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Special Episode: Neil Olshey has been fired
The Portland Trail Blazes announce the firing of President of Basketball Operations, Neil Olshey
65 min
Episode 55: A Win, a Fine, and a Soft Mask Toss
The Trail Blazers struggle through their week, and Dave & Did struggle to find the high points
63 min
Episode 54: Blazers win them all, Dame is back,...
The Blazers win all the games, Damian Lillard makes his comeback, and Neil Olshey is still an issue.
69 min
Episode 53: The President Steps Down, Dame Deal...
This week Dave and Dia discuss the ups, the downs, the injuries and the current chaos of the franchise
61 min
Episode 52: One Year of Podcasts, a Roller Coas...
Dave and Dia celebrate a year of podcasts and talk about the roller coaster ride of the Portland Trail Blazers.
73 min
Episode 51: Dame's slow start and the Blazers'...
The Trail Blazers continue their roller coaster ride of a season, and Lillard looks to get out of his slump
65 min
Episode 50: 30 points makes all the difference
The Trail Blazers are back to doing Trail Blazer things as the season gets underway.
57 min
Episode 49: It's a new season!
It's a new season but is it the same Blazers?
75 min
Episode 48: A pre-season game, an arrest, and 1...
The pre-season continues with another loss, a coach has charges brought against him, and Ben Simmons... again.
58 min
Episode 47: Blazers Basketball is Back, New Pla...
The pre-season is up and running and the Blazers are BACK baby!
63 min
Episode 46: Media Day, Ben Simmons (again), and...
Dave and Dia discuss Trail Blazers Media day and what the players had to say about the season.
61 min
Episode 45: Answering all of your questions
Dave & Dia answer all your burning questions about the Trail Blazers.
77 min
Episode 44: Carmelo Anthony's departure, Potent...
Potential lineups for the team, what to do with Nurk, Rick Adelman's HOF induction, and Carmelo Anthony's interview about his departure and Damian Lillard.
59 min
Episode 43: Blazers fan Larry Nance Jr, Dame's ...
It's a big week for the Blazers' personal lives, but not so much for basketball news--Dave and Dia still have things to say.
47 min
Episode 42: Making moves, talking trades and CJ...
72 min
Episode 41: Dame's IG live, Norman Powell's exc...
Free Agency is in full swing and yet, the Blazers seem to be stuck.
49 min
Episode 40: Summer League, Coaching Strategies ...
Dave is back from vacation, and he and Dia can't seem to stay on topic. But also, there's some Blazer talk.
64 min
Episode 39: Dame the gold medalist, Summer Leag...
Dia and guest host, Josh Rodriguez, discuss all the off season moves, summer league, the NBPA, Chauncey Bilups and more!
59 min
Episode 38: Free Agency Moves, the Draft and Su...
The off season heats up with the draft, free agency and summer league underway--as always, Dave and Dia have things to say about all of it.
60 min
Episode 37: Damian Lillard vs the Media, Team U...
The rumors are flying once again about Dame's future with Portland, the men's olympic basketball team struggles through another loss, and Dave and Da discuss mental health.
72 min
Mail Bag: Beal, Simmons, Siakam... Is There a M...
29 min
Episode 36: The Dame Debacle, Space Jam 2, and ...
Rumors surrounding Dame fly, Norman Powell turns down his option and Dia meets her idol.
64 min
Has the Clock Started On Dame’s Time in Portland?
34 min
Episode 35: Zach Collins' future, Team USA stru...
The off season has started for the Portland Trail Blazers, but things have not slowed down.
59 min
Episode 34: NBA Finals, Ben Simmons and trade t...
It's the Suns versus the Bucks in the finals, and trade season is here!
50 min
Will Damian Lillard be a Blazer Next Year?
32 min
Episode 33: The New Coach Controversy
The Trail Blazers have hired a new head coach despite controversy and mounting frustration from fans
80 min
Billups Hired, Lillard’s Warning & Olympic Tamp...
58 min
Episode 32: Dame the Olympian, the Search for H...
The season is over, but Dave and Dia still have lots to say about the off season rumors and events.
