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Brickhouse NBA Podcast
Brickhouse was made so that Bob and Matt could highlight and discuss what they enjoy and find funny about the NBA.
Sports & Recreation
Brickhouse Ep 220: Grand Finale
60 min
Brickhouse Ep 219: Holy Brickmas 2018!
47 min
Brickhouse Ep 218: The Dysfunctional Team Updates
25 min
Brickhouse Ep 217: Happy NBA Hannukah!
34 min
Brickhouse Ep 216: The NBA's Most Disappointing...
39 min
Brickhouse Ep 215: Draymond Green Said What?
24 min
Brickhouse Ep 214: Always Sunny Jimmy Butler to...
29 min
Brickhouse Ep 213: Good & Bad NBA Marriages
32 min
Brickhouse Ep 212: #Spitgate Winners and Losers
35 min
Brickhouse Ep 211: Overreactions and New Podcas...
34 min
Brickhouse Ep 210: The NBA Title Contender Team...
44 min
Brickhouse Ep 209: The Fun Watch Team Previews
45 min
Brickhouse Ep 208: The Wannabe Contender Team P...
50 min
Brickhouse Ep 207: Jimmy Butler Drama and the D...
56 min
Brickhouse Ep 206: The So Bad They're Good Team...
56 min
Brickhouse Ep 205: NBA Over/Unders w Pro Gamble...
47 min
Brickhouse Ep 204: NBA Over/Unders w Pro Gamble...
38 min
Brickhouse Ep 203: The NBA All-Comedy Teams
41 min
Brickhouse Ep 202: Slow NBA News Week w/ James ...
33 min
Brickhouse Ep 201: NBA Comedy Writer Matt Hill
56 min
Brickhouse Ep 200: Fitness Coach Lalo Zuniga
35 min
Brickhouse Ep 199: The Kawhi Leonard Trade w/ J...
35 min
Brickhouse Ep 198: 2018 NBA Final Exam
38 min
Brickhouse Ep 197: Live from NBA Summer League ...
28 min
Brickhous Ep 196: Price is Right Free Agent Edi...
47 min
Brickhouse Ep 195: The Picks are In!
39 min
Brickhouse Ep 194: NBA Draft Rough Draft
43 min
Brickhouse Ep 193: Back to the NBA Whiteboard
45 min
Brickhouse Ep 192: Emergency Bryan Colangelo Tw...
40 min
Brickhouse Ep 191: NBA Finals/Not Finals
41 min
Brickhouse Ep 190: Playoffs, Rumors and Draft S...
27 min
Brickhouse Ep 189: Round Three Playoff Mismatches
33 min
Brickhouse Ep 188: Round Two Playoff Conspiracies
39 min
Brickhouse Ep 187: Round One Playoff Roast
29 min
Brickhouse Ep 186: How NBA Stars Spend Their Su...
37 min
Brickhouse Ep 185: Regular Season Wrap Up
42 min
Brickhouse Ep 184: Nashville Hot Take Playoff P...
33 min
Brickhouse Ep 183: Rockets Chances and Dinosaur...
34 min
Brickhouse Ep 182: The Bachelor Party Show
25 min
Brickhouse Ep 181: Tank Tips! How Your Team Can...
45 min
Brickhouse Ep 180: NBA All-Star Mailbag
33 min
Brickhouse Ep 179: The Most Distracting Cavalie...
44 min
Brickhouse Ep 178: The Blake Griffin Trade and ...
33 min
Brickhouse Ep 177: Trade Rumors Everywhere
31 min
Brickhouse Ep 176: The Clipper Fight with Mick ...
48 min
Brickhouse Ep 175: NBA Halftime Quiz Show
46 min
Brickhouse Ep 174: NBA Futurology
37 min
Brickhouse Ep 173: The Funniest NBA Moments of ...
36 min
Brickhouse Ep 172: A Merry Brickmas Special
40 min
Brickhouse Ep 171: The NBA Holy War: Donald Tru...
22 min
Brickhouse Ep 170: Weird News and Thanksgiving ...
34 min
Brickhouse Ep 169: Real News/Fake News The NBA ...
44 min
Brickhouse Ep 168: Brendan Wells on Arthur Fist...
45 min
Brickhouse Ep 167: The NBA's Unprecedented w/Jo...
42 min
Brickhouse Ep 166: Seinfeld and the Suns Timeli...
42 min
Brickhouse Ep 165: Golden State Warriors 2018 N...
14 min
Brickhouse Ep 164: Cleveland Cavaliers 2018 NBA...
19 min
Brickhouse Ep 163: Boston Celtics 2018 NBA Prev...
15 min
Brickhouse Ep 162: Houston Rockets 2018 NBA Pre...
