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Industry veterans Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Chad & Cheese discuss a wide variety of topics and current news stories around recruiting, human resources, and employment. Hiring companies, employers, and vendors tune in for insights from practitioners, vendors, startups, and more.

Somebody's Watching Me!?!
Ben Mones, Fama CEO, talks social screening.
29 min
The Bigger They Are...
On this week’s show the boys discuss a $22 billion merger, iCIMS finds their new leader, and Walmart says, “Taco Bell, hold our beer.”
28 min
Will White Box Save A.I.?
What is Whitebox AI and is it the answer to better transparency and technology for the future? 
12 min
FIRING SQUAD: HR Lancers CEO, Chris Russell
Freelancing and the Gig Economy is getting bigger. Are HR giggers ready for it yet?
27 min
Amazon Ruins Everything
This week’s episode covers Slack’s comeback, Indeed’s whack Oscars ad, gaming Amazon gigs and much more.
44 min
#Blessed that Recruiters Suck
Sourcing extraordinaire Mike "Batman" Cohen is not the kind of cat who pulls punches In this can't-miss episode
23 min
Another ATS Bites the Dust
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology.
2 min
Symphony Talent CEO, Roopesh Nair
Roopesh Nair is president and CEO at Symphony Talent, the recent acquirer of SmashFly, which listeners will remember from the podcast.
35 min
Indeed Switcharoo
Indeed plays Lucy and moves the ball on Charlie Brown aka Talent Acquisition
45 min
LinkedIn Loses Its Weiner
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology.
3 min
VOICES: Does HR Care About Candidate Experience?
Robert Ruff, President of Sovren Technology tackles the hard questions as he and the boys about the black hole experience hiring process which really hasn't changed much in the last 20-years.
9 min
Everything Must Go! CareerBuilder's Latest Sell...
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology.
3 min
CULT BRAND: Chris Kneeland CEO of Cult Collective
Chris joins the show to dive into what a "Cult Brand" is and how markets react to them.
26 min
New Glassdoor... Who Dis?
Glassdoor talks about their new car smell while Delta creates Iron Man tech for their employees.
45 min
Facebook Jobs Strategy?
Roberto Angulo talks how programmatic may be the Newspaper's savior?
24 min
FIRING SQUAD: Real Links' CEO Sam Davies
Referrals rock! Ask most companies and they'll tell you referrals are the best resource for candidates they currently employ.
32 min
Carolina Start-Up Secures $3M
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology.
2 min
Facebook Goes Google 4 Jobs
Is Facebook pressing the "JOBS" revenue button?
41 min
CULT BRAND: Make Plan B Decisions
Airbnb's back was up against the wall. ​What happens when the New York Attorney General slaps a subpoena on the young upstart Airbnb in 2013 to access all host data for 15,000 hosts?
20 min
VOICES: hiQ. LinkedIn's Salvation?
Robert Ruff joins Chad & Cheese to talk hiQ and LinkedIn
14 min
Robot Lump Theory
Where robots taking jobs and labor lump fallacy meets.
46 min
Phenom Lands Phenomenal Investment
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology.
2 min
Cult Guac w/ Chipotle
Mike Miller and Joe Albano join The Chad & Cheese podcast to talk food, brand, college, and drunk nurses? No.
27 min
Me and Mr. Jones
We've got a thing goin' on with Mr. Jones. That's Mark Jones SVP at AMS and that thing is a podcast - enjoy
35 min
Predictions 2020 w/ Tim Sackett
Chad & Cheese 2020 predictions with Tim Sackett
37 min
Bullhorn Acquires Herefish
Bullhorn acquires Herefish- terms of the deal were not disclosed
3 min
ATS is Bad Ass?
Can your Applicant Tracking System be bad ass? David Webb is hoping that can be the case on this episode of Chad & Cheese.
25 min
Decade Top Tens
It's the Top 10 lists to "RULE THEM ALL!"
61 min
College Recruiting Start-Up Raises $8.5M
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology.
2 min
A Nurturing Acquisition
Danielle Weinblatt joins Chad & Cheese to talk about ConveyIQ's acquisition by Entelo
30 min
2019 Naughty & Nice
Bill Boorman joins Chad and Cheese on stage to announce their 2019 Naughty and Nice list at TalentNET LIVE in Dallas.
35 min
WT dies, HackerRank Scores and Gig jobs pay!
44 min
FIRING SQUAD: Jobsync's Alex Murphy
Jobsync tries tackling the age old problem of the candidate apply. Will Chad & Cheese give big applause, golf clap or the FIRING SQUAD.
29 min
R.I.P. WT Employ
WT Employ aka JWT + Wunderman's employment segment shuts down
3 min
Adzuna Shade
Adzuna throws shade at neuvoo's recent buy of the domain. Envy much?
