Design Lab with Bon Ku

Does living in a well-designed city make you healthier? How can surfing increase your creativity? Have you ever wondered why hospitals are so ugly? Bon Ku is a physician and an avid fan of design, food, surfboarding, and Medicine. On DESIGN LAB, Bon and his guests tell stories at the intersection of design, science, and humanity. Listen each week and learn new insights, hacks, and design principles that you can apply to your own life. ISSN 2833-2032

Health & Fitness
Society & Culture
EP 128: Designing the Future of Food | Dan Barber
This week we talk about how real food is the best medicine.
30 min
EP 127: Designing Brand Strategy | Howard Belk
This week we talk about simplicity as a strategy.
36 min
EP 126: Designing with Neurodivergent People | ...
This week we talk about designing for diverse perspectives
30 min
EP 125: Designing Home-Based Care | Gregory Snyder
This week we talk about designing human-centered care, at home.
40 min
EP 124: Designing Nursing Care | Sarah DiGregorio
This week we talk about the story of nursing how it has shaped our world.
39 min
EP 123: Designing Oceans | Helen Czerski
Today we talk about building a healthy relationship with the ocean.
35 min
EP 122: Knock Knock, Hi with the Glaucomflecken...
This week, Bon talks about redesigning medicine with Will and Kristin Flanary (aka the Glaucomfleckens)!
51 min
EP 121: Designing for the Future | Manuel Lima
This week we talk about The New Designer: rejecting myths and embracing change.
33 min
EP 120: Designing Self-Care | Pooja Lakshmin
This week we talk about designing real self-care versus faux self care.
35 min
EP 119: Designing Dementia Care | Sandeep Jauhar
This week, we are talking about designing better dementia care.
29 min
EP 118: Designing Health Equity | Adriane Acker...
On today's episode, we are going to talk about designing for health equity.
41 min
EP 117: Designing Open-Source Medical Software ...
On today's episode, we are going to talk about designing open source medical software.
47 min
EP 116: Designing Hope in American Medicine | R...
On today's episode, we are going to talk about designing hope in American medicine.
36 min
EP 115: Designing the Built World for our Bodie...
In this episode, we talk about what a body can do and how we meet the built world.
39 min
EP 114: Designing with Biology | Ritu Raman
On today's episode, we are going to talk about designing with biology.
32 min
EP 113: Designing a Good Death | Sunita Puri
On today's episode, we are going to talk about designing a good death.
42 min
EP 112: Designing Careful and Kind Care | Domin...
How can revolt against industrialized healthcare? Can we design careful and kind care?
35 min
EP 111: Designing Sh*t | Saffron Cassaday
Today, we are going to take a deep dive into the promising therapy of fecal transplantation
32 min
EP 110: Designing for Behavior Change | Sherin...
Learn how behavioral designers are tackling the most complex health challenges on the planet.
40 min
EP 109: Designing Harm Reduction | Kimberly Sue
On today's episode, we are going to talk about designing harm reduction.
34 min
EP 108: Designing Through the Lens of Policy | ...
On today's episode, we are going to talk about design through the lens of policy.
48 min
EP 107: Designing the Hospital at Home | Helen ...
Can hospital care be delivered at home? Will the hospital of the future only consist of ERs, ORs and ICUs?
29 min
EP 106: Designing Health Across Scales | Joanne...
Health is not a luxury product. But why have our systems commodified health? How might we design health into our everyday lives?
34 min
EP 105: Designing for Creativity in Medicine | ...
What role does creativity play in the field of medicine?
39 min
EP 104: Designing the Future Healthcare Workfor...
Did you know that the healthcare industry is the largest employer in the U.S.? Learn how an economist turned healthcare entrepreneur is redesigning how we train the workforce of tomorrow.
32 min