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Chad Smith
Today we have the final interview in our month-long series with the Red Hot Chili Peppers in celebration of their new album, Unlimited Love, produced by Rick Rubin. There’s only one Chili Pepper left, Mr. “I eat-drums-for-breakfast” himself, Chad Smith.
91 min
This is the third episode in our four episode run with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, celebrating their new album, Unlimited Love. Today you’ll hear a very special conversation between Rick Rubin and Flea.
67 min
John Frusciante and Anthony Kiedis
We’re continuing our run of episodes celebrating the release of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new album, Unlimited Love, produced by Rick Rubin.
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John Frusciante
Today is the start of a month-long run of episodes in celebration of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ newest release, Unlimited Love. We kick things off with Rick Rubin in conversation with the Chili Peppers' guitarist, John Frusciante.
56 min
Missy Elliott
Missy Elliott is one of popular music's greatest innovators. This year is the 25th anniversary of Missy’s classic debut album, Supa Dupa Fly.
54 min
Patti Smith
Today we have the one and only Patti Smith on the show. Patti is the prototypical downtown, New York City artist. Her 1975 debut album Horses is credited as one of the masterpieces of its time.
68 min
Bonnie Raitt
Bonnie Raitt is many things— a Rock ‘n Roll Hall-of-Famer, an incredible blues guitarist, an underrated songwriter, and a fierce advocate for social justice.
52 min
Beach House
Beach House is a psych-pop band with a die-hard cult following. Since their 2006 debut album, their lush, cinematic sound has been sampled by artists like Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd.
42 min
Judy Collins
To kick off our month long celebration of Women's History Month, today we are featuring an interview with the great Judy Collins. At 82 years-old, Collins is in the midst of a creative shift.
36 min
Robert Plant
Robert Plant is arguably the most iconic rock vocalist of all time. As the frontman for Led Zeppelin, his dynamic, soaring vocal style was the perfect lead for the band’s unparalleled musicianship.
56 min
Jon Batiste
Jon Batiste is an overachiever. Batiste is the bandleader on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and an Oscar-winning composer for the Pixar animated movie, Soul.
53 min
Stevie Van Zandt
Stevie Van Zandt is the ultimate underboss. His first big break came in the mid-70s as Bruce Springsteen’s right-hand man, guitarist, and occasional co-producer in the E Street Band.
42 min
Todd Rundgren
Todd Rundgren is a multi-talented musician who has made a name for himself both as a solo artist and a visionary music producer. Rundgren’s crowning achievement though was producing Meatloaf’s album Bat Out Of Hell, which is to this day one of the highest-selling albums of all time.
52 min
Jackson Browne
In the 1970’s Jackson Browne was known as one of the originators of the carefree, California classic rock sound with hits like “Doctor My Eyes” and “Running on Empty.” As his career progressed, Jackson Browne’s knack for writing soul-searching lyrics turned more political. Browne continues to use his music as a vehicle for change today
38 min
Yusuf/Cat Stevens
Since debuting in the late ‘60s, Yusuf/Cat Stevens has made a sizable contribution to the folk canon with tender, contemplative songs like “Wild World,” “Moon Shadow,” and “The Wind.”
44 min
Sam Sanders on Janet Jackson's Legacy
Today we have a special episode from our friend Sam Sanders over at NPR’s It's Been a Minute podcast. This year marks the 35th anniversary of Janet Jackson's classic album, Control.
43 min
Pino Palladino and Blake Mills
Pino Palladino and Blake Mills are renowned session musicians who recently collaborated on their own album, Notes With Attachments. It’s an experimental, jazz-leaning project that blew Rick Rubin’s mind.
36 min
Neil Young, Part Two
Welcome to part two of Rick Rubin’s conversation with Neil Young. Today we'll hear how Neil's song “I Believe In You” from his 1970 masterpiece After the Gold Rush inspired a mystical experience for Rick.
42 min
Neil Young, Part One
We have a really special episode for you today. When we first talked about making Broken Record, we had a short list of absolute dream guests for the podcast and Neil Young was at the top of that list.
