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A podcast where three relatively grown men (Cory Cavin, Jon Sieber, Kevin James Doyle) watch the iconic HBO series Sex and the City for the first time ever and then discuss. Produced by Jeremy Balon at Seltzer Kings Studios in Brooklyn. Support the boys on Patreon: and follow them on social media @thebradshawboys

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S6EP9 - A Woman's Right To Shoes w/Katie Sieber...
The Boys are back together IN PERSON in the Hamptons with Katie, the voice of The Bradshaw Boys! It's a true B Boys reunion for a very important SATC ep. They talk shoes on vs. shoes off households, Anne Geddes babies, and Dr. Robert Leeds' incredible' style.
63 min
The Boys Write Their Own SATC Episode - **Patre...
Patreon teaser alert! The Boys share a snippet from a Patreon episode where they dream up and 'write' an SATC ep that never occurred - until now. If you want to hear more and support The Boys on Patreon go to
14 min
S6EP8 - The Catch w/ JTB
The Boys Carrie's pre-wedding hook up, how funny Mario Cantone is, and Charlotte's hugely important character arc on SATC.
61 min
S6EP7 - The Post-It Always Sticks Twice
Whoa! It happened! The Boys saw the Post-It episode! They talk so many other things - Miranda's skinny jeans, Samantha and TRL, NYC dive bars - but they really get into the Post-It. We're sorry! We can't! Don't hate us!
60 min
S6E6 - Hop, Skip and a Week w/ JTB
The Boys talk Charlotte dating and just how good Harry is, Miranda being great at her job, and more Smith/Samantha stuff.
70 min
S6E5 - Lights, Camera, Relationship w/ JTB
The Boys are back and talk Smith's new play, what it's really like to go an Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway play, and how Berger should've gotten Carrie a cab.
64 min
S6EP4 - Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little w/JTB
The Boys talk male insecurity, "he's just not that into you", and Charlotte and Harry's rough Shabbat fight where Charlotte takes a real dig and Harry loves his Mets.
57 min
S6EP3 - The Perfect Present w/ JTB
The Boys talk Berger and him flipping out over exes, Miranda and Steve drama, and Samantha makes Smith lose his job because they hook up at his job.
61 min
SATC Interviews: Tony Hale from S4E2 “The Real Me”
The Boys sit down with a real tiger of a man...Tiger himself from S4E2 of SATC and also Buster Bluth from Arrested Development, Gary from Veep, and Forky from Toy Story 4 - it's two time Emmy winner Tony Hale! They talk Tony's audition process for SATC, h
61 min
S6EP2 - Great Sexpectations w/ JTB
S6EP2 - Great Sexpectations w/ JTB
67 min
S6EP1 - Market To Market w/ JTB
And then The Boys started Season 6. It's been a wild ride and The Boys are HERE in the FINAL season of SATC and what a banger of a first ep it is. They talk Aidan and his lil' Tater baby guy, meet Chip Kilkenny, and talk how Miranda always gets gross scen
67 min
SATC Talk w/ Dr. Meghan Daly (NYC COVID Doctor)
The Boys sat down with Dr. Meghan Daly aka Meg, whom they met through The Bradshaw Boys'  I Heart NY Medical Workers episode. Meg reacts to hearing the cast of SATC give messages to her and all NYC Medical Workers, talks with The Boys about all their fav
53 min
SATC Fashion w/ NY Post Deputy Fashion Editor A...
If there's one thing The Boys often miss in the world of SATC it's the FASHUN. Hey, they're The Boys and they're not fashionistas but they sat down with a fashionista and fashion profsessional, the Deputy Fashion Editor of the NY Post, Anahita Moussavian,
54 min
SATC Interviews: Kristin Davis
It's our 100th episode and Season 5 finale and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than this: a talk with the wonderful and amazing "Charlotte York", aka KRISTIN DAVIS! Kristin takes The Boys behind the SATC curtain and talks about her SATC auditi
71 min
SATC March Bradness Tournament: The Finale!
