Campfire Ashes

What goes bump in the night? Too many things! Listen as we tell original campfire tales and then dive into the lore behind the familiar monsters we all know and love....or are terrified of!

Episode 54: A Basket Full Of Trouble
A Basket Full Of Trouble! An Original Horror Anthology Podcast
22 min
Episode 53: Tequila And Talons
Tequila And Talons! A Horror Anthology Podcast
25 min
Episode 52: Should Have Swiped Left
Should Have Swiped Left! A Horror Anthology featuring originally written stories!
25 min
Episode 51: Not THAT Cabin In The Woods
Not THAT Cabin In The Woods! Some things are easy to avoid....and should be avoided!
33 min
Episode 50: On The Train Tracks
On The Train Tracks. Is someone typing on the train platform? Or is it something more sinister?
17 min
Episode 49: Not The Movie Dig You Dreamed Of
Not The Movie Dig You Dreamed Of! A Dream Dig? Or a Nightmare?
24 min
Episode 48: It’s So Life-Like...
It’s So Life-Like...almost as if they weren't alone!
24 min
Episode 47: Dates, Deception And The Devil
Dates, Deception And The Devil! What leads a date down the wrong path to horrors?
31 min
Episode 46: Primrose and Hennessey
Primrose and Hennessey! When narcissism drains your will to live.
37 min
Episode 45: Don't Say It Again!
Don't Say It Again! Once was already too much! What
31 min
Episode 44: Red Light, Green Light
Red Light, Green Light! But with unseen the unseen.
28 min
Episode 43: Seriously, Turn Around!
Seriously, Turn Around! What is that along the tree line. Did you see movement? Or is it too late already?
29 min
Episode 42: A Not So Silent Night
A Not So Silent Night! A terrified boy defends his house from an unknown invader!
54 min
Episode 41: Yule Tidings and Terror
Yule Tidings and Terror! Uninvited guest after uninvited guest lead to a lapse in judgement that could lead to terror!
40 min
Episode 40: The Evil Within The Shadow
The Evil Within The Shadow! What happens when you open something you shouldn't have?
37 min
Episode 39: Tales Around The Campfire 1
More than Original Stories, Check out some real stories now!
43 min
Episode 38: Sand And Fire
Sand and Fire lead to a haunting in a shore town that left and indelible mark on the Jersey Shore!
35 min
Episode 37: Nighttime Laughter
A night watchman is tortured by the sound of the long dead!
23 min
Episode 36: What’s in the box?
A creative story? Or a menacing spirit desperate to escape to cause harm?
34 min
Episode 35: Definitely The Wrong Turn
A wrong turn creates a tragic story based on a hundreds year old legend
29 min
Episode 34: Pennywinkle
In the wilds of the Midwest lurks a slimy misunderstood creature,
24 min
Episode 33: Hands From The Murky Depths
Hands From The Murky Depths! What is lurking in the shallows? A brand new original story from Paul is up next!
31 min
Episode 32: Reduced to Tears
Reduced to Tears! A story of sadness and tears!
27 min
Episode 31 - Pointed Concerns And Fortified Anger
Pointed Concerns And Fortified Anger! A new Paul story about a prickly Native American menace.
32 min
Episode 30 - Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Priz...
The fate of our four "hostages" are decided in the ending to our story!
53 min