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Episode 15: Dave and Marlow
63 min
Episode 14: Dave and Marlow
60 min
Episode 13: Dave and Marlow
44 min
Episode 12: Dave and Marlow
55 min
Episode 11: Dave and Marlow
55 min
Episode 10: Dave and Marlow w/Adrian Bernecich
41 min
Episode 09: Dave and Marlow
65 min
Episode 08: Dave and Marlow
38 min
Episode 07: Dave and Marlow
34 min
Episode 06: Dave and Marlow
55 min
Episode 05: Dave and Marlow
54 min
Episode 04: Dave and Marlow
28 min
Episode 03: Dave and Marlow
41 min
Episode 02: Dave and Marlow
38 min
Episode 01: Introducing Dave and Marlow
Introducing Dave and Marlow.
44 min
Episode 99: Dia says goodbye
It's Dia's last episode of the Dave & Dia podcast--the beginning of a season and the ending of an era
62 min
Episode 98: Blazers Media Day
After a long summer, the Trail Blazers are back and there's lots to talk about.
49 min
Episode 97: The Saga continues, and so does summer
Dave and Dia dive deeper into the leagues reactions about Sarver and the deeper issues
56 min
Episode 96: The Robert Sarver Saga
54 min
Episode 95: Guest Host Adam Drexler
Dia is joined by Adam Drexler-- professional basketball player and son of Blazer great, Clyde Drexler
57 min
Episode 94: Roses and PDX carpet jerseys
There's a surprising amount going on in Rip City this late in the summer, and Dave and Dia break It down.
55 min
Episode 93: Guest Host Henry Abbott
61 min
Episode 92: Dave and Dia discuss fandom
As the summer pushes on and the news is at a stand still, Dave and Dia reflect on their own fandom
42 min
Episode 91: Damian Lillard and the City of Port...
Dave and Did discuss Damian Lillard and what he means to Portland and other goings on in the off season
48 min
Episode 90: Training Camp Signings and Free Age...
It's almost time for training camp, and the signings are rolling in.
46 min
Episode 88: "Rotting" in Portland
Dave and Dia address the goings ons of the Trail Blazers deep into the off season.
44 min
The Trail Blazers win the summer league championship!
36 min
Episode 86: Damian Lillard's extension
Dia is joined by guest host Josh Rodriguez to talk about Dame's extension, Jody's scandal and summer league
54 min
Episode 85: The Current Roster
Jody Allen makes a statement that doesn't clear up much, and Dave and Dia take a look at where the roster currently stands.
65 min
Episode 84: Guest Host Chris Haynes
Yahoo Sports' Chris Haynes joins Dia to discuss all things Trail Blazers
59 min
Episode 83: The Draft is here!
It's finally draft day and the Blazers have the #7 pick.
38 min
Episode 82: Rumors heating up, and media steppi...
John Collins has been linked to the Trail Blazers and other off season goings ons
44 min
Episode 81: Trade rumors and Lottery Picks
There are a lot of names in the rumor mill for the Trail Blazers-- will they trade the pick or use it?
62 min
Episode 80: Future Trail Blazer OG Anunoby
The Rumors continue in the offseason
33 min
Episode 79: Guest hosts Danny Marang and Steve ...
Dave talks with Blazers Edge staff members, Danny Marang and Steve Dewald
80 min
Episode 78: The Lottery Pick
The Lottery pick is in, and so are trade rumors.
59 min
Episode 77: Off Season Rumors
The off season is in full swing and so are the off season rumors-- Zach LaVine to the Blazers? Terry Stotts to the Lakers?
60 min
Episode 76: What direction should the Blazers g...
Change is on the horizon-- but what change?
53 min
Episode 75: Next Season's Roster
60 min
Episode 74: The playoffs begin.. and so does th...
As the playoffs begin, so does the Trail Blazers off season.
51 min
Episode 73: A look back on the season
It's been a roller coaster of a year but the ride has come to an end
67 min
Episode 72: CJ McCollum returns, Blazers Edge n...