52 min
Faye Webster Takes Off
44 min
Amanda Shires For Christmas
Today we have a special Broken Record Holiday episode with Nashville singer Amanda Shires. Shires’ new holiday album, For Christmas, isn’t meant to make you feel merry and bright.
40 min
Mary Gauthier: Saved By A Song
Mary Gauthier is a folk singer/songwriter whose songs have quite literally saved her life.
48 min
Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast
Michelle Zauner is the lead singer and creative force behind the indie, dream pop band, Japanese Breakfast. This year Zauner released a series of career-defining projects that propelled her band to widespread critical acclaim including her New York Times best-selling memoir, Crying In H Mart, and Japanese Breakfast's third and most ambitious album, Jubilee.
39 min
An Excerpt from Miracle And Wonder: Conversatio...
Justin Richmond shares the first chapter of a new book he's been working on with Malcolm Gladwell and Bruce Headlam. It’s called Miracle And Wonder, Conversations with Paul Simon.
37 min
Angelique Kidjo: Africa’s Premier Diva
According to Time Magazine, singer Angelique Kidjo is “Africa’s premier diva.” Kidjo started out singing traditional music in her native Benin, West Africa when she was a teenager.
50 min
Pastor T.L. Barrett’s Gospel
Pastor T.L. Barrett has been known on Chicago’s South side as a religious and community leader for 50 years. But it wasn’t until recently that people started to uncover Barrett’s trove of gospel music.
40 min
Singing Secrets of the Stars with Backstage Pass
49 min
Diane Warren: Songwriter Extraordinaire
42 min
Amythyst Kiah Sings Her Truth
On her intimate new album Wary + Strange, Amythyst Kiah sings her heart out about losing her mom to suicide, and what it’s like being the only black person in the room at country gigs.
46 min
Scarface: The Reunion
32 min
White Lotus Composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer
Cristobal Tapia de Veer is the composer and musician behind Mike White’s HBO show, White Lotus. The sounds in the score range from percussive African and Latin American instruments to guttural human chants.
34 min
Lindsey Buckingham: Going His Own Way
Lindsey Buckingham’s signature finger-style guitar is perhaps as recognizable as the countless classic songs he wrote while he was in Fleetwood Mac.
51 min
Ringo Starr: Peace and Love
Ringo Starr is one of the most iconic musicians living today. Famed drummer for The Beatles, and a prolific songwriter in his own right, at 81, Ringo’s gearing up to release his latest EP, Change The World.
47 min
John Hiatt and Jerry Douglas
John Hiatt is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter whose songs have been covered by a wide range of popular artists including Iggy Pop, Paula Abdul and Jimmy Buffet.
45 min
Henry Rollins
Henry Rollins speaks with Rick Rubin from Shangri-La pre-pandemic
49 min
Jaden Smith Gets Trippy
Jaden Smith has proved to be much more than just the sum of his famous parents. At 23 he’s spent more than half of his life working as an actor, a musician, and an entrepreneur.
53 min
Lukas Nelson: A Star Is Born
Growing up in a family full of musicians, Lukas Nelson was basically raised on stage.
41 min
Extended Cut: Brian Eno and Rick Rubin
The Broken Record team has been revisiting some of our favorite episodes and releasing new extended cuts via PushNik, our Apple Podcasts subscription program.
95 min
Revisionist History vs. The Little Mermaid
This week, we're presenting something fun from Malcolm Gladwell, co-founder of Pushkin.
4 min
Daryl Hall The Hit Man
Daryl Hall and John Oates are the definition of Blue-Eyed Soul. After a string of monster hits that stretched from the 70’s into the mid-80s, the RIAA named Hall and Oates the number-one selling duo in music history
33 min
Jeff Goldblum Gets Jazzy
Over Jeff Goldblum's 50-year acting career, he’s played dozens of unforgettable roles. Off-camera, Jeff Goldblum is also a surprisingly dedicated Jazz pianist who has been playing in clubs and bars for over 30 years.
50 min
Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen
Rick Nielsen is best known as Cheap Trick’s lead guitarist and main songwriter. In the late '70s, Cheap Trick helped popularize power pop with their songs “Surrender” and “I Want You To Want Me," which were precursors to the pop punk explosion in the '90s with bands like Green Day and Blink-182.
