The Bradshaw Boys : A Sex and the Cit...

A podcast where three relatively grown men (Cory Cavin, Jon Sieber, Kevin James Doyle) watch the iconic HBO series Sex and the City for the first time ever and then discuss. Produced by Jeremy Balon at Seltzer Kings Studios in Brooklyn. Support the boys on Patreon: and follow them on social media @thebradshawboys

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Remembering Willie Garson
The Boys discuss the sad news of Willie Garson's death and they revisit their full interview with him from 2020. Thank you Willie, RIP.
66 min
S3 EP7 REWATCH - Drama Queens
The Boys talk Carrie overthinking through their rewatch goggles, re-meet their favorite man Trey, and reminisce about Rudy's bar in NYC.
63 min
S3EP5 REWATCH - "No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts"
Kevin and Cory are still Jonless but they aren't Aidanless because they finally re-meet Aidan and talk Carrie and Aidan early red flags, Charlotte's face licker lover, and Samantha's touchy relationship storyline with a restauranteur's brother.
64 min
S3EP3 REWATCH - "Attack Of The 5'10" Woman"
The Boys are back together - sort of. Jon sends a voicemail in to catch us up on life, and Cory and Kevin talk spas and Samantha harassing a masseuse.
68 min
S3EP1 REWATCH w/ Chloe Radcliffe (Comedian, "To...
The Boys welcome the hilarious Chloe Radcliffe to the pod and talk John Slattery's hotness, romantic subway encounters, and Hot Person Privilege.
60 min
S2E17 REWATCH - 20-Something Girls vs. 30-Some...
Kevin and Cory get back in there with their illustrious producer Jeremy while Jon is out on baby leave and talk the mystique of The Hamptons, the disappearance of crabs, and trying to stay on task while Dad (Jon) is out.
54 min
Bradshaw Boys BrAdvice & Voicemail Party Line
A teaser of the Boys taking your calls and emails to give entirely unqualified advice. Hear the entire episode by subscribing to The Boys on Patreon.
17 min
S2EP15 REWATCH - Shortcomings
The Boys talk the second coming of Justin Theroux, dating your friends' siblings, and how Equinox is the best gym Jon's ever been to.
51 min
S2EP13 REWATCH - Games People Play
The Boys talk Carrie and Jon Bon Jovi, games, and Cory and Jon play Rock Paper Scissors.
63 min
S2EP11 REWATCH - Evolution
The Boys talk face shields, Jon's high school Samantha/Dominic moment, and leaving stuff at an SO's place.
58 min
S2EP9 REWATCH w/ Jared Freid ("The Betchelor" P...
The Boys talk with comedian and podcast host Jared Freid about why people like Steve, why relationships involve scheduling, and The Bachelor.
60 min
S2EP7 REWATCH - The Chicken Dance
The Boys are back in person and talk weddings, buying toothbrushes for people, and Kevin's meetup with Sean Astin.
54 min
S2EP5 REWATCH w/ Chinae Alexander ('Press Send'...
The Boys reunite with their first guest EVER, their friend, the internet's own Chinae Alexander! And they're back in the studio! They talk Miranda and apartment ghosts, being a Samantha, and funeral dress codes.
59 min
B Boys Voicemail Party Line *PATREON TEASER*
The Boys dig into the B Boys Voicemail Inbox and answer calls from YOU, our beloved listeners. They talk about cheating boyfriends (and fathers!?), hear from a real life Witch of Eastwick, and what they think about the Real Housewives all in this Patreon only ep.
26 min
S2EP3 REWATCH w/ Alison Roman (Chef, Cookbook A...
The Boys talk to chef and cookbook author Alison Roman about why you don't need to soak your beans, which SATC bf looks like Pete Buttegieg, and whether or not being single past 30 makes you a freak.
66 min
S2EP1 REWATCH w/ Tracie Egan Morrissey (host of...
The Boys talk to podcast host, writer, and Jezebel founder Tracie Egan Morrissey watch S2E1 and talk feminist zine culture, palm pilots, and the Jock Jams and the New Yankee.