18 min
Brickhouse Ep 161: Oklahoma City Thunder 2018 N...
16 min
Brickhouse Ep 160: San Antonio Spurs 2018 NBA P...
16 min
Brickhouse Ep 159: FBI Posterizes College Baske...
32 min
Brickhouse Ep 158: Milwaukee Bucks 2018 NBA Pre...
15 min
Brickhouse Ep 157: Washington Wizards 2018 NBA ...
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 156: Minnesota Timberwolves 2018 ...
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 155: Toronto Raptors 2018 NBA Pre...
11 min
Brickhouse Ep 154: Portland Trailblazers 2018 N...
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 153: Utah Jazz 2018 NBA Preview #12
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 152: Miami Heat 2018 NBA Preview #13
11 min
Brickhouse Ep 151: Denver Nuggets 2018 NBA Prev...
11 min
Brickhouse Ep 150: Los Angeles Clippers 2018 NB...
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 149: Philadelphia 76ers 2018 NBA ...
16 min
Brickhouse Ep 148: New Orleans Pelicans 2018 NB...
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 147: Charlotte Hornets 2018 NBA P...
10 min
Brickhouse Ep 146: Memphis Grizzlies 2018 NBA P...
15 min
Brickhouse Ep 145: Detroit Pistons 2018 NBA Pre...
15 min
Brickhouse Ep 144: Los Angeles Lakers 2018 NBA ...
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 143: Sacramento Kings 2018 NBA Pr...
14 min
Brickhouse Ep 142: Orlando Magic 2018 NBA Previ...
14 min
Brickhouse Ep 141: New York Knicks 2018 NBA Pre...
14 min
Brickhouse Ep 140: Kyrie Irving Mega Trade Micr...
15 min
Brickhouse Ep 139: Dallas Mavericks 2018 NBA Pr...
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 138: Brooklyn Nets 2018 NBA Previ...
11 min
Brickhouse Ep 137: Indiana Pacers 2018 NBA Prev...
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 136: Phoenix Suns 2018 NBA Previe...
15 min
Brickhouse Ep 135: Atlanta Hawks 2018 NBA Previ...
14 min
Brickhouse Ep 134: Chicago Bulls 2018 NBA Previ...
14 min
Brickhouse Ep 133: 24 NBA Questions No One Need...
Ashwin Ghee from Ridin' the Pine joins us for a game of hypothetical questions. Matt pitches his new reality show: "Who Wants to Be an Eastern Conference All-Star?" Ashwin recruits Boris Diaw and Raymond Felton for the perfect PB&J sandwich heist.
50 min
Brickhouse Ep 132: The Curse with Author Mick M...
Clippers historian Mick Minas joins us from Melbourne, Australia and regales us with stories from his new book The Curse. Three years before he joined the team Michael Olowokandi couldn't make a layup.
51 min
Brickhouse Ep 131: NBA Free Agency Explained
We catch up listeners on all the NBA summer moves and theorize if there's any method to the madness. Will LeBron and Nike sabotage the Big Baller Brand? Did the Raptors trade DeMarre Carroll to the Nets to stick it to the Celtics?
38 min
Brickhouse Ep 130: Inside Lonzo’s Nuthouse
Brendan Wells joins us to talk summer league, Lavar Ball conspiracies and Lou Williams' linguistic prowess. Matt test-drives a career in ticket scalping while Bob attempts to eavesdrop on Rob Pelinka. We discuss LA's biggest disappointments B...
34 min
Brickhouse Ep 129: Chris Paul Goes Full Erlich ...
Casey Desmond drops in to help us compare Chris Paul's leaving the Clippers to TJ Miller walking away from HBO's Silicon Valley. We rank the funniest characters on Silicon Valley and name their Clippers counterpart (Austin Rivers=Dinesh,
52 min
Brickhouse Ep 128: Justin Halpern Talks NBA and...
Comedy writer and NBA fan Justin Halpern talks Lonzo Ball, the future of the Clippers, and the history of his NBA podcast, Short Corner, with Paul Shirley. He's the New York Times Best-Selling author of Sh*t My Dad Says and I Suck at Girls.
47 min
Brickhouse Ep 127: SPECULATORS! A Trade Rumor T...
Speculations on trades and draft picks get even more attention than the highest rated finals since Jordan. In this day and age there's no end. No clear line between truth and clickbait. The message? You want to get ahead in this game you got to ai...
57 min
Brickhouse Ep 126: Super Hoopers Crossover Show!
Brickhouse joins forces with the Super Hoopers to form a NBA Comedy Death Lineup. We tackle hot button issues like Ice Cube's Big 3 League's "VIP Experiences," agents relationships with draft prospects,
57 min
Brickhouse Ep 125: Westbrook the Llama Farmer, ...
