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Industry veterans Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash are here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts, complete with breaking news, brash opinion, and loads of snark. Chad & Cheese discuss a wide variety of topics and current news stories around recruiting, human resources, and employment. Hiring companies, employers, and vendors tune in for insights from practitioners, vendors, startups, and more.

Comedy, The Best Medicine
It's 2020. If you don't laugh, you'll cry. That's why the boys bring Ray Ellin, comedian and founder of Comedy Cloud to the podcast.
29 min
Lightning in a Paint Can
Question: When does paint in a can become lightening in a bottle? Answer: At 1 million+ TikTok subscribers
20 min
The Big Slack-quisition
Did someone order a weekly podcast with extra Slack?
41 min
Is Entelo Sinking?
The Chad & Cheese tip line has uncovered that recruitment automation vendor Entelo seems to be wasting away as their CTO and CFO have left the organization within the past 2-3 months.
2 min
Suck It, LinkedIn! Salesforce Acquires Slack
4 min
The Skills Gap Lie
The "skills gap" is a lie and we've all been duped. Well, everyone with the exception of Professor Suresh Naidu.
28 min
Adecco Ménage à trois
In a shortened holiday week, the podcast is loaded with solid content. We're talkin' acquisitions from Vettery - Adecco by proxy - and VONQ, New York City getting tough on A.I. hiring, Unwoke's dip into the deadpool, DICE innovating like it's 2011 and much,
42 min
308 Takes a Dirt Nap
3 min
Thankful and Stuffed
Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and a heavy dose of seasonal goodness from Chad & Cheese make an appearance on this special podcast. No jive turkeys here!
29 min
iCIMS Takes No Prisoners
This week on The Chad & Cheese Podcast, iCIMS is taking no prisoners, making another acquisition, while OutMatch says, "Two can play that game."
44 min
Susan Vitale Speaks!
Susan Vitale, CMO at popular ATS iCIMS, has 15 years experience in the industry. In addition to just being one of our favorite people, she's always a great person to have on and talk shop. In this episode,
28 min
Earnings Alert: Indeed, Glassdoor Revenue Decline
3 min
SmartRecruiters' New Pal
We're talkin' big acquisitions, ousted CEOs, empowered women, and ticked-off Mexicans. It's gettin' loco out there, amigos, so take a break from the world and slide away to the sweet sounds of two middle-aged white guys from the American Midwest. It's a party,
44 min
Two Industry CEOs Say Adios
3 min
Firing Squad: Pearl's Tim Connors
The business of bringing old resumes in your ATS back to life was pretty hot a few years ago.
29 min
Election Therapy 2020
We're not sure how much longer our livers can take 2020, and Election Day hasn't helped matters.
49 min
Gig Economy Wins Big on Election Day
3 min
Election Day USA 2020
It's election day so we've invited infamous social media troll Ted Bauer - equal parts northeast liberal and Texas conservative - to the podcast.
35 min
Growth Hacking w/ Ethan
Ethan Bloomfield is a recruitment tech industry veteran who helped vendors like JobTarget & ZipRecruiter growth hack from ground zero.
37 min
The Emperor's New Eightfold
Halloween is right around the corner, and this episode of HR's most dangerous podcast is full of tricks and treats.
45 min
Eightfold AI Achieves Unicorn Status
3 min
Meritocracy Sucks!
Busting the myth of meritocracy is a must. That's the strong opinion of inclusion and belonging specialist Joanne Lockwood... Enjoy this NEXXT exclusive podcast
28 min
Interviewing Robot Upgrade
It was just a joke to some when it burst onto the recruitment landscape years ago, but Tengai, the robot recruiter born in Sweden is still here, suckers.
23 min
Handshake and The Master Debater
Halloween and Election Day are right around the corner, but that's nothing compared to the scream-inspiring news that came out of recruiting this week.
44 min
College Recruiting Start-Up Raises $80M
3 min
Firing Squad: Humanly's Prem Kumar
t's not often we get a Y Combinator company to pitch on Firing Squad, so let's start with 'you're welcome, listeners.'
32 min
CareerBuilder Horror Show
As if 2020 wasn't scary enough, Halloween is on the way, which means Cheesman's waistline is scared to death of Reese's Peanut Buttercups, but that's nothing to the horror show that is CareerBuilder.
39 min
Corp America Hates Mom
Mom's are the best, but they usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to career advancement. Then COVID comes along and we all start to understand the trials and tribulations of balancing a house, work, and life much like working mothers have since... FOREVER.
30 min
CareerBuilder Outage Woes
3 min
Two CEOs Zero BS
In this interview for RECFEST World One, Chad & Cheese bring two of the most influential figures pertaining to recruitment and A.I. Jobvite CEO Aman Brar and This Way Global founder Angela Hood.
