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The Witcher - Season 1
52 min
His Dark Materials - S01E08 - Betrayal
122 min
His Dark Materials - S01E07 - The Fight to the ...
44 min
The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda, and Binge Culture -...
34 min
His Dark Materials – S01E06 – The Daemon-Cages
83 min
His Dark Materials - S01E05 - The Lost Boy
83 min
His Dark Materials - S01E04 - Armour
65 min
The Mandalorian and Rick and Morty with Gus Sorola
30 min
His Dark Materials - S01E03 - The Spies
78 min
The Mandalorian
38 min
His Dark Materials - S01E02 - The Idea of North
86 min
His Dark Materials - S01E01 - Lyra's Jordan
94 min
The Deuce - S03E08 - Finish It
59 min
Golden Compass (2017) - BONUS: Announcement on...
82 min
The Deuce - S03E07 - That's a Wrap
51 min
The Deuce - S03E06 - This Trust Thing
61 min
The Deuce - S03E05 - You Only Get One
60 min
The Deuce - S03E04 - They Can Never Go Home
56 min
The Deuce - S03E03 - Normal is a Lie
56 min
The Deuce - S03E02 - Morta di Fame
50 min
The Deuce - S03E01 - The Camera Loves You
63 min
The Boys Season Two Wrap, Harlots Season 3 Finale
55 min
The Righteous Gemstones, The Boys, and Cord-cut...
57 min
Harlots - 307
28 min
Harlots - 306
23 min
The Terror: Infamy Preview, Are the Disney Gods...
51 min
Harlots - 305
27 min
Harlots - 304
34 min
Trailer Talk! The Boys! Los Espookys!
56 min
Harlots - 303
32 min
Netflix shrinks, HBO Maximizes, David Harbour d...
44 min
Harlots - Episode 302
42 min
Apple TV+, Los Espookys
37 min
Harlots - 301 - Episode 1
45 min
Netflix Commercialization and Netflix's "Anima"
24 min
Years & Years, Legion Season 3
59 min
Das Boot, Edge of Democracy, Dark Season Two, T...
51 min
Black Mirror, Jinn, Leila, Ice on Fire
77 min
50 Million Download Q&A
200 min
I Am Mother, Black Mirror, Good Omens, Handmaid...
65 min
Chernobyl - Episode 5 - Vichnaya Pamyat
65 min
Deadwood: The Movie (2019)
71 min
Good Omens, Barry Season 2 Wrap Up
54 min
Chernobyl - Episode 4 - The Happiness of All Ma...
68 min
Fleabag, Dead to Me, The Perfection
40 min
Chernobyl - Episode 3 - Open Wide, O Earth
57 min
Catch-22, Fleabag, Muhammad Ali: What's My Name?
54 min
Chernobyl - Episode 2 - Please Remain Calm
47 min
Watchmen Trailer, State of the Union, Tuca & Be...
35 min
Chernobyl - Ep. 1 - 1:23:45
59 min
Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile / K...
56 min
Grass is Greener, Bonding, Beyonce's Homecoming...
46 min
Ramy Premiere, American Gods 205 & 206 - "The W...
Jim, Cecily and A.Ron are here for a round table on Hulu's new comedy, Ramy, and the latest two episode of Starz, American Gods. We all found Ramy to be really funny as well as insightful, and if you've had to struggle with your...
64 min
Black Summer, Special, You vs Wild
Jim and I talk about our initial thoughts on Netflix's new shows; Black Summer, Special, and You vs. Wild.  We ponder the age old question, what's harder to kill, the zombie genre or Bear Grylls?
36 min
Barry Season Two Opener and American Gods Episo...
Jim and A.Ron discuss their thoughts and feelings about the season opener for HBO's hilarious and thought-provoking Barry, then Cecily swings by the studio to talk American Gods (00:31:07) episode "The Greatest Story Ever Told". Support...
62 min
American Gods 202 - "The Beguiling Man" and 203...