Kyrie Irving inspired us to build an NBA "intentional community" and give everyone their role. Visit BrickhouseLand! Dirk is the sage and Kelly Olynyk the scarecrow. AND we reveal HUGE news about Wilt Chamberlain's secret professional career befor...
59 min
Brickhouse Ep 124: Coach Jason Burton and NBA S...
Jason Burton, Texas A&M Commerce Women's Basketball head coach, talks recruiting, the Final Four, the best NBA coaches and LeBron James. Burton plays TV exec for NBA spinoff show pitches by Matt and Bob. Plus, Phil Jackson,
58 min
Brickhouse Ep 123: How to Rig the NBA Draft
Any NBA conspiracy nut worth his mettle can tell you how the draft is rigged and why "THEY" choose to gift the #1 pick to THAT particular franchise each year. In "The Tankoffs" we break down possible theories why the NBA would rig the draft for EVERY l...
59 min
Brickhouse Ep 122: Clippers Losing NBA Hunger G...
Unconventional analysis of the first round of the playoffs on Brickhouse this week: James Harden is Dave Grohl and the Rockets are his Foo Fighters, LeBron James pulled an "O'Doyle Rules" on the Pacers,
29 min
Brickhouse Ep 121: Million-to-One NBA Playoff Bets
We break down the unlikely but not impossible predictions for the first round of the NBA playoffs. Will Jusuf Nurkic’s father fight the entire Warriors team? Could Jason Kidd actually get a free timeout by spilling nachos on the court?
32 min
Brickhouse Ep 120: The Grindfather and the F-Yo...
We reveal a list of free gift ideas for player tribute nights inspired by the Memphis Grizzlies give-aways of "Grindfather" Tony Allen pepper grinders! What former teammates do Westbrook and Harden put in their MVP-Race Musecages?
31 min
Brickhouse Ep 119: Lavar Ball and the Crazy Spo...
Lavar Ball looks poised to provide content to basketball writers for the foreseeable future but where does he rank among famous sports parents? We break down our favorite people who everyone thought was crazy but were later vindicated.
41 min
Brickhouse Ep 118: State of the NBA Address-Part 2
Our two minute analysis of every NBA team concludes with the top fifteen teams. Plus more on Dan Fegan's firing, how DeAndre Jordan always wanted to be the black Dirk, and Popovich on teams campaigning for their MVP candidate (spoiler: he thinks i...
36 min
Brickhouse Ep 117: State of the NBA Address-Part 1
At the beginning of the year we do our team previews. Today we reconcile our predictions and tell you what we got kind of right, or really, really wrong. With two minutes on the clock for each NBA team we summarize the highs and the lows they've e...
32 min
Brickhouse Ep 116: The Agents are Coming! What ...
Magic Johnson didn't take long to shuffle the deck in La La Land. If agents take over NBA front offices will anyone play by the rules? We discuss the NBA trades that ALMOST went down as well as other trade rumors involving Donald Trump,
33 min
Brickhouse Ep 115: NBA Oscars, DeMarcus Cousins...
Matt and Bob compare NBA players and teams to this year's Oscar-nominated films. What do Flat Earthers and Kyrie Irving really believe? Is Buddy Hield the next Steph Curry? No. No he's not. We'll remember this All Star Weekend forever,
29 min
Brickhouse Ep 114: Can Magic Save the Lakers? #...
Magic Johnson's hire foreshadows a potential Buss family feud. And he may have solved the Lakers hurry to pay Mozgov all that cash too. LeBron's new teammate comes with a tax (according to a blatantly motivated source).
35 min
Brickhouse Ep 113: Naked Hugs and the Reset Button
The LeBron try-outs and Derek Fisher's Bleacher Report interview are covered this week. Dallas and Miami are making a midseason push for relevancy. Why Channing Frye isn't worried about Kevin Love trade rumors and how one of the six biggest s...
25 min
Ep 112: What’s Beef? Inside a Week of NBA Drama
Tensions mount this week between LeBron and ownership, the Wizards and Celtics, and Enes Kanter and a chair. Rajon Rondo went on Instagram to brag about how he believes in handling issues internally. Matt and Bob share their beef with All-Star voting.
30 min
Brickhouse Ep. 111: Super Fun NBA Trivia Game N...
50 questions testing knowledge of player endorsements, historic trades, assistant coaches and White Men Can't Jump. A fun quiz for the casual fan or NBA super-nerd. What player has been traded the most?
40 min
Brickhouse Ep 110: Rondo, Rose and the Chinese ...
The Bulls and Knicks troubled guards took center stage this week. We tell you which one we'd rather be stranded in a lifeboat with. Plus possible track titles for DeMarcus Cousins's forthcoming R&B album and what former NBA player is averagin...
