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Be inspired by the healthy brands you see at the Natural Products Expo’s, Expo West, The Fancy Food shows, The Whole Foods Market, and other natural grocery stores. Want more sales? Tired of feeling like an ATM Machine? You’re not alone! Learn actionable tips and insights, as well as guerrilla marketing strategies your competitors don’t know or overlook to explode your sales and profits and maximize your trade marketing ROI. The Brand Secrets and Strategies podcast is an audio natural products accelerator/incubator for all food and beverage brands, real food brands, food startups, emerging brands, health-focused brands, and natural retailers. It teaches food entrepreneurs proven strategies to grow sales and profits that work across all categories and channels, including online, so that you can level the playing field with big brands and stand out on the crowded shelf. Your Brand Secrets And Strategies podcast host and brand strategist is Daniel Lohman. Hit subscribe and get ready to take your natural foods brand to the next level and beyond. Empowering Brands | Raising The Bar C-Suite Radio 

SECRETS 206 Jessica Bates with Dwight Funding, ...
Growing brands occasionally need quick infusions of cash to support incremental opportunities to grow & scale. Raising money takes time. Those bottlenecks can make it difficult to get the funding you need on a timely basis. Research options before needed
65 min
SECRETS 205 Matthew Caspersz with Cha's Organic...
Shoppers want to feel good about the brands they buy and that includes how the brands mission aligns with our values. Shoppers appreciate and reward those brands that do good on our behalf. Regenerative organic is the keystone to fixing our planet
75 min
SECRETS 204 Birgit Cameron With Patagonia Provi...
Patagonia Provisions and Rodale Institute just set the bar even higher with Regenerative Organic Certification. The future of healthy food & saving our planet begins with healthy soil, more nutrient dense crops, & great tasting products consumers want!
76 min
SECRETS 203 Stu Strumwasser With Green Circle C...
Partnering with the right investor can explode sales and profits but not all investors are equal. Choosing the right strategic investor is critical to your longterm success. Seek a collaborative partnership that aligns with the your target shopper
73 min
SECRETS 202 11 Proven Strategies To Increase Yo...
Your most valuable asset is the shopper that buys your products. Their market basket is far higher than mainstream brands. Shoppers buy multiple items each trip. Real shopper loyalty is tied to the impact your products have on their purchase decisions
16 min
SECRETS 201 Adam Hertel With Summit Sales Consu...
The best way to explode sales is to leverage expert insights and best practice strategies with a proven track record. Hiring top talent full-time is really expensive. Fractional (À la cart) experts provide high level affordable support to rocket sales
67 min
SECRETS 200 Trade Promotion Review Strategies -...
Proven strategics to scale your brand and eliminate wasted spending. $244 Billion was spent on promotions in 2017 earning a meager 2.4% sales increase. Don’t be another statistic. Let’s fix that! There is a better way to confidently grow sales and profits
24 min
SECRETS 199 How To Keep Your Brand Alive Today ...
The best defense against a virus is a healthy diet. It begins with your brand. How to ensure you have a healthy foundation to grow & scale your brand. Strategies to help you gain a sustainable competitive advantage &accelerate your sales in the new normal.
64 min
SECRETS 198 Jessica Malach With Social Nature, ...
How are natural CPG leaders adapting to the new retail environment? You might be surprised. Answers from Canadian and US brands and shoppers, obstacles to avoid, opportunities to capitalize on and what your loyal shoppers REALLY want in the new normal
64 min
SECRETS 197 Eric Skae, How To Maximize The REAL...
Most brands rely on the same cookie-cutter strategies. There is a better way to grow & scale your brand. Proven tactics from an industry expert, a high-performance team, a firm grasp of your customer, & flawless execution can explode your sales & profits
71 min
SECRETS 196 Brad Barnhorn, Leveraging Wisdom to...
Success for any brand is traced back to its leadership and team. It’s not enough to hire the best talent. It's how effectively they function as a cohesive unit. A talented advisor can make a huge difference helping the CEO perfect your brand strategy
69 min
SECRETS 195 Mike Berland With Decode_M, The Sec...
