjoy this Nexxt exclusive.
19 min
Merger Alert: Montage and Shaker Int’l
Listen to this episode of The Shred to learn more.
2 min
Death Match: Mya
Four companies entered the ring to duke it out for European supremacy at TAtech in Lisbon for The Chad & Cheese Podcast. Here’s contestant No. 1, Mya, the popular chatbot solution. Enjoy this Talroo exclusive.
20 min
Talkin’ Talent Pipelines with Candidate.ID’s Ad...
While in Lisbon at TAtech this month, the boys sat down with Firing Squad alum Adam Gordon of Candidate.ID to chat candidate funnels and Eurotrash. Enjoy this Nexxt exclusive.
16 min
Slack Wars and Facials
What a week. Slack goes full-on after Microsoft’s software hegemony, facial recognition takes a hit, Millennials need to get freak-nasty or we go extinct, Natty Light beer needs partiers, and much, much more. Enjoy and show Sovren, JobAdx and Canva
47 min
Interview: Mike Temkin of Shaker Recruitment Ma...
In this Nexxt exclusive, Chad & Cheese chat with industry veteran Mike Temkin, vice president of strategic planning and development. Enjoy this look into the past of recruitment marketing and a glimpse into the future.
44 min
Chad & Cheese Get Interviewed in Lisbon
Stephen O’Donnell of VideoMyJob sat down with the boys in Lisbon at the TAtech conference. Enjoy.
13 min
Exploring the Recruitment Tech Hype Cycle w/ AI...
Chatbots, messaging, programmatic advertising … even QR codes. They have their place on the recruitment hype cycle. The boys sit down with VP, Digital Marketing Solutions – Employer Brand at AIA, Nathan Perrot, to explore the hype cycle. Enjo
33 min
HR Learns AI: Digging Into The 5-Week Online Co...
Did you know there’s a five-week online course where HR pros can learn how to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to re-imagine the employee experience? Well, there is, and Jeanne Meister is the brains behind this offering from SHRM. Enjoy this Jobcas
22 min
Interview: Tengai, Sweden’s Recruiting Robot
Few things have caused as much buzz this year as Tengai Unbiased, the recruiting robot from a company in Sweden that has garnered responses from creeped-out to amazement. The boys decided to find out for themselves and interview the team – and the
36 min
“98% Of Sourcing Should Be Automated”
Social Talent’s Johnny Campbell is never one to pull punches, and this interview with him at SHRM Talent showcases his brutal honesty. Enjoy this Jobcase exclusive.
30 min
Help Wanted: ‘Preferably Caucasian’ Candidates
What a week! Jobvite has a new CEO, Ladders exposes 13 million resumes to evil-doers, Google targets the Enterprise, Facebook gets integrated wit’ it, and racism is alive-and-well at a job board near you. Enjoy, and show our sponsors some love: Sov
41 min
Jobvite Has a New CEO
Dan Finnigan is hanging it up after more than a decade at Jobvite. Who’s taking the reigns? Gotta listen.
3 min
Firing Squad: Maia
Maia – no, not that Mya, the chatbot – brings its game to the Firing Squad. With a founder who cut his teeth at Indeed, Jobcase and The Muse, it’s bound to get interesting. Enjoy this Talroo exclusive.
30 min
Google ATS Goes Enterprise
Its The Shred - a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News -- This is Chad Sowash On to the NEWS for April 30 2019.. HOLY SHIT were talking about another Google move again... No this isnt a brick-by-brick move ohh no this is a major move and announc
3 min
Demopocalypse: VideoMyJob
An Aussie, a Scot and two Americans get together for a demo of one of the hottest video solutions in recruiting. Grab a Foster’s and enjoy.
36 min
Live from Hireology HQ
Chad & Cheese recently invaded Hireology HQ in Chicago to be guests on their podcast, The Best Team Wins. This is what came out of it. Enjoy.
28 min
Damn, Monster’s New Commercials Suck!
Let’s just come out firing: Monster’s new commercials aren’t that great. Think dusting off some ads from 2004 that didn’t make the cut then and certainly shouldn’t now. Plus, LinkedIn’s pricing increases, Google’
44 min
Zip vs. Indeed – Appcast rankings
Its The Shred - a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News -- This is Chad Sowash Its the 2019 Appcast Publisher Ratings by Function What is that you might say? Simple - it says right here on the cover Job ad publisher performance based on lowest co
2 min
JobAdx’s New Ad
Suckin’ up like a boss.
1 min
Dynamic Video Ad Units
Chad & Cheese sponsor JobAdx shared some news with us at StaffingTec. Want to know what it is? Gotta listen. Enjoy this Jobcase exclusive.
19 min
Google Builds Brick By Brick
Its The Shred - a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News -- This is Chad Sowash On to the NEWS for April 24 2019.. Now, this is going to start out slow, so stick with me... Googles newest feature drop is Work from Home job search available in Go
2 min
All Our Rowdy Friends
A chat with Katrina Kibben, Abby Cheesman and Dawn Burke at the SHRM Talent Conference. What else do you want from us? Enjoy this Jobcase exclusive.