43 min
Brickhouse Ep 109: Make NBA All-Stars Funny Again
Ty Lawson has a new line of premium slippers. John Calipari adores Papa John's. Matt and Bob fill out their 2017 Brickhouse All-Star ballots for teams where you don't have to play like a All-Star, you just have to make us laugh.
27 min
Ep. 108: Furious George and the Most Brickhouse...
The holidays are over which means it's time to start voting for All-Stars, and if you're George Karl, alienating everyone you ever coached or worked with. Matt and Bob countdown the top funniest NBA moments of 2016.
38 min
Brickhouse Ep. 107:NBA Blockbusters w/Sylvia Ba...
Fames Dogs creator (and Bob's wife) Sylvia Batey Alcala joins us to talk her new web series and basketball movie remakes. Matt and Bob give their Most Likely and Least Likely trades and what the CBA means for your team's superstar.
34 min
Brickhouse Ep. 106: Moreyball and The NBA Quart...
Daryl Morey uses behavioral economics to help him make draft picks and run the Houston Rockets. We give out our quarter season awards (the usual ones and some Brickhouse originals). We'll teach you how Morey ended up with Joey Dorsey over DeAndre ...
32 min
Brickhouse Ep. 105: Trust the Process
Chris Axmann of the Almighty Baller Podcast Network talks what "The Process" looks like in other industries and pop culture. The guys debate who in the NBA might be tanking their job right now. Sam Hinkie walks the fine line between insanity and genius...
58 min
Brickhouse Ep. 104: The NBA Manchurian Candidate
What if your favorite NBA player's brain was controlled by a giant corporation? We give our take on why a company would want to make choices for everyone from LeBron James, to Javale McGee. - Plus, Phil Jackson reminds us of Angela Lansbury,
37 min
Brickhouse Ep. 103: A Thanksgiving Special: Onc...
We review the NBA players who broke bread with each other and later declared war. We give an alternative theory for the Chandler Parsons/Mark Cuban rift. Hear how Kobe bribed his team for more shots and how the Dallas Mavericks were broken up by Toni B...
37 min
Brickhouse Ep. 102: The World Isn’t Over Yet, But…
Brickhouse reports NBA news that could be signs of the coming apocalypse; robots are replacing sportswriters and the Lakers BENCH is the best lineup in the league. - Plus, Diss of the Week submissions from Barack Obama, Canada and Joel Embiid.
29 min
Brickhouse Ep. 101: The NBA Can’t Stop/Won’t Stops
Brickhouse joins the Almighty Baller Podcast Network! We talk NBA Twitter #GLORIFIED, give you Barack Obama's basketball nickname, and play the NBA-extension version of "The Price is Right." Plus what players and teams won't stop cause they c...
37 min
Brickhouse Ep. 100: Keeping it 100th Episode!
We celebrate a Brickhouse milestone with a hip-hop themed Game Show. Introducing new segments, ''Popping Off'' and ''The Business of Basketball.'' Learn the ins
47 min
Brickhouse Ep 99: SEASON PREVIEW: Who’s Tanking...
Matt and Bob share the most dramatic storylines to follow this year. Who can fill the Kobe Bryant-shaped void in the NBA? Kicking off the season like we're Dray
39 min
Brickhouse Ep 98: Golden State Warriors Brickho...
Onward marches the Golden State Empire. This team is like one you build in a video game to go 82-0. Are the Warriors the only team that can beat the Warriors? Has Joe Lacob gotten over last season's New York Times interview?
20 min
Brickhouse Ep 97: Cleveland Cavaliers Brickhous...
Go ahead and doubt LeBron James. That's just what he wants you to do. Cleveland broke a 50+ year sports curse and promptly hosted Donald Trump and the RNC. The
19 min
Brickhouse Ep 96: San Antonio Spurs Brickhouse ...
This team starts the season without Tim Duncan for the first time in 20 years. Hear Coach Pop's reaction to the Sixers attempt to poach Manu Ginobli. The Spurs
15 min
Brickhouse Ep 95: Los Angeles Clippers Brickhou...
Doc Rivers leaves desperate voicemails on his ex-players phones in an annual effort to reload the Clippers bench. Why this year really could be the last for the
17 min
Brickhouse Ep 94: Boston Celtics Brickhouse Pre...
This episode we assign Game of Thrones queens to title contenders. Danny Ainge has a treasure-trove of assets and doesn't intend to waste them. Al Horford will
18 min
Brickhouse Ep 93: Portland Trailblazers Brickho...
Damian Lillard is the anti- James Harden (as a leader, not a defender). This upstart Blazers team became the mega-contract team real fast. It may look like a lo
18 min
Brickhouse Ep 92: Detroit Pistons Brickhouse Pr...
