Break in the Case

In Season 3 of Break in the Case, we take you behind the scenes of one of NYPD’s most notorious cases from the 1990s, the New York Zodiac Copycat. From 1990 to 1996, a serial killer evades capture while sending taunting notes to the media and the police. For six years, detectives from the Zodiac Task Force follow every lead to the ground. And then, one day, a series of events brings them face to face with the Zodiac. Break in the Case is written and produced by the New York City Police Department and sponsored by the New York City Police Foundation.

True Crime
S3 E7: New York Zodiac Copycat: East New York,...
The 40-40-20 Rule
18 min
S3 E6: New York Zodiac Copycat: The Trial
There's Good, and There's Evil
23 min
S3 E5: New York Zodiac Copycat: Only Orion Can ...
An Unlikely Ending to the Case
22 min
S3 E4: New York Zodiac Copycat: East New York C...
A Domestic Violence Incident Leads to a Shootout
21 min
S3 E3: New York Zodiac Copycat: Return of the Z...
Back to the Beginning
29 min
S3 E2: New York Zodiac Copycat: We Need to Put ...
The Zodiac Strikes Again
24 min
S3 E1: New York Zodiac Copycat: Kid, You've Got...
Tracking a Serial Killer
22 min
Introducing Season 3: The New York Zodiac Copycat
Beginning April 25
0 min
SPECIAL EPISODE: The Real Crimes of the Fake Ge...
What Did She Do, and How Did She Do It?
32 min
S2 E7: Queens Sniper (Part 2)
Do the Residents of NYC Even Know What Happened Last Night?
43 min
S2 E6: Queens Sniper (Part 1)
The Night All Hell Broke Loose
25 min
S2 E5: Two Homicides, One Gun, and a Pink Bag
Who Killed Shalema Gaskin and Steven Evans?
16 min
S2 E4: Ming the Harlem Tiger
The Emergency Service Unit Meets their Match
29 min
S2 E3: The Man in the Baseball Hat
Elderly Assault and Robbery
20 min
S2 E2: Dark Web Undercover
A Detective Fights Crime on the Dark Side
15 min
S2 E1: Who Killed Henryk? The Unsolved Homicide...
Detectives Ask for the Public's Help to Solve a Cold Case
23 min
Coming Soon: Season 2
Welcome Back to Break in the Case
1 min
S1 E6: Who is Monique?
Police find the severed body parts of a woman in South Brooklyn.
39 min
S1 E5: Baby Hope: In the Box
After hours of interrogation, the truth about what happened to Baby Hope is revealed.
44 min
S1 E4: Baby Hope: The Girl in the White Dress
Detectives discover the true name of the little girl they called "Baby Hope."
55 min
S1 E3: Baby Hope: A Colder Case
A Crime Stoppers tip changes everything.
50 min
S1 E2: Baby Hope: We Are Them
The investigation takes a dark turn.
33 min
S1 E1: Baby Hope: Into the Woods
A gruesome discovery sends detectives on a hunt for a little girl's identity.
26 min
S1 Trailer | Break in the Case
The New York City Police Department presents: Break in the Case. Premieres October 29, 2019.
1 min