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Fanning the Flames - Kevin Durant... a Phoenix ...
Is Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns becoming more likely?
65 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Perfo...
Performance Reviews: The Big Fellas
51 min
Fanning the Flames - Toxicity in the Workplace
We discuss more news about the Phoenix Suns' toxic work environment and why not keeping Deandre Ayton would be a huge mistake.
71 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Perfo...
Performance Reviews: The Twins
57 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Perfo...
Performance Reviews: Starting with our All-NBA Guards
60 min
Fanning the Flames - Does Deandre Ayton Get Too...
We discuss whether Deandre Ayton takes too much flack for the Suns' shortcomings and what might happen this offseason.
69 min
Fanning the Flames - Get It Off Your Chest
One more group therapy session.
68 min
Fanning the Flames - Fanning the Aussie JAM Ses...
We hopped on a megapod with the guys from Suns JAM Session and Aussie Suns Fans Podcast to talk about our feelings.
77 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Year ...
One final Highs, Lows and "Just So You Knows"
52 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - We We...
The Suns Lose Game 7.
51 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - We Ha...
Turnovers. Turnovers. Turnovers.
47 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - That'...
The Suns are heading to Dallas for a close out Game 6! Join us for everything Game 5!
40 min
Fanning the Flames - F*** the Refs, Suns in 6
The Suns-Mavericks series is 2-2. The two losses weren't pretty, but they also weren't the end of the world. We Good.
65 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - The M...
The Phoenix Suns drop Game 4 in Dallas, head back to Phoenix for Game 5.
54 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - How t...
The Phoenix Suns drop Game 3 to the Dallas Mavericks, 103 - 94
39 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - The L...
The Suns took over the 4th and won handily, leaving Luka and the Mavs down 0-2 heading back to Dallas.
38 min
Fanning the Flames - Will Game 2 Be a Rinse and...
Game 1 was what we expected, but what does Game 2 hold in store? We think much of the same.
74 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Death...
The Suns are very good at basketball.
45 min
Fanning the Flames - Never a Doubt
The Phoenix Suns closed out the New Orleans Pelicans and Fanning the Flames (well, some of us) never had a doubt.
65 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - 4 Dow...
Paul's Perfection Propels Phoenix Past Pesky Pelicans (Suns Win in 6!)
47 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - MIKAL...
Mikal Bridges and the Suns win Game 5 and are heading back to New Orleans for Game 6!
54 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Suns ...
Suns barely hold on to Game 3 before dropping a rough Game 4 in New Orleans!
47 min
Fanning the Flames - We Good
The Podcast of Optimism is here to make you feel better.
81 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Suns ...
Booker's hot night ends with an injury as Suns look ahead to Game 3 in New Orleans (Series tied 1-1)
31 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Suns ...
Chris Paul and the Suns take Game 1, beating the Pelicans 110-99!
61 min
Fanning the Flames - NBA Playoff Preview with N...
Predicting every matchup in the Western Conference Playoffs and our Finals picks.
100 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Danci...
Eliminating the Lakers, scaring the Clippers and destroying the Jazz. What a week!
49 min
Fanning the Flames - The Robert Horry Apology E...
Robert Horry finally says, "I'm sorry, Steve Nash."
75 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Overr...
Relax. The Suns are just fine.
44 min
Fanning the Flames - Can Anyone Stop the Suns?
The Suns continue to roll. Can they be stopped? Will individual players get their due recognition?
72 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - To MV...
Devin Booker for MVP? Let's talk about that.
46 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - The S...
It's an episode full of positivity and optimism, as the Suns put together a fantastic week of complete basketball!
46 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - The L...
How do you do a post-game reaction podcast, when one team doesn't even show up to the game?
54 min
Fanning the Flames - Cameron Payne: PG of the F...
The guys talk about the last week of Suns basketball and whether Cameron Payne can be the PG of the future
73 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Mail ...
David Nash (@theIVpointplay) joins us for a MASSIVE mail bag, covering contracts, playoff outlooks and more!
104 min
Fanning the Flames - Let's All Relax a Bit
CP3 is out and the Suns have lost two in a row, but now is not the time to worry.