67 min
S1 EP11 REWATCH - The Drought
The Boys talk Kevin's spot on April Fool's Day pranks, whether men want women to actually be real people, and farts and droughts.
62 min
S1 EP9 REWATCH - The Turtle And The Hare
The Boys rewatch The Turtle And The Hare and talk their fav mushrooms compared to Bernie Turtletaub's, the introduction of The Rabbit, and the future evolution of Carrie and Big's relationship.
61 min
SATC Interviews: Lindsey Metselaar On Dating an...
The Boys sit down with Lindsay Metselaar, the host of We Met At Acme - the brilliant relationships and dating podcast. - and what was at first a rewatch episode becomes a relationship and all things SATC conversation. They talk SATC S1E9, dating, SATC horoscopes, how guys can be more self aware, Aidan, and so much more.
58 min
S1 EP7 REWATCH - The Monogamists
The Boys rewatch The Monogamists and talk Skipper and Miranda's reunion, monogamy, and how much scheduling could be involved for multiple partner relationships.
61 min
S1 EP5 REWATCH - The Power Of Female Sex
The Boys rewatch The Power of Female Sex and talk Charlotte using her iPad camera to take photos, Skipper and Carrie's friendship, and ask our listeners if Amalita is Eurotrash.
60 min
S1E3 REWATCH - Bay of Married Pigs
The Boys rewatch Bay of Married Pigs and talk Carrie vs. Hamptons pepper grinder dude, men who need to get married, and the differences between married life and single person life.
61 min
S1E1 REWATCH - Sex And The City (Pilot)
The Bradshaw Boys SATC Rewatch is HERE and it's time to join The Boys for the biggest SATC rewatch party to get everyone caught up for the SATC reboot And Just Like That. They talk the watershed moment they are in now they've watched SATC in full, how insanely crowded Club Chaos looks, and how they love Capote Duncan but love so many other things about SATC now.
60 min
SATC 2 FAST 2 FURIOUS Listener Question Discuss...
The Boys are DONE with Sex and the City - they finished the 2nd movie and are DONE with everything!
64 min
Sex and the City 2: The Movie - Part 2
The Boys are back to break down the second half of SATC 2: The Movie. They talk Carrie and Aidan's problematic reunion, the amazing Miranda and Charlotte talk scene, and the fact they have NOW watched all the SATC content out there just like the rest of the world.
58 min
Sex and the City 2: The Movie - Part 1
The Boys have heard it all about Sex And The City 2 and they are ready to decide for themselves - it's time for the second movie! They strap in for for part 1 of a 2 part episode and talk Big loving takeout, Stanford and Anthony's INSANE wedding, and a luxurious flight on Abu Dhabi airlines.
68 min
Sex And The City: The Movie - Part 3
It's the finale of The Boys' SATC Movie journey, Part 3 of 3! They finish the movie and talk Steve and Miranda's make up, Carrie and Big's downsized wedding, and meeting Mr. John Preston! Big has a name!
70 min
Sex And The City: The Movie - Part 2
The Boys continue their watch of Sex And The City the movie, breaking down the next 1/3 of the movie. They talk whether the SATC movie is as good as the TV show, why Miranda shouldn't have changed who she was for Steve, and how they're turning the SATC movie watching experience into a live show extravaganza as soon as movie theaters open up again in NYC.
59 min
Sex And The City: The Movie - Part 1
The Boys are going to the movies, specifically the first Sex And The City movie. They discuss the best way to digest the movie and decide to dive into the first 1/3 of SATC. They talk Carrie and Big's engagement and wedding planning stress, Steve's cheating (!!!!), and how much they miss eating tubs of movie theater popcorn.
65 min
Relationship BrADVICE & The SATC Reboot Announc...
The Boys are doing something [tilts head, smirks] a little bit different. They asked for your SATC and real life relationship questions and they do their best to dole out advice in our first episode of BrADVICE. Thanks to all who submitted questions! PLUS they talk about the HUGE news that dropped this week, the SATC Reboot!
77 min
The First Ever Sex and The City Christmas Episode
Did you know SATC has ZERO holiday episodes? It's true. None. The Boys decided to remedy this and write their own SATC Christmas episode. Call the networks!
