In Aaru, a land torn apart by a fear of magic, and ruled by brutal mercenaries, two young friends leave the only home they’ve ever known to find the one who could save them all.Carcerem is a completely original audio series featuring a full cast, original music, and immersive sound design.

Episode 31: A New Day
Episode 31: The battle is over… now what?
28 min
Episode 30: It’s Time
Episode 30: Our Party knows it’s goal, they each know their jobs, can they do what needs to be done?
16 min
Episode 29: The Plan
Episode 29: As a new party forms of mistrust and sworn enemies, they all start to realize how impossible a task this may be.
22 min
Episode 28: Another
Episode 28: Unable to breach the doors of Carcerem, Ora struggles to figure out what it all means. Our party has no choice but to retreat… if they can.
22 min
Episode 27: Carcerem
Episode 27: Our Party, having come to the edge of the forest, looks to the gates of Carcerem and discusses what their next steps should be.
20 min
Episode 26: Follow to the End
Episode 26: Having a new destination for their travels, our party is led by someone who knows how to get there.
23 min
Episode 25: The Guardians
Episode 25: Our Party discovers more than they were ever expecting.
33 min
Episode 24: Another Journey
Episode 24: Our Party sets out towards a place that they hope will give them a new lead to fulfilling the Prophecies, and we meet a new group of “friends.”
18 min
Episode 23: The Past
Episode 23: Having finally reached safety, our party is able to rest as Ora pours over her newfound Prophecies. Loyalty is thrown into question within the ranks of the Vigiles.
28 min
Episode 22: Escape
Episode 22: Our Party reunited along with an old friend, they struggle to get out of town and away from the Risers. Vorlauf’s obsession with Ora continues to overtake him as he refuses to leave Dawnwallow.
20 min
Episode 21: Find Them
Episode 21: As Vorlauf and the Vigiles search for Ora, our Party, struggles to reunite
21 min
Episode 20: It Can’t Be
Episode 20: As the after math of the tournament turns into chaos, everyone struggles to figure out what’s really going on, and where their allies are.
19 min
Episode 19: Blood Riot
Episode 19: It's the final night of the tournament and Ora’s last chance to find the rest of the Prophecies.
28 min
Episode 18: The Terran Terror
Episode 18: With Formosa realizing truths about the death of her family, our group is given some unexpected choices and battles.
29 min
Episode 17: Round One
Episode 17: Now that they are out of jail, our Party must get their footing and figure out what to do next.
17 min
Episode 16 - The Tournament Begins
Episode 16: As Ora, Kevin and Formosa sit in jail, the tournament crowd enjoys the festivities.
22 min
Episode 15: Do You Have a Prophecy?
Episode 15: Our Party puts their heads together to try and get in to the fighters side of the tournament.
20 min
Episode 14: The Caravan
Episode 14: With Formosa joining the party, they all set off to find Isten. They also find out a few things about where they are heading.
23 min
Episode 13: The Things You Find
Episode 13: Ora runs off to find Kevin, and the Vigiles find a new companion on the road.
21 min
Episode 12: Meanwhile
Episode 12: We find out what happened to Kevin and Karras after Spirit bolted
26 min
Episode 11: The Tower
Episode 11: The Vigiles return to the bank to turn in their completed orders, but Linus wants more.
16 min
Episode 10: A Wisps Wheel
Episode 10: Kevin is annoyed traveling with Isten and Karras, however Isten shows Ora something almost magical she has never seen before.
23 min
Episode 9: Isten
Episode 9: Ora and Kevin find Isten, the self proclaimed Chosen One, who is not what they expected.
18 min
Episode 8 - The Waiting Game
Episode 8: Vorlauf tries to remember why he recognized Ora, as his team gets impatient when the towns Law does not show up to sign their paper work.
20 min
Episode 7 - Elizabeth
Episode 7: Ora and Kevin finally track down Godrick's aunt
22 min
Episode 6: For Vow and Code
As Ora tries to make sense of finding a new prophecy, Vorlauf and his team arrive to carry out their new assignment.
22 min
Episode 5 - Shadow Run
Ora and Kevin Make it to Shadow Run
19 min
Episode 4 - The Excitement
Episode 4 - Ora faces her first Lusus Naturae in batter, as she tries to help the Terra protect their camp.
19 min
Episode 3 - The Terra
Episode 3 - Ora and Kevin learn about their capturers and some beliefs about the forest itself.
18 min
Episode 2 - A Helping Hand
Episode 2 - The Vigiles, with their new apprentice Linus, head to the Bank, and Ora finds a lost friend.
24 min
Episode 1 - In the Land of Aaru - Part 1 of 2
Episode 1 Part 1 - In the Land of Aaru Godrick prepares for what lies ahead. When tragedy strikes, Ora tries to make sense of it all.
19 min
Episode 1 - In the Land of Aaru - Part 2 of 2
Episode 1 part 2 - Ora and Godrick Start on their Journey and we see what the Vigiles are all about.
22 min
Official Trailer for Carcerem The Series
Official Trailer
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