84 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - A Wor...
What do you do when you lose your All Star (And HOF) Point Guard? Monty and Point Booker will have to figure it out!
37 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - FANTA...
Recapping All Star Weekend and drafting our End of the Year Awards winners!
33 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Most ...
The Suns fought against back to backs and two MVP candidates and still made it out alive!
37 min
Fanning the Flames - Another Masterclass
The guys discuss the Suns' win against the 76ers, the team's continued disrespect, and potential moves as the trade deadline approaches
79 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Deadl...
With the trade deadline approaching, how can the Suns get MARGINALLY better?
48 min
Fanning the Flames - What's Your Favorite Suns ...
The guys discuss the continued success of the Suns, whether this is their favorite iteration of the team, and whether we are witnessing the greatest Suns era.
85 min
Fanning the Flames - Rolling through Adversity
The guys discuss the adversity the Suns have been facing and whether any team in the West stands a chance.
70 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - The R...
The Suns stay winning, but who else in the league should we be paying attention to?
44 min
Fanning the Flames - Devin Booker: Metahuman
Devin Booker, Devin Booker, Devin Booker, and more Devin Booker
72 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - The S...
The Suns' winning continues, the fan vote is a joke, and Stan Van Gundy preaches truth.
33 min
Fanning the Flames - Devin Booker's Dustup (wit...
The guys discuss Devin Booker's dustup with the Toronto Raptors' mascot and the approaching trade deadline
74 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - The S...
We rejoice as the team is (almost) back to full strength, but what do we do with all these centers?!
33 min
Fanning the Flames - Bismack-Daddy
The guys talk about Bismack Biyombo's immediate impact, Jalen Smith's emergence, and why drive-in movies suck.
55 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Stix'...
Taking a look at Jalen Smith's "debut", recapping an odd week of basketball, and learning about Cam Johnson Thursdays
48 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - Did S...
The Suns and the Warriors: Both are relentless, scary and can still get better!
33 min
Fanning the Flames - Sharpshooting Booker, All-...
Paul, Dan, and (sometimes) Justin discuss sharpshooting Booker, All-Star chances, and a big Christmas Day matchup
58 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - All I...
Our Christmas Lists: Suns Edition, Trade Edition and NBA Edition
34 min
Fanning the Flames - DA to OKC? (and other non-...
John Voita joins Paul and Justin to chat all things Suns and a lot of things not Suns
79 min
Fanning the Flames - When One Streak Ends, Anot...
Dan and Justin talk the end of the Suns' winning streak, the fire sale in Indiana, and the huskier side of the NBA
52 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - In Me...
Learning from the Warriors, Ignoring the Media, and Highs, Lows, and "Just So You Knows"
38 min
Fanning the Flames - 17 In a Row, Let's F*****g...
This team... that is all.
64 min
Into the Valley: A Phoenix Suns Podcast - The S...
Recapping the Suns perfect week, previewing Warriors-Suns, highs, lows and 'just so you knows'
34 min
Fanning the Flames - Bring Your Green Hat
The Suns are streaking and we discuss why and how long it will last
62 min
Fanning the Flames - The Ones Who Knock (Taylor...
Dan and Justin discuss the Suns' 9-game winning streak, the anniversary of the Chris Paul trade, and more.
71 min
Fanning the Flames - Six in a Row
We talk six wins in a row, Frank Kaminsky, and the Robert Sarver ordeal
64 min
Fanning the Flames - Turning the Corner(?)
The Phoenix Suns season has thusfar been full of ups and downs, but has the team turned the corner?
66 min
Here Come The Suns - Suns Destroy the Lakers - ...
The crew give reaction and talk about the Suns extensions / NBA 75
56 min
Fanning the Flames - Suns Basketball is Back
The guys look forward to the start of the new Suns' season and put a wrap on the extension drama
64 min
Here Come the Suns - Is Devin Booker the Best S...
We debate whether Devin Booker has risen to the top at SG, and predict amount of wins, playoff success and individual Allstars and accolades
52 min
Fanning the Flames - We're All Disappointed
Fine, we'll spend one more episode talking about Deandre Ayton's extension.
