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From Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam, and Justin Richmond. The musicians you love talk about their life, inspiration, and craft. Then play. iHeartMedia is the exclusive podcast partner of Pushkin Industries. 

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Chad Smith
Today we have the final interview in our month-long series with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in celebration of their new album, Unlimited Love, produced by Rick Rubin. There’s only one Chili Pepper left, Mr. “I eat-drums-for-breakfast” himself, Chad Smith.
91 min
This is the third episode in our four episode run with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, celebrating their new album, Unlimited Love. Today you’ll hear a very special conversation between Rick Rubin and Flea.
67 min
John Frusciante and Anthony Kiedis
We’re continuing our run of episodes celebrating the release of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album, Unlimited Love, produced by Rick Rubin.
94 min
John Frusciante
Today is the start of a month-long run of episodes in celebration of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ newest release, Unlimited Love. We kick things off with Rick Rubin in conversation with the Chili Peppers' guitarist, John Frusciante.
56 min
Missy Elliott
Missy Elliott is one of popular music's greatest innovators. This year is the 25th anniversary of Missy’s classic debut album, Supa Dupa Fly.
54 min
Patti Smith
Today we have the one and only Patti Smith on the show. Patti is the prototypical downtown, New York City artist. Her 1975 debut album Horses is credited as one of the masterpieces of its time.
68 min
Bonnie Raitt
Bonnie Raitt is many things— a Rock ‘n Roll Hall-of-Famer, an incredible blues guitarist, an underrated songwriter, and a fierce advocate for social justice.
52 min
Beach House
Beach House is a psych-pop band with a die-hard cult following. Since their 2006 debut album, their lush, cinematic sound has been sampled by artists like Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd.
42 min
Judy Collins
To kick off our month long celebration of Women's History Month, today we are featuring an interview with the great Judy Collins. At 82 years-old, Collins is in the midst of a creative shift.
36 min
Robert Plant
Robert Plant is arguably the most iconic rock vocalist of all time. As the frontman for Led Zeppelin, his dynamic, soaring vocal style was the perfect lead for the band’s unparalleled musicianship.
56 min
Jon Batiste
Jon Batiste is an overachiever. Batiste is the bandleader on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and an Oscar-winning composer for the Pixar animated movie, Soul.
53 min
Stevie Van Zandt
Stevie Van Zandt is the ultimate underboss. His first big break came in the mid-70s as Bruce Springsteen’s right-hand man, guitarist, and occasional co-producer in the E Street Band.
42 min
Todd Rundgren
Todd Rundgren is a multi-talented musician who has made a name for himself both as a solo artist and a visionary music producer. Rundgren’s crowning achievement though was producing Meatloaf’s album Bat Out Of Hell, which is to this day one of the highest-selling albums of all time.
52 min
Jackson Browne
In the 1970’s Jackson Browne was known as one of the originators of the carefree, California classic rock sound with hits like “Doctor My Eyes” and “Running on Empty.” As his career progressed, Jackson Browne’s knack for writing soul-searching lyrics turned more political. Browne continues to use his music as a vehicle for change today
38 min
Yusuf/Cat Stevens
Since debuting in the late ‘60s, Yusuf/Cat Stevens has made a sizable contribution to the folk canon with tender, contemplative songs like “Wild World,” “Moon Shadow,” and “The Wind.”
44 min
Sam Sanders on Janet Jackson's Legacy
Today we have a special episode from our friend Sam Sanders over at NPR’s It's Been a Minute podcast. This year marks the 35th anniversary of Janet Jackson's classic album, Control.
43 min
Pino Palladino and Blake Mills
Pino Palladino and Blake Mills are renowned session musicians who recently collaborated on their own album, Notes With Attachments. It’s an experimental, jazz-leaning project that blew Rick Rubin’s mind.
36 min
Neil Young, Part Two
Welcome to part two of Rick Rubin’s conversation with Neil Young. Today we'll hear how Neil's song “I Believe In You” from his 1970 masterpiece After the Gold Rush inspired a mystical experience for Rick.
42 min
Neil Young, Part One
We have a really special episode for you today. When we first talked about making Broken Record, we had a short list of absolute dream guests for the podcast and Neil Young was at the top of that list.
52 min
Faye Webster Takes Off
44 min
Amanda Shires For Christmas
Today we have a special Broken Record Holiday episode with Nashville singer Amanda Shires. Shires’ new holiday album, For Christmas, isn’t meant to make you feel merry and bright.
40 min
Mary Gauthier: Saved By A Song
Mary Gauthier is a folk singer/songwriter whose songs have quite literally saved her life.
48 min
Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast
Michelle Zauner is the lead singer and creative force behind the indie, dream pop band, Japanese Breakfast. This year Zauner released a series of career-defining projects that propelled her band to widespread critical acclaim including her New York Times best-selling memoir, Crying In H Mart, and Japanese Breakfast's third and most ambitious album, Jubilee.
39 min
An Excerpt from Miracle And Wonder: Conversatio...
Justin Richmond shares the first chapter of a new book he's been working on with Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Headlam. It’s called Miracle And Wonder, Conversations with Paul Simon.
37 min
Angelique Kidjo: Africa’s Premier Diva
According to Time Magazine, singer Angelique Kidjo is “Africa’s premier diva.” Kidjo started out singing traditional music in her native Benin, West Africa when she was a teenager.
50 min