The season nears an end and so does the tank, but Dave and Dia have some happy things to discuss.
39 min
Episode 71: Nurk and the iPhone
Nurk tosses a phone, Dame is out for the season and there's STILL good things to talk about!
59 min
Epiode 70: Rip City!
It's another eventful week with the Trail Blazers and Dave and Dia break it down.
53 min
Episode 69: The Tank
The Portland Trail Blazers have yet to win a game since the break and seem to be embracing the tank.
47 min
Dave & Dia Daily: March 8 2022
In a new, shortened version of the podcast, Dave and Dia discuss the Russell Westbrook situation
11 min
Episode 68: The Great Damian Lillard Debate
Dave and Dia debate the idea of what Damian Lillard's future holds-- And they do NOT agree.
69 min
Episode 67: Dave and Dia Q&A
It's the All Star Break and Dave and Dia are answering all of your Trail Blazers questions!
72 min
Episode 66: The Happiest Podcast Ever
Three big wins in a row and this team is shaking things up.
59 min
Episode 65: The End of an Era
Portland makes big trades before the deadline, and Dave and Dia have a lot to say.
51 min
Dave and Dia Daily: February 9, 2022
In a new, shortened version of the podcast, Dave and Dia discuss the CJ McCollum trade news
10 min
Dave & Dia Daily: February 4, 2022
In a new, shortened version of the podcast, Dave and Dia discuss the controversial trade with the Clippers.
7 min
Episode 64: Trade predictions, Injuries and a win!
Dave and Did make a bet about the All Star selections, and talk trade rumors, injuries and more.
52 min
Episode 63: Dame has surgery, CJ has a baby, an...
The Blazers are winning despite the absences of major players on the team.
47 min
Episode 62: Winning and Losing, fighting a Herr...
The Blazers are still winning some and losing some with some fights in between... and then there's Damian Lillard's injury.
45 min
Episode 61: Shutting down Dame, Anfernee Simons...
Damian Lillard is injured and Anfernee Simons is taking that personally.
58 min
Episode 60: Covid (again), the G-League and som...
Covid and the G-League are the topics of conversation currently as the NBA fights through a covid outbreak
54 min
Episode 59: Covid in the NBA, Dame comes for th...
The NBA has been hit with Covid and the Trail Blazers are just pushing forward.
61 min
Episode 58: Dame returns, Cronin impresses, and...
The TrailBlazers continue to struggle, but Dave and Dia look for the positives.
56 min
Episode 57: Injuries, Struggles, and a New Era ...
It's been a rough week for the Portland Trail Blazers, but at the end of it there appears to be a light and some hope.
53 min
Special Episode: Neil Olshey has been fired
The Portland Trail Blazes announce the firing of President of Basketball Operations, Neil Olshey
65 min
Episode 55: A Win, a Fine, and a Soft Mask Toss
The Trail Blazers struggle through their week, and Dave & Did struggle to find the high points
63 min
Episode 54: Blazers win them all, Dame is back,...
The Blazers win all the games, Damian Lillard makes his comeback, and Neil Olshey is still an issue.
69 min
Episode 53: The President Steps Down, Dame Deal...
This week Dave and Dia discuss the ups, the downs, the injuries and the current chaos of the franchise
61 min
Episode 52: One Year of Podcasts, a Roller Coas...
Dave and Dia celebrate a year of podcasts and talk about the roller coaster ride of the Portland Trail Blazers.
73 min
Episode 51: Dame's slow start and the Blazers'...
The Trail Blazers continue their roller coaster ride of a season, and Lillard looks to get out of his slump
65 min
Episode 50: 30 points makes all the difference
The Trail Blazers are back to doing Trail Blazer things as the season gets underway.
57 min
Episode 49: It's a new season!
It's a new season but is it the same Blazers?
75 min
Episode 48: A pre-season game, an arrest, and 1...
The pre-season continues with another loss, a coach has charges brought against him, and Ben Simmons... again.