Stan Van Gundy embraces Detroit in an 8-Mile style rap. How SVG builds teams like Chuck Palahniuk writes books. Andre Drummond is the new Dwight Howard. Plus we
16 min
Brickhouse Ep 91: Toronto Raptors Brickhouse Pr...
Celine Dion drops by to sing the slogans left on the Raptors marketing team's cutting room floor. Can the Raptors do better than last year? What would happen if
17 min
Brickhouse Ep 89: Oklahoma City Thunder Brickho...
Russell Westbrook is on a mission to destroy all who cross his path. Clay Bennett gets a call from the dead. The NBA world waits for the premiere of 'Stache Bro
16 min
Brickhouse Ep 88: Utah Jazz Brickhouse Preview #11
We're not alone in predicting a leap from the Jazz. And we can't quit laughing about Larry Miller being sued by Casa Bonita. Hear how the Jazz are like a grocer
14 min
Brickhouse Ep 87: Indiana Pacers Brickhouse Pre...
The Pacers made major roster changes to improve their offense. Larry Bird once again proved to be a shrewd exec not afraid to make tough calls. Fortunately we h
15 min
Brickhouse Ep 86: Washington Wizards Brickhouse...
The Wizards struck out on Kevin Durant but they have their own superstar to worry about. John Wall isn't bitter he just thinks he should make more money than yo
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 85: Minnesota Timberwolves Brickh...
With Tom Thibodeau the Wolves are ready to make their first playoff appearance in 12 years. We explain how the young core reminds us of the show Atlanta. Plus,
15 min
Brickhouse Ep 84: Memphis Grizzlies Brickhouse ...
What's really said when people change teams? Because it can't be the amicable BS they say to the press. Mike Conley has the biggest contract in NBA history. Cha
15 min
Brickhouse Ep 83: Atlanta Hawks Brickhouse Prev...
Welcome home Dwight Howard. Wait, didn't people know he was coming home?The Hawks promote Schroeder and Bazemore to starters. AND we reveal how Dwight's new age
16 min
Brickhouse Ep 82: Charlotte Hornets Brickhouse ...
A Hornets staff member learns about Michael Jordan's competitiveness first-hand. Hopefully Roy Hibbert can go the season avoiding MJ's famous wrath. Where do th
14 min
Brickhouse Ep 80: Denver Nuggets Brickhouse Pre...
The Nuggets added three draft picks to an already young team. Will this be the year they break out of the lottery? If Jurkic and Nokic have anything to say abou
13 min
Brickhouse Ep 79: Chicago Bulls Brickhouse Prev...
The Bulls made it clear this was Jimmy Butler's team by trading Derrick Rose. Then any sense of clarity was quickly erased with the signing of Dwyane Wade. Rond
17 min
Brickhouse Ep 78: New York Knicks Brickhouse Pr...
In 2014 Carmelo Anthony could have left New York for the Chicago Bulls. Now the Knicks have brought the 2014 Bulls to Carmelo! Derrick Rose has dubbed the squad
17 min
Brickhouse Ep 77: Dallas Mavericks Brickhouse P...
Here's a questionable way to beat Golden State: hire two of their starters and Steph Curry's brother. Can we just change the team name to ''Dallas Mercenaries''
18 min
Brickhouse Ep 76: Miami Heat Brickhouse Preview...
The summer hasn't gone exactly like Pat Riley planned. He wanted Kevin Durant and ended up with Hassan Whiteside. Will Chris Bosh play? Is Tyler Johnson good? T
14 min
Brickhouse Ep 75: Sacramento Kings Brickhouse P...
The Kings front office is like a boy who gives away his toys to the neighborhood kids so they'll be his friend. We preview the NBA's best comedy of a franchise.
21 min
Brickhouse Ep 74: New Orleans Pelicans Brickhou...
A Kentucky big man surrounded by incompetence? No, we're not talking about the Kings. The hype surrounding Anthony Davis unfairly died down when he didn't singl
17 min
Brickhouse Ep 73: Orlando Magic Brickhouse Prev...
This team on the rise made a few head-scratching moves this offseason. They went from zero Congolese players to two. They chose Evan Fournier over Victor Oladip
18 min
Brickhouse Ep 72: Phoenix Suns Brickhouse Previ...
What Gallagher is to smashing watermelons, the Phoenix Suns are to drafting Kentucky guards. This obsession lead to a flirtation with the idea of hiring John Ca
18 min
Brickhouse Ep 70-Philadelphia 76ers Brickhouse ...
Sam Hinkie was sacrificed by the Sixers and now he haunts GM Bryan Coangelo. This team adds 3 lottery picks to pull themselves from the bottom of the NBA ranks.
18 min
Brickhouse Ep 69-Brooklyn Nets Brickhouse Previ...
