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LGBTQ+ for Dummies -- Part 3
4 min
Beamery vs. Eightfold Cage Match
Cage match time! On this week's podcast, Eightfold AI and Beamery play dueling valuations, following some massive funding rounds. King Kong vs. Godzilla ain't got nothin' on our industry.
46 min
Beamery Me Up, Scotty!
3 min
Chad & Cheese Does Europe
Some podcasters do it for the fun. Chad & Cheese? Global domination.
41 min
LGBTQ+ for Dummies -- Part 2
4 min
Take This Job and Shove It
A 1970s' Johnny Paycheck song is recapturing the feeling of today's job market.
43 min
Eightfold AI Breaks Bank with Latest Funding Round
3 min
Prince of Programmatic
On this episode, we dive into programmatic and all things UK with our good buddy Rob Prince, VP of sales at TalentNexus.
31 min
LGBTQ+ for Dummies -- Part 1
6 min
Guess who's coming to Europe?
3 min
Stack the Steal
It's a Stack-quisition... Wait, that sounds familiar! Stack the Steal! Yeah, that's it...
45 min
Snark Attack w/ Matt Charney
Time to turn the snark up to eleven, people.
45 min
ZipRecruiter Trash Talk
ZipRecruiter? More Like Dip-Recruiter... Am I right? The boys both turn 50-years-old this week, which means a lot of mature, grown-up, and responsible commentary on the world of work. HA!
52 min
Here Comes $ZIP
2 min
Panic, Truth, & Fire w/ Allyn Bailey
Allyn Bailey first joined us on a stage in Canada at The Gathering as Intel's Talent Acquisition Transformation Manager. She blew us away and we all wanted more :)
26 min
Mya, Wade & Wendy Ménage à Trois
48 min
PandoLogic Acquires Wade & Wendy
3 min
Reevaluate Your DEI w/ Star Carter
Think your company has an inclusive work culture? Might be time to reevaluate.
29 min
The Mysterious Acquisition of Mya
3 min
Handshake's Ultimate Hand Job
It's an episode full of head-scratchers and high fivers.
46 min
OutMatch acquires....
Outmatch is on the hunt, since last September Outmatch has acquired Launchpad, FirstPerson, Checkster, and now......
2 min
Firing Squad:'s Oras Al-Kubaisi
Job descriptions used to be so easy. Five lines in the local newspaper and done. Then the Internet came along and gave us unlimited white space, leading to a serious lack of quality ever since.
26 min
Indeed Gonna Indeed
Indeed just can't stop tripping
48 min
Upwork Remains Hot, Launches New Category
3 min
Vaccines, Wages, and Hybrid Work
Vaccines, Wages, and Hybrid Work
30 min
Wage Wars w/ Suresh Naidu
Remember Suresh Naidu, the professor of economics and international and public affairs at Columbia University?
35 min
Jobvite Lights The Fuse
Chad is back from vacay, and it's a good thing because the news was droppin' like bombs this week.
46 min
Ceridian Acquires Ideal
2 min
Jobvite Acquires JazzHR, NXTThing RPO, New CEO ...
The Shred is a bite-sized bit of recruitment news to help make sure you’re in-the-know, even if you’re on-the-go. The Shred is brought to you by Recruitology.
4 min
BrassRing Acquired, LinkedIn vs. Degreed, Rippl...
How's that saying go? Empires don't die with a bang, they go out with a whimper. Or something like that. If you're thinking the acquisition of Brassring,
45 min
Here's How One Fast Food Owner Combats Ghosting
3 min
Jackye Clayton is Inclusive AF
We've made significant progress making our workplaces more equitable, diverse, and inclusive, right? Not so fast!
34 min
Get Your Laugh On!
Who needs a laugh? 2021, right!!?!?! That's exactly why The Chad & Cheese invited the folks at Watercooler Comedy to come on the show.
19 min
Fear, Loathing, and ZipRecruiter
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy added 233K jobs in January, 468K in February, and 916K in March. So, everyone who got a pink slip last year should be rejoicing and fully employed, right? Think again.
45 min
ATS Report 2021
Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), love 'em or hate 'em they're the core technology of life as a Talent Acquisition and Recruiting professional.
23 min
Candidate.ID Lands Another Round of Investment
3 min
Firing Squad: Wedge HR's Matt Baxter
Video interviewing. You've probably heard it's sort of a thing since the pandemic. We're talkin' mass acquisitions here.