All brands struggle to connect with their ideal shoppers. Largely because most commoditize shoppers or lump them into common buckets. Being able to spot trends requires intent listening and being able to isolate real insight from the noise, the M-Factors
65 min
SECRETS 194 8 Proven Strategies To Maximize Tra...
What if there was a tool that specifically identified your key opportunities to eliminate wasted promotional spending? Traditional strategies will only hamstring your brand and undercut your growth strategy. Every improvement equals more sales and profits
29 min
SECRETS 193 Alex Sanfilippo With Creating A Bra...
The strength of your brands is tied to the community you attract. That’s even more relevant today given the protests & the pandemic. They unite us & give voice to the marginalized and the underserved. They transform & lift us up. Strategies to lead
29 min
SECRETS 192 Kim Kirchherr With K2 Outcomes, Bra...
Brand success begins with clarity. How clearly do you articulate the value of your brand & why those benefits matter, where every conversation should begin. Authentic ingredients help shoppers know, like, & trust your brand - the bedrock of true loyalty.
59 min
SECRETS 191 Phil Lempert The Supermarket Guru, ...
No one knows what the future holds & what retail will look like tomorrow. We still need to eat & food retail plays a critical role in how we feed our families. Brands & retailers need to partner to make the shopper journey convenient, easy, and friendly.
69 min
SECRETS 190 Promotion Analysis Growth Strategie...
What if there was a tool that specifically identified your key opportunities to eliminate wasted promotional spending? Traditional strategies will only hamstring your brand and undercut your growth strategy. Every improvement equals more sales and profits
14 min
SECRETS 189 ECRM And RangeMe, How To Get Your B...
There is a better way to get your brand onto store shelves and into the hands of more shoppers during these uncertain times. Trade shows are great for networking but they do not provide face time with retailers you need to grow and scale your brand.
72 min
SECRETS 188 Jeffrey Hayzlett Chairman C-Suite, ...
The thing that makes natural natural is our robust and engaged community. Community is what keeps us connected. It helps us survive, grow & thrive - especially during these challenging times. C-Suite is going to help me better serve the natural community
19 min
SECRETS 187 Trade Marketing Goal Setting – You ...
Predicting sales is both an art and a science. Balancing between excess inventory and out-of-stocks can be a struggle in ordinary times for any brand. Simple mistakes can be extremely costly. This begins with effective goal setting
59 min
SECRETS 186 What Role Should Trade Marketing Pl...
Trade marketing is your brands growth engine. It predicts future success & how quickly your brand will scale & grow. It’s critically important that you use the right fuel. Most brands overlook this. Learn how to explode sales with the RIGHT rocket fuel!
5 min
SECRETS 185 Seth Tibbott With Tofurky, In Searc...
Have you ever seen a Tofurky in the wild? Come explore how the brand with a funny name pioneered the fastest growing food trend and helped launch the plant-based phenomenon. Learn how this Earth friendly movement is changing the way we eat
82 min
SECRETS 184 5 Top Strategies To Save Money By D...
Tired of feeling like an ATM machine? Stop throwing money away! Deductions are a huge drain on your finances. Not all are valid. They can derail & bankrupt your brand placing a huge burden on your cash flow & negatively impact all aspects of your business
68 min
SECRETS 183 How Do You Future Proof Your Store ...
No one knows how the virus will impact shopper behaviors & how this will affect your sales. People still need to eat. They want healthy products more now than ever. Make it easier for your customers to find and buy the products they want, your brand!
63 min
SECRETS 182 Top Strategies To Dramatically Redu...
Deductions are a huge drain on your finances & not all are valid. They can derail & even bankrupt your brand. They place a huge burden on your cash flow. Learn strategies to gain control over YOUR MONEY & channel it to grow sales & scale your brand
8 min
SECRETS 181 Creative Solutions That Make Organi...
We’ve been told that we are what we eat but even heathy food on store shelves is less nutritious than fresh just picked on the farm produce. What if there were a way to offer fresh quality that was shelf stable. Would you be interested? Now you can!