A.Ron and Cecily are back and catching up on season two of Starz American Gods! We're definitely seeing some of the weaknesses the critics and some disgruntled fans have been complaining about in isolated scenes; the road trip with Wednesday and Nancy...
60 min
Love Death & Robots, The Case Against Adnan Syed
Jim and A.Ron give some brief thoughts on the brief episodes of Netflix's new gonzo animated anthology, Love, Death, and Robots, before beginning deliberations on HBO's new documentary, The Case Against Adnan Syed.  We'll be...
55 min
American Gods - 201 - House on the Rock
Cecily and A.Ron take over Bald Move TV to talk about the new season of Stars American Gods. While we have previously discussed the show in passing, we'll be taking longer looks at it this season, beginning with this premiere episode, "House...
47 min
Leaving Neverland, Into the Dark: Treehouse
Jim and I cover two semi-related topics, the horror genre take on #metoo that is Hulu's Into the Dark: Treehouse, as well as the documentary on Michael Jackson, Leaving Neverland that paints a compelling, credible, and disturbing picture of...
69 min
This Giant Beast that is the Global Economy
87 min
The Umbrella Academy, This Giant Beast, Documen...
Jim and A.Ron watched a near record amount of television this week! We finished The Umbrella Economy and Lorena, as well as offering first looks at the third season of Documentary Now and the new Prime Original, This...
91 min
The Umbrella Academy / Lorena
Jim and A.Ron have seen The Umbrella Academy and Lorena, Netflix and Amazon originals respectively. The Umbrella Academy is a smart, fun take on the X-Men universe with some Noah Hawley DNA mixed in. Lorena is a four...
39 min
Russian Doll and Black Earth Rising
Jim and A.Ron take a look at Netflix's new darkly comedic take on the Groundhog Day concept, Russian Doll. Starring Natasha Lyonne, it offers a funny, inventive, and interesting take on the human condition, what being happy and...
56 min
Kingdom, Black Earth Rising
Jim and A.Ron give their thoughts and opinions on the entire first season of Netflix's Korean medieval zombie series, Kingdom, as well as the first two episodes of Black Earth Rising. Kingdom is much needed breath of fresh air...
60 min
Baldies 2018 - Awards Ceremony
Welcome to the fifth annual Baldies Awards, the most prestigious Cincinnati-based podcast fake awards show on the planet, where we honor the outstanding achievements in film, television, and Bald Move podcasting for the year! This is the main event,...
46 min
Baldies 2018 - Best Female Actor, Worst Career ...
Unlike many other, actual awards shows that are taken seriously by the industry, we're not content to merely rip open some envelopes and throw some confetti and that's that. Oh, no. We sweat the details and record audio and video of all the debates...
99 min
Baldies 2018 - Best Drama, Best Debut / Pilot, ...
Unlike many other, actual awards shows that are taken seriously by the industry, we're not content to merely rip open some envelopes and throw some confetti and that's that. Oh, no. We sweat the details and record audio and video of all the debates...
109 min
Baldies 2018 - Best Male Actor, Best Commission
Unlike many other, actual awards shows that are taken seriously by the industry, we're not content to merely rip open some envelopes and throw some confetti and that's that. Oh, no. We sweat the details and record audio and video of all the debates...
102 min
Baldies 2018 - Best Comedy, Biggest Miss, Bigge...
Unlike many other, actual awards shows that are taken seriously by the industry, we're not content to merely rip open some envelopes and throw some confetti and that's that. Oh, no. We sweat the details and record audio and video of all the debates...
110 min
The Punisher - Season 2 Wrapup
Jim and I haven't finished The Punisher season 2 yet, but we've seen enough to tap out as viewers. As we discuss in our spoiler filled review, The Punisher has the chief sin of all these Marvel/Netflix collaborations; a bloated 13...
37 min
Fyre (Netflix) and Fyre Fraud (Hulu)
Netflix and Hulu had dueling documentaries on doomed Fyre music festival, Fyre, and Fyre Fraud respectively. With slightly different focuses, the documentaries broadly outline how founder Billy McFarland built several ponzi schemes...
