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Does living in a well-designed city make you healthier? How can surfing increase your creativity? Have you ever wondered why hospitals are so ugly? Bon Ku is a physician and an avid fan of design, food, surfboarding, and Medicine. On DESIGN LAB, Bon and his guests tell stories at the intersection of design, science, and humanity. Listen each week and learn new insights, hacks, and design principles that you can apply to your own life. ISSN 2833-2032

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EP 114: Designing with Biology | Ritu Raman
On today's episode, we are going to talk about designing with biology.
32 min
EP 113: Designing a Good Death | Sunita Puri
On today's episode, we are going to talk about designing a good death.
42 min
EP 112: Designing Careful and Kind Care | Domin...
How can revolt against industrialized healthcare? Can we design careful and kind care?
35 min
EP 111: Designing Sh*t | Saffron Cassaday
Today, we are going to take a deep dive into the promising therapy of fecal transplantation
32 min
EP 110: Designing for Behavior Change | Sherin...
Learn how behavioral designers are tackling the most complex health challenges on the planet.
40 min
EP 109: Designing Harm Reduction | Kimberly Sue
On today's episode, we are going to talk about designing harm reduction.
34 min
EP 108: Designing Through the Lens of Policy | ...
On today's episode, we are going to talk about design through the lens of policy.
48 min
EP 107: Designing the Hospital at Home | Helen ...
Can hospital care be delivered at home? Will the hospital of the future only consist of ERs, ORs and ICUs?
29 min
EP 106: Designing Health Across Scales | Joanne...
Health is not a luxury product. But why have our systems commodified health? How might we design health into our everyday lives?
34 min
EP 105: Designing for Creativity in Medicine | ...
What role does creativity play in the field of medicine?
39 min
EP 104: Designing the Future Healthcare Workfor...
Did you know that the healthcare industry is the largest employer in the U.S.? Learn how an economist turned healthcare entrepreneur is redesigning how we train the workforce of tomorrow.
32 min
EP 103: Designing Planetary Health | Chethan Sa...
Did you know that the U.S. healthcare system is responsible for 10% of national greenhouse gas emissions? Learn how a pediatrician trained in landscape architecture is using clinical informatics and design to address the health impacts of climate change.
38 min
EP 102: Designing the Stage for Better Health |...
Learn how an architect is setting the stage for better health by design, the relationship between neuroscience and architecture and design diagnostics.
40 min
EP 101: Designing the Immune System of Mental H...
Learn about how Dr. Susan Swick is challenging the paradigm of mental health, redesigning the future of behavioral health facilities and why every community needs a gym for building our mental health resilience.
54 min
EP 100: Clip Show Special
Thank you for supporting us through 100 episodes and getting us to 100,000 downloads! In this episode, Bon and Rob play back some of our favorite clips from early episodes and reminisce about all we have learned along the way.
36 min
EP 99: Designing Caregiving | Edith Elliott and...
How can we design for trust? What is the most transformative force in healthcare? On today's episode, you're going to learn how students at a design class at Stanford started Noora Health.
36 min
EP 98: Designing the Future of Patient Safety |...
Learn about the creative journey of a Chinese immigrant who served as a Green Beret and then started a medical device company that uses AI to make hospitals safer.
39 min
EP 97: Designing Nature Prescriptions | Melissa...
Is your health suffering from nature deprivation? Why are doctors prescribing park prescriptions? Can nature exposure prevent the onset of chronic disease?
29 min
EP 96: Designing the Long Life | Ayse Birsel
Can we view life as a design project? What design principles can help us be more creative? Why should we start designing for the life we want as we grow older?
35 min
EP 95: Designing Environmental Health | Jennife...
How can we microdose nature into the built environment? What are the benefits of green spaces and who has access to them? What’s the story behind Billie Holiday’s song Strange Fruit?
45 min
EP 94: Designing for Disaster | Sheri Fink
How might we better prepare for disasters? What role did deadly design play in Hurricane Katrina? How does the concept of triage during a crisis reflect our values?
42 min
EP 93: Designing for Humanity | Platon
How does one of the world’s most renowned photographers humanize data? Can ordinary people do extraordinary things? What is true power?
48 min
EP 92: Designing Pandemic Survival | David France
Can we survive the next pandemic? How does the Covid-19 pandemic parallel the HIV pandemic? What lessons can we learn from the current global pandemic response?
39 min
EP 91: Designing for Complex Systems | Valerie ...
How does design excel at producing experience outcomes? What’s the role of a chief design officer? What does it look like for design to have a strategic role?
41 min
EP 90: Designing for Long Covid | Lekshmi Santhosh
How do you design care for patients with Long Covid? Will the pandemic lead to a redesign of medical education? Can design principles create safer standards in healthcare?
39 min