Well it's all come down to this and it's time to finish the The BIG Dance...the March Bradness finale is here! The Boys play through the final rounds of March Bradness using their patented 5 dice rolling system and WHOA does it get intense. There are some
40 min
S5EP8 - I Love A Charade w/ The Bradshaw Boys F...
And just like that, we made it through Season 5! It's been a ride and the only way to wrap up the final episode of the season is with the whole Bradshaw Boys Family! Katie - the voice of the B Boys - and Jeremy - our producer - join The Boys to talk about
67 min
I Heart NY Medical Workers
The Boys are back this week with a very special episode. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, they found out one of their listeners, Meg, is a doctor in the COVID ICU at NY Presbyterian / Weill Cornell and listens to the podcast on her commute to the
55 min
SATC March Bradness Tournament: Round 2 Results
March Bradness Round 2 is HERE. You thought the craziness stopped in Round 1? You thought there wouldn't be upsets and great match ups? THINK AGAIN. Bill Kelly, Mr. Big, SHMUEL. All the SATC boyfriends have come out to play in the tournament to decide who
41 min
S5E7 - The Big Journey w/ JTB
The Boys are back in NYC baby! Their LA trip was amazing but now they're back to their first love, the Big Apple and they're watching the penultimate episode of S5 of SATC! They talk about meeting Grumpy Cat IRL, what a good friend Samantha is, and how gr
64 min
SATC March Bradness Tournament: Round 1 Results
March Bradness is finally here and the first round of matchups is CRAZY! We explain how March Bradness works and go through the results of the first round of match ups. It. gets. NUTS. Who will go all the way to the finals? Listen to the first round to fi
43 min
S5E6 - Critical Condition w/ Courtney Pauroso (...
The Boys have their final LA interview (for now) and it's a great one with comedian and actress Courtney Pauroso! The Boys were blown away by Courtney's live show "Gutterplum" and loved talking to her about her comedy and SATC. 
64 min
SATC March Bradness Tournament Kickoff
It's the greatest tournament in all of SATC history...It's MARCH BRADNESS!  The ONLY tournament where SATC boyfriends compete to see who will win it all in the BIG dance. In this episode the Boys break down the brackets for March Bradness, the top 16 SAT
71 min
S5E5 - Plus One Is The Loneliest Number w/ Ever...
The Boys continue their LA vacay and take a drive up to the Hollywood Hills to talk with the fabulous, the amazing, the AUTHORITY on fashion and SATC, Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni of Every Outfit On Sex and the City. They talk book parties and what
73 min
S5E4 - Cover Girl w/ Jen Kirkman (Comedian)
The Boys continue their LA adventures! Hollywood! Walk of Fame! Sitting down with an ICONIC comedian?! They are still in shock they got to sit down and interview Jen Kirkman. They talk about the importance of men watching SATC, self-help, kissing after or
76 min
S5E3 - Luck Be an Old Lady w/Ben Weber (SKIPPER...
The Boys continue their adventures in LA! The tacos! The beach! The back of a real estate office with their most important guest yet?! They sit down with one of the actors from Sex and the City, Ben Weber, aka SKIPPER. They talk about what it was like aud
63 min
S5E2 - Unoriginal Sin w/Mamrie Hart (Comedian, ...
The Boys escaped from New York and are in LA baby! They sit down with comedian Mamrie Hart to talk about living in NYC, self help, and the importance of boom mic operators.
44 min
S5E1 - Anchors Away w/ JTB (Just The Boys)
We finally made it to Season 5 and The Boys couldn't be happier. We talk Fleet Week in NYC, rough NYC days, and if you actually get Two Great Loves. 
63 min
SATC Interviews: Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Win...
The Boys can die now. Because they just got off of a very special phone call with Carrie Bradshaw herself....SARAH JESSICA PARKER!! SJP called in to talk about her new wine, Invivo x SJP, and they're joined by the amazing sommelier Amanda McCrossin (@Somm
61 min
SATC Movie Club: "The Family Stone" starring Sa...
