Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K | A...

Krystle Moore and Kenny Simpson, active multifamily investors, convene a panel of industry experts from a variety of backgrounds to discuss all elements of multifamily investing. 

Personal tales and expert advice from apartment investors, apartment syndicators, brokers, attorneys, lenders, analysts, economists, passive investors, property managers, and others are shared with our listeners. These gurus offer their experiences, strategies, and advice on how they created their multifamily real estate investing businesses and fortunes. 

This podcast is for you if you invest in, advise on, develop, own, or rent commercial property.

Investing for your family’s future has never been explained like this!

#136: Aaron Wags: From Rags to Wags, Creating a...
65 min
#135: Jason Lee: Build and Maximize YOUR Wealth...
65 min
#134: Nick Davison: Talk is Cheap, Get to Work!...
67 min
#133: Ralph DiBugnara: Disrupting the Real Esta...
55 min
#132: Quentin D'Souza: The Action Taker's Real ...
51 min
#131: Jarvis Leverson: The Hero's Journey
36 min
#130: Dave Allred: Live with Purpose Through Re...
51 min
#129: Robert Leonard: Real Estate 101 - The Inv...
48 min
#128: Travis Chappell: Taking your Podcast to t...
65 min
#127: Stephan Petasky: Vacation Rental Entrepre...
69 min
126: Welcome Back: Working Abroad
39 min
#125: Jessie Lee Ward: The People's Mentor
#1 Female Network Marketer
67 min
#124: Jason Lee: The Multifamily Millionaire: R...
51 min
#123: Ashley "BadAsh Investor" Wilson: Invest l...
62 min
#122: Chris Dulnikowski: Considering an ADU? An...
71 min
#122: Sterling White: From Humble Beginnings to...
40 min
#121: Arize: Smart Apartment Solutions for Inte...
51 min
#120: Strategies for Finding Great Real Estate ...
Find the Real Estate Investment Deal for YOU.
44 min
#119: Logan Mohtashami: Economist Housing Marke...
61 min
#118: Ahmed Seirafi: In the Hands of a Real Est...
58 min
#117: How a Professional Real Estate Investor L...
Finding your Real Estate Investment Criteria
30 min
#116: How to Figure out if you Pre-Qualify for ...
Get Prequalified in a Commercial or Residential Loan
34 min
#115: Darin Batchelder, From Duplex to 76 Units...
62 min
#114: Breaking through that Finance Insecurity ...
Women taking control of their finances
22 min
#113: What is your...WHY? In Real Estate Investing
Welcome to another episode of the Get in the Cashflow Game Podcast, the Podcast that gives you tips and tricks into getting started in  Real Estate Investing.Getting started with real estate investing can seem overwhelming, but on today’s episode of Get...
46 min
#111: Dealing with Finances in a Relationship
Women and Finances
46 min
#110 How to build a Real Estate Investing POWER...
On today's Podcast episode of Get in the Cashflow Game with K&K, we talk about the importance of building your Real Estate Dream Team.We go over WHO you need on your team, and WHY you need these individuals in your team.Before you start hiring team...
26 min
#109: Shifting your Mindset to the Investor Min...
Minset in Real Estate Investing
31 min
#108 Michael Becker: Scaling Units with Investors
Syndications with Michael Becker
60 min
#107 Welcome to Get in the Cashflow Game
Welcome to get in the Cashflow game
17 min
#106: 1031 Exchanges: The Benefits and What's a...
Joining us on the Value Add with K&K Podcast today is Suzanne Goldstein Baker, Executive Vice President / General Counsel at IPX1031 and Stephen Decker, Senior Vice President, Western Region Sales Manager at IPX1031.Amidst everything going on with...
100 min
#105 Investing in your Personal Brand Strategy ...
Building a Personal Brand
44 min
#104 Save on taxes, using Cost Segregation Methods
Want to learn how to increase your cashflow and reduce or eliminate your income tax? Join us for a FREE webinar on October 28th at 11am PST, featuring guest speaker, Tim Looney, with Cost Segregation Services.Tim recently helped us with a Cost...
63 min
#103 Terrifying Halloween Real Estate Stories
Just in time for Halloween, Krystle and Kenny break down terrifying Real Estate stories they have gone through themselves!Which story was your favorite?Want to reach out about lending options with Krystle and Kenny?Check them out...
34 min
#102 Being a Woman in Real Estate, a Male Domin...
Women in Real Estate
29 min
#101 Hedging Against Inflation
Welcome back to another episode of the Value Add with K&K Podcast. Today we discuss the topic of, "Hedging Against Inflation..."basically a type of insurance policy used for investments on such assets like: Gold, Art, Land (Real Estate).But today's...
24 min
#100 100th Episode! The Good, The Bad and The U...
100th Episode Recap
30 min
#99 Reflection on 2020 Goals
Want to reach out about lending options with Krystle and Kenny?Check them out for Commercial and Multifamily Financing for Residential Financing You can Listen to Value Add with K&K Podcast Show on...
31 min
#98 Playing Defense as a Landlord
In today's Podcast, we talk about what K&K did to play "defense" as a Landlord. Are they collecting distributions? Find out in today's podcast!Want to reach out about lending options with Krystle and Kenny?Check them out...