33 min
Mark Ronson Finds The Perfect Sound
Mark Ronson's big break as a producer came from working with Amy Winehouse to find the perfect sound for her career defining album, Back To Black.
55 min
BROCKHAMPTON's Kevin Abstract
BROCKHAMPTON's original members formed after posting on a Kanye West fan message board in 2010, and then started making music in The Woodlands, Texas.
40 min
Archie Shepp: Activist of the Avant-Garde
Archie Shepp is a tenor saxophonist and composer who's spent over half a century contributing to the evolution of Black music.
42 min
Craig Finn Holds Steady
Craig Finn, the lead singer and songwriter of The Hold Steady, is known for his vivid, literary-style songwriting.
37 min
Pushkin Honors Juneteenth
At Pushkin, we think of Juneteenth as an opportunity to reflect on the past and think about the future: How do we build a more just and equitable society?
27 min
Moby Reprised
Moby may be one of the most highly recognizable dance-music artists of all time, but he’s also a talented multi-hyphenate whose unconventional 30-year career includes massive success as a producer and DJ,
59 min
Brian Eno: The Innovator
Brian Eno started out playing synths in the early ‘70s as a member of the UK glam-rock band Roxy Music and went on to create an entirely new musical genre—ambient music, and later he recorded a series of solo albums and eventually produced career-defining albums for a host of bands including U2, Devo and Coldplay.
55 min
Liz Phair's Soberish
Liz Phair talks to Bruce Headlam about how her approach to recording music isn’t a technical one — she relies on the unique way she hears music and her background as a visual artist.
46 min
Rhiannon Giddens Comes Home
Rhiannon Giddens is a brilliant fiddle and banjo player who’s one of the few musicians alive today trained in the centuries-old black string band tradition.
49 min
Superwolves: Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Swe...
In 2005 singer Bonnie "Prince" Billy and guitarist Matt Sweeney released the Superwolf album, which has developed a cult following that includes Rick Rubin who absolutely fell in love with the project—Now, 16 years later, they’re back with the follow-up, Superwolves.
49 min
Presenting: An Excerpt from The Bomber Mafia by...
The Bomber Mafia is the new audiobook by Revisionist History host (and Pushkin co-founder) Malcolm Gladwell.
10 min
Peter Frampton Forgets the Words
Justin Richmond talks to Peter Frampton about his new album, Frampton Forgets The Words, and how the songs he chose provide insight into his expansive 50-year career.
36 min
Serj Tankian Talks Toxicity and Activism
System of a Down’s classic Rick Rubin-produced album, Toxicity, turns 20 this year—released in 2001 one week before 9/11, the politically charged and wildly bizarre album provided the perfect soundtrack for a world descending into chaos.
57 min
Andrew Bird + Jimbo Mathus
Andrew Bird and Jimbo Mathus discuss their new album, These 13, inspired by the opposing ways the two create music and the Southern scenery of Jimbo's home-state of Mississippi.
34 min
Barry Gibb's Wild Ride
Few bands have experienced such extreme highs and lows as the Bee Gees—throughout their decades-long career, the band of brothers managed to be both grossly underrated and one of the best-selling acts of all time.
59 min
Merry Clayton's Redemption
Merry Clayton is a legendary backup singer who has managed to consistently steal the spotlight.
46 min
Marianne Faithfull Fights Back
Marianne Faithfull has been many things throughout her half a century in music—a close confidant of the Rolling Stones, a pop star, a homeless drug addict and a critically acclaimed comeback artist.
31 min
Valerie June Shines Bright
Valerie June has helped widen the scope of contemporary Ameicana music, she’s one of few African American women in the category and her unique combination of gospel and Appalachian folk is a shimmering example of what's possible in the roots-music tradition.
47 min
Ziggy Marley Reminisces About Jamaica and His F...
Ziggy Marley talks with Malcolm Gladwell about memories of his dad and Jamaica spurred by images in the photo book he recently curated, "Bob Marley: Portrait of the Legend."
