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On July 17, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution will launch Murder Below the Gnat Line, season four of our award-winning Breakdown podcast. Bill Rankin returns to explore a murder case with many unresolved questions. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution launches Season 4 of its Breakdown podcast. Breakdown is just that — the breakdown of the story and the systems. The largest newsroom in the southeast delivers investigations and true crime cases that you cannot find anywhere else.
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S04, Episode 1: The crime
Murder Below the Gnat Line
32 min
Coming Soon: A New Season of Breakdown
2 min
S03, Episode 6: Banishment
A judge in Georgia signs off on a plea deal for Dr. Narendra K. Gupta.
30 min
S03, Episode 5: Punishment
In late 2011, Dr. Narendra K. Gupta stood before a Fulton County judge and pleaded guilty to three misdemeanor counts of sexual battery. The conditions of his sentence were unusual: He didn’t have to go to jail. He did have to leave the country.
33 min
S03, Episode 4: Arrested
Doctor relocates his practice, and his problem.
34 min
S03, Episode 3: Compulsion
Why would a doctor jeopardize his career by subjecting patients, nurses, even office staff, to repeated sexual abuse?
37 min
S03, Episode 2: Prey
Dr. Narendra K. Gupta had a history of allegations of attacking and harassing nurses
41 min
S03 Episode 1: Predator, M.D.
Breakdown: Predator, M.D.
33 min
S02, Episode 17: Postscript
Justin Ross Harris returns to Cobb County and is sentenced for the murder of his 22-month-old son Cooper.
31 min
S02, Episode 16: We have a verdict
After four days of deliberations, the jury in Brunswick returns with a verdict in The State of Georgia v. Justin Ross Harris.
40 min
S02, Episode 15: The jury gets the case
The prosecution and the defense give impassioned, powerful closing arguments, wrapping up the trial.
54 min
S02, Episode 14: Leanna Taylor takes the stand
Ross Harris’ ex-wife, Leanna Taylor, took the witness stand on Monday and repeated her long-held belief that Harris never meant to leave their 22-month-old son Cooper to die in his overheated SUV.
57 min
S02, Episode 13: The State Rests
Lead Detective Phil Stoddard ended his testimony after four days on the witness stand. Under cross-examination, Stoddard took some punches, but also delivered some blows.
52 min
S02, Episode 12: From the gutter to the homicid...
Prosecutors open a new week of testimony by calling one woman after another to the witness stand
45 min
S02, Episode 11: Shelter from the storm
The judge, lawyers and jurors return to Brunswick after Hurricane Matthew
22 min
S02, Episode 10: Game on
The murder trial against Justin Ross Harris is finally underway.
35 min
S02, Episode 9: It’s time to go to trial: Will ...
In a matter of days, the 12 jurors will be seated, the lawyers will make their opening statements, and the murder trial of Justin Ross Harris will begin.
28 min
S0 2, Ep 8: The jury panel is assembled
Jury selection isn’t fast, but it is fascinating
24 min
S02, Episode 7 - Harris trial moves to Georgia'...
The Ross Harris trial heads to Brunswick after a four-month hiatus
31 min
S01, Episode 8 - After a year’s wait, a conclud...
Justin Chapman awaits the all-important decision …
36 min
S02, Episode6: A sudden change of venue
The Harris trial was just days away from opening …
40 min
S02, Episode 5.5: A change of venue
The defense in the hot-car murder trial of Justin…
7 min
S02, Episode 5: A jury of his peers, with preco...
Jury selection, which may be close to conclusion,…
22 min
S02 Episode 4 - Deciding the case before it beg...
The most important moments of the Justin Ross Har…
45 min
S02 Episode 3 - Leanna Harris: Once implicated,...
Cobb police insinuated a number of times that Lea…
35 min
S02 Episode 2: An air-tight case against Justin...
The state’s murder case against Harris is formida…
37 min
S02 Episode 1 - Death in a Hot Car: Mistake or ...
The evidence against Justin Ross Harris, accused …
34 min
S01 Episode 0: Before You Listen
A state prosecutor is now deciding whether to put…
2 min
S01 Episode 7: A New Trial or a New Life?
The case goes back to the Georgia Supreme Court –…
34 min
S01 Episode 6: Could Justin Chapman Be Guilty?
Justin Chapman tells his side of the story.
35 min
S01 Episode 5: Young Lawyers and Old Hands
Justin Chapman’s new defense team sifts through t…
38 min
S01 Episode 4: The New Team Goes to Work
The Justin Chapman murder case attracts a new def…
35 min
S01 Episode 3: Let’s Test the Evidence
Bill Rankin goes to Bremen in the dark of night.
43 min
S01 Episode 2: She Lost, but She Never Gave Up
Meet Jan Hankins, the public defender who lost Ju…
39 min
S01 Episode 1: Railroad Justice in a Railroad Town
Follow the twists and turns of a case in rural Ge…
31 min