33 min
#97 Shopping Different Mortgage Brokers
In today's podcast episode, we talk about what happens, or the result of always shopping for brokers and not staying committed to one. It's perfectly normal to always want the best deal in Real Estate, but it is crucial to know that all brokers talk to...
30 min
#96 Options for the On-Going Rental Crisis
Eviction Moratorium, On-Going Rental Crisis
23 min
#95 Justin Brennan: Retiring with Real Estate
Retiring with Real Estate
72 min
#94 Kent Clothier: The Time is NOW
Welcome back to another episode of Value Add with K&K. Today we have a special guest joining us on the Podcast, Kent Clothier, founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, where he leads an amazing team of individuals that are focused on building...
54 min
#93 Reclaim your Health, Reclaim your Life with...
That is right, he is back again!We had our former guest, Nick Hardwick, join us on another episode of the Value Add with K&K Podcast. Here is the first episode he was on in case you missed it: you don't...
82 min
#92 The TRUTH about Credit, with Sam, My Credit...
Credit Restoration
53 min
#91 The Next Opportunity in Multifamily
In today's podcast, we talk about the next opportunity in multifamily driven but the recent environment with COVID-19.We talk about:Our current game plan when it comes to investing in Real EstateRetirement MoneyTeaching kids financial...
29 min
#90 Insider Information on the Current Lending ...
In today's Podcast Episode, we talk about the current lending environment, due to the recent events with COVID-19.We talk about what's going on in the lending world, and what is NOT going on in the lending world, because we all know that you want...
41 min
David Meltzer: The Power of Gratitude and Pursu...
Gratitude and Pursuing Happiness
35 min
Generational Wealth: Building the Foundation fo...
Welcome to another episode of the Value Add with K&K Podcast. On today's Podcast episode we are discussing the importance of building Generational Wealth.Generational Wealth (in real estate): something that you can pass on to your loved ones to...
45 min
Grant Cardone: Why Everyone Should Own Apartments
Investing in Real Estate with Grant Cardone
64 min
Add ADU’s to your Multifamily Building
Did you know that you may be able to add an ADU on your multifamily building?Join us for a discussion with our Guest, Chris Dulnikowski, with Ruland Design Group, on the Benefits to Building an ADU on Your Property.Effective January 1, 2020 AB 68 passed...
86 min
Why building your brand, can help you win stree...
We have been building our brand now for about 2 years, and it has helped build that street credit and gain more relationships.Here are some of the processes we've done to help build up our reputation...especially in San DiegoYou can Listen to Value Add...
30 min
Navigating Building Multi-Units with Developer ...
How has COVID-19 challenge the Real Estate Development in San Diego?Take a listen to Rammy Cortez, giving first hand experience.Rammy has over 15 years of experience in real estate including: acquisitions, sales, and construction/development. Prior to...
42 min
Value Add with K&K with Wendy St. John, partner...
Join us for a discussion with Wendy St. John, partner at Kimball Tirey & St. John, one of California’s top eviction firms.We will be discussing questions surrounding some of the temporary laws affecting landlords due to COVID-19.As you know, the...
83 min
The Rat Race to Retirement with Brad Sumrok
Today on the Value Add with K&K Podcast we have, Brad Sumrok.Since 2005, Brad has personally helped his students purchase over 2 billion dollars in apartment complexes, involving thousands of investors who have taken his training. Many of Brad’s...
57 min
How to reduce your taxes legally with Tom Wheel...
Hey everybody welcome back to another episode of the Value Add with K&K.Things are looking a little bit different these days on the podcast. Yes, we're podcasting from home we have been so your lovely bedroom in the background to our lovely studio...
61 min
Staying stable with your morning routine in uns...
23 min
Navigating as a small business during COVID-19
It's not news that during the COVID-19 times, small businesses are feeling that economic pressure.We sat down with Billy Canu, leader and founder of "Canu Group," to discuss what he has been planning to help aid his small businesses. From Gyms, Hair...
44 min
Economists market view amidst COVID-19
On today's Podcast we are joined by Economist Alan Nevin to talk about where the economy will head to our to the COVID-19 pandemic.Alan Nevin is the Director of Economic and Market Research at Xpera Group.Mr. Nevin has an extensive background in real...
32 min
Regional COVID-19 Housing Policy Update as of T...
Benjamin Schenk and fellow colleagues recently did a 300 people survey on the housing policy under the quarantine due to COVID-19.The results are as follows:"After last week's City Council vote and Governor Newsom's Executive Order, I wanted to get back...
42 min
Rates, Real Estate Market, and Online Branding
Listen in to how Real Estate Investors are taking hold of the COVID-19 Pandemic and what it's doing to Real Estate Rates, the Real Estate Market and how you should be focusing on Online Branding to build your business.You can find Mikey Taylor...