66 min
The Punisher and Star Trek: Discovery
We take a look at the first few episodes of seasons two of both Netflix's The Punisher as well as CBS's Star Trek: Discovery!
57 min
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
Jim and A.Ron have explored the latest Black Mirror mindf$#%, Bandersnatch. Essentially a choose your own adventure book turned into an interactive Netflix app, Bandersnatch periodically pauses to ask you how the narrative should...
58 min
The Romanoffs - 108 - The One That Holds Everyt...
Amazon Prime's The Romanoffs arrives at the finish line in "The One That Holds Everything". If you were hoping that this would be the one that really brings into focus Weiner's thesis for The Romanoffs, you're probably walking away...
49 min
The Romanoffs - 107 - End of the Line
This, by our estimation, is the second best episode of Amazon Prime's The Romanoffs, but unfortunately, that's not saying much about "End of the Line". It features fairly engaging material involving a couple desperate to have a child engaging in...
47 min
The Romanoffs - 106 - Panorama
Jim and A.Ron think this latest episode of Amazon's The Romanoffs, "Panorama" is a mess. At best, it's a mildly interesting yet gorgeous travelogue for Mexico City. At worst, it's a poorly, written, directed, acted, and edited mess that seems to have...
41 min
The Deuce - 209 - Inside the Pretend
HBO's The Deuce wrapped up it's second season in fine style, with the finale episode "Inside the Pretend". Simon and Pelecanos did an admirable job putting all their players in position to make the jump to the 80's. The pimps seem on the wane, the...
75 min
The Romanoffs - 105 - Bright and High Circle
The fifth episode of Amazon's The Romanoffs has something to say, but we're not sure what it is, if it's worth saying, and if Matthew Weiner is the right spokesperson for the message, which seems to be; the worst thing you can be accused of...
76 min
The Deuce - 208 - Nobody Has to Get Hurt
Jim and A.Ron are here to gush about the penultimate episode of this season's The Deuce, "Nobody Has to Get Hurt". Of course, that means that someone will have to. The person who gets the hammer felt shocking and also inevitable in...
83 min
The Romanoffs - 104 - Expectations
Jim and A.Ron have a split decision on the forth episode of Amazon's The Romanoffs, "Expectations". A.Ron found it pointless and borderline unwatchable, where Jim was drawn into the human element of Amanda Peet's Julia struggling to deal with a secret...
56 min
The Deuce - 207 - The Feminism Part
Jim and I checked out the latest episode of HBO's The Deuce, "The Feminism Part", and boy, just a lot happened. There's mob money, murder, attempted murder, betrayals, breakups, Bobby's kid lost his virginity! The stakes can be as low as Vince losing...
71 min
The Romanoffs - 103 - House of Special Purpose
Jim and I watched an unexpectedly spooky episode of Matthew Weiner's The Romanoffs, "House of Special Purpose". Starring Christina Hendricks, Jack Huston, and Isabelle Huppert, it's a tale that asks us whether we believe in ghosts or if one or perhaps...
66 min
The Deuce - 206 - We're All Beasts
A.Ron and Jim blow all the doors down on the latest episode of HBO's The Deuce, "We're All Beasts". It provokes a lot of meta discussion about progressive politics, America's long lost battle against vice, and offensive analogies. We also talk about...
59 min
The Romanoffs - 101 & 102 - The Violet Hour & T...
It's been three years since Don Draper and Peggy Olson left our televisions, and now Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is back with something to say? Is it good, is it bad, is it something even worth saying? After seeing 180 minutes of his new series,...
71 min
The Deuce - 205 - All You'll Be Eating Is Canni...
Jim and A.Ron go cruising for the latest episode of HBO's The Deuce, and wind up going home with "All You'll Be Eating Is Cannibals". The Deuce has always featured duality; Frankie/Vincent being the parade example. But here we see two...
66 min
The Deuce - 204 - What Big Ideas
A.Ron and Jim are down to talk about the latest episode of HBO's The Deuce, "What Big Ideas". The Deuce drops another couple of bodies, which draws the increasing attention of the Public Morals Task Force. Unfortunately, that attention is...
