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Keep Sounding: Broncos, COVID, and bad coaches
We're back from the bye week to talk some Panthers football.
61 min
B&B Postgame Show: Panthers at Vikings
The Panthers choked away a late lead to fall to 4-8.
28 min
Keep Sounding: We have no idea what's going on ...
The Panthers are suddenly shutting teams out, and now they have to play a Vikings team that makes no sense.
50 min
B&B Postgame Show: Panthers vs Lions
The Panthers defense suddenly showed up and shut the Lions out.
24 min
Keep Sounding: Sunday's loss was gross
The Panthers got demolished on Sunday, but a meeting with the Lions could get them back on track.
57 min
B&B Postgame Show: Panthers vs Buccaneers
Brad and Brian react to the Panthers blowout loss to the Buccaneers.
33 min
Keep Sounding: Matt Rhule deserves a job for life
The Panthers went toe to toe with the Chiefs via some unconventional methods.
55 min
Keep Sounding: At least we're not the Cowboys
The Panthers lost to the Saints, but that's okay. It could be worse.
70 min
Keep Sounding: There is a lot to talk about dur...
The Panthers are coming off a loss to the Bears, and now they have to take on the Saints.
55 min
B&B Postgame Show: Panthers vs Bears
The Panthers had their win streak snapped in a home loss to the Bears.
27 min
Keep Sounding: The Panthers ended the Dan Quinn...
The Panthers sent the Falcons into upheaval last week. Up next is a weird Bears team.
54 min
B&B Postgame Show: Panthers at Falcons
Brad and Brian recap the Panthers third consecutive win as the Falcons continue their downward spiral.
24 min
Keep Sounding: It's Falcons Week
The Panthers are somehow two games better than the Falcons through four weeks.
65 min
B&B Postgame Show: Panthers vs Cardinals
The Panthers moved to .500 with a win over the Cardinals.
19 min
Keep Sounding: The Panthers won a game!
The Panthers notched their first win of the Matt Rhule era in a week where there was plenty to make fun of around the league.
46 min
B&B Postgame Show: Panthers at Chargers
Brian and Brad react to the Panthers first win of the season.
38 min
The Panthers are 0-2, but it could be worse
The Panthers lost to the Buccaneers, but it's far from the worst thing that happened in the NFL in Week 2.
54 min
B&B Postgame: Panthers at Buccaneers
Brad and Brian recap the Panthers Week 2 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
33 min
Final thoughts on Week 1 and a look ahead to th...
Raiders review, a quick look around the league, and a preview of Panthers vs Buccaneers.
60 min
CSR Postgame: Panthers vs Raiders
Brian and Brad provide their rapid reactions to the Panthers loss to the Raiders.
40 min
Football is BACK
The Panthers are about to take on the Raiders in Week 1. Let's talk about it.
51 min
TRAILER: The SB Nation NFL Show
SB Nation is launching a brand new podcast that is for NFL fans, by NFL fans.
3 min
We don't like the Saints
It's rivalry week at SB Nation, so there's no better time to bash the Saints.
66 min
Steven Ruiz joins us to talk about how the Pant...
Steven Tweeted that he could talk about this for a long time, so we did,
76 min
The Panthers went defense will all of their pic...
The Panthers selected defensive players with all of their picks. We react to Day 3.
52 min