Design Lab with Bon Ku

Does living in a well-designed city make you healthier? How can surfing increase your creativity? Have you ever wondered why hospitals are so ugly? Bon Ku is a physician and an avid fan of design, food, surfboarding and Medicine. In each episode of DESIGN LAB, Bon and his guests tell stories about how the worlds of design, art, science and health intersect. Listen and learn new insights, hacks and design principles that you can apply to your own life. 

Health & Fitness
Society & Culture
EP 10: Designing Death | BJ Miller
Discover how you can live a fuller and more meaningful life by redefining your understanding of death.
39 min
EP 9: Spatial Justice | Craig Wilkins
In this episode, Bon and Craig talk about hip hop architecture, urban acupuncture and spatial justice.
57 min
EP 8: Designing with Data | Giorgia Lupi
Learn about Giorgia’s stunning data visualizations and why you should create your own personal data diary.
39 min
EP 7: Technology and Design | John Maeda
Bon and John talk about computational design, John shares some sage tips on creativity, and they both make way too many Star Wars references.
42 min
EP 6: Food as Medicine | Nicole Marquis
Challenge your misconceptions about a plant-based diet and get inspired to redesign your pantry.
42 min
EP 5: Designing for Equity | George Aye
Bon and George talk about how “gut checks” can inform our everyday decisions, their Asian identities, George’s journey to becoming a designer and why Bon was ashamed of the smell of kimchi.
39 min
EP 4: The Power of Making | Emily Pilloton
Bon and Emily talk about the power of making and you will be inspired to use your own hands to shape the world around you.
36 min
EP 3: Art, Storytelling & Medicine | Mike Natter
In his conversation with Bon, Mike shares how art helps him both as a doctor and a patient living with diabetes, embracing a creative mindset and being trolled on Instagram.
30 min
EP 2: Designing for Mental Health | Nzinga Harr...
Bon and Dr. Harrison discuss the stigma around mental health, redesigning our lives for better brain health and Bon’s unhealthy addiction to surfing.
41 min
EP 1: Sharing the Power of Design | Ellen Lupton
Bon and Ellen discuss DIY design, why healthcare needs design and how each one of us can become more creative.
34 min
Introducing: Design Lab with Bon Ku
We tell stories about how the worlds of design, art, science and health intersect!
1 min