45 min
Mike Shinoda on Beats, Rhymes and Linkin Park
Since forming in 1996, Linkin Park has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Their enormous success mixing genres like hip-hop, metal and anthemic pop was spearheaded by the band’s ultra-talented founder, Mike Shinoda.
52 min
Kenny Beats + Rick Rubin, Part 2
Kenny Beats explains how for the first time in the history of hip-hop, an American sub-genre made its way across the pond to the UK, only to come back to the States in an updated form that is now influencing American rappers.
41 min
Kenny Beats on the Regional Sounds of Hip Hop
Rick Rubin and Kenny Beats discuss the regional sounds of Hip Hop
56 min
Joan Baez
Rick Rubin talks to the great Joan Baez about her long career as a singer and activist.
47 min
Rivers Cuomo on Weezer's New Approach and a Wil...
Most people know Rivers Cuomo as Weezer’s brilliant, quirky lead singer. But one thing people may not know, is that several years ago, a bizarre conspiracy theory made its way around the Web that Rivers was actually Kurt Cobain.
51 min
Earth, Wind & Fire's Verdine White with Rick Rubin
Rick Rubin connected with Earth, Wind & Fire's Verdine White to talk about the early days of the band and about their producer, Charles Stepney, who Verdine calls their George Martin and Rick reads to Verdine a poignant note from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea about what makes Verdine’s bass playing so special.
46 min
Nas In Conversation with Rick Rubin
Fresh off his 14th Grammy nomination, this time for his latest release, King's Disease, Nas connects Rick Rubin to talk about his earliest experiences with rap in Queens, how recording his last album with Kanye West in Wyoming almost took him out of his zone and how early beef with Jay Z made them both stronger rappers.
50 min
Legendary Music Journalist Lisa Robinson
Legendary Music Journalist Lisa Robinson
49 min
Ben Folds
Ben Folds tells Bruce Headlam the origins of his biggest hit, "Brick," the time Kesha dove into a pool fully clothed to rescue his phone, and the time he unknowingly destroyed a priceless Steinway piano on Australian TV, plus other anecdotes from his memoir, A Dream About Lightning Bugs.
53 min
Broken Record Presents: A Musical Episode of So...
Malcolm Gladwell speaks with co-founder and chairman of the JackTrip Foundation and the creator of Virtual Studio, Mike Dickey.
20 min
Dave Cobb: Nashville's Super Producer
Nashville producer Dave Cobb has earned six Grammys for his standout work with artists like Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile and Chris Stapleton. Over the past 15 years Dave's managed to inject some much-needed soul into country music.
62 min
My Morning Jacket's Jim James
Jim James talks about and performs some songs off My Morning Jacket's The Waterfall 2.
59 min
James Blake
James Blake speaks with Rick Rubin about his new Covers EP — and plays too.
70 min
Pharrell Williams
Rick Rubin connected with Pharrell Williams over Zoom recently to talk through and listen to some of the biggest hits from Pharrell’s illustrious career.
49 min
Andrew Watt: Producer on the Rise
Rick Rubin chats with Andrew Watt this episode about getting his start in music interning with the Roots, working with Post Malone and Miley Cyrus on her newest album, and about a frightening experience with COVID in the early days of the pandemic.
59 min
Black Pumas
The runway to success was short for Black Pumas. Five months after releasing their debut album in 2019, the Austin-based band was nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys. And now, one year later, Black Pumas are up for Album of the Year for the deluxe version of their debut.
52 min
Jeff Tweedy's Songwriting Master Class
Wilco's Jeff Tweedy is a prolific songwriter and in this episode with Malcolm Gladwell, he shares his songwriting secrets.
50 min
Leslie Odom Jr. of Hamilton
Leslie Odom Jr., best known for playing Aaron Burr in Hamilton, speaks to Bruce Headlam about his career on stage and in music and also his new Christmas album.
60 min
Mike Campbell On First Album Post Heartbreakers
Mike Campbell, guitarist, co-writer and original Heartbreaker talks to Rick Rubin about growing up with Tom Petty, working on Wildflowers and about his new album, Wreckless Abandon, with band The Dirty Knobs.
54 min
Deep Sea Diver
Leah Rose speaks to Deep Sea Diver's Jessica Dobson about her journey from touring guitarist with indie rock royalty to becoming a creative force in the genre.