29 min
Unicorns Everywhere!
Cha-ching! Just when you thought more money couldn't come into workforce tech, something else knocks your socks off. This week,
39 min
Big Funding w/ Unicorn Status
Another player receives big funding and "Unicorn: status
2 min
Top Talent Myth w/ Frida Polli
Frida Polli joins the boys on a quest for a better understanding of personality tests, matching of soft skills to job openings, and the threats that A.I. backlash has on businesses like hers.
38 min
Sprint Recruiting w/ Trent Cotton
Ever heard the concepts behind sprint recruiting? Well, we've got the guy who wrote the book on the topic, super-recruiter Trent Cotton.
31 min
LinkedIn Da Club
The world is awakening from its pandemic-induced coma. What does that look like?
48 min
Meet Indeed's New Smartypants CMO
3 min
Redefining HR w/ Lars Schmidt
Hot off the presses of his latest book, the boys dig into everything swimming around in Lars head at the moment.
27 min
What's Your COVID Brand?
Just when you thought you had that whole employer brand game figured out, along comes a pandemic and tosses that EB playbook right out the window.
30 min
LinkedIn We Have A Problem
There’s bad, there’s rotten and then there’s LinkedIn’s job board strategy. It’s like peeling an onion and the boys are almost in tears covering this story
46 min
Fundraising Galore: Visage, Fetcher, Lattice
3 min
Rick Rolled w/ Rick Carsley
Listeners will remember a red-hot interview Chad & Cheese did in 2020 with IKEA's Rick Carsley, and luckily for everyone, he's back on the podcast.
38 min
Firing Squad: SponTea Coffee's Viktoria Sheyko
COVID has made online video incredibly popular in the workplace, but it's also made human connections harder to come by. And engaging with new people at work is almost impossible. Until...
26 min
LinkedIn Job Boards Like It's 1999
Stick around in this industry long enough and you may see something like a mobile stock trading app called Robinhood acquire a staffing firm. Yeah, that really happened.
46 min
Robinhood (Yes, *That* Robinhood) Acquires Staf...
3 min
The State of Programmatic Job Ads
Performance-based ads have become a highly-adopted and powerful tool for Marketing departments throughout the world, and yet it hasn't in Recruitment Marketing. So, what is the state of programmatic job advertising in the recruitment world?
21 min
Shakin' It Up w/ John Graham
For the most part, Corporate America sucks at Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Wait, you don't believe me? Look at the numbers for this nearly 60-year-old practice. In most organizations, today money is thrown at training, messaging, and an inability to match one's brand articulation with reality.
20 min
Seekout, Jobandtalent Open The Vault
Mad investment dollars going into TA tech startups, international intrigue, recruiting robots in your pocket.
44 min
Seekout Announces $65 Million Series B
3 min
Can't Touch This w/ Albrey Brown
Straight outta Oaktown, the boys invite head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Airtable, Albrey Brown, on the show and chat diversity recruiting, what a typical day in the life of a DE&I director looks like and even find time for MC Hammer jokes.
35 min
Facebook Jobs Invasion
It's a lactose-free episode of The Chad & Cheese podcast with special guest, Canadian podcast superstar, Shelley Billinghurst of The Recruitment Flex.
45 min
Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out.
Aside from being a summary of one of our podcasts, it's also a #1 Amazon Best Seller and one of nine books Entrepreneur Magazine says you have to read this year.
33 min
Coming Clean w/ Arran Stewart founder Arran Stewart has been busy making acquisitions - or at least promising acquisitions - since his company appeared on Death Match in Austin a few years ago.
31 min
Recruitics Embraces The Stranger
This one's a real rush of blood to the head! Recruitics and Phenom are continuing the acquisition boom in our industry LinkedIn is looking to take on Fiverr and Upwork.
39 min
Phenom Acquires Talentcube
3 min
ATS Feature Hell w/ Lital Sherman
Maintaining a platform with decades of unused features, or multiple features providing the same end to a means, or a pile of feature dropdowns leading to a totally unusable system is leading indicators you possibly reside in "Feature Hell".
27 min
Radio: Crap Rap by Caroo
HR and TA keep pumping out the hits!
2 min
Moped Money w/ Torin Ellis
It's part 2 of our interview with Torin Ellis, DEI consultant, risk mitigator, and truth teller!
28 min
Indeed's FUBAR UX
"Indeed gives zero fucks about employers!!!"