The Boys cozy up with each for the second move in the SATC movie club and watch Sara Jessica Parker's classic holiday movie "The Family Stone". They talk about family dynamics during the holidays, Diane Keaton, and do a couple too many impressions of Owen
48 min
Cosmo Ratings For Every Guy In S4
Before diving into Season 5 the Boys sit down with the voice of The Bradshaw Boys, Katie Sieber, to talk about all the guys of S4. They pitch their new books about Richard, Trey, and Aidan, and then talk about all the other dudes from S4. nstagram: ...
41 min
SATC Fan Fiction
The Boys sit down with Katie Sieber, the voice of the Bradshaw Boys, talk about their predictions for Season 5, and read some homespun SATC fan fiction! That's right, they couldn't help but wonder what the ladies of SATC would do after S4 so they wrote it
38 min
SATC Interviews: Ben Weber aka SKIPPER!
Whoa baby! The Boys have a call with a man close their hearts, Miranda's early bf, bodega cereal connoisseur, web designer and hopeless romantic, the one, the only SKIPPER aka actor Ben Weber. Ben talks acting with SJP and the entire cast of SATC, bar hop
40 min
S4E18 - I Heart NY w/ JTB (Just the Boys)
Just the Boys are back for Season 4 finale. They talk Carrie and Big and ask if you can be the master of your own fate, Miranda's baby, and the most Steve line of all time (Hey Danny!).
65 min
S4E17 - A "Vogue" Idea w/ JTB (Just the Boys)
It's just the boys for this episode so buckle up, it is a wild ride.  They sit down and discuss Sexesame and The Street, creepy pseudo father figures, Richards gap-teeth, and Carries father.  Be sure to rate The Bradshaw Boys 5 stars on iTunes and we’
56 min
S4E16 - Ring A Ding Ding w/ Lucie Pohl (Voice o...
The Boys sit down and chat with voiceover actress and comedian, Lucie Pohl! They talk about women farting on television, talking about money with friends and exes, and Carrie making trips to Mailboxes, Etc.
56 min
SATC Movie Club: "Holiday In The Wild" starring...
The Boys gather some snacks for the first edition of the SATC movie club and fire up Kristin Davis' new holiday Netflix movie "Holiday In The Wild". They talk Kristin Davis' environmental philanthropy, possible other SATC holiday movies, and the no-so-wel
44 min
S4EP15 - Change Of A Dress w/ HERStory On The R...
The Boys sit down with Allie Greenwood and Katie Bane of the podcast HERstory On The Rocks to talk ugly wedding dresses, the fear of being a mother, and the soft return of J.J. Mitchell to SATC.
57 min
SATC Personality Tests: The Enneagram w/ Saraja...
The Boys are back in the Girls' heads talkin' about personality theory and the Enneagram with Enneagram guru Sarajane Case of Enneagram And Coffee. Is Carrie a 4? Is Samantha an 8? Yes Steve is a 3, as in he sinks 3's from the line EVERY TIME. 
56 min
SATC Interviews: Every Outfit On SATC (Chelsea...
The Boys sit down and interview authors Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni of @everyoutfitonsatc about their book, We Should All Be Mirandas: Life Lessons from Sex and the City’s Most Underrated Character.  Chelsea and Lauren talk about discovering t
42 min
S4EP14 - All That Glitters w/ JTB (Just the Boys)
The Boys sit down and again riff with just themselves! They sample some SATC chocolate from a listener (thanks Miss Maude's! check them out at @virginialiving), talk about the continual redemption of Trey, and cringe at Carrie and Aidan's relationship. Be
54 min
S4EP13 - The Good Fight w/ JTB (Just the Boys)
The Boys sit down and riff with no one but themselves! They talk about Panera vs Pantera, if Big could fly, gag gifts at Spencer's Gifts, preventative hair loss routines, and their love of Richard.
59 min
S4E12 - Just Say Yes w/ David Goldberg (Writer,...
he Boys sit down and chat with writer and host of The Luminaries podcast, David Goldberg! They talk about marriage proposals both successful and unsuccessful, dying eyebrows, Trey's Juggs collection, and what makes for an "easy" relationship.
