A podcast about bookstores, the books inside them, and book culture.
Society & Culture
E43: Bookstories Redux with John Evans of Diese...
52 min
E42: Richard Wolf, author of 'In Tune'
36 min
E41: Shawn Levy, author of The Castle on Sunset
33 min
E40: Danny Goldberg, author of Serving the Servant
manager of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain
52 min
E39: Community Bookstore (Brooklyn) / Stephanie...
45 min
E38: Brazos Bookstore / Ben Rybeck
40 min
E37: Geoff Dyer
on his new book 'Broadsword Calling Danny Boy' and more
36 min
E36: Susan Jaques, author of The Caesar of Paris
31 min
E35: Madhuri Vijay, author of The Far Field
A conversation with author, Madhuri Vijay, about her debut novel, The Far Field.
27 min
E34: Karen Bender, author of The New Order
A conversation with author and professor, Karen Bender, about her new book, The New Order.
28 min
E33: Kembrew McLeod, author of The Downtown Pop...
Kembrew McLeod discusses his new book, The Downtown Pop Underground
31 min
E32: Thomas Kohnstamm, author of Lake City
Thomas Kohnstamm discusses his debut novel, Lake City.
48 min
E31: Longfellow Books / Ari Gersen
A conversation with Ari Gersen, owner of Longfellow Books in Portland, ME
50 min
E30: Gallery Bookshop / Christie Olson Day
A conversation with Christie Olson Day, owner of Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino, CA
55 min
E29: David Kipen, editor of the book 'Dear Los ...
David Kipen discusses his new book, Dear Los Angeles: the City in Diaries and Letters, 1542 to 2018
29 min
E28: A conversation with Teena Apeles and Andre...
37 min
E27: Avid Bookshop / Janet Geddis
74 min
E26: A conversation with New York Times bestsel...
28 min
E25: Old Town Books / Ally Kirkpatrick
A conversation with Ally Kirkpatrick, owner of the newly launched Old Town Books in Alexandria, VA.
34 min
E24: Words (Maplewood, NJ) / Jonah Zimiles
A conversation with Jonah Zimiles, owner of Words Bookstore in Maplewood, NJ.
39 min
E23: A conversation with Rafe Bartholomew, auth...
A conversation with Rafe Bartholomew about his new book, Basketball: A Love Story. Topics discussed include: Bill Simmons (3:15), Super Teams (6:52), The ABA's legacy (11:33), The ABA's origin story (13:37), Becky Hammon (21:52), Michael Jordan...
64 min
E22: A conversation with Ryan Raffaelli of Harv...
A conversation with Ryan Raffaelli about his research on the independent bookstore industry. We discuss why he made bookstores a primary focus of his work, his research methodology, why bookstores are an anomaly in retail, what he thinks of Amazon's...
28 min
E21: BookBar / Nicole Sullivan
A conversation with Nicole Sullivan, owner of BookBar, a wine bar and bookstore in Denver, CO.
41 min
E20: POWERHOUSE Arena / Susanne Konig
A conversation with Susanne Konig of POWERHOUSE Arena in Brooklyn. 
30 min
E19: Off the Beaten Path Books / Bob Lingle
A conversation with Bob Lingle of Off the Beaten Path Books in Upstate New York.
31 min
E18: The Booksmith / Amy Stephenson
A conversation with Amy Stephenson of The Booksmith in San Francisco's Haight Ashbury neighborhood.
25 min
E17: The Last Bookstore / Josh Spencer
A conversation with Josh Spencer of The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles.
54 min
E16: Diesel / John Evans
A conversation with John Evans of Diesel, a bookstore in Brentwood, CA.
70 min
E15: Twenty Stories / Alexa Trembly & Emory Har...
A conversation with LA's mobile bookstore duo, Alexa Harkins and Emory Trembly, about building a concept from scratch, launching a successful Kickstarter campaign, pivoting, and books!
44 min
E14: LA librería / Chiara Arroyo & Celene Navar...
A conversation with Chiara Arroyo & Celene Navarette, co-owners of LA librería in Los Angeles. LA librería specializes in imported children's books from Spanish speaking nations around the world.
64 min
E13: Vroman's Bookstore / Allison Hill
A delightful in-studio conversation with Allison Hill, CEO and President of Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena and Book Soup in West Hollywood.
73 min
E12: Read it and Eat / Esther Dairiam
A conversation with management consultant turned bookstore entrepreneur, Esther Dairiam. She owns Read it and Eat, a culinary bookstore and event space in Chicago.
43 min
E11: Chevalier's Books / Darryl Holter
A wide-ranging conversation with Darryl Holter, co-owner of Chevalier's Books in the Larchmont neighborhood of Los Angeles. 
41 min
E10: Ada's Technical Books / Danielle Hulton
A conversation with Danielle Hulton, owner of Ada's Technical Books in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. 
43 min
E9: Stories (Echo Park) / Alex Maslansky
A conversation with Alex Maslansky, general manager and partner of Stories Books & Cafe in Echo Park, Los Angeles. 
33 min
E8: The Ripped Bodice / Bea & Leah Koch
A lively conversation with Bea & Leah Koch, co-owners of The Ripped Bodice in Culver City, CA. We discuss their successful Kickstarter campaign, the Romance industry and genre, their thoughts on diversity, publishing, Fabio and much more.
55 min
E7: Parnassus Books / Karen Hayes
A conversation with Karen Hayes, co-owner of Parnassus Books in Nashville. We talk about how she met and eventually partnered with acclaimed author Ann Patchett, her publishing background, the challenges and joys of opening a brand new bookstore, and...
30 min
E6: Green Apple Books / Pete Mulvilhill
A conversation with Pete Mulvilhill, co-owner of Green Apple Books in San Francisco, about Robin Williams, Oliver Sacks, bookstore longevity, bookstore expansion, San Francisco's changing demographics, and deeply philosophical insights about text...
29 min
E5: BookPeople / Steve Bercu
A conversation with Steve Bercu, owner of BookPeople in Austin, about SXSW, turning a fledgling store into one of the country's foremost book destinations, successfully stopping a chain store from opening next door, and having Amazon become his new...
50 min
E4: Barbara-jo's Books to Cooks / Barbara-jo Mc...
A conversation about books, cooking, Vancouver, Gordon Ramsay, and world travels with Barbara-jo McIntosh, owner of Barbara-jo's Books to Cooks in Vancouver.
48 min
E3: Books & Books / Mitchell Kaplan
A conversation about books, Miami, flotillas, basketball, and Joan Didion with Mitchell Kaplan, owner of Books & Books in Miami.
58 min
E2: Tattered Cover / Len Vlahos
A conversation with author Len Vlahos, owner of Tattered Cover in Denver.
40 min
E1: Book Soup / Nadine Vassallo
A conversation with Book Soup's GM, Nadine Vassallo, about book culture in Los Angeles, the industry at large, and what it's like running the culturally significant and influential bookstore on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.
35 min
Introducing 'Bookstories'
Alternate Thursdays presents Bookstories, a podcast about the business and culture of bookselling in the 21st century. It features conversations with booksellers, publishers, writers and patrons. The first season of guests include: Parnassus Books,...
1 min