Matt and Bob preview the hapless Brooklyn Nets. We reveal the phone call that made Sean Marks their new GM. New songs and segment cues kick off these team previ
19 min
Brickhouse Ep 68-Let’s Invest Kobe’s Money For Him
Team USA won the gold and LA gave Kobe Bryant his own day. Bryant launched his own VC investment firm. The Kings hired Doug Christie. John Wall hates Bradley Be
29 min
Brickhouse Ep 67-Summer Slam Episode
An extension was given to Russell Westbrook and a trophy was given to a mascot. LeBron James is a ghostbuster and Klay Thompson is a heavy sleeper. Brickhouse i
28 min
Brickhouse Ep 66-NBA Trivia Gameshow Show
Categories for the Gameshow Show include: NBA Players in Film, Coaches Owners and Execs, TMZ! (Controversies and Scandals), 2015-2016 Records and Stats AND Name
51 min
Brickhouse Ep 65-James Harden’s Hitmen and Fant...
Harden ''implicated'' in an assault on Moses Malone Jr. in retaliation over a Facebook diss! We debate NBA summer camp prices and make suggestions for a KD supe
32 min
Brickhouse Ep 64-Summer Smack Talk Begins
Now that free agents have officially signed their deals they have a few grievances they'd like air. We try to find meaning in Dwight's new number and Patrick Ew
34 min
Brickhouse Ep 63-Contracts Break Calculators, W...
It hasn't even been two weeks of free agency and it feels like we're living in a new dimension. Wade on the Bulls, Noah and Rose on the Knicks? Durant on the Wa
43 min
Brickhouse Ep 62-Free Agency Prescriptions and ...
The best and worst possible landing spots for NBA free agents. Which stars will avoid potential disaster and which will steer directly into it? Three more years
37 min
Brickhouse Ep 61-King Gets His Crown Back and D...
The NBA universe changed in the last 60 seconds of game 7 and we were all witnesses. We recap the Finals and the fallout. Then we preview the next crop of stars
39 min
Brickhouse Ep 60-FINALS UPDATE:Draymond is Back...
The Illuminati obviously want one more game before the RNC takes over Cleveland. Justin Timberlake wants Mike Conley back in Memphis. The Clippers may pull the
32 min
Brickhouse Ep 59-Adam Silver Swears NBA Not Rigged
Why a Warriors win will mean a Donald Trump Presidency. How Twins Floyd and Lloyd Kerr were drafted by the Phoenix Suns, because of course they were. Where Dell
38 min
Brickhouse Ep 58-The Game 7 Show and NBA Finals...
What do the All-NBA Teams say about the NBA? Are the Rockets punting on defense entirely next year? We break down Game 7 as it happens then preview the Finals A
35 min
Brickhouse Ep 57-The Future Gives No Explanations
Mark Cuban for President? Did Dikembe Mutumbo tweet the future? Will the Suns draft a Kentucky guard or somebody's twin brother? We look back at 21 NBA predicti
36 min
Brickhouse Ep 56-Playoff Update! and the Dwight...
Cleveland wants a championship. LeBron plans to defend MJ and Bugs Bunny's title over the Monstars. Dwight just wants max money AND to be liked. Dave Joeger put
38 min
Brickhouse Ep 55-Kobe Next Disney, Howard Next ...
Brickhouse explores Kobe's entire ''mythological universe.'' We deliver a sad salute to the Clippers' season and give the Houston Rockets a makeover. George Ka
48 min
Brickhouse Ep 54-Prince, Thibodeau and Lantz
Prince would have loved to see Thibodeau coach this Timberwolves team. We talk the playoffs so far and examine the Kings latest future ex-coach candidates. Lanc
39 min
Brickhouse Ep 53-KOBE GONE. Your 2016 NBA Playo...
Someone please let Dwight Howard know he has to play 4 more games this year. We define the 'coachiest' series, create the next Jeremy Lin logo, and tell you why
41 min
Brickhouse Ep 52-Future Franchise Rankings Part 2
How does Halle Berry help the LA Lakers? Are the Kings a parody NBA franchise? The national TV diss nobody noticed. Plus Matt and Bob pour one out for their Sun
41 min
Brickhouse Ep 51-Future Franchise Rankings Part 1
What will happen to the Eastern Conference teams not in the playoffs? What one person can turn these franchises around? We tell you how the Knicks are stuck in
43 min
Brickhouse Ep 50-Bunkers, Snitches and Vlade Divac
The political climate frightens Adam Morrison. Shaq pretends to respect Dwight Howard. Blake Griffin does comedy in the buff. D'Angelo Russell gets clowned by e
38 min
Brickhouse Ep 49-One Thing About Them Tables
DeMarcus Cousins predicts the tables will turn for George Karl, we think. He tweets in cryptic riddles so it's hard to be sure. Dwight Howard has a new agent, M
44 min
Brickhouse Ep 48-A Real Noche to Remember
Matt and Bob explain how the NBA can sell T-shirts AND teach the world a new language. Phil Jackson doesn't need a star point guard. Kobe's dog should probably
36 min
Brickhouse Ep 47-Thowner Conspiracies and LeBro...
