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BSH Radio #369: A very late-August hockey podcast
In which the gang talks about what it would take to buy you off.
80 min
BSH Radio #368: We're still on Justin Braun
In which the gang takes your questions, for funsies.
74 min
Flyperbole Ep. 281: Give us the Coatesy statue
How 'bout 'dem Comboys, Sanhiem, and a vote of no confidence
58 min
Side Flyp: Better Call Saul Series Finale
Better Call Saul is over, who better to break down the series than two hockey podcasters?
77 min
BSH Radio #367: It's August and I am *living*
In which the gang continues with the Ice Sport by going out West.
68 min
Flyperbole Ep. 280: It's been 30 years...
30 years since the Eric Lindros trade...Steve feels like the Titanic lady.
80 min
Flyperbole Ep. 279: Raffl Party
An investigative report into which member of the Malkin family wanted a Lion King cake
73 min
BSH Radio #366: Ice Sport Radio returns
In which the gang puts the Flyers aside for a moment to talk about the rest of the Eastern Conference.
96 min
Flyperbole Ep. 278: Look at this autograph
Look at this autograph! Every time I do it makes me laugh.
79 min
BSH Radio #365: They're done, fam
In which the gang settles into the end of the offseason for the Flyers.
66 min
Flyperbole Ep. 277: Big Splash Mountain
When will then be now? We just want the big splash.
77 min
BSH Radio #364: The man with the plan
In which the gang talks Chuck's grand scheme.
78 min
Flyperbole Ep. 276: Shut it down!
The guys tell the Flyers where they can stick their aggressive retool
107 min
BSH Radio #363: What are we doing here?
In which Bill & Kelly talk through it. All of it.
78 min
BSH Live: Free Agency Free-For-All 2022
The first few hours of free agency were not fun, fam
103 min
BSH Radio #362: Nothing, nowhere, all at once
In which the gang wonders what we are doing here.
77 min
BSH Live 2022 Draft and Tony DeAngelo Reactions
We did a Spotify Live to get people's reactions to the 2022 Draft and TDA trade
160 min
Live(ish) from the 2022 Draft Party
The Flyperbole and BSH Radio crews give their thoughts on the 2022 Draft
20 min
BSH Radio #361: Just make the pick, Chuck
In which there's talk of trades and talk of picks and talks of international intrigue.
54 min
Flyperbole Ep. 275: Brace Yourselves, the 2022 ...
Steve and Ryan (and a little Steph!) talk 2022 NHL Draft, Ivan Fedotov, and more
81 min
BSH Radio #360: Step to the plate and swing, Chuck
In which the gang gets deep into their draft previewing.
75 min
Flyperbole Ep. 274: The Hostage Pet Shop Boys
Steve and Ryan talk NHL awards, Farabee's surgery, and Torts takes
94 min
BSH Radio #359: You're up, Big Hayesy
In which the gang dives deeper into John Tortorella. Figuratively.
82 min
BSH Radio #358: It's Torts time baby!
In which the gang talks about all there is to talk about.
70 min
Flyperbole Ep. 273: MakCale's Navy
Steve and Ryan discuss John Tortorella and the Stanley Cup Final between the Avs and Lightning
45 min