40 min
Sturgill Simpson
Kentucky singer/songwriter Sturgill Simpson was in his mid-30s when he found fame as a country artist in Nashville. Sturgill talk to Rick Rubin about his journey and also his new bluegrass album.
54 min
Lenny Kravitz
Lenny Kravitz and Rick Rubin are old friends and roommates. On this episode of Broken Record they catch up on the occasion of the release of Lenny's memoir, "Let Love Rule."
61 min
S.G. Goodman
Produced by My Morning Jacket's Jim James, S.G. Goodman's new album of songs present a deeper, more complex than usual look at life below the Mason-Dixon line.
45 min
Maya Hawke
Maya Hawke’s debut album, Blush, is an invitation into her vivid inner life.
45 min
Carlos Santana & Cindy Blackman
Carlos Santana along with his wife and drummer, Cindy Blackman got together with Rick Rubin to discuss the 2019 album they recorded together, Africa Speaks, and also to talk about Santana's early days in San Francisco.
34 min
Bruce Springsteen
Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell speak to Bruce Springsteen about his new album, "Letter to You," listening to "Born to Run" on a long drive for its 45th anniversary and the influence his Catholicism has on his songwriting.
69 min
Win Butler
Rick Rubin talks to Arcade Fire's Win Butler on the occasion of the The Suburb's tenth anniversary. The band's third record was their first number one album in the US.
52 min
Benmont Tench on life with Tom Petty
To celebrate the release of Tom Petty's Wildflowers & All The Rest box set, Rick Rubin connected with Heartbreakers keyboardist, Benmont Tench for a conversation. Benmont is a massive talent who's also done plenty of work as a sideman for Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, U2, Johnny Cash and a ton of others.
35 min
Tom Petty's Wildflowers II with Adria Petty
Rick Rubin talks to Tom Petty's daughter, Adria Petty, about her memories of her dad and the hard curatorial work of putting together the new box set "Wildflowers & All The Rest."
71 min
Joe Henry
Bruce Headlam talks to Joe about writing "Don't Tell Me" for his sister-in-law Madonna, working with Bonnie Raitt and Elvis Costello and the music that gave him strength after a cancer diagnosis.
60 min
Khruangbin have had a charmed existence since they released their first record almost exactly five years ago. They've crushed the festival circuit, opened up for Wu Tang and found themselves on Obama's summer playlist.
37 min
Burt Bacharach & Daniel Tashian
Burt Bacharach is a living legend. But he recently found a new muse in collaborator Daniel Tashian.
34 min
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Buffy Sainte-Marie could've been Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell or Paul Simon but she tells Rick Rubin she was blacklisted by the U.S. government.
55 min
Don Was
Rick Rubin talk to Don was about his early days in Detroit, his time in Was Not Was and his wide ranging career producing defining-albums for the B-52's, Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones. He also talks about how he became the president of legendary Jazz label Blue Note Records.
49 min
Flying Lotus
In this episode FlyLo talks to Rick Rubin about visiting his great aunt Alice Coltrane’s ashram, his peak creative hours, and why he directed a horror movie despite being scared to death by the Thriller video as a kid.
42 min
Broken Record Presents: Into the Zone
Into the Zone is a podcast about opposites, and how borders are never as clear as we think.
43 min
Emma Louise: Fresh Find
In a bonus Fresh Find episode, Bruce Headlam interviews Australian singer-songwriter Emma Louise about having an accidental overseas hit and pitching her voice down so that it's unrecognizable on her latest album.
30 min
Brandi Carlile
Brandi Carlile came by Shangri La last year to talk to Rick Rubin with Tanya Tucker about the album they made together, While I'm Livin'. After Tanya left, Brandi stayed behind to talk about her love of Joni Mitchell's music, how she was present for a star studded jam that led to Joni singing for the first time since her stroke, and also about the beginning of her career, when Rick helped to discover her.
48 min
Justin Townes Earle: In Memoriam
Our episode with Justin Townes Earle was scheduled to run next month. But after we heard about Earle's passing over the weekend, we decided to put it out sooner.
48 min