A comedian and a social worker met at a party, and realized they wanted to make the same podcast. Anita Flores was thrown into the world of caretaking after her father was diagnosed with dementia. As a social worker, Sandrine Etienne wants to reach a wider audience of people struggling to navigate America’s often-confusing healthcare system. They’re bringing in experts in their fields to offer advice and share their experiences dealing with health and financial issues, with some laughs along the way.

Health & Fitness
Can Weed Help People With Dementia? w/Dr. June ...
Anita and Sandrine find out what “sundowning” is and how it affects dementia patients. Later on, Dr. June Chin joins the pod to discuss her work with ACHEM (Association for Cannabis Health Equity and Medicine) and how MMJ (medical marijuana) can potentially treat the effects of sundowning. Growing up in a traditional Chinese household in the Bronx, stigma associated with cannabis ran deep in Dr. Chin’s family. She talks about the importance of destigmatizing use of MMJ and offers tips on how to talk about it with your loved ones. From Parkinson’s to epilepsy to dementia, Dr. Chin shares the different ways she’s used MMJ to treat various medical conditions in her patients. Will insurance ever cover medical use of marijuana? She explains how she’s working with a group of physicians looking at qualitative and quantitative data that they can present to an insurance company. Dr. Chin also gets into how race and class affect access to MMJ. Resources mentioned:,,
50 min
Why Are Funerals So Expensive? w/Funeral Direct...
Did you know Costco sells caskets?! Funeral director Jeff Jorgenson answers all of Sandrine and Anita’s burning questions about the modern funeral industry and how costs can add up. He explains why embalming doesn’t have to be mandatory and why caskets are often placed in burial vaults (and yes, that’s a separate cost). Anita also goes through her dad’s pre-planned funeral contract and learns that “casket spray” isn’t referring to cleaning the coffin. They also get into grave vs. funeral costs, ethical planning based on affordability, and green burials.
63 min
40 and Pregnant
88 min
Mental Health In The Black Community
Description: Psychiatrist Byron Young joins Sandrine and Anita to unpack racism and anti-blackness in the medical field. He also discusses his work with adolescents, how he uses music as therapy, and mental health resources available to the public. Resources mentioned: Thrive NYC, Mental Health First Aid, Therapy for Black girls, Doing It Well, Psychology Today, The Unspoken Curriculum, Balance app, Dr. Joy Harden. Where to Find CareTalkers: @Caretalkerspod on Instagram
70 min
We Love Support Groups ft. Wan-Ling Hung
Wan-Ling Hung, Care and Support Program Manager at the Alzheimer’s Association joins Anita and Sandrine to talk about her work leading support groups. They get into the importance of the young caregiver’s support group and the unique challenges caregivers in their 20s and 30s face. Interested in joining a Dementia Caregiver Support Group or just have questions about resources related to dementia? Call the ALZ Association at 1-800-272-3900. Where to Find CareTalkers: @Caretalkerspod on Instagram
58 min
Caretaking: Where to Begin?
Anita and Sandrine discuss navigating the messy, turbulent, and emotional world of caretaking for their dad and mom. They get into the complexities of the caretaker juggling act, the importance of chosen family as only children, and “organizing emotions”. Have a story about your experience as a caretaker that you want to share with us? Write or send a voice memo to Where to Find CareTalkers: @Caretalkerspod on Instagram
39 min
The Cost of Health Insurance w/Frances Padilla
The president of the Universal Health Care Foundation of CT Frances Padilla joins Sandrine and Anita to answer questions about the policy aspect of healthcare. She gets into the nitty gritty of private insurance vs. Medicaid, options for people who have limited coverage, and the deal with dental insurance. Resources mentioned include and Where to Find CareTalkers: @Caretalkerspod on Instagram
49 min
Live-Tweeting From The Hospital w/Bryan Yang
Description: Comedian Bryan Yang joins Anita and Sandrine to share his experience getting Covid and the symptoms people never talk about (diarrhea). They also discuss navigating health insurance during a difficult time. Have a question or an idea for the podcast? Email us or send a voice memo to
56 min
Welcome to Caretalkers: Meet Your Hosts
In episode 1, Anita and Sandrine get into the inspiration behind starting this podcast. Despite having different career paths, they find common ground as only children and being caretakers for their parents. At the time of this recording, it was July 2020. They share how they’ve been staying sane during the pandemic.
35 min
Introducing Caretalkers with Anita Flores & San...
1 min