45 min
Cameron Aldrich: Chicago Title and Escrow adapt...
Today we tune in with Vice President Local and National Major Accounts of Chicago Title Company, Cameron Aldrich.If you recall, Cameron was our first Podcast guest we had, and today he shares with us how Chicago Title and Escrow is adapting, and still...
19 min
Navigating through this Market (IG LIVE)
Quarantine Day 5First off, hope all of you guys are staying safe, staying home and if you're in the healthcare system, or work at the groceries, we want to personally thank you.Here are some updates on the current Real Estate Market. Of course, it is...
31 min
K&K with: Homeownership is Dead
That is right, we said it. Homeownership is dead. We know what you may be thinking, and we know we also will be getting a lot of backlash on this topic, but this is what we feel about homeownership. Is it for us right now?Why do we rent?Why would we...
30 min
Ravi Abuvala - Becoming a Multi-Millionaire by ...
What makes Ravi’s story particularly special is not so much that he went from being a law school dropout to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur...Ravi didn’t need several years with his unique business strategies. Within just one year, he grew each of his...
71 min
Rent Control...Now What?
New Rent Control and Just Cause Eviction Law Takes Effect January 1, 2020.Join us to learn about important topics surrounding AB 1482. Guests will have the opportunity to hear from local experts, meet other like-minded investors, ask questions, learn...
88 min
Aaron Patton: New Age Mindset...for the Smartph...
How to live life...on YOUR OWN terms.Yes, that is what Aaron Patton, Host of the New Age Influencer Podcast promises you.Aaron is all about social media, hence why the title of this podcast is for, "the smartphone era." but more than just putting out...
63 min
Kristen Hartnagel: Creating a Strategy and Road...
Brand Builders Group
44 min
Billy Canu: Maximizing Small Businesses Potential
Investing in Small Business with Billy Canu
82 min
The untold stories of risk takers and dream mak...
business bros
84 min
Stay Ready, Stay Fit, Stay Healthy in 2020 - Ho...
Renegade Fitcamp
83 min
Happy New Year! Find your morning motivation w...
New Year!
60 min
Step up your Media Presence in 2020 with Dylan ...
content marketing
67 min
Specializing in Commercial Insurance, the BEST ...
Commercial Insurance
81 min
Chase Cromwell - GENUINELY building Real Estate...
Real Estate Agent, Chase Cromwell
70 min
Helping entrepreneurs and military businesses w...
Commercial Real Estate
85 min
Is Direct Mail Dead? Interview with Kevin Galligan
Direct Mailers
76 min
Tips from top producing Commercial Real Estate ...
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
79 min
Solving Lending Problems One Story at a Time wi...
business lending
68 min
Diamonds are forever...talking with Expert Jewe...
62 min
How to build your brand and content marketing f...
Brand Exposure and Content Marketing with Moncy Brambila
39 min
California Rent Control...who is it really affe...
If you're in Commercial Real Estate; whether you are an investor, a broker, a lender, whatever it may be, you have heard about the AB1482 Bill, A.K.A...California Rent Control.In this Episode of Value Add With K&K, we break down the truth behind the...
31 min
How to %#!* up your Real Estate Deal in Commerc...
How to destroy your real estate deal
51 min
Is a Recession among us? What are K&K going to ...
40 min
Be the BEST you with K&K - group exercise to un...
Be the Best You
26 min
Learn how Krystle and Kenny got started in thei...
In this Podcast Episode of Value Add with K&K, Krystle and Kenny talk about how they got started in buying Multifamily properties, and what they did to leverage that to buy more and more properties.If you listen to the podcast, there is a specific...
19 min
Cars, Cars, and more Cars! Learn how Tony Kaju ...
Auto Repair
68 min
Marketing Strategies WE use with Kyle Hanson to...
ft. Kyle Hanson
51 min
How Casey Leblanc from New Venture Escrow, is c...
In this Episode, we are excited to have President of New Venture Escrow, Casey Leblanc share insider secrets on how he is changing and staying ahead of the game of Escrow with Leadership, Culture and Technology.Casey LeBlanc is the CEO of New Venture...
82 min
WIN the Morning, WIN the DAY with Morning Hero,...
Morning Accountability
72 min
Real Estate Acquisitions and #ValueAdd with Hun...
Real Estate Acquisitions
86 min
How to run a Family Business with Mike Simpson
77 min
Ending the Mental Health Stigma with NAMI San D...
Mental Health Awareness
70 min
Commercial Loan Process and Real Estate Investm...
Commercial Real Estate
62 min
Experience San Diego in a FUN & FIT way with Fi...
Fit City Adventures
40 min
PRO-SKATER turned Real Estate Investor, Mikey T...
98 min
*CRACK* Chiropractic Work with San Diego’s favo...
88 min
What is CLEAN EATING w/ Crystal Lowery, Persona...
Clean Eating
66 min
Change your MINDSET to become successful with A...
Sportsmanship and success
85 min
How to WORK with K&K! Reasons why you should wo...
Working with us
53 min