57 min
Here Come the Suns - Did Patrick Beverley Ruin ...
We discuss the catalyst for last years amazing run, but also what prevented the Suns from finishing the job.
52 min
Fanning the Flames - The Ayton Saga Continues
Deandre Ayton's extension is still not done. So what gives?
53 min
Fanning the Flames - The Broadcaster of Optimis...
Jon Bloom joins the guys to discuss Suns media day, the changing culture, and the upcoming season.
83 min
Fanning the Flames - I Like It, I Love It
The guys talk extensions, Suns in the top 100, and Ben Simmons
87 min
Fanning the Flames - Not Good Blood
The guys talk fan allegiance, Mikal or Cam, and Suns player futures
77 min
Fanning the Flames - They Hate Us Cause They Ai...
The guys discuss why other fan bases are jealous of the Suns, Chandler Huchison, and more.
41 min
Fanning the Flames - Farewell, Sweet Prince
The guys bid farewell to Ty-Shon Alexander, pick the Suns' O/U, and talk Thaddeus Young
70 min
Fanning the Flames - Measuring Up the Young Cores
How good is the Suns' young core and why won't Dan watch Ted Lasso?
71 min
Fanning the Flames - Marching On
Paul, Dan, and Justin look back at the peak of the Suns Finals run and look forward to next season
69 min
Suns JAM Session: Player Grades
215. WE'RE CHANGING PODCAST LOCATIONS! You'll be able to get the podcast by searching for Suns JAM Session Podcast rather than via the Bright Side network. The season is what now? The guys are dishing out player grades for the 2020-21 season, talking about performances, and contemplating who will be back next year.
65 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals, Game 6: Suns @ Bu...
The 2020-21 NBA season is over. Is it what we wanted? No. Are we upset? Sure. But there is still plenty to be thankful for. The gents reflect on the season that was.
65 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals: Game 6 PreJAM
We're talking about our mental state prior to Game 6. From adjustments to navigating the moment, John and Matthew give their insight prior to the biggest basketball game since 1993.
40 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals, Game 5: Suns vs. ...
It's another crushing loss for the Suns in the NBA Finals and they now trail 3-2 heading back to Milwaukee. We're trying to find the silver lining as we discuss the shortcomings from Phoenix in a game in which they came out on fire. Not attacking Holiday, not giving Ayton the ball, not having Booker use his teammates. Plenty to talk about here.
54 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals, Game 4: Suns @ Bu...
It was right there for the taking, but due to self-inflicted errors, the Suns dropped Game 4 and the series is now tied 2-2. The guys worked through their emotions following the tough loss and try to make sense of a garbage CP3 performance.
60 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals: Game 4 PreJAM
A big game lies ahead for the Phoenix Suns. John and Matthew discuss the challenge of navigating the Finals from a players/coaches perspective, feel out games, Giannis strategies, Booker's usage of those around him, and should Carter play? Shout out to Nicholas Tan and Joe from Charlotte who come on and ask quality questions!
42 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals, Game 3: Suns @ Bu...
It was a rough night in multiple facets of the game for Phoenix. The guys talk about what they saw, what adjustments need to be made, and whether or not Mark Jackson wished Tom Chambers used Manscape's Lawnmower 4.0 back in the day.
59 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals: Game 3 PreJAM
John and Matthew are talking about their expectations prior to the Game 3 matchup against the Milwaukee Bucks.
27 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals, Game 2: Suns vs. ...
The Suns are now up 2-0 in the NBA Finals following a 10-point victory over the Bucks. The guys are a little punch drunk and hoarse after attending Game 2 in person, but they do their best to share their thoughts. And they talk about sour cream!
71 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals, Game 1: Suns vs. ...
For the first time in the history of the franchise, the Suns are ahead in the NBA Finals after winning Game 1, 118-105. The Monsters of the Mid-Range dominated, and when the Bucks switched, it was Ayton Watch time. Three more wins baby!