What the hell happened with Thunder Owner, Aubrey McClendon? Do the Spurs play Canasta on team flights? Why does LeBron James tweet and speak in riddles? When c
37 min
Brickhouse Ep 46-The Nefarious Underworld of NB...
Dwight Howard fired his agent this week. NBA players fire these guys more than teams change coaches. The reason? Other agents! Stephen Curry is better than his
46 min
Brickhouse Ep 45-Give Me Trade Rumors or Give M...
Matt and Bob examine the wreckage of torn down franchises after the trade deadline. The awkward announcements and bruised egos after star players are shopped bu
36 min
Brickhouse – Sting Plays Kobe’s Retirement Party
Will Kobe really be a filmmaker after he hangs up his sneakers? What do you get him for a retirement gift? All-Star weekend means trade rumors are swirling, mos
41 min
Brickhouse – LeBron James to the Golden State W...
We're kind of new but we can invent headlines too. Which coach gets fired next? What are some other high turnover jobs? All Star Predictions and Matt's return t
39 min
How to Win Free Agents and Not Get Humiliated
If you give someone franchise money do they become a franchise player? How do you get David Blatt out of the NBA news cycle? Punch an equipment manager. Free ag
34 min
Tyronn Lue..ister and the Game of Thrones
Our All-Star ballots are in. Steve Kerr is back. David Blatt gets fired on his day off. Josh Smith slap boxes his way out of LA. Plus Zaza Pachulia is endorsed
39 min
Brickhouse NBA Podcast – Is James Harden the Ne...
Guest Goose warns us that James Harden might be a bubble and the movie Mad Max might be a felony. Baron Davis plots a comeback via the D-League and Matt Barnes
42 min
Brickhouse – NBA Academy Award Show
We roll out the red carpet for Golden State, DeMarcus Cousins, Sam Hinkie and Jeremy Lin's hair. It's the first ever Brickhouse Awards Show! Plus Bob compares r
42 min
Brickhouse – The Joey Crawford Retirement Tour ...
A Legendary ref is turning in his badge and whistle after 39 years. Look away, the Phoenix Suns will attempt to suck now. Rick Carlisle throws out a Diss of the
30 min
Brickhouse – Donald Trump, an Amazonian River T...
Christmas special! We got you the funniest NBA gifts we could afford on a bricklayer's salary. Babies, twins, Trump, 2 Chainz, a 100-year-old turtle. You deserv
38 min
Brickhouse – NBA Sons, Bob’s Dad and Greg Popovich
Bob's Dad takes the NBA GMs survey and tells us why the 76ers remind him of an episode of M*A*S*H*. The history of fathers and sons in the NBA and a bad Coach P
36 min
Brickhouse – Kobe’s Last Concert Will Have 67 E...
Byron Scott would approve this podcast game plan: Everything centers around Kobe. The Cavaliers ban hoverboards from their locker room. Matt shatters all Brickh
40 min
Brickhouse – Jahlil Okafor, Jason Kidd and Prin...
We review the NBA fights the day before Thanksgiving, tell you the players with highest jump ball percentage, and reveal why twins Brook and Robin Lopez can't l
37 min
Brickhouse – Kevin McHale and the NBA Coaching ...
Bitter ex-coaches and desperate GMs all to new music by Brenden Eder Ensemble. Adam Silver has a stealth Twitter account. Kevin McHale suddenly has lot of time
44 min
Brickhouse – Kristaps Porzingis for President o...
Everyone needs to pump the brakes on the Kristaps Porzingis train or it's liable to derail. Dion Waiters eyes greener pastures in... Philadelphia? Matt and Bob
34 min
Brickhouse – The Morris Trap
The debut of the Brickhouse Game Show! Marcus Morris says people in Phoenix can't even boo him properly. Plus what's the deal with Mo Williams' new number? Matt
35 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #1 Golden State Warriors
The Dubs are bringing the gang back. The rest of the NBA dumbly makes sure the teams keeps a chip on their shoulder. Draymond becomes a much higher paid trash t
26 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #2 Cleveland Cavaliers
LeBron is the defacto star, coach and GM of the second most expensive team in NBA history. Is this the year he ends the sports championship drought in Cleveland
23 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #3 San Antonio Spurs
The Spurs alumni have built more franchises than Marvel. Greg Popovich would make an excellent hypnotist. And the #1 Rule in the NBA? When in doubt, copy San An
30 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #4 Los Angeles Clippers
The Clippers rescued DeAndre and fired their bench. Steve Ballmer likes losing about as much as Apple computers. Doc and Austin deny the rumors of bunking up in
31 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #5 Houston Rockets
The Rockets are obnoxiously good and everyone else in jealous. They shoot threes and piss people off. Some call it ugly. Others call it a revolution.
