Broken Record with Rick Rubin, Malcol...

From Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam, and Justin Richmond. The musicians you love talk about their life, inspiration, and craft. Then play. iHeartMedia is the exclusive podcast partner of Pushkin Industries. 

Society & Culture
Rhiannon Giddens Comes Home
Rhiannon Giddens is a brilliant fiddle and banjo player who’s one of the few musicians alive today trained in the centuries-old black string band tradition.
49 min
Superwolves: Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Swe...
In 2005 singer Bonnie "Prince" Billy and guitarist Matt Sweeney released the Superwolf album, which has developed a cult following that includes Rick Rubin who absolutely fell in love with the project—Now, 16 years later, they’re back with the follow-up, Superwolves.
49 min
Presenting: An Excerpt from The Bomber Mafia by...
The Bomber Mafia is the new audiobook by Revisionist History host (and Pushkin co-founder) Malcolm Gladwell.
10 min
Peter Frampton Forgets the Words
Justin Richmond talks to Peter Frampton about his new album, Frampton Forgets The Words, and how the songs he chose provide insight into his expansive 50-year career.
36 min
Serj Tankian Talks Toxicity and Activism
System of a Down’s classic Rick Rubin-produced album, Toxicity, turns 20 this year—released in 2001 one week before 9/11, the politically charged and wildly bizarre album provided the perfect soundtrack for a world descending into chaos.
57 min
Andrew Bird + Jimbo Mathus
Andrew Bird and Jimbo Mathus discuss their new album, These 13, inspired by the opposing ways the two create music and the Southern scenery of Jimbo's home-state of Mississippi.
34 min
Barry Gibb's Wild Ride
Few bands have experienced such extreme highs and lows as the Bee Gees—throughout their decades-long career, the band of brothers managed to be both grossly underrated and one of the best-selling acts of all time.
59 min
Merry Clayton's Redemption
Merry Clayton is a legendary backup singer who has managed to consistently steal the spotlight.
46 min
Marianne Faithfull Fights Back
Marianne Faithfull has been many things throughout her half a century in music—a close confidant of the Rolling Stones, a pop star, a homeless drug addict and a critically acclaimed comeback artist.
31 min
Valerie June Shines Bright
Valerie June has helped widen the scope of contemporary Ameicana music, she’s one of few African American women in the category and her unique combination of gospel and Appalachian folk is a shimmering example of what's possible in the roots-music tradition.
47 min
Ziggy Marley Reminisces About Jamaica and His F...
Ziggy Marley talks with Malcolm Gladwell about memories of his dad and Jamaica spurred by images in the photo book he recently curated, "Bob Marley: Portrait of the Legend."
45 min
Mike Shinoda on Beats, Rhymes and Linkin Park
Since forming in 1996, Linkin Park has sold over 100 million records worldwide. Their enormous success mixing genres like hip-hop, metal and anthemic pop was spearheaded by the band’s ultra-talented founder, Mike Shinoda.
52 min
Kenny Beats + Rick Rubin, Part 2
Kenny Beats explains how for the first time in the history of hip-hop, an American sub-genre made its way across the pond to the UK, only to come back to the States in an updated form that is now influencing American rappers.
41 min
Kenny Beats on the Regional Sounds of Hip Hop
Rick Rubin and Kenny Beats discuss the regional sounds of Hip Hop
56 min
Joan Baez
Rick Rubin talks to the great Joan Baez about her long career as a singer and activist.
47 min
Rivers Cuomo on Weezer's New Approach and a Wil...
Most people know Rivers Cuomo as Weezer’s brilliant, quirky lead singer. But one thing people may not know, is that several years ago, a bizarre conspiracy theory made its way around the Web that Rivers was actually Kurt Cobain.
51 min
Earth, Wind & Fire's Verdine White with Rick Rubin
Rick Rubin connected with Earth, Wind & Fire's Verdine White to talk about the early days of the band and about their producer, Charles Stepney, who Verdine calls their George Martin and Rick reads to Verdine a poignant note from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea about what makes Verdine’s bass playing so special.
46 min
Nas In Conversation with Rick Rubin
Fresh off his 14th Grammy nomination, this time for his latest release, King's Disease, Nas connects Rick Rubin to talk about his earliest experiences with rap in Queens, how recording his last album with Kanye West in Wyoming almost took him out of his zone and how early beef with Jay Z made them both stronger rappers.
50 min
Legendary Music Journalist Lisa Robinson
Legendary Music Journalist Lisa Robinson
49 min
Ben Folds
Ben Folds tells Bruce Headlam the origins of his biggest hit, "Brick," the time Kesha dove into a pool fully clothed to rescue his phone, and the time he unknowingly destroyed a priceless Steinway piano on Australian TV, plus other anecdotes from his memoir, A Dream About Lightning Bugs.
53 min
Broken Record Presents: A Musical Episode of So...
Malcolm Gladwell speaks with co-founder and chairman of the JackTrip Foundation and the creator of Virtual Studio, Mike Dickey.
20 min
Dave Cobb: Nashville's Super Producer
Nashville producer Dave Cobb has earned six Grammys for his standout work with artists like Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlile and Chris Stapleton. Over the past 15 years Dave's managed to inject some much-needed soul into country music.
62 min
My Morning Jacket's Jim James
Jim James talks about and performs some songs off My Morning Jacket's The Waterfall 2.
59 min
James Blake
James Blake speaks with Rick Rubin about his new Covers EP — and plays too.
70 min
Pharrell Williams
Rick Rubin connected with Pharrell Williams over Zoom recently to talk through and listen to some of the biggest hits from Pharrell’s illustrious career.
49 min