47 min
Bradshaw Boys Movie Club: New Years Eve
It's the final Boys episode of 2020 and what better way to close out the year than with one of the most insane and star studded NYE movies ever: New Years Eve! The Boys watch and discuss this weird gem of a movie that stars Sarah Jessica Parker and 100 other A-List stars. Happy New Year!
62 min
SATC Interviews: Amy Harris (Writer for SATC)
The Boys are done watching SATC and now it's time to see how the sausage is made (Sex and the Sausage?) and they couldn't be happier to talk to one of the brains behind the show, SATC writer Amy B. Harris. They talk the REAL story behind Berger's Post-It note, writing stories with Michael Patrick King, and how they created the stories of SATC.
57 min
SATC Finale: Listener Question Mailbag w/ JTB
Yes The Bradshaw Boys completed their quest and watched SATC for the first time ever, mostly. But they couldn't have done it without the friends they made along the way, their favorites, YOU the listeners. Before they watched the final episode they put out a call for questions and boy did you all respond so here are THEIR answers to YOUR questions about the end of their first SATC experience.
58 min
SATC Finale Wrap Up w/ Jen Kirkman (Comedian)
Well they did it. The Boys watched all of SATC for the first time ever mostly and now they're here to talk about it with a friend they met along the way, and one of their favorite guests ever, the hilarious and thoughtful Jen Kirkman.
66 min
S6E20 - An American Girl In Paris (Part Deux) w...
Voila! The Boys made it to the end of SATC. Just as Carrie journeyed to Paris across the Atlantic, the Boys journeyed to this moment for over 2 years. They talk Big and Carrie's rendezvous, the slap (!), Carrie's final monologue of the series, and what it's like to finish SATC for the first time ever, mostly.
70 min
S6E19 - An American Girl In Paris (Part Une) w/...
The end is nigh. The Boys are on Part 1 (Une) of the SATC finale and what a ride it's been. They talk the roses and thorns of their SATC journey, wax nostalgic about Paris, and talk bout Big's solid moves in getting the ladies on his side.
63 min
S6E18 - Splat! w/ JTB
The Boys have heard about it and well, they finally saw it. SPLAT. Wow. This one really held up to the hype. The Boys talk Kristen Johnston being the ghost of Carrie's future, Wallace Shawn being Wallace Shawn, and the actual splat moment.
61 min
S6E17 - The Cold War w/ JTB
The Boys are going to war, a Cold War specifically. They talk Carrie and Miranda's opposite love stories, Charlotte being in a dog show, and the origin of the sex tape and why Samantha decided to make one.
64 min
S6EP16 - Out Of The Frying Pan w/ JTB
The Boys are back with a good ol' JTB ep to keep cruising through S6. They talk Petrovsky murdering mice, Carrie's serious talks about death, friends, and disease with Petrovsky and Samantha, and Miranda's move to BK baby! She lives amongst The Boys now!
64 min
S6E15 - Catch-38 w/ Olivia Petzy (Comedian, Doula)
The Boys talk with comedian and licensed doula Olivia Petzy to talk Carrie's late 30's motherhood questions, Steve and Miranda's upstate getaway and what it means to sacrifice for your partner, and the reality of pregnancy and medical visits for women.
68 min
S6EP14 - The Ick Factor w/ Dr. David Sieber (Pl...
The Boys talk with an extended member of the Bradshaw Boys family - Dr. David Sieber, a licensed plastic surgeon and Jon's brother! - to talk about a very serious Samantha episode and what it's like for a doctor to do breast augmentation. They also talk food poisoning in front of a significant other, Miranda and Steve getting hitched, and more Petrovsky.
66 min
SATC Interviews: Adrienne Bailon Houghton (Host...
The Boys talk with singer, TV host, fashion designer, and SATC superfan Adrienne Bailon Houghton. Adrienne talks how her wedding was inspired by the final two episodes of SATC in Paris, cheating in relationships and how Carrie differs from Steve, and how her family bonds over Samantha.