59 min
SATC Personality Tests: Myers-Briggs
The Boys take a Season 4 break to dive deep into the psyche of the ladies of SATC with the "science" (not science) of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. Is Samantha an extrovert? (Ummm.) Is Miranda a Sensing personality? Is Charlotte ever going
53 min
S4E11 - Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda w/ Tiff Stevens...
The Boys comedian from across the pond Tiff Stevenson! They talk Lucy Liu's cameo, Samantha's constant repeating of "Coulda Woulda Shoulda!", and Miranda's abortion decision and how it relates to Tiff's new hour of stand up.
57 min
S4E10 - Belles Of The Balls w/ Becs Gentry (NYC...
The Boys welcome fitness guru, Peleton instructor, and SATC fan Becs Gentry. Becs talks SJP's fitness regimen, Aidan and Big's mud wrestling, and Samantha's most moving scene we've seen so far.
63 min
Boots on the Ground - Tortilla Flats
Instead of chatting in a dusty old recording studio, the Boys try something a little different and go out into the world for some BOOTS ON THE GROUND reporting at a historic SATC location, the NYC restaurant Tortilla Flats. Tortilla Flats was an instituti
48 min
S4EP9 - Sex and the Country w/ Ophira Eisenberg...
The Boys welcome comedian and host of NPR's Ask Me Another, Ophira Eisenberg.  It was a real treat for the Boys to sit down with this radio pro and discuss the tedious work involved in caring for orchids, motherhood, and sustainable lingerie. 
68 min
S4EP8 - My Motherboard, My Self w/ Marcia Bels...
The Boys welcome 2018 Time Out comedian of the year, Marcia Belsky.  The boys go through a wide range of emotions with Marcia.  They talk death, feminism, early 2000's technology, and a healthy work/life/masturbation balance.
59 min
S4EP7 - Time and Punishment w/ Anna Roisman (Co...
The Boys welcome back Anna Roisman, comedian and host of HQ Words.  The boys chat with Anna about having the "cool parents", helping naked hurt friends, fanny packs, and a straight-hair Carrie theory.
55 min
S4EP6 - Baby, Talk is Cheap w/ Dan Clay (Carrie...
The Boys welcome back their first repeat guest, truly one of the greats, Dan Clay aka Carrie Dragshaw.  The boys chat with Dan about how horrible they are at rating the men in Sex and the City, the conception of the internet, fake nipples, and butt-stuff
66 min
S4EP5 - Ghost Town w/ Emily Panic (Comedian)
The Boys welcome comedian and Sex and the City enthusiast, Emily Panic.  The boys chat about Emily's time working at St. Marks Comics, getting along with one's in-laws (Bunny), and running into an ex in NYC.
60 min
S4EP4 - What's Sex Got To Do With It? w/Kurt Os...
The Boys welcome Editor and Creative Director Kurt Osenlund, guest editor of Playboy and former editor of Out Magazine. They talk Samantha and her new female flame, Miranda's hot make outs with chocolate, and a WILD underground sex party Kurt covered for
59 min
S4EP3 - Defining Moments! w/Jera Foster-Fell (L...
The Boys welcome lifestyle influencer Jera Foster-Fell. They talk jazz music, bathroom behavior in front of a partner, and what truly defines a relationship!  Jera weighs in on which SATC lady would be the strongest Instagram Influencer.
59 min
S4EP2 - The Real Me! w/Carme Boixadera (Model)
The Boys welcome model Carme Boixadera. They talk what modeling is really like, taking nude pictures, and how this could be the most star-studded episode yet! Carme even teaches the boys how to walk the runway without tripping.
60 min
S4EP1 - The Agony and the 'Ex'-tacy! w/Akilah H...
The Boys are SO glad to be BACK with SEASON 4 and welcome their friend Akilah Hughes to get into it! They talk Carrie getting stood up for her birthday, the question of soulmates, and spot-on NYC construction worker acting.