43 min
Crowded Gets Acquired
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology -- Recruitology brings artificial intelligence - that's AI kids - to job posting and...
2 min
A Righteous Fiasco
Fiasco is a cool name, but what does it mean? Chaos. So what's in a name and does it really matter? How do customers and employees engage with the BRAND, not the name? 
33 min
DEMOpocalypse: MYA chatbot!
Everybody loves the thought, the idea, the possible application of a chatbot.
36 min
Neuvoo's Sexual Chocolate Moment
It's like a damned variety show during this podcast, recorded LIVE from a posh Dallas Hotel lobby.
44 min
540 had me at "Hello"
It's Thursday Dec 5th and Neuvoo - also known as - The polite Indeed - is becoming....
3 min
Programmatic Fire Sale
This episode features Jason Roberts a guy who knows recruitment, process, and technology
33 min
Plump Acquisitions
On this thankful episode, JZ lands a new gig, ClickIQ is hiding something (probably in their comfy pants) and Cielo enjoys a Visage. Whether you prefer pumpkin or pecan, you're gonna love this week's show. * Clinch Acquisition * Symphony Tech Group sells
34 min
When Brand Meets Tragedy
How do you prepare for a crisis? A tragedy? How do you prepare your people for a crisis? Remember your people are your brand, right? How do you ensure the people are getting the right message, that you are handling the spray and inaccuracies of social med
17 min
Technology disruption. We hear it a lot, but what does it really mean in the world of work?
35 min
The Crowd Wins Over Robots
Cielo invests in Visage and makes crowdsourced sourcing a real thing!
4 min
Google for Jobs is ALIVE
Google for Jobs Update, LinkedIn cries for SCOTUS, Indeed goes gig and Microsoft smacks Slack
41 min
Indeed Goes Gig
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology.
2 min
Firing Squad: Applichat's Adam Chambers
Is it a chatbot? Is it a Facebook advertising platform?
34 min
Hell Hath No Fury
Careerbuilder goes to court, Bullhorn goes to the market, Olivia pulls the catfish move and more
38 min
DEATH MATCH: Seekout's Anoop Gupta
It's the GRAND CHAMPION edition of Death Match North America recorded LIVE onstage at TAtech in Austin.
25 min
Chatbot Queen Talks Whitespace
Quincy Valenca (aka Queen of the Chatbots) joins the menz to talk chatbots, programmatic and industry whitespace. Whitespace? WTF is WHITESPACE?
29 min
OUTTAKE: Veterans Day
Veterans are more important than a single day.
4 min
Brew Review
Beer and recruitment industry conversation... Add microphones - it's The Chad & Cheese Brew Review
33 min
Upwork Goes Down
Upwork's Quarterly Earnings Were a Real Drag
3 min
Symphony Talent Gets Smashed
Symphony Talent acquires SmashFly Technologies, meaning a target is on TMP Worldwide's back.
39 min
CULT BRAND: Turning Old to Cool
Alexandra Nuth aka "The Nuth-inator" talks to the guys about how spinning the new Challenger Brand - Brightside - out of ATB happened.
27 min
DEATH MATCH:'s Arran Stewart's Founder and CVO steps onstage in Austin for the startup competition known as Death Match.
21 min
The Money Shot
Money Shot with George Larocque - Q3 2019
31 min
Symphony Acquires SmashFly
Symphony Talent Acquires Smashfly Technologies
3 min
The Big Halloween Show!
Scary Acquisitions and buy-outs with Engage Talent and VONQ
39 min
DEATH MATCH: Assess First CEO, David Bernard
This Chad and Cheese Death Match episode features a contestant all the way from France - David Bernard, CEO and Founder of Assess First.
21 min
Does Your Brand Suck? Unleash LIVE!
Live from Unleash in Paris
43 min
Indeed Throttling and Glassdoor Shakedowns?
Chad and Cheese talk industry, candidate experience and industry shakedowns.
42 min
Cult Brand: Ellie Doty, CMO at Chili's
Ellie Doty, CMO for Chili's Grill and Bar, talks to Chad & Cheese about their road back to "Cult Status"
29 min
Drones, Architects, and Hiring (and More Drones)
Edward Sayson talks hiring systems, throwback recruiting and drones!
14 min
LinkedIn Gets Touch-Feely
LinkedIn Embraces Its Inner Meetup & TMP / AIA Carves-Out Marketshare
42 min
Programmatic Be Scary
Thomas Prince joins Chad & Louise to talk programmatic
42 min
DEATH MATCH: Pez.AI's Brian Rowe
Pez.AI takes the TAtech stage for Death Match North America
21 min
RecruiterLESS RXO... WTH?
What is a "recruiterless RXO" solution?