36 min
SATC CAWFEE TAWK w/ JTB - **Patreon Teaser**
The Boys take a listener suggestion and indulge themselves in one of their favorite topics - COFFEE. And they talk about what kind of coffee the SATC ladies would drink. Listen to this full ep by supporting The Boys on Patreon at
1 min
S6E13 - Let There Be Light w/ Harlan J. Alford
The Boys welcome real life professional dancer, a danseur and ballerino, an all around great guy, Harlan J. Alford. They talk about Petrovsky and what an amazing dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov is, the current state of Robert Leeds, and the most heartbreaking turn in Samantha's story they've seen so far.
67 min
S6E12 - One REWATCH w/ JTB
The Boys are doing something they've never done before...they're doing a REWATCH. SO much happened in S6E12 "One" that they are dedicating this entire episode to unpacking one of the biggest SATC eps they've seen so far. No new Cosmo Ratings, just more unpacking a great SATC ep. Also they talk about McDonalds' ordering strategies for at least 10 minutes.
51 min
SATC Superlatives **Patreon Teaser**
The Boys and Katie take listener questions and comments from their instagram about the best, sweetest, funniest, and best acted scenes on SATC and they talk about fondue chain restaurants. Listen to this full ep by supporting The Boys on Patreon at
1 min
S6E12 - One w/ Self Helpless Podcast (Taylor To...
The Boys team up with The Girls from the amazing Self Helpless podcast to watch a humdinger of an ep and finally meet Petrovsky! They talk Petrovsky's creepiness, Steve vs. Robert Leeds, and Jon's dadisms (Book Check!). Check out the Self Helpless podcast wherever pods are heard!
67 min
S6EP11 - The Domino Effect w/ JTB
The Boys are almost all the way through Season 6 Side A and boy-o-boy they got a humdinger of an episode with this one. They talk new podcast sponsorships, meeting Steve's gf Debbie, and which SATC lady is strong enough to go against her own moral code (Sartre and Kierkegaard comin' at ya).
65 min
SATC Interviews: Willie Garson
The Boys meet one of their favorites, a light in their lives and in SATC, Willie Garson, aka Stanford Blatch. They talk Willie's insanely long filmography, SATC casting stories, and they find out who Stanford married!?!? (As of this recording they still have not finished SATC so give em a break.)
59 min
Candace Bushnell Answers Listener Questions **P...
The Boys talk with Candace Bushnell, the real life Carrie Bradshaw, as she answers Bradshaw Boys listener submitted questions. What's her favorite episode? Which SATC did she go on a date with? Who did her mother hate? We couldn't help but wonder! Listen to this full ep by supporting The Boys on Patreon at
2 min
SATC Interviews: Candace Bushnell
Somebody pinch The Boys because they must be's an interview with the real life Carrie Bradshaw, CANDACE BUSHNELL!! The Boys and Candace talk Candace's life in 90's New York City, what the REAL Capote Duncan was like, and which SATC star she went to dinner with (we were surprised it wasn't Schmuel). And BONUS! Candace reads a chapter from her original landmark book, Sex and the City. Check out her new book Is There Still Sex In The City? wherever books are sold.
50 min
EsSex In The City **Patreon Teaser Clip**
The Boys read an email from Anita, a self-proclaimed Essex Girl who says her and her friends are from an older generation and loved Mr. Big. They talk what's appropriate to show on camera, how Girls and SATC mirror each other, and spoiling documentaries. Listen to this full ep by supporting The Boys on Patreon at
2 min
S6EP10 - Boy Interrupted w/ JTB
The Boys dig into guest star David Duchovny and perceptions of therapy, their growing love for Robert Leeds, and more important Howie talk.
64 min
S6EP9 - A Woman's Right To Shoes w/Katie Sieber...
The Boys are back together IN PERSON in the Hamptons with Katie, the voice of The Bradshaw Boys! It's a true B Boys reunion for a very important SATC ep. They talk shoes on vs. shoes off households, Anne Geddes babies, and Dr. Robert Leeds' incredible' style.
63 min
The Boys Write Their Own SATC Episode - **Patre...