25 min
AllyO Mercy Killing
While cooling fall temperatures are sneaking up on us, the world remains a hot mess - Trump gets 'The Rona,' R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen and flies love V.P. Mike Pence - and the podcast keeps it spicy.
43 min
Firing Squad: Great Recruiters' Adam Conrad
There are bad recruiters. There are good recruiters. And there are great recruiters. Founder Adam Conrad hopes his startup, Great Recruiters, will help agencies better manage recruiting teams and sorting through the best and worst performers.
35 min
AllyO Gets Acquired
3 min
CareerBuilder Misdirection
A hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck might best describe this week. The boys unleash on everyone
46 min
Stop Hiring Racists
If someone you know or are connected to promotes racism what would you do? Would you actively engage and educate? Or would you just hide and hope it all goes away?
25 min
Chopping Block
Textkernel announces a change in the ownership of the company, as CareerBuilder sells its ownership in the company to the Dutch investment firm, Main Capital Partners.
2 min
LinkedTok? LinkedIn Launches Stories, New Searc...
3 min
Indeed Rumors
While the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple are on trial for anticompetitive behavior, maybe Indeed should be thrown in the mix too.
42 min
Robots Need Chat Too!
Is it a chatbot? No, it's conversational AI. Wait, that's the same thing right?
34 min
Careerbuilder Smoke Screen
Dumpster fires produce a lot of smoke, but none produce the amount of smoke that CareerBuilder's dumpster fire produces month-after-month.
41 min
Careerbuilder Does What?
Flashback to 2012? CareerBuilder Commits to Three-Year, $300M Talent Acquisition Investment...
3 min
Cindy Blows S#!t Up pt.2
Cindy boils down complex topics in an elegant way right before slapping the listener with the honesty they need and deserve.
27 min
Firing Squad: Woven's Wes Winham
Pre-screening technology talent is hot, with employers clamoring for a better ways to find engineers while testing their core competencies, filtering out the bull and false claims.
28 min
2020 is Surreal, Right?
This week's show is a touchdown (honoring the NFL season, obvi ;) But it's a weird, surreal COVID kind of touchdown, like 2020 has delivered. But there is GOOD NEWS!
45 min
Bullhorn Gets a New Sugar Daddy
3 min
Cindy Gallop Blows S#!t Up
Cindy brings a different level of candor to every discussion, meaning she will not mix words or beat around the bushes.
24 min
Gettin' Wonky w/ Universal Healthcare
Economies run on healthy people. Healthy people are handcuffed to their employers. Entrepreneurs can only innovated if they can take those handcuffs off without the risk of losing their healthcare.
32 min
HR Darwin Awards
Can we have a moment of silence for the death of Hire by Google? OK, enough of that.
42 min
Lead with Equity
Syndio is at the forefront of pay equity, a topic near-and-dear to our hearts.
30 min
The Recruiting Robot Speaks English Now
3 min
Firing Squad: RecruitVirtual's Keith Ringer
People suck. Well, interacting with people in real life sucks, in addition to potentially being deadly, which is why everything in recruitment is going virtual.
30 min
Indeed and Glassdoor Go Down
This week was full of boycotts, layoffs and another million jobless claims, the boys discuss them all plus....
41 min
Update: HiringSolved Layoffs
3 min
Difference > Equality
Men and women have different brains. That's the case author Kate Lanz, author of "All the Brains in the Business: The Engendered Brain in the 21st Century Organisation
25 min
3 Clicks, 2 Apps, 1 Hire
In this last installment of Voices with Joveo's founder and CEO Kshitij Jain (aka KJ) Chad & Cheese press discussion around programmatic use for diversity hiring and programmatic success stories.
14 min
Google Launches Jobs App
Google Launches Jobs App
40 min
Brand Facelift w/ Circa CEO
Vendors are fighting tooth-and-nail to be the solution of choice for employers far-and-wide.
25 min
Sourcing Tool Raises $13 Million
2 min
Use Propose to Recruit, & Reject everybody… eve...
Douglas Atkin, fmr Head of Global Airbnb Community continues his Cult Brand Master Class in helping companies understand how to use your purpose to recruit, review, and reject everyone.
30 min
FeatuRama: HiringSolved's Shon Burton
This Chad and Cheese FeatuRama episode features HiringSolved's founder & CEO, Shon Burton.
16 min
Google vs LinkedIn
New unemployment claims in the U.S. fell below one million for the first time since March, so let the good times roll, right? Not so fast...
47 min
Firing Squad: Hourly's Jerry Collier
What do you get when you combine a shit-hot technology with an established company with lots of existing customers?
30 min
Google's Latest Nut-Punch Aimed at LinkedIn
3 min
It Ain't Rocket Science
1) What is this programmatic magic you speak of? 2) Data point + volume = accuracy 3) Focus on the 80/20 not the 20/80.