45 min
All-Star Panel, Live From TAtech in Chicago
It’s on! Some of the industry’s most respected folks joined the boson stage for some good ol’ fashioned verbal jousting. The lineup included Joe Shaker of Shaker Recruitment Marketing, Thom Kenney of Smashfly, Abby Cheesman of SkillScou
45 min
Interview: StaffingTec’s Maurice Fuller
Enjoy this Jobcase exclusive with StaffingTec’s Maurice Fuller, Staffing Technology and Blockchain Expert.
15 min
SHRM Live: One Platform To Rule Them All
A Jobcase exclusive: In just the past few years, Goliaths like Google, Microsoft / LinkedIn and Facebook have entered the world of recruitment in a big way. Traditional vendors like Indeed, Monster and CareerBuilder are struggling to catch-up, keep-up an
23 min
Post-Game: SHRM Talent, StaffingTec
News about Indeed, Rectxt, JazzHR and more.
41 min
TikTok, Farting on Coworkers & DeskDogs
This episode is all over the place. The boys cover everything from ZipRecruiter’s CEO dissing Google, Indeed giving Hire by Google a sloppy kiss, TikTok landing on the proverbial radar and stinky Australians. And much, much more. Enjoy and give our
40 min
Interview: Justin Gignac w/ Working Not Working
For those who think gig economy platforms like Upwork and Fiverr are a race to the bottom for freelance wages, then this podcast is for you. The boys interview Justin Gignac, co-founder at Working Not Working, a site dedicated to making sure freelance de
25 min
Talking Like a Pirate
Behind the scenes at Talroo.
5 min
Cheating College
Jim Stroud here, reporting for The Shred! A mini-Chad and Cheese bite of breaking news. No doubt you have heard about the college admissions scandal where federal officials have charged several members of the 1% in what the Justice Department is calling
4 min
Exclusive: Big Talroo News
Don’t miss the latest update from of Talroo!
9 min
Yahoo! FAILS, McDonald’s Gives-up & Amazon AR G...
GET READY KIDS – If you’re lactose intolerant THIS is the show for you. That’s right hold the cheese and I’ll substitute w/ some Jimmy Stroud! Chad & Jim tackle Yahoo!’s newest job search fail, Amazon goes beyond haptic bracelets – think
42 min
Canvas CEO, Aman Brar talks Acquisition, Messag...
You’ve just been acquired after being in business for a few short years. What are ya’ going to do now? Go on The Chad & Cheese Podcast, of course! Or at least that’s what Canvas’ CEO and founder Aman Brar decided to do recentl
31 min
Meet The Custodian of Culture & Chief Idea Offi...
Meet James. He’s The Custodian of Culture and Chief Idea Officer of one of the fastest-growing private companies in Canada. And on this Uncommon exclusive, the boys dig into the secrets that have helped make his company one of the fastest growing i
22 min
Indeed’s Australian Meltdown
While the Google train keeps chugging along with positive news this week, things at Indeed are showing signs of unraveling Down Under, as well as other spots around the globe. Likewise, Facebook dealt recruitment marketing a blow this week and America, w
51 min
Google Trifecta
Its The Shred - a mini-Chad and Cheese bite of Breaking News -- This is Chad Sowash The Shred is brought to you by The Judge Group a leader in technology and healthcare staffing providing top talent to organizations ranging from the Fortune 100 to the t
3 min
Jobvite CEO Dan Finnigan
We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! Since taking over the reigns at Jobvite a decade ago after running HotJobs, Dan Finnigan has been a strong voice and leader in the recruitment tech space. Most recently, Jobvite swung for the fences, raisin
33 min
Google News
Google’s latest step into job search domination takes the form of their search API. Wanna know what it is? Gotta listen. This update will apply Google Cloud AI capabilities to helping companies provide more relevant job opportunities to a wider can
35 min
Firing Squad: Eddy
What do you get when a former NBA player launches an applicant tracking system? Gotta listen to find out. Enjoy this Talroo exclusive.
36 min
Messaging Gold Rush Rages On
On this week’s show, messaging apps stay red hot and flush with cash, more minimum wage crossfire and WTF is the human cloud? Oh, and the investment cash register continues to ring. Enjoy, and support our sponsors: Sovren, Canvas and JobAdX.
44 min
Here We Grow Again:
Paradox, the company that brought us chatbot Olivia, announced new funding and the opening of offices recently.
2 min
One Brand w/ Chris Kneeland, CEO Cult Collective
Another gem from our trip to The Gathering last month. This time, we sit down with marketing agency expert Chris Kneeland, co-founder of Cult Collective, The Gathering and, to discuss talent and the bridge between HR and marketing. Hint: We h
20 min