58 min
Episode 47: Blazers Basketball is Back, New Pla...
The pre-season is up and running and the Blazers are BACK baby!
63 min
Episode 46: Media Day, Ben Simmons (again), and...
Dave and Dia discuss Trail Blazers Media day and what the players had to say about the season.
61 min
Episode 45: Answering all of your questions
Dave & Dia answer all your burning questions about the Trail Blazers.
77 min
Episode 44: Carmelo Anthony's departure, Potent...
Potential lineups for the team, what to do with Nurk, Rick Adelman's HOF induction, and Carmelo Anthony's interview about his departure and Damian Lillard.
59 min
Episode 43: Blazers fan Larry Nance Jr, Dame's ...
It's a big week for the Blazers' personal lives, but not so much for basketball news--Dave and Dia still have things to say.
47 min
Episode 42: Making moves, talking trades and CJ...
72 min
Episode 41: Dame's IG live, Norman Powell's exc...
Free Agency is in full swing and yet, the Blazers seem to be stuck.
49 min
Episode 40: Summer League, Coaching Strategies ...
Dave is back from vacation, and he and Dia can't seem to stay on topic. But also, there's some Blazer talk.
64 min
Episode 39: Dame the gold medalist, Summer Leag...
Dia and guest host, Josh Rodriguez, discuss all the off season moves, summer league, the NBPA, Chauncey Bilups and more!
59 min
Episode 38: Free Agency Moves, the Draft and Su...
The off season heats up with the draft, free agency and summer league underway--as always, Dave and Dia have things to say about all of it.
60 min
Episode 37: Damian Lillard vs the Media, Team U...
The rumors are flying once again about Dame's future with Portland, the men's olympic basketball team struggles through another loss, and Dave and Da discuss mental health.
72 min
Mail Bag: Beal, Simmons, Siakam... Is There a M...
29 min
Episode 36: The Dame Debacle, Space Jam 2, and ...
Rumors surrounding Dame fly, Norman Powell turns down his option and Dia meets her idol.
64 min
Has the Clock Started On Dame’s Time in Portland?
34 min
Episode 35: Zach Collins' future, Team USA stru...
The off season has started for the Portland Trail Blazers, but things have not slowed down.
59 min
Episode 34: NBA Finals, Ben Simmons and trade t...
It's the Suns versus the Bucks in the finals, and trade season is here!
50 min
Will Damian Lillard be a Blazer Next Year?
32 min
Episode 33: The New Coach Controversy
The Trail Blazers have hired a new head coach despite controversy and mounting frustration from fans
80 min
Billups Hired, Lillard’s Warning & Olympic Tamp...
58 min
Episode 32: Dame the Olympian, the Search for H...
The season is over, but Dave and Dia still have lots to say about the off season rumors and events.
56 min
Trading for Ben Simmons - Is It Possible?
31 min
Dave and Dia Episode 31: Caitlin Cooper Talks B...
58 min
Who Best Fits Around Damian Lillard?
21 min
Episode 30: Blazers' Playoff Exit, Terry Stotts...
The Trail Blazers have made an early exit from the playoffs, the coach has been fired, the players aren't happy, and the swirling rumors out in full force.
63 min
Terry Stotts Fired, Chauncey Billups or Jason K...
24 min
Episode 29: Playoff Games, Out of Control Fans ...
The Playoffs continue and the Blazers are holding on for dear life.
70 min
Blazer's Edge Pod: Mailbag Edition!
16 min
Episode 28: Two Playoff Games, Unruly Fans, an...
The Trail Blazers are two games into round one of the playoffs, and with a win and a loss, they're heading home to the Moda Center!
48 min
Game 1 Reactions & Game 2 Adjustments
Game 1 Reactions & Game 2 Adjustments
28 min
Can the Blazers Upset the Nuggets?
35 min
Is Blazers v. Nuggets a Rivalry?
Is Blazers v. Nuggets a Rivalry?
35 min