Patreon teaser alert! The Boys share a snippet from a Patreon episode where they dream up and 'write' an SATC ep that never occurred - until now. If you want to hear more and support The Boys on Patreon go to
14 min
S6EP8 - The Catch w/ JTB
The Boys Carrie's pre-wedding hook up, how funny Mario Cantone is, and Charlotte's hugely important character arc on SATC.
61 min
S6EP7 - The Post-It Always Sticks Twice
Whoa! It happened! The Boys saw the Post-It episode! They talk so many other things - Miranda's skinny jeans, Samantha and TRL, NYC dive bars - but they really get into the Post-It. We're sorry! We can't! Don't hate us!
60 min
S6E6 - Hop, Skip and a Week w/ JTB
The Boys talk Charlotte dating and just how good Harry is, Miranda being great at her job, and more Smith/Samantha stuff.
70 min
S6E5 - Lights, Camera, Relationship w/ JTB
The Boys are back and talk Smith's new play, what it's really like to go an Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway play, and how Berger should've gotten Carrie a cab.
64 min
S6EP4 - Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little w/JTB
The Boys talk male insecurity, "he's just not that into you", and Charlotte and Harry's rough Shabbat fight where Charlotte takes a real dig and Harry loves his Mets.
57 min
S6EP3 - The Perfect Present w/ JTB
The Boys talk Berger and him flipping out over exes, Miranda and Steve drama, and Samantha makes Smith lose his job because they hook up at his job.
61 min
SATC Interviews: Tony Hale from S4E2 “The Real Me”
The Boys sit down with a real tiger of a man...Tiger himself from S4E2 of SATC and also Buster Bluth from Arrested Development, Gary from Veep, and Forky from Toy Story 4 - it's two time Emmy winner Tony Hale! They talk Tony's audition process for SATC, h
61 min
S6EP2 - Great Sexpectations w/ JTB
S6EP2 - Great Sexpectations w/ JTB
67 min
S6EP1 - Market To Market w/ JTB
And then The Boys started Season 6. It's been a wild ride and The Boys are HERE in the FINAL season of SATC and what a banger of a first ep it is. They talk Aidan and his lil' Tater baby guy, meet Chip Kilkenny, and talk how Miranda always gets gross scen
67 min
SATC Talk w/ Dr. Meghan Daly (NYC COVID Doctor)
The Boys sat down with Dr. Meghan Daly aka Meg, whom they met through The Bradshaw Boys'  I Heart NY Medical Workers episode. Meg reacts to hearing the cast of SATC give messages to her and all NYC Medical Workers, talks with The Boys about all their fav
53 min
SATC Fashion w/ NY Post Deputy Fashion Editor A...
If there's one thing The Boys often miss in the world of SATC it's the FASHUN. Hey, they're The Boys and they're not fashionistas but they sat down with a fashionista and fashion profsessional, the Deputy Fashion Editor of the NY Post, Anahita Moussavian,
54 min
SATC Interviews: Kristin Davis
It's our 100th episode and Season 5 finale and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than this: a talk with the wonderful and amazing "Charlotte York", aka KRISTIN DAVIS! Kristin takes The Boys behind the SATC curtain and talks about her SATC auditi
71 min
SATC March Bradness Tournament: The Finale!
Well it's all come down to this and it's time to finish the The BIG Dance...the March Bradness finale is here! The Boys play through the final rounds of March Bradness using their patented 5 dice rolling system and WHOA does it get intense. There are some
40 min
S5EP8 - I Love A Charade w/ The Bradshaw Boys F...
And just like that, we made it through Season 5! It's been a ride and the only way to wrap up the final episode of the season is with the whole Bradshaw Boys Family! Katie - the voice of the B Boys - and Jeremy - our producer - join The Boys to talk about
67 min
I Heart NY Medical Workers
The Boys are back this week with a very special episode. In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, they found out one of their listeners, Meg, is a doctor in the COVID ICU at NY Presbyterian / Weill Cornell and listens to the podcast on her commute to the
55 min
SATC March Bradness Tournament: Round 2 Results
March Bradness Round 2 is HERE. You thought the craziness stopped in Round 1? You thought there wouldn't be upsets and great match ups? THINK AGAIN. Bill Kelly, Mr. Big, SHMUEL. All the SATC boyfriends have come out to play in the tournament to decide who
41 min
S5E7 - The Big Journey w/ JTB
The Boys are back in NYC baby! Their LA trip was amazing but now they're back to their first love, the Big Apple and they're watching the penultimate episode of S5 of SATC! They talk about meeting Grumpy Cat IRL, what a good friend Samantha is, and how gr
64 min
SATC March Bradness Tournament: Round 1 Results
March Bradness is finally here and the first round of matchups is CRAZY! We explain how March Bradness works and go through the results of the first round of match ups. It. gets. NUTS. Who will go all the way to the finals? Listen to the first round to fi
43 min
S5E6 - Critical Condition w/ Courtney Pauroso (...
