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Best of CTW: We Take the Wonderlic (2018)
in this episode, we take the Wonderlic Test, the same aptitude test that NFL Draft Prospects take during the NFL Combine.
25 min
Billieve: State of the QBs, Josh Allen's Develo...
The conclusion to our in-depth analysis of Josh Allen's development from his rookie year to Year 2, including advanced stats that show why Allen made great strides in 2019.
48 min
Nick & Nolan: Pre-Combine Defensive Crushes
Tape you can fall in love with
35 min
Nick & Nolan: Pre-Combine Offensive Crushes
Guys who make you swoon from the tape
40 min
BBR: Players for Bills fans to monitor at the N...
There are plenty of talented players for fans to watch in Indy
21 min
Q&A: WR in draft vs free agency, adding Yannick...
This week, we discuss whether Buffalo should add a WR in draft or free agency, adding top DE prospect Yannick Ngakoue, why Tommy Sweeney didn't get a shot at tight end, and Josh Rosen/Josh Allen.
21 min
CTW: Cut or Keep These Bills Players Under Cont...
We discuss 6 players to cut or keep that are currently under contract for the Bills, after discussing some Bills News
63 min
Billieve: Grading the Offensive Line
42 min
Nick & Nolan: Speed, Explosion, & Agility at th...
How do we learn about those things at the combine?
44 min
Nick & Nolan: Size & Strength at the Combine
Size and Strength Thresholds
44 min
BBR: Three swing big free agents for the Bills
The Bills have plenty to spend and there are big names on the market
17 min
Breaking Buffalo Rumblings: Greg Olsen signs wi...
The Bills will have to look at other free agent options at tight end this offseason
7 min
CTW: Bills News, Greg Olsen, and Autograph Sign...
We discuss what NFL/Bills players' autographs are worth, and discuss some recent Bills news and notes
71 min
Billieve: State of the QBs, Josh Allen's Develo...
What we liked and didn't like from Josh Allen and Matt Barkley in 2019, along with the first part of our in-depth analysis of Allen's development from his rookie year to Year 2.
26 min
BBR: Free agent wide receiver group is uninspir...
The Bills need help at WR, but don't look to free agency for an immediate impact
17 min
Nick & Nolan: what type of RB should the Bills ...
Three doors from which to choose
23 min
Nick & Nolan: Star Lotulelei restructures his c...
He'll be back in 2020
8 min
Q&A: Bills' biggest need, free agency talk
This week, we discuss the biggest need the Bills have this offseason, contested-catch tight ends, replacing Lorenzo Alexander, convincing free agents, Cody Ford vs D.K. Metcalf, David Johnson, and o-line
21 min
CTW: Matt Parrino talks Free Agency, Josh Allen...
We talk with Matt Parrino of NewYorkUpstate.com on Free Agency, Josh Allen, Brian Daboll & much more!
54 min
Billieve: Greg Olsen, Tight Ends, Season Ticket...
We take a look at Buffalo's current tight end room, analyzing who should stay and who should go, and whether free agent Greg Olsen makes sense to bring in as a veteran leader.
28 min
BBR: Should the Bills make an upgrade at tight ...
Talking Tyler Kroft, Greg Olsen, Eric Ebron and more this week.
19 min
Nick & Nolan: Salary Cap 101
A beginner's guide to understanding the NFL salary cap.
79 min
Q&A: Bills Super Bowl window, Greg Olsen
This week, we discuss the Bills' Super Bowl window, Greg Olsen, Sean McDermott's clock management, and a whole lot more.
21 min
CTW: Super Bowl 54 Recap and which players woul...
We recap the Super Bowl and say which players we would steal for the Bills from the Chiefs and 49ers
38 min
Nick & Nolan: Would an Elite WR add pressure on...
It's Schrödinger's QB
70 min