1 min
You've Been Wonged!
Mason Wong, is a VETERAN of the Recruitment Wars and responsible for Lyft's applicant tracking system, supporting the recruitment team.
27 min
TMP/AIA acquires Carve
AIA, TMP's EU version acquires the social media firm Carve
4 min
Social Data Dies a Prophet's Death
It's a Jobcase Exclusive podcast. Jeremy Roberts, VP of Customer Experience from Hiring Solved takes the HR Tech stage with Chad & Cheese to talk data and a shocking new announcement.
29 min
Study Reveals Median Referral Bonus Offered by ...
Here's how many offer bonuses for referrals of temporary worker candidates, according to a report by Staffing Industry Analysts
3 min
HackerRank, LinkedIn add Buffalo Wings
Chad & Cheese pull up to a bar, grab a beer and talk HackerRank, LinkedIn and a myriad of new tech moves.
44 min
Cult Brand: What Happens in Vegas ...
Cathy Tull, former CMO of Las Vegas Convention and Vistors Authority talks about leading the "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" campaign.
30 min
Firing Squad:
This startup wants to bring email marketing to recruiting.
30 min
Brew Review: This Way Global from Austin
Angela Hood joins Chad & Cheese in Austin for their very first Brew Review
31 min
Fear and Loathing from HR Tech in Vegas
Sleep-deprived and in need of serious hydration.
42 min
Recruiter Nation Live: David Draper
Chad & Cheese Live From Jobvite's RNL
20 min
Bullhorn Acquires Erecruit
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. Sponsored by Dora from Happy
4 min
Intel Corp: Talent Analytics and Automation
An interview with Tyler Weeks of Intel
38 min
Neuvoo Thrives, Uncommon Dies
What a week. A Death Match winner was announced Alexa is serving up jobs with McDonald's fries Indeed competitor neuvoo gets paid Nike puts on a cult brand clinic Monster drops the ax Uncommon calls it quits after 18 mos. and $18 million ... and...
42 min
Monster Layoffs!
The axe dropped at Monster last week.
3 min
Cult Brand: Purpose Must Come First
Douglas Atkin talks about operationalizing your purpose
22 min
Interview: HackerRank CEO
Vivek Ravisankar Chats with Chad & Cheese
30 min
Neuvoo Breaks the Bank
Someone got paid. Enjoy this exclusive.
3 min
Indeed Rumspringa!
Indeed Prime is Now Seen
39 min
Recruiting Sucks!
... But It Doesn't Have To: Breaking Through the Myths That Got Us Here
25 min
Delivering Value To Business w/ Jobvite CEO, Am...
Aman Brar delivers the opening keynote to 2019 Recruiter Nation Live audience
10 min
Evergreen Podcasts Land...
Evergreen Podcasts, a Cleveland, Ohio-based podcast network, is proud to announce a partnership with The Chad & Cheese Podcast.
2 min
What's Next for Job Boards?
WTF to do? WTAF?
0 min
LinkedIn Suffers Legal Smackdown
You heard it first on The Shred, and the boys go deep into the legal case pitting hiQ against 800-lb. gorilla LinkedIn that’s left LinkedIn licking its wounds. What’s more, McDonald’s is making acquisitions that will impact workers whil
45 min
CULT BRAND: Living Your Purpose w/ Douglas Atkin
Best-selling author, branding expert and former Airbnb global head of community, Douglas Atkin, joins Chad & Cheese in their Cult Brand Series of podcasts. Enjoy this Smashfly exclusive.
28 min
Best-Selling Author Dan Pink
You may know best-selling author Dan Pink for well known books like When, To Sell is Human and Drive, but you’ve never heard him like this. A must-listen for subscribers. Enjoy this Nexxt exclusive.
36 min
595 Conspiracy!
Grab your aluminum foil-covered cap and check-out our recent convo with Dennis Tupper, who thinks Indeed has delusions of staffing business grandeur. This is a Talroo exclusive.
19 min
LinkedIn Loses in Court
Scrape away! LinkedIn gets smacked in court. The Shred is sponsored by
3 min
Death of Video Recruiting?
Video recruiting has been touted pretty much since the dawn of the Internet. And we’re still waiting for it to be the huge success it was supposed to become. No company encapsulates this more than HireVue, who was in the news this week as the boys
43 min
Moonlighting CEO Dumps Cold Water on Gig Economy
It’s not all confetti and rainbows in the gig economy. The Shred is sponsored by Happy Recruiter.
6 min
599’s Masterplan?
Think you know what Indeed is up to? Well, we have someone on who might definitely know in Alex Murphy. Grab your aluminum foil hat and enjoy.
25 min
RPA! AI is for Suckas
Artificial intelligence is so last month. Meet your future in RPA.
16 min