The Boys have their final LA interview (for now) and it's a great one with comedian and actress Courtney Pauroso! The Boys were blown away by Courtney's live show "Gutterplum" and loved talking to her about her comedy and SATC. 
64 min
SATC March Bradness Tournament Kickoff
It's the greatest tournament in all of SATC history...It's MARCH BRADNESS!  The ONLY tournament where SATC boyfriends compete to see who will win it all in the BIG dance. In this episode the Boys break down the brackets for March Bradness, the top 16 SAT
71 min
S5E5 - Plus One Is The Loneliest Number w/ Ever...
The Boys continue their LA vacay and take a drive up to the Hollywood Hills to talk with the fabulous, the amazing, the AUTHORITY on fashion and SATC, Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni of Every Outfit On Sex and the City. They talk book parties and what
73 min
S5E4 - Cover Girl w/ Jen Kirkman (Comedian)
The Boys continue their LA adventures! Hollywood! Walk of Fame! Sitting down with an ICONIC comedian?! They are still in shock they got to sit down and interview Jen Kirkman. They talk about the importance of men watching SATC, self-help, kissing after or
76 min
S5E3 - Luck Be an Old Lady w/Ben Weber (SKIPPER...
The Boys continue their adventures in LA! The tacos! The beach! The back of a real estate office with their most important guest yet?! They sit down with one of the actors from Sex and the City, Ben Weber, aka SKIPPER. They talk about what it was like aud
63 min
S5E2 - Unoriginal Sin w/Mamrie Hart (Comedian, ...
The Boys escaped from New York and are in LA baby! They sit down with comedian Mamrie Hart to talk about living in NYC, self help, and the importance of boom mic operators.
44 min
S5E1 - Anchors Away w/ JTB (Just The Boys)
We finally made it to Season 5 and The Boys couldn't be happier. We talk Fleet Week in NYC, rough NYC days, and if you actually get Two Great Loves. 
63 min
SATC Interviews: Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Win...
The Boys can die now. Because they just got off of a very special phone call with Carrie Bradshaw herself....SARAH JESSICA PARKER!! SJP called in to talk about her new wine, Invivo x SJP, and they're joined by the amazing sommelier Amanda McCrossin (@Somm
61 min
SATC Movie Club: "The Family Stone" starring Sa...
The Boys cozy up with each for the second move in the SATC movie club and watch Sara Jessica Parker's classic holiday movie "The Family Stone". They talk about family dynamics during the holidays, Diane Keaton, and do a couple too many impressions of Owen
48 min
Cosmo Ratings For Every Guy In S4
Before diving into Season 5 the Boys sit down with the voice of The Bradshaw Boys, Katie Sieber, to talk about all the guys of S4. They pitch their new books about Richard, Trey, and Aidan, and then talk about all the other dudes from S4. nstagram: ...
41 min
SATC Fan Fiction
The Boys sit down with Katie Sieber, the voice of the Bradshaw Boys, talk about their predictions for Season 5, and read some homespun SATC fan fiction! That's right, they couldn't help but wonder what the ladies of SATC would do after S4 so they wrote it
38 min
SATC Interviews: Ben Weber aka SKIPPER!
Whoa baby! The Boys have a call with a man close their hearts, Miranda's early bf, bodega cereal connoisseur, web designer and hopeless romantic, the one, the only SKIPPER aka actor Ben Weber. Ben talks acting with SJP and the entire cast of SATC, bar hop
40 min
S4E18 - I Heart NY w/ JTB (Just the Boys)
Just the Boys are back for Season 4 finale. They talk Carrie and Big and ask if you can be the master of your own fate, Miranda's baby, and the most Steve line of all time (Hey Danny!).