43 min
Google Caves to Pressure from Down Under
3 min
Entelo CRO Ejects
Did you really expect the wheels to stay on for long?
2 min
Firing Squad: Caroo's Gareth Peterson
UK-based and focused Caroo has tickled the industry's funny bone recently. With a series of marketing strategies that have pushed the boundaries of good taste
34 min
Exorcising Our Demons
If you can't handle truth tellin' this interview with Torin Ellis might be too much for you, although it is something we all need. Sit back, listen, tweet, and do whatever it takes to unload as we all disagree, yet try to find our way back to common ground.
20 min
Paychex Squeezes Recruiting
With Valentine's Day going down this week, love is in the air and so is Barry White...
47 min
To Check or Not To Check?
In this episode, the boys join Kim Jones, professor at UC Davis, and dig into the seedy underbelly of the business of background checks
31 min
Paradox Adds Video to Chatbot
3 min
Google Jobs Antitrust
Adzuna CEO and Founder Doug Monro have a thing or two to say about Google's anti-competitive practices, particularly around job search.
32 min
Indeed Gets Penalized
Super Bowl ads in our industry are back with Indeed's decision to drop $10 million-plus on an ad in the Big Game.
48 min
275 Acquires Talenting
3 min
Tech: A Force for Good DEI
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are on the lips of Talent Acquisition professionals all over the world.
27 min
277 Announces Super Bowl Ad
3 min
Workday Goes Shopping
Take a break from counting your Gamestop millions! Lots happened this week in the world of recruiting.
44 min
Bayard Gets Bought
3 min
Recruiting Trends: A New Frontier
Jobvite's yearly recruiter survey is always a highlight, and this year is no different. From Social media to video recruiting to job board investment to all things pandemic, this year's is no different.
35 min
World Premiere Single - Hourly
Hourly by Tripp & Tryler featuring Montell Jordan
4 min
TMP Worldwide is Randancy?
TMP changes their name to Radiancy, no Radancy... Yea Radancy, that's gonna take a minute to get used to...
3 min
Personio Rides the Dinosaur
45 min
Firing Squad: BrightHire's Teddy Chestnut
While the world of recruiting is running toward a future of automation and a process devoid of human beings, others are championing a hybrid approach: Part human, part machine.
31 min
Unicorn Status
Bolstered by an additional $125 million of Series D funding, and a company valuation reaching $1.7 billion
3 min
Greenhouse Green
Hallelujah podcasts can't be impeached! Because Chad & Cheese are always dancing on the line of what's legal in at least 17 states, and this week is no exception.
41 min
Greenhouse Lands $500M Investment
2 min
CareerGig Acquires Moonlighting
3 min
Tiger Boss
The Chad & Cheese welcome author, entrepreneur, filmmaker, tech philosopher, and Death Metal singer Somi Arian to the show. Did someone say Death Metal?
28 min
Paradox Learns How to Spetz
What a year so far, huh? The world needs a new beacon of hope, and Chad & Cheese are here to fill the void.
42 min
Can A.I. Fix Hiring in 2021?
It's finally 2021, Can Artificial Intelligence finally takeover hiring?
32 min
Paradox Gobbles-Up Israeli-Based Chatbot Startup
2 min
2021 Predictions
It's the return of Sackadamus! Industry icon Tim Sackett joins Chad & Cheese for their 4th annual predictions show with an eye toward 2021. Thank baby Jesus 2020 is almost over!
46 min
2020 Naughty & Nice List
Ya' better watch out. Ya' better not cry. Better not pout ... 'cause this is the naughty and nice edition of The Chad & Cheese Podcast.
37 min
Three Acquisitions and an Integration
Buy! Buy! Buy! The money just keeps flowing into the employment industry this holiday season, as Talent Inc. - the folks behind ResumeRabbit, Top Resume, and others - has sold for a reported $100 million. Yowza! Plus...
41 min
What Pandemic? ZipRecruiter Eyes IPO
2 min
Firing Squad: Sourcr's Chris Almond
Review sites are hot, and valuable. Just ask Glassdoor, who sold for over a billion dollars last year. But do reviews translate to staffing agencies and recruiters?
34 min
iCIMS Chalks-Up Another Acquisition
3 min
Mystery Acquisition
Ever been stood up on a date? Yeah, we know the feeling after being stood up by our TOP STORY this week, although we're making lemons into lemonade and point you toward an acquisition. Shhhh, don't tell anyone.
43 min
Indeed's Got Some New Competition
3 min