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Buckle up and join host Amanda Keller on a celebration of great Australian journeys. Fuel your brain with bite-sized stories from the road and beyond as told by truckies, foodies, comedians, historical figures, and many more. Perfect for lovers of large horizons, big open roads, and the quintessentially Aussie moments which happen on them.

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The great Australian tradition of getting lost. 🧭
Australia is a big country with plenty of places to get lost. We hear from someone whose narrow escape could have meant never being able to face his dad again.
4 min
Sturt’s Steps has a really “big” environmental ...
Corner Country, in far north-west NSW, played a significant role in Charles Sturt’s pursuit of an inland sea. Now, environmental groups, governments and others are using sculptures to raise the profile of the area – and reintroduce some old friends.
4 min
The Covid Nomad 🚙
This vast continent offers plenty of sights and experiences. But what’s it really like to drop everything and head out on the open road to try to see it all?
4 min
Rescuing the Big Potato 🥔
Australia is home to more than 150 “big things”, from the Big Prawn to the Big Merino. We meet Melanie Tait, heiress to NSW’s Big Potato, and learn how her family saved it from devastation.
4 min
Taking blind and low-vision travelers on the ro...
We talk to a tour guide who is using every sensory input to create a rich road trip experience for blind and low-vision travelers.
3 min
Burke and Wills’ surprising first-day camp 🏕️
A lot of Australians will know about the famous explorer's Burke and Wills and their ill-fated journey from Melbourne to Central Australia. But what many don’t know is that the first day of their travels ended with a stop in the inner-city Melbourne suburb of Moonee Ponds.
3 min
Mad Maxes - Australia’s iconic muscle car histo...
Australia has a thriving car enthusiasm scene backed by decades of muscle and performance car history.
3 min
Will we really have flying cars? 🛸
We talk to an expert about what a road trip in the future might look like, and see if the community’s imagination lines up.
3 min
Magnetic Hill... Where cars defy gravity 🚗
Every year, countless tourists turn up to try out the phenomenon. They switch their cars into neutral and freak the kids out as they gently roll up the hill... But why?
3 min
Here's why you should take the scenic route to ...
Heard of the ‘Tin Horse Highway’? It's one of Australia's lesser-known but very amusing big attractions...
3 min
Can you pass Amanda’s driving test? 👮
These quirky road rules will keep you guessing.
3 min
The most surprising treasure from Australia’s S...
The most interesting thing about Australia's Shipwreck Coast isn't the ghost of a lost sailor or buried treasure... it's a peacock!
3 min
Did you know swimming at the beach used to be B...
How a ban on ocean swimming became one of Australia’s best loved institutions.
4 min
The best road trip snacks from around Australia! 🍫
The low-down on Australia’s best roadhouse food!
2 min
The weirdest ways we stay entertained on the ro...
A guide to the best car games for long journeys.
3 min
The women who crossed the country to fight croc...
Meet the mum and daughter team who set the speed for Australia’s driving women.
3 min
The secret life of Australia’s truckies! 🚚
The drivers who keep Australia running.
4 min
Australia’s most unexpected bakery! 🥐
The story of Farnia Ghost Town's underground bakery.
3 min