65 min
S4E17 - A "Vogue" Idea w/ JTB (Just the Boys)
It's just the boys for this episode so buckle up, it is a wild ride.  They sit down and discuss Sexesame and The Street, creepy pseudo father figures, Richards gap-teeth, and Carries father.  Be sure to rate The Bradshaw Boys 5 stars on iTunes and we’
56 min
S4E16 - Ring A Ding Ding w/ Lucie Pohl (Voice o...
The Boys sit down and chat with voiceover actress and comedian, Lucie Pohl! They talk about women farting on television, talking about money with friends and exes, and Carrie making trips to Mailboxes, Etc.
56 min
SATC Movie Club: "Holiday In The Wild" starring...
The Boys gather some snacks for the first edition of the SATC movie club and fire up Kristin Davis' new holiday Netflix movie "Holiday In The Wild". They talk Kristin Davis' environmental philanthropy, possible other SATC holiday movies, and the no-so-wel
44 min
S4EP15 - Change Of A Dress w/ HERStory On The R...
The Boys sit down with Allie Greenwood and Katie Bane of the podcast HERstory On The Rocks to talk ugly wedding dresses, the fear of being a mother, and the soft return of J.J. Mitchell to SATC.
57 min
SATC Personality Tests: The Enneagram w/ Saraja...
The Boys are back in the Girls' heads talkin' about personality theory and the Enneagram with Enneagram guru Sarajane Case of Enneagram And Coffee. Is Carrie a 4? Is Samantha an 8? Yes Steve is a 3, as in he sinks 3's from the line EVERY TIME. 
56 min
SATC Interviews: Every Outfit On SATC (Chelsea...
The Boys sit down and interview authors Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni of @everyoutfitonsatc about their book, We Should All Be Mirandas: Life Lessons from Sex and the City’s Most Underrated Character.  Chelsea and Lauren talk about discovering t
42 min
S4EP14 - All That Glitters w/ JTB (Just the Boys)
The Boys sit down and again riff with just themselves! They sample some SATC chocolate from a listener (thanks Miss Maude's! check them out at @virginialiving), talk about the continual redemption of Trey, and cringe at Carrie and Aidan's relationship. Be
54 min
S4EP13 - The Good Fight w/ JTB (Just the Boys)
The Boys sit down and riff with no one but themselves! They talk about Panera vs Pantera, if Big could fly, gag gifts at Spencer's Gifts, preventative hair loss routines, and their love of Richard.
59 min
S4E12 - Just Say Yes w/ David Goldberg (Writer,...
he Boys sit down and chat with writer and host of The Luminaries podcast, David Goldberg! They talk about marriage proposals both successful and unsuccessful, dying eyebrows, Trey's Juggs collection, and what makes for an "easy" relationship.
59 min
SATC Personality Tests: Myers-Briggs
The Boys take a Season 4 break to dive deep into the psyche of the ladies of SATC with the "science" (not science) of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. Is Samantha an extrovert? (Ummm.) Is Miranda a Sensing personality? Is Charlotte ever going
53 min
S4E11 - Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda w/ Tiff Stevens...
The Boys comedian from across the pond Tiff Stevenson! They talk Lucy Liu's cameo, Samantha's constant repeating of "Coulda Woulda Shoulda!", and Miranda's abortion decision and how it relates to Tiff's new hour of stand up.
57 min
S4E10 - Belles Of The Balls w/ Becs Gentry (NYC...
The Boys welcome fitness guru, Peleton instructor, and SATC fan Becs Gentry. Becs talks SJP's fitness regimen, Aidan and Big's mud wrestling, and Samantha's most moving scene we've seen so far.
63 min
Boots on the Ground - Tortilla Flats
Instead of chatting in a dusty old recording studio, the Boys try something a little different and go out into the world for some BOOTS ON THE GROUND reporting at a historic SATC location, the NYC restaurant Tortilla Flats. Tortilla Flats was an instituti
48 min