74 min
SECRETS 180 Heather Wainer With Whole Foods Mag...
Building a connected community begins with authentic honest collaboration. With all the disruption in our world right now, retailers and brands need more than ever to remain united. What makes natural, natural is our commitment to rise together as one
57 min
SECRETS 179 Trade Marketing Strategies That Gr...
25% of a brands gross sales are tied to your trade marketing and yet over 70% is wasted of ineffective, more in natural. Trade marketing includes everything required to promote your brand. Let’s fix that! There is a better way to grow sales & profits
61 min
SECRETS 178 Evan Holod With Michel et Augustins...
Taking a beloved brand from France and turning it into a beloved brand in the US requires a creative innovative strategy. This begins with redefining a brand as an adventure, an experience that transports you into a world that celebrates artisan foods
70 min
SECRETS 177 How To Plan And Forecast Sales In U...
Predicting sales is both an art and a science. Balancing between excess inventory and out-of-stocks can be a struggle in ordinary times for any brand. Simple mistakes can be extremely costly. Learn creative strategies in Trade Marketing Essentials
8 min
SECRETS 176 Over 70 Of Your Promotional Dollars...
Future customers first learn about your brand through promotions. Retailers and shoppers expect them. About 25% of a brands gross sales are tied to trade marketing and yet over 70% (higher in natural) of your promotional spending is wasted or ineffective
5 min
SECRETS 175 Brandon Leong With RangeMe, Creativ...
Natural brands are panicked with Expo West being canceled but you don’t need to be. There is an alternative that easily makes your brand discoverable by retailers wanting to attract that unique shopper your brand appeals to. Learn what you need to know
67 min
SECRETS 174 How To Future Proof Your Brand In U...
Last week Expo West was canceled. No one knows how the virus will impact shopper behaviors - specifically how this will affect your sales. People still need to eat. They want healthy products more now than ever. Learn how to work smarter, not harder
12 min
SECRETS 173 Salvaging Expo West - The Power Of ...
I’d like you to please help me support all the brands that were impacted by Expo West being canceled. We need to rally behind them and help them rise from the ashes. What advice and encouragement do you have to support & bring our industry together?
10 min
SECRETS 172 Jeffrey Fierberg With Sora Digital,...
Storytelling is the most effective way to communicate - especially on video when done right. It transcends words and still images. It can make an impactful and lasting connection that helps you control the narrative. It’ a great way to build community
64 min
SECRETS 171 How Your Compostable Packaging Stra...
Packaging is required to sell your brand. Wouldn’t it be great if your packaging could work as hard as you to increase sales and profits? Creative strategies that any brand can leverage to connect more with shoppers that retailers will love!
12 min
SECRETS 170 The Inconvenient Truth About Single...
Sadly, most single-use packaging ends up in a landfill and survives there for generations. This is a key pain point for brands. There is an alternative - this episode. Progressive brands need to take the lead to eliminate confusion and educate shoppers
39 min
SECRETS 169 How To Instantly Gain A Competitive...
Your success as a brand depends on every competitive advantage you have in your category. That begins with every competitive edge you have as a leader. The simple easy to adopt strategy to give you a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage
10 min
SECRETS 168 Jon Springer With Winsight Industry...
Knowing is power. It’s easier and more effective to be proactive than reactive. Insight into industry and market trends can give brands and retailers a significant competitive advantage. Leverage experts who provide a clear view into what to focus on
67 min
SECRETS 167 NatchCom - The Top Digital Strategi...
Your brand needs to be available wherever your customers shop. That requires a robust digital strategy to level the playing field with big brands. NatchCom shares expert insights to teach brands how to grow and scale in traditional retail and online
27 min
SECRETS 166 Lori Taylor With The Produce Moms, ...
Produce is where customers begin their journey to healthy living with simple easy to understand ingredients. It’s the gateway to growing sales in every category. Brands should celebrate their connection to the produce department to build trust and sales
55 min
SECRETS 165 How To Maximize Brand Sales At Natu...