53 min
Ozark - Season 2 Wrapup
For the first time since The Young Pope, Jim and Cecily come together to record a podcast, this time on season 2 of Netflix's Ozark.  We talk about the many things we liked and the few things we didn't.  We also christen the deadliest road...
55 min
The Deuce - 203 - Seven-Fifty
HBO's The Deuce moves out the LaLa land in the latest episode, "Seven-Fifty". The title reminds us that even people that we think of as "good" are capable of terrible exploitation in this world, a reminder that Simon and Pecalanos like to give us...
72 min
The Deuce – 202 – There’s an Art to This
A.Ron and Jim check out another funky episode of HBO’s The Deuce. Lori and Eileen’s careers heat up as the pimps are left out in the cold! Vincent gets nostalgic with Abby, while Paul and Bobby do their best to fight off rivals to...
61 min
Castle Rock Wrap Up
So Jim and I saw the final two episodes of Hulu’s Castle Rock, and unfortunately for any Bald Movers that walked away as fans looking forward to season two, we’re not among that number. We’re not upset with the people who do like the show, as...
43 min
The Deuce – 201 – Our Raison D’être
Jim and A.Ron are happy to be back into the swinging 70’s with the cast and crew of HBO’s The Deuce, with it’s return episode, “Our Raison D’être”. This time and setting are so colorful, fun, and alive that it’s easy to forget...
47 min
“Sharp Objects” Wrap, “Castle Rock” Thoughts
We’re back to finish up (?) our coverage of HBO’s Sharp Objects, and discuss our thoughts  on Hulu’s Castle Rock through S01E08 (00:26:04). Next week we’ll be back to start our coverage of the second season of...
51 min
Sharp Objects Ep. 8 – Milk
We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of watching Sharp Objects these past few months. While we could, and do, nitpick a few storytelling elements here and there, we found the finale to be of a piece with the whole. Maybe there weren’t...
65 min
Sharp Objects Ep. 7 – Falling, Castle Rock
On today’s BMTV, we discuss the penultimate episode of HBO’s Sharp Objects, “Falling”, as well as our thoughts on the first six episodes of Hulu’s Castle Rock. Sharp was an especially wild hour, chock full of stomach...
103 min
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002)
Special thanks to Brian Strader, previous commissioner of the podcast for the underrated sci-fi saga, Babylon 5. This time he’s back to, as he says, “play ‘TV Show Dumpster Fire’ roulette.” Unfortunately we think he may have...
54 min
Sharp Objects Ep. 6 – Cherry, Castle Rock
We’re back to talk HBO’s Sharp Objects and a preliminary spoiler-free discussion of Hulu’s spooky Castle Rock!  Here are some time stamps to help you navigate the podcast… 00:00:52 – Castle Rock 00:12:18...
77 min
Sharp Objects Ep. 5 – Closer
Jim and A.Ron talk about another hard to watch but impossible to turn away from episode of HBO’s Sharp Objects, “Closer”. The town of Wind Gap celebrates what could charitably be called a a dark and regrettable moment from their past...
72 min
Sharp Objects Ep. 4 – Ripe
Jim and A.Ron continue to focus on HBO’s Sharp Objects, with a deep dive on the fourth episode, “Ripe”. Of course, Adora is just The Worst, but we see hints that the crazy awfulness of her family didn’t start with her. Who knows how...
71 min
Sharp Objects Ep. 3 – Fix
This week’s episode of Sharp Objects, “Fix”, is rough to watch. Filled with painful encounters with family, self-harm, and suicide, it is bleak and yet remains engaging and thoughtful as the camera captures the horrific events without...
66 min
Sharp Objects Ep. 2 – Dirt
We’re back for more discussion of HBO’s miniseries, Sharp Objects, discussing the second episode, “Dirt”. But it turns out we can’t resist the siren call of discussing “all of television” as we do a deeper dive than is truly...
86 min