65 min
Cosmo Ratings For Every Guy In S3
Before diving into Season 4 the Boys buckle down to give a Cosmo rating to every Guy from Season 3! They say New York City is the 5th character in SATC but what about the Seth Robinson (played by Jon Bon Jovi) or Greg, Charlottes Hampton's fling who gave
49 min
Cosmo Ratings For Every Guy In S2 Pt. 2
Before diving into Season 4 the Boys buckle down to give a Cosmo rating to every Guy from Season 2 Part 2! They say New York City is the 5th character in SATC but what about the Seth Robinson (played by Jon Bon Jovi) or Greg, Charlottes Hampton's fling wh
53 min
Cosmo Ratings For Every Guy In S2 Pt. 1
Before diving into Season 4 the Boys buckle down to give a Cosmo rating to every Guy from Season 2. They say New York City is the 5th character in SATC but what about the New Yankee or Thor, Samantha's gym instructor, and personal groomer? Which character
52 min
Comso Ratings For Every Guy In S1
Before diving into Season 4 the Boys buckle down to give a Cosmo rating to every Guy from Season 1. They say New York City is the 5th character in SATC but what about Capote Duncan or Bernie Turtletaub? Which characters are they!? They deserve ratings too
51 min
Season 3 Wrap Up
The Boys finished Season 3 and are here to wrap it up. They talk their favorite S3 moments, what they expect in S4, and address fan questions and comments from YOU.
74 min
S3EP18 - Cock A Doodle Doo! w/Katie Tutrone (Co...
The Boys welcome aspiring meteorologist and weather girl of yesterday Katie Tutrone. They talk clouds, roosters, and the season finale of Season 3!
69 min
S3 EP17 - What Goes Around Comes Around w/Marc ...
The Boys welcome "Ozark" actor Marc Menchaca and talk how he should've been on SATC, his attraction to Samantha, and his early acting days in NYC. 
63 min
S3 EP16 - Frenemies w/Jacqueline Trumbull (The ...
The Boys sit down with Jacqueline Trumbull from Season 22 of "The Bachelor" and talk about having to meet your husband on TV, Charlotte and Samantha's friend fights, and how realistic reality TV really is.
71 min
S3 EP15 - Hot Child in the City w/George Gordon...
The Boys talk with NYC comedian George Gordon about great music and NYC bands, the great writing of this SATC episode, and their own blessed adolescence.
62 min
S3 EP14 - Sex and Another City w/Amy Lee (Evane...
The Boys talk to Amy Lee of Evanescence! They talk LA vs NY, why three guys enjoy like Sex and the City, and she answers lots of Evanescence fan questions!
78 min
S3 EP13 - Escape From New York
The Boys talk LA, LA vs NY, Matthew McConaughey, how time is a flat circle, and whether Carrie should've rented a stick shift or not (no she shouldn't have).
56 min
S3 EP12 - Don't Ask Don't Tell w/ Lucinda Deger...
The Boys talk with Lucinda Degerlund, a fashion blogger and influencer and major SATC enthusiast. They talk tall girl fashion, what it's like to have TWO masters degrees, and Carrie and Charlotte's incredible conversation before Charlotte ties the knot.
64 min
S3 EP11 - Running With Scissors w/ Dylan Hiester
The Boys welcome friend, consumer of many podcasts, and SATC fan Dylan Hiester. They talk Carrie and Big's constant bad behavior, how great Mario Cantone is, and how Dylan would totally have been a guy one of the girls dated in SATC. 
64 min
S3 EP10 - All Or Nothing w/ Jonathan Valdez (Fa...
The Boys welcome fashion blogger Jonathan Valdez and talk the changing nature of NY Fashion Week, how great Bunny is, and how Carrie and Big are bad bad people.
61 min
S3 EP9 - Easy Come, Easy Go w/ JTB (Just The Boys)
The Boys talk about Aidan's redeeming qualities and how Big and Carrie are a mess, their personal history with pop punk and New Found Glory, and they talk cocktails sponsored by Absolut Elyx.
63 min
S3 EP8 - The Big Time w/ JTB (Just The Boys)
The Boys are back and the have big news - they've got a brand new sponsor, Elyx Vodka! They talk Steve's bad behavior, the mystery of female bathrooms, and Len Schnieder's killer feather earring.
66 min
S3 EP7 - Drama Queens w/ Corinne Fisher ("Guys ...