The Natural Products Expo West is a great platform to showcase natural brands. Most brands struggle to make a lasting impact or achieve a high ROI from Expo. Learn the top business strategies to maximize sales and gain a significant competitive advantage
14 min
SECRETS 164 Dustin Finkel With KAPOP, How To Sw...
Retail is expensive. Small brands rely heavily on investors to fund their growth, why shark tank style events are so popular. Swimming with the real sharks can explode your growth. The strategy Ka-Pop used to get on stage, insights that all brands need
70 min
SECRETS 163 How To Convert Your Occasional Shop...
Shopper loyalty is earned, not embossed on a plastic card. Shoppers today use loyalty programs as coupons using them to get discounts on their favorite brands. Real shopper loyalty comes from giving shoppers exceptional consistent value on trusted brands
9 min
SECRETS 162 How To Get More Profitable Distribu...
The right distribution in the right stores can skyrocket your growth while trying to sell your products in the wrong stores can be fatal. It can even derail and bankrupt your brand. You need to know the difference and how to avoid this fatal mistake
13 min
SECRETS 161 How To Get Your Brand On More Store...
Nothing happens until someone buys your products and shoppers can’t buy them if they can’t find them. Make it easier for customers to find and buy your brand! Proven strategies to grow sales, stand out on a crowded shelf, and 2x your loyal shoppers
14 min
SECRETS 160 How To Reach Your 2020 Vision For Y...
How do you plan to grow and scale your brand to ensure success in 2020 and beyond? The top 10 best growth strategies to give you a significant competitive advantage and help you get your brand on more store shelves and into the hands of more shoppers
23 min
SECRETS 159 Gary Hirshberg, Seth Goldman, Miyok...
Natural food brands learn a lot from CEO’s, founders, & industry thought leaders. Proven actionable insights from Gary Hirshberg, Seth Goldman, Miyoko Schinner, Kyle Garner, Sheryl O’Loughlin, Chuck Muth, etc to accelerate brand growth in 2020 & beyon
46 min
SECRETS 158 Meaghan Connell & AJ Yager With Pra...
The right actionable insights can dramatically explode your sales & profits by making it easier for customers to find and buy your brand. Date does not need to be overwhelming or overcomplicated when you have a qualified guide to maximize your potential
74 min
SECRETS 157 The 2 Best Tools To Ensure Sales Su...
Nothing happens until customers buy your products. They can’t buy what they can’t find. Your retail execution needs to be flawless. Scorecards and KPI’s are the best tools to ensure flawless merchandising, distribution, promotions, and sales excelle
21 min
SECRETS 156 Kurt Kaiser With ViaggioTrade, Esse...
Wish you knew how to explode sales and compete more effectively? This show builds on Secrets 155. Learn strategies to maximize sales and profits giving you a significant and sustainable competitive advantage. Make your brand more attractive to investors
62 min
SECRETS 155 Kurt Kaiser With ViaggioTrade, What...
Trade marketing includes everything required to get your brand into shoppers hands. It represents 25% of your gross revenue and yet over 70% is wasted or ineffective. Learn how to maximize each and every selling opportunity to grow your natural brand
50 min
SECRETS 154 Emily Soccorsy & Justin Foster With...
Your brand is a persona of your company and all that includes. Shoppers appreciate authentic brands that align with their values. Your brand is a culmination of the leadership decisions and choices that the company makes, of the people within the brand
67 min
SECRETS 153 Mitch Duckler With FullSurge, How T...
Every brand wants to be indispensable, something customers can’t live without. This requires a deep connection with shoppers that begins with having an intimate awareness and knowledge of their needs and wants. Brand positioning equals shopper perceptio
60 min
SECRETS 152 Sari Kimbell With Food Business Suc...
Building a healthy foundation for your brand is the critical first step. It can determine how effectively you grow and scale. Leveraging the power of a community, especially a farmers market, can provide you with invaluable insights others overlook
56 min
SECRETS 151 Mike Forbes With Alter Eco, Full Ci...