14 min
FeatuRama: XOR's Aida Fazylova
This Chad and Cheese FeatuRama episode features XOR's founder & CEO, Aida Fazylova.
16 min
Indeed Zaps Back!
This week HR's Most Dangerous Podcast welcomes TApod cohost Lauren Sharp to the mic and kicks Cheesman to the couch for another nap. Obviously, this means the show is going to have somewhat of an Aussie flare.
38 min
367 Acquires Sourcing Tool
3 min
Jobcase + Workday
In light of some recent news surrounding the funding of Jobcase, the boys thought it'd be a good time to bring CEO Fred Goff on the podcast.
25 min
FeatuRama: Jobvite's Zach Linder
This Chad and Cheese FeatuRama episode features Jobvite's Zach Linder, VP of Analytics and Machine Learning.
16 min
Modern Hire Acquires Son-Who?
The U.S. economy just posted its worst quarterly economic output on record so it's all rainbows and unicorns this week as the boys cover:
41 min
Core Values: Find your How
Your "Why" is important. The "How" is more important and harder.
53 min
Modern Hire Makes an Acquisition
3 min
Risk vs. Reward
Joveo's founder and CEO Kshitij Jain (aka KJ) jobs turns the question asking tables on Chad & Cheese
14 min
FeatuRama: NEXXT's Andy Katz
This Chad and Cheese FeatuRama episode features Andy Katz, COO of NEXXT
17 min
OMG is it over yet!?!?!? Another million+ Americans filed for unemployment and some of them probably came from our industry.
35 min
Firing Squad: Interview Mocha CEO, Amit Mishra
Assessment tests are big business, and this company is throwing out words like "unicorn."
28 min
Glassdoor, Dead Brand Walking
The Chad & Cheese Podcast have received a variety of emails / announcements referring to the "partnership" between Indeed and Glassdoor.
4 min
Layoffs at LinkedIn
2 min
AT&T Jail Break w/ Jenn Terry
After 20+ years of ascending the AT&T ladder, Jenn Terry Tharp is known by everyone in staffing, recruiting, and the rec tech space.
28 min
And the Winner of Featurama Is ...
2 min
New Grad Hiring
Lead question: How are employers protecting their brands and talent pipelines by adapting their new grad hiring programs?
24 min
Not So Monstrous Anymore
It amazing how much the pandemic serves as an accelerant. It feels like we're fast-forwarding 10 years and our predictions are moving at light speed.
46 min
Snagajob Rebounds, w/ CEO Mathieu Stevenson
Snagajob has enjoyed its success, but it's also experienced some churn and Snag market confusion. Mathieu Stevenson helps us cut through all of that with an insightful and raw conversation.
28 min
Indeed Suffocates Glassdoor?
Either Glassdoor is starting to take a page out of Indeed's playbook or Indeed is just running all of Glassdoor's plays. I'm betting on the latter.
3 min
SmartRecruiters CEO, Jerome Ternynck
SmartRecruiters founder and CEO Jerome Ternynck is a true industry veteran, who's forgotten more about the business than most of you will ever know.
32 min
Jobvite's Latest Acquisition
3 min
Building Talent Pipelines
How can hiring companies build real talent pipelines?
20 min
Slack Targets LinkedIn
On this week's show, COVID-be-damned, HRwins reports big dollars are still coming into the employment space,
36 min
Comparably Pivots
3 min
Don't F%$k Up The Culture
What is "culture"? Most companies talk about culture even before they understand what culture actually means, let alone their own flavor of it.
49 min
Click Versus Hires - Is it So Hard?
The Chad & Cheese #GotQuestions and we're hoping Kshitij Jain (aka KJ) Founder and CEO of programmatic jobs platform Joveo has answers... Or maybe just spicy opinion :)
18 min
How Are You Adapting to Remote?
Lead question: How should large employers adapt their hiring of students and grads if those employees cannot work remotely?
25 min
Black Hiring Matters
Companies talk about "Black Hiring Matters", but the numbers say otherwise.
45 min
Vervoe Revisited
Can you name the first startup to face The Chad & Cheese Firing Squad?
20 min
Firing Squad: My Career Fit Founder, Gordon Col...
Voice assistants are a thing. You know Alexa better than your own kids, right? So it was just a matter of time before searching for a job was a thing on these voice platforms too.
33 min
Are You Rescinding The Offer?
What impact to their campus hiring efforts will employers experience if they rescind job offers to students and recent grads?
22 min
Goodbye Glassdoor?
This is the 14th straight week more than a million people have filed for jobless claims, since the pandemic began.
45 min
A Monster Discussion
A veteran of the Recruitment Tech industry for 20 years Kshitij Jain (aka KJ) has worked with well-known companies like, Mobolt, and Indeed.
16 min
Erect A Brand Bridge
The "brand people" get the budget, the conferences, the glory, the press. The "people people" work in the background.
30 min
Entelo Dumpster Fire
3 min