The Boys sit down with comedian Corinne Fisher of the “Guys We Fucked” podcast and talk Aidan's ridiculous fashion and giant head, why Big is her man, and who this new Trey guy is.
57 min
S3 EP6 - Are We Sluts?
The Boys are back for 2019! They compliment Kevin's figure from the Slow Carb Diet, talk taking an Uber Pool with Samantha, and explore how SATC is in a whole new gear at this place in the series.
62 min
Bradshaw Boys Family Holiday 2018
It's the most wonderful time of the year, The Bradshaw Boys Family Holiday Episode! The Boys, Producer Jeremy, and Katie - the voice of The Boys - talk SATC holiday merriment and read their very own SATC fan fiction and ho ho hooooly moly what a gift it i
34 min
S3 EP5 - No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts w/James Andrew ...
The Boys welcome a VERY special guest, host of James Andrew Miller's Origins Podcast, the man himself, James Andrew Miller. They talk about James interviewing everyone involved with SATC,  how he is the key to winning 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, and the ge
48 min
S3 EP4 - Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl...
The Boys introduce "Ank" - their new SATC fanfic character - and Jon hates it, they see Alanis Morissette and sing all her hits, and compare themselves to Carrie and can't help but wonder if they could handle gender fluidity questions better than Carrie c
50 min
S3 EP3 - Attack of the 5'10" Woman w/ Jessica S...
The Boys sit down with fashion designer for KENDALL + KYLIE, Jessica Schwartz. They talk men’s and women’s locker room horrors, how all women - even Natasha - feel threatened, and have a great Steve talk with a special guest appearance by Magda.
59 min
S3 EP2 - Politically Erect
The Boys are on their own (even without their producer Jeremy) and they're feeling lonely until they open some FAN MAIL for their beloved listeners. They talk more John Slattery, Cynthia Nixon's fantastic acting, and they announce the WINNER and who's goi
63 min
S3 EP1 - Where There's Smoke... w/ "Speaking Of...
In the Season 3 premiere The Boys do their first ever cross pod with The Girls - the girl from the Speaking Of Carrie SATC podcast! They talk how great John Slattery is, Charlotte's drunk dancing, and Staten Island, NY. 
69 min
Season 2 Recap
It's the Season 2 Wrap Up! The Boys made it through Season 2, they met Steve, and they're heard it only gets better from here. Listen as they go back through their Cosmo ratings, talk about their favorite S2 eps, and what they think and hope they'll see i
65 min
S2 EP18 - Ex And The City w/Elizabeth Cook (Cou...
The Boys make it to the end of Season 2 and sit down with Country musician and major SATC fan Elizabeth Cook. They talk country music and Elizabeth's over 400 appearances at the Grand Ole Opry, Elizabeth's distaste for Steve and his basketball shorts, and
64 min
S2 EP17 - Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Som...
The Boys sit down with just The Boys at the suggestion of one of their fabulous listeners. They take listener questions and talk which weird guy character they'd be if they were in SATC, Hamptons life and what it's really like, and witness some real SATC
62 min
S2 EP16 - Was It Good For You? w/Jeremy Balon (...
The Boys sit down with another Boy they always sit down with - their producer Jeremy Balon of The Bradshaw Boys and The Adventures of Danny and Mike Podcast! They check in on comments from listeners (YOU GUYS), explore Samantha and Charlotte's catty relat
60 min
S2 EP15 - Shortcomings w/Greg Young ("The Bower...
The Boys talk with Greg Young of the wildly popular NYC history podcast The Bowery Boys. They talk the ever changing nature of NYC, how great Valerie Harper is and Jason Bateman's early career, and the SATC second coming of Justin Theroux.  
58 min
S2 EP14 - The F**K Buddy w/Kerry Ipema ("One Wo...
The Boys sit down with Kerry Ipema, the co-creator and star of the upcoming Off-Broadway show "One Woman SATC". They talk bad Scottish accents, theater festivals like the Edinburgh Fringe Fest, and how great of a comedic actor Dean Winters is (aka Dennis
53 min
S2 EP13 - Games People Play w/Katie Sieber (Act...