Knowing your numbers & having a solid strategy to manage your trade marketing will level the playing field & give you a sustainable competitive advantage. It begins with customer first strategies that align your brands values with shoppers through story
55 min
SECRETS 150 Kristyn Lawson With Krissy Farms, C...
Have you ever wondered how things are made? We are all extremely curious but few truly understand where their food comes from and how it's grown. Produce is the primary building blocks of all we consume. Better ingredients equal better quality and taste.
71 min
SECRETS 149 Katie Mleziva With Real Food Brands...
You can learn a lot from big brands when it comes to process and strategy. The frameworks they adopt and use have proven to be instrumental in their success. They are the foundation you need to have in-place to grow sustainable sales tomorrow and beyond.
66 min
SECRETS 148 Dan Kurzrock With ReGrained, Edible...
Food waste and recycling are both hot topics. A big part of that is reducing and then finding new uses for “waste”. Edible upcycling in an ingenious way to convert discarded bi-products and convert them into a new high fiber high protein food ingredie
71 min
SECRETS 147 David Lemley With Retail Voodoo, Wh...
Sustainable brand growth that attracts future shoppers will be tied to ethical practices including conscientious human-like characteristics. Aligning with mission-based causes, Citizen Brandhood is the focus of David’s new book, Beloved & Dominant Brand
66 min
SECRETS 146 Daniel Karsevar With Plant Based So...
There is no substitute for the authentic wisdom a subject matter expert can provide when it comes to accelerating sustainable brand sales & profits. True expert advice includes robust life experiences not found in a text book. Advice that is priceless.
65 min
SECRETS 145 Yuval Selik & Christopher Ambarian ...
All brands struggle with maximizing their trade marketing ROI, especially in-store. There is an easy and a hard way to do anything. Having a blueprint to follow is similar to a roadmap. It can save you valuable time, money, & worry while exploding sales
64 min
SECRETS 144 Mike Fogarty With Choice Market, Cr...
Shoppers want what they want & any retailer who makes that their primary focus will win the retail game. Now layer on local, organic, fast-casual dining, & convenience & you have the recipe for success. This model should be the rule & not the exception!
51 min
SECRETS 143 Explode Sales With Effective Trade ...
Trade shows can explode sales for brands and retailers IF you know the insider secrets. Most brands overlook simple strategies to maximize every selling opportunity. Being prepared and a solid strategy for following up after the event are two key elements
24 min
SECRETS 142 Michael J. O’Donnell With The Belmu...
A business plan is your recipe for success. A blueprint that anyone can follow to manage and grow your brand in your absence. The result is having a clear roadmap pointing you toward your target objectives including sales, profit, & distribution goals
70 min
SECRETS 141 Simple Strategies To Amplify Sales ...
Most brands rely on brokers to sell and merchandise their products. Hiring your own team is a luxury few can afford. I get a lot of questions about strategies to grow sustainable sales by leveraging their broker relationship. Insider secrets inside!
27 min
SECRETS 140 Trade Marketing Strategies That Gro...
Trade marketing includes everything required to promote your brand. It's your growth engine and the largest item on your P&L. Most trade spending is wasted. Every brand seeks to maximize their promotional ROI. There is a better way to grow sales & profits
41 min
SECRETS 139 Suzie Yorke With Love Good Fats, Ex...
It’s impossible to hit a target you don’t aim for and yet that’s what most brands do. A well defined brand position can explode sales. Hear how Suzie NAILED her target and disrupted a category. Learn how you can do the same with the right resources
62 min
SECRETS 138 Nona Evans With Whole Kids & Whole ...
When should you begin nurturing your future shoppers? While they are young. Food impacts every aspect of our lives. Children are our future and there is nothing more important than ensuring they have every advantage and that begins with healthy nutrition.
58 min
SECRETS 137 Walter Robb With Stonewall Robb & W...
Before you can appreciate where you’re going, you need to know where you’ve already been. Natural has an inspirational history that continues to flourish. It has helped to explode growth and create potential solutions to some of our biggest challenges
54 min
SECRETS 136 Bob Burke With Natural Products Con...