30 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #6 Oklahoma City Thunder
The Thunder's last chance to make sure KD falls in love with OKC. Russell Westbrook doesn't just break your ankles, he eats your soul. And Enes Kanter apologize
28 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #7 Memphis Grizzlies
NBA teams are changing the way basketball is played and the Memphis Grizzlies don't give a damn. The owner can dunk and send wifi from LA to Vegas! Plus LeBron
26 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #9 Atlanta Hawks
The Hawks will play a boom-box outside basketball fans windows until someone pays attention. We'll introduce you to the Hawks new owners and Matt's favorite rap
21 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #10 Miami Heat
Reasons you don't want Pat Riley as your enemy. How, according to PER, Hassan Whiteside is better than LeBron James. Plus, title odds and Matt's hidden talent.
23 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #11 New Orleans Pelicans
Anthony Davis is Neo and the NBA is The Matrix. Alvin Gentry, MVP odds and ''The Benson Boogie.'' Adam and Bjorn join us for the preview party in New Orleans.
25 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #12 Washington Wizards
The Wiz have the best point guard and most Polish center in the East! Guest Kevin gives us his DC fan's perspective. And we finally explain the segment... WTF d
21 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #13 Toronto Raptors
Winter is coming! We predict a return to the playoffs for the Toronto Drakes. But what then? Also, Matt tells us where he'd escape to if he committed a horrible
19 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #14 Utah Jazz
Can the Jazz really make the playoffs? We break down Jerry Sloan's importance to the franchise and a lawsuit from a restaurant we didn't know was real.
21 min
Brickhouse NBA Podcast Brickhouse NBA Preview #...
The Phoenix Suns obsession with basketball-playing twins. Facebook pages that disparage Robert Sarver. Guest Casey, loyal Phoenix fan, tells us why we may have
32 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #16 Milwaukee Bucks
Why Jason Kidd made the right choice ditching Brooklyn. Introducing the deer we should fear. And how owners get new stadiums by acting like Veruca Salt.
20 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #17 Dallas Mavericks
More than one story about NBA players having dinner with Chandler Parsons. The largest online purchase of all time. And beloved a comedy returning to League Pas
19 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #18 Indiana Pacers
The Pacers try to return to the playoffs with an all guard rotation. We tell the story of the best sports contract of all time. Also, we relive Lance Stephenson
18 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #19 Boston Celtics
The Reboot! Danny Ainge is hoarding assets in a plot to return the Celtics to glory. Plus a new segment where Matt and Bob pick a starting five from the Eastern
26 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #20 Detroit Pistons
Year two in the Stan Van Gundy era will be 100% Josh Smith-free! This time with Reggie Jackson on lead guitar. Matt tells us a funny Aron Baynes story and share
20 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #21 Portland Trail Blazers
How is Damian Lillard like Walter White? Portland loses 4 starters and takes the biggest tumble in our forecast. That won't stop Paul Allen from saving the worl
22 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #22 Brooklyn Nets
How is Mikhail Prokhorov like a Bond villain? How are the Nets like True Detective season 2? One thing we know is the owner is doing backflips over the new Nets
25 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #23 Orlando Magic
The NBA's best hairdo meets his new buzz-cut coach. Channing Frye gets paid to school young-bloods. And even more intrigue as we preview team Disney World.
19 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #24 Charlotte Hornets
Does Michael Jordan refuse to draft Duke players? How does LeBron feel about being bullied by his childhood hero? Plus Matt relives the 1993 NBA Finals from a 1
18 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #25 Sacramento Kings
A disgruntled player, a coach with a short fuse, a billionaire girls basketball coach, and Vlade Divac walk into a bar. Welcome to funniest bar since Cheers.
16 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #26 Minnesota Timberwolves
Is Kevin Garnett a figment of Zach Lavine's imagination? How will 3 consecutive #1 NBA draft picks work together on the same team? Guest Julian gives us the POV
15 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #28 New York Knicks
James Dolan is Donald Trump and Phil Jackson is a defunct electronics store. Tune in to see how many metaphors can be mixed to describe the calamity in Basketba
17 min
Brickhouse NBA Preview #30 Philadelphia 76ers
Countdown of NBA teams from worst to greatest starts with the Philadelphia 76ers. Preview for the 2015-2016 NBA season and inaugural episode of the Brickhouse p
28 min