61 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals: Game 1 PreJAM
John and Matthew are live on Spotify Greenroom and hour-and-a-half before tip off to discuss the upcoming matchup, what to look for, and who would win in a Royal Rumble matchup between the Suns and the Bucks.
26 min
Suns JAM Session: NBA Finals Preview: Suns vs. ...
The matchup is set: Phoenix Suns vs. Milwaukee Bucks in the 2021 NBA Finals. We're hear to talk about the matchup and give our thoughts on the results.
53 min
Fanning the Flames - Let the Moment Last
Let's take some time to celebrate the Suns' Western Conference Championship
74 min
Suns JAM Session: WCF - The Day After
John and Matthew are on the Spotify Greenroom app to discuss how we're feeling the day after. Are we too happy? What's with all of the negativity? And John surprises Matthew with some exciting news.
35 min
Suns JAM Session: WCF, Game 6: Suns @ Clippers ...
THE PHOENIX SUNS ARE HEADED TO THE NBA FINALS! The guys try to keep it together as they talk about the game, the series, and what it means to see Phoenix headed back to the Finals for the first time since '93.
76 min
Suns JAM Session: Game 6 Greenroom PreJAM
John and Matthew are trying out the Spotify Greenroom App as they discuss Game 5 results and Game 6 adjustments.
36 min
Suns JAM Session: WCF, Game 5: Suns vs. Clipper...
The news came before tip off that Ivica Zubac would not be able to go for the Clippers. It seemed to be a notification that would seal their fate, that Phoenix would be able to score at will on the interior at will. On a Monday night in downtown Phoenix, with a ticket to the NBA Finals on the line, that narrative would not be the case. The Clippers would dominate the paint, outscoring Phoenix 58-32. They would negate all of the runs, and behind the likes of Marcus Morris, DeMarcus Cousins, and a playoff career high from Paul George, force the series to change locations once again. Beat LA? Not yet.
56 min
Suns JAM Session: WCF, Game 4: Suns @ Clippers ...
Your Phoenix Suns are one game away from wining the Western Conference. It was an arduous affair in Los Angeles on Sunday night, but Phoenix outlasted the Clippers 84-80 and took a 3-1 series lead in the Western Conference Finals. We're #ChuggingWithTheFellas again, breaking down Ayton's stellar play, and shouting out codejjm, who donated $99.99 in the Super Chat!
67 min
Suns JAM Session: WCF, Game 3: Suns @ Clippers ...
It was an ugly loss for Phoenix as CP3 and D. Book combined for 10-40 from the field. The guys try to keep it together, but quickly go off of the rails. We're talking bloated faces from chugging with the fellas, bleaching, and Matthew's mom. It gets pretty loco.
60 min
Fanning the Flames - Whatever, Scott Foster
The Suns magical run continues with the Valley Oop
56 min
Suns JAM Session: WCF, Game 2: Suns vs. Clipper...
Un-fuggin-believable. The Suns outlast both Scott Foster and the Los Angeles Clippers, winning on an amazing Valley Oop to Deandre Ayton and take a 2-0 series lead in the Western Conference Finals. We're talking about the game, Booker's nose, and CP3 repelling from the ceiling with two negative COVID tests.
61 min
Suns JAM Session: WCF Talk with Sabreena Merchant
Clips Nation managing editor Sabreena Merchant joins the podcast to discuss the Western Conference Finals, what adjustments Ty Lue needs to make, the rise of Devin Booker, and the power of pedialyte.
60 min
Suns JAM Session: WCF, Game 1: Suns vs. Clipper...
Devin Booker drops a triple-double on the Clippers and leads Phoenix to a 120-114 victory in Game 1. John and Matthew are joined by Espo, Saul, and Cousin Hayden as they break down the legendary performance.
64 min
Suns JAM Session: The Clippers It is
The Clippers are headed to their first ever Western Conference Finals. Waiting for them will be your Phoenix Suns. John and Matthew are live right after the win for the Clips to talk about the matchup, the storylines, and the CP3 situation.
32 min
Fanning the Flames - Talking CP3 and WCF with N...
Nate Ruess joins the guys to talk CP3 in protocol and the NBA Playoffs
80 min