Retail is pay-to-play and, like any game, you need to know the rules. The better you know the rules, the more effective your selling strategy can explode your sales and profits. Your creativity can then give you a significant competitive advantage
45 min
SECRETS 135 Meghan Disch With GoodBelly, Market...
A lot of brands approach marketing as an afterthought - Big mistake! Hear how one brand achieves a huge competitive edge making their customers their highest priority. Hint, it’s not rocket science, just good old fashion two way authentic communication
70 min
SECRETS 134 Category Review Strategies To Grow ...
Category reviews are expected by most retailers. They are one of the most underutilized opportunities to differentiate your brand and explode sales. It begins with a collaborative retailer brand relationship/partnership. Maximize every opportunity!
19 min
SECRETS 133 Whitney Lauritsen (Eco-Vegan Gal) &...
Growing a brand is difficult and it can take a lot out of you. The constant deluge of distractions fights for your attention and can derail you. Your brand's success is a reflection of your overall health - to maximize distribution, sales, and profits.
71 min
SECRETS 132 Jeff Schmidgall With Bubba's Fine F...
Over 80% of natural brands fail within the first year. I’m committed to changing this. Many “experts” offering advice lack the creativity to grow your brand. Your sales strategy needs to be as unique as your brand. The perils of choosing the wrong e
74 min
SECRETS 131 Josh Tabin With Wild Zora & NatchCo...
Digital strategies can add rocket fuel to your sales growth. They can give you more runway helping you compete at a much higher level. Traditional retail is expensive & it’s pay-to-play. A blended strategy makes it easier for shoppers to find your brand
70 min
SECRETS 130 Carl Joachim & Dustin Steerman With...
Packaging is more than just the container you put your product in. It should also amplify your brand message. It should help sell your brand. Packaging can be very confusing - we make it simple and straight forward on this episode. What you need to know.
67 min
SECRETS 129 Ethan Hirshberg With Ethan’s, Knowi...
Knowing your ideal customer is at the heart of every successful strategy. Retailers need brands to collaborate and educate them to drive shopper traffic and category growth. It’s the foundation to build sustainable sales.
80 min
SECRETS 128 Kelly Williams With NaturesFlex, Th...
Your brand's packaging needs to work hard and it should sell itself. Personalize your brand with your packaging. It should align with your mission and it should be compostable. Wouldn’t it be great if it could also help pay for itself? Learn how!
38 min
SECRETS 127 Fred Hart With Interact Boulder, Yo...
Your branding needs to be an extension of your product. It must be memorable and install trust and confidence. It should standout on a store shelf, be recognizable from a distance and be able to sell itself even in the absence of good copy
53 min
SECRETS 126 Dustin Finkel With KAPOP, A Well De...
Small brands tend to overlook the importance of goal setting. They are the primary component of a solid business plan. They need to contain clear, specific and timely objectives that can be measured. Learn what you need to know to grow and thrive
72 min
SECRETS 125 Josh Wand With ForceBrands & Brand ...
There is no I in Team. Effective leaders are known for their ability to surround themselves with enthusiastic talented people who can help them build, execute, and scale. It can be the difference between even getting off the ground and long-term success.
57 min
SECRETS 124 Phil Lempert The Supermarket Guru, ...
Farmers provide the raw building blocks for brands. Many consumers don't know where their food comes from beyond a supermarket. Celebrating the important role farmers play in our food system needs to be an integral part of your selling story and mission
56 min
SECRETS 123 Andrew Therrien With Big Orange Pro...
Your success as a brand relies on your ability to market it effectively. In-store trials, when done right, can add rocket fuel to your sales. It can also open new doors to partner with savvy retailers. Most brands overlook this - learn why this matters
31 min
SECRETS 122 Mathis Martines With M2 Brands & Fo...
The goal of most brands is to get on a store shelf and be featured by that retailer. It’s not as simple as it sounds. You need to know what retailers want and expect from the brands they sell. Learn what you need to know - this is your roadmap for succe
38 min
SECRETS 121 Make It Easy For Shoppers To Find Y...