The Boys sit down with a very familiar face and VOICE, Katie Sieber, the announcer for The Bradshaw Boys! They talk embracing SATC on musical theater tours, what it's like to record in the luxurious Hamptons (where they recorded this ep), and theorize abo
59 min
S2 EP12 - La Douleur Exquise! w/Alyssa Limperis...
The Boys sit down with comedian and actor Alyssa …
58 min
S2 EP11 - Evolution w/Alison Maclean (SATC Dire...
The Boys sit down with real life SATC director Al…
54 min
S2 EP10 - The Caste System w/Marie Cecile Ander...
The Boys sit down with the the very funny and talented Marie Anderson of NYC’s “Reformed Whores” comedy duo. They talk Carrie’s bad party manners, lament over bad Dim Sum puns, and have a delightful “Steve Talk” with a brand new theme song!
66 min
S2 EP9 - Old Dogs, New Dicks w/Jo Weldon ( "The...
The Boys sit down with author, performer, and burlesque legend Jo Weldon, headmistress of the New York School of Burlesque. They talk about old seedy NYC, grown up circumcision, have another Steve Talk™️, and hear about the NYC burlesque scene from Jo
54 min
S2 EP8 - The Man, the Myth, The Viagra
The Boys talk to a guest they’ve been dying to connect with: THE LISTENERS (aka YOU GUYS)!! They read tweets and comments from listeners and meet the man of their dreams when STEVE finally shows up! And they hold their first official Steve Talk: A podca
50 min
S2 EP7 - The Chicken Dance w/Rebekah Melocik (N...
The Boys sit down with NYC musical lyricist and playwright Rebecca Melocik who is a Sex and the City fan but also a BRADSHAW BOYS FAN! (We are very flattered.) They talk about Carrie's analytical dating process, how Mr. Big is a whale shark, and how The B
56 min
S2 EP6 - The Cheating Curve w/Jennifer Keishin ...
The Boys sit down have their first repeat guest - New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong! They talk about her new book “Sex and the City and Us”, what the BEST New York show is, and we reveal the winners of our trivia contest who
58 min
S2 EP5 - Four Women and a Funeral w/Matt Whitak...
The Boys sit down with 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' writer, native New Yorker, and longtime SATC fan, Matt Whitaker. They talk hottt fashion designers, which founding fathers make the best Samantha, and they watch their first SATC funeral.
56 min
S2 EP4 - They Shoot Single People Don't They? w...
The Boys welcome longtime SATC trivia host and SATC superfan Felicia Pollack! Felicia, a native New Yorker, talks about her love for Steve (oh one day The Boys will meet him!), how she secretly watched as a teen, and hosts our first prize giveaway where Y
57 min
LIVE from the Bell House in Brooklyn, NY
Here's our very first LIVE episode from our LIVE show, 6/12/18, at The Bell House in Brooklyn! For the 20th Anniversary of the Sex and the City, the Boys read scenes from the show, give out prizes (ahem, RABBIT), show off a giant erotic themed cake someon
79 min
S2 EP3 - The Freak Show w/Jackie Willis (Senior...
The Boys sit down with Entertainment Tonight Sr. Editor Jackie Willis and talk freaks, "The Greatest Showman" and SATC crossover, and how this episode is the grossest one Jackie's ever seen.
57 min
S2 EP2 - The Awful Truth w/Versha Sharma (Manag...
The Boys welcome Versha Sharma, Managing Editor of NowThisNews and talk people with double first names, Mr. Big's basket case friend, and they see their very first COSMO!!
51 min
S2 EP1 - Take Me Out to the Ballgame w/Eliot Gl...
SEASON TWO PREMIERE! The Boys chat with writer/comedian Eliot Glazer ("Broad City", "Younger") and talk baseball puns, Samantha's 'honey!' voice, and how bad the locker room security is at Yankee Stadium.
61 min
Season 1 Recap
In the SEASON ONE RECAP the boys discuss some of their favorite moments from their first season, respond to some voicemails from you fine listeners and basically dish!
60 min