Brave New Work

What’s stopping us from doing the best work of our lives? It’s the way we work. Whether you’re building a startup or reinventing a global enterprise, every day is a battle between chaos and bureaucracy. But, what if there’s a third way? Aaron Dignan and Rodney Evans help teams all over the world discover a more adaptive and human way of working. Now it’s your turn. Each week, they’ll bring you a counterintuitive take on a common challenge at work—and you'll hear from guests who have been there and found their way to something better. This isn’t business as usual. This is Brave New Work.

We’re Taking a Brave New Break [Bonus]
Aaron and Rodney share some news about the future of the show.
5 min
Our Hosts in the Wild - The Anxious Achiever: W...
Aaron joins Morra Aarons-Mele on The Anxious Achiever to talk about mental health in the workplace.
41 min
162. Live from SXSW: Busting Workplace Myths wi...
Aaron, Rodney and Brian tackle 5 sticky workplace myths in front of a live audience.
49 min
Can Hybrid Work....Work? [Rebroadcast]
In this episode, we unpack why floppy hybrid models are doomed to fail, different flavors of creativity (that don’t rely on glass-walled conference rooms), and what the most adaptive path forward could look like.
37 min
Brave New Work 101 [Rebroadcast]
Aaron and Rodney dig into the foundations of Brave New Work.
58 min
161. Going to the Talent Marketplace: Part 2
Aaron and Rodney continue last week's conversation about the steps organizations can take to experiment with their own talent marketplaces.
33 min
160. Going to the Talent Marketplace: Part 1
Aaron and Rodney take a cue from movie studios by exploring the implications of talent marketplaces on a traditional org chart.
27 min
159: Help Me Help You: What If Your Coworkers C...
Aaron and Rodney dive into how teams can make personal "user manuals" and how to meaningfully use them.
36 min
158. Creating Your Digital Workplace Culture wi...
36 min
157. AUA No. 7: Workplace Rituals, Obstructive ...
35 min
156. 🙌 ❤️ 🚀 🐙: Putting Emojis to Work at Work
Aaron and Rodney unpack the power of using emojis in the workplace.
38 min
155. Why Are Job Interviews Such a Hot Mess?
Aaron and Rodney offer guidance on building better interviews.
59 min
154. Yes to Trust, No to Bureaucratic Theater: ...
In this episode, we look into a crystal ball with Sheela Subramanian to explore what this new year might have in store for us and the future of work.
44 min
New Look. New Course. Same Hot Takes [Bonus]
We’re back again with another bonus mini-sode, the “Happy New Year!” edition.
8 min
See Ya Later, 2022 [Bonus]
In our first-ever mini-sode, Aaron and Rodney check out of the year with an extra-special, two-part check-in round.
16 min
153. Becoming a good influence w/ Zoe Chance
53 min
152. How to make layoffs more human
52 min
151. Our power at work w/ Larissa Conte
48 min
Our Hosts in the Wild: Human Capital Innovation...
Rodney joins Dr. Jonathan H. Westover on the Human Capital Innovations to talk about adaptive organizational design.
28 min
150. Giving our feedback some feedback
51 min
149. How to build a brand new team
59 min
148. The Digital HQ Download w/ Slack’s Ali Rayl
50 min
147. Another trip to the mailbag
39 min
146. Thinking outside the ballot box w/ Emily A...
46 min
145. Shhh, we're talking about quiet quitting
49 min