Merchandising is one of the most important pillars of any brand strategy. Your goal is to make it easy for shoppers to find and buy your products. Overlooking this in one store can derail a brand. Learn how to guide stores to grow sales with your brand
19 min
SECRETS 120 Convert Occasional Customers Into L...
The real strength of your brand is the shopper who buys it. Better yet, the loyal shopper who evangelizes it and celebrates it with all their friends. These testimonials are a powerful bargaining chip when working with retailers. Learn why this matters.
20 min
SECRETS 119 Tim Forrest With Tim Forrest Consul...
Nothing is more important to the success of any brand than the customers who buy your products. They can’t buy your products if they can't find them. Having a solid selling strategy is not enough - you need to follow through to ensure sales success.
34 min
SECRETS 118 Focus On Shopper’s Market Basket Si...
Do you know the true value of your customers, your most valuable asset? Not the cost to acquire them but their value to retailers. This is what retailers REALLY want, the unique shopper your brand attracts. Grow sustainable sales with your market basket
15 min
SECRETS 117 Simple Solutions To Maximize Broker...
Nothing happens until someone buys your product. Getting your brand on more store shelves and into the hands of shoppers is critical to your success. This requires a dedicated sales team all working in unison. Learn key strategies to maximize sales
19 min
SECRETS 116 Kelly Williams With NaturesFlex, Th...
Your packaging is the first impression that shoppers have of your brand. Is your packaging sustainable and does your messaging and mission resonate with shoppers?
45 min
SECRETS 115 Michael J. O’Donnell With The Belmu...
Growing a brand takes work but it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are simple things every brand MUST do. Your success depends on shoppers buying your products but shoppers can’t buy them if they can’t find them. Success = brand strategy + execut
78 min
SECRETS 114 Innovative Proven Strategies To Exp...
Your brand strategy needs to be as innovative as your marketing and the ingredients in your products. If you don’t want to be lost in a sea of me-too brands, go beyond the strategies big brands rely on. True Category Management is the great equalizer
24 min
SECRETS 113 Tim Forrest With Tim Forrest Consul...
The blueprint to growing a successful brand includes 9 important foundational elements brands cannot afford to overlook. They are the building blocks that help brands get their products onto more retailer shelves and into the hands of more shoppers
74 min
SECRETS 112 Help Shoppers Find Your Products Wi...
Every new item introduction requires that one item be discontinued. You have a simple choice, either manage your distribution and merchandising or trust it to anyone but you. Don’t make the fatal mistake of entrusting your brand's future to your competi
18 min
SECRETS 111 Tighe Hutchins With Big Green, Real...
The future of our industry is in the hands of our children. If you are what you eat then what you eat matters. Quality nutrition is the best preventative cure to many of the problems that plague us. Big Green is committed to Real Food For Everyone.
38 min
SECRETS 110 Know Your Numbers - The Blueprint F...
Knowing your numbers is the key to unlocking your future success. They can determine how long your brand will be around & help you compete at the highest levels. Going beyond canned topline reports will differentiate your brand - what retailers REALLY wan
20 min
SECRETS 109 Rudi Fischer & Brad Locke With Red'...
Ever wish there was an easy to follow roadmap to grow your brand? Well now there is. Learn what pitfalls to avoid while leveraging proven strategies and staying true to your mission & core values. That’s the purpose of this podcast & this week's focus
77 min
SECRETS 108 Maximize Promotion Effectiveness To...
Promotions are supposed to fuel your sales and introduce your brand to new shoppers. Over 70% of promotions fail to drive sustainable sales. This can derail or even bankrupt a brand. What if I told you there was a better way. Interested?
22 min
SECRETS 107 To Sell More & Grow Beyond Other Br...
You’re taught to use out-dated strategies every brand uses to sell your unique disruptive brand. Your sales strategies should be as innovative as you are. Knowing your brand health & leveraging it at retail is the best strategy for sustainable growth
21 min