56 min
Trading for Ben Simmons - Is It Possible?
31 min
Dave and Dia Episode 31: Caitlin Cooper Talks B...
58 min
Who Best Fits Around Damian Lillard?
21 min
Episode 30: Blazers' Playoff Exit, Terry Stotts...
The Trail Blazers have made an early exit from the playoffs, the coach has been fired, the players aren't happy, and the swirling rumors out in full force.
63 min
Terry Stotts Fired, Chauncey Billups or Jason K...
24 min
Episode 29: Playoff Games, Out of Control Fans ...
The Playoffs continue and the Blazers are holding on for dear life.
70 min
Blazer's Edge Pod: Mailbag Edition!
16 min
Episode 28: Two Playoff Games, Unruly Fans, an...
The Trail Blazers are two games into round one of the playoffs, and with a win and a loss, they're heading home to the Moda Center!
48 min
Game 1 Reactions & Game 2 Adjustments
Game 1 Reactions & Game 2 Adjustments
28 min
Can the Blazers Upset the Nuggets?
35 min
Is Blazers v. Nuggets a Rivalry?
Is Blazers v. Nuggets a Rivalry?
35 min
Episode 27: The Play-offs, Play-ins, and Play--...
The regular season has officially ended and the Trail Blazers are sitting pretty in 6th, facing the Denver Nuggets.
56 min
Episode 26: The Mystery of Derrick Jones Jr, Ju...
It's been another good winning streak for the Trail Blazers, the fans are back at the Moda Center, and the team is heading towards the Playoffs!
50 min
Who is the 2nd Most Important Trail Blazer?
Who is the 2nd Most Important Trail Blazer?
64 min
Episode 25: Record Breaking Road Wins, Kevin Lo...
The Blazers have a huge winning streak on the road, rumors swirl about Kevin Love coming back to Portland, and the future of the team is in question.
65 min
Episode 24: Breaking Records (and the Losing St...
The Trail Blazers continue to struggle, but finally break their losing streak--Now what?
51 min
Should Lillard be Shut Down for the Season?
Should Lillard be Shut Down for the Season?
38 min
Episode 23: Injured Dame, Stotts on the Hot Sea...
The Blazers seem to be in the midst of a rough patch and dealing with more injuries, while Stotts is on the hot seat.
53 min
Ben Golliver on His New Book, “Bubbleball: Ins...
Ben Golliver on His New Book, “Bubbleball: Inside the NBA’s Fight to Save the Season”
57 min
What is Coach Terry Stotts’ Future with the Tra...
What is Coach Terry Stotts’ Future with the Trail Blazers?
37 min
Episode 22: Franchise Records, a Possible "Funk...
The Trail Blazers have a 2 win, 2 loss record this week and records are broken, controversial questions are asked and we are still talking about Gary Trent Jr.
71 min
Can the Blazers Compete Without Jusuf Nurkic?
Can the Blazers Compete Without Jusuf Nurkic?
26 min
Episode 21 : A Great Win, a Terrible Loss, Ever...
This week, the Blazers win two and lose two and acquire two new players while dealing with more injuries as the season progresses.
65 min
Episode 20: A Winning Streak, a Big Return, and...
The Blazers win every game this week and the roster gets shaken up--as always, Dave and Dia have opinions... and they aren't the same.
54 min
Episode19: The Return of CJ, Lebron's Injury an...
There's a lot going on for the Trail Blazers with the trade deadline is quickly appraoching and as always, Dave and Dia have things to say about all of it.
62 min
Episods 18: A trade deadline, a former Blazer p...
The trade deadline I quickly approaching, the rumors are swirling and of course Dave and Dia have thoughts about it.
70 min
Episode 17: Ant dunks, CJ and Nurk's return and...
It's the All Star break, and the Blazers make a big show of the event, two of our key players seem to be almost returning, and Dave & Dia have opinions about all of it.
52 min
Episode 16: The great Melo debate, All Star Bla...
The Blazers lose to the Lakers, but have a beautiful win against the Hornets-- in the process the team breaks records.
50 min
What Are the Blazers Actually Capable of?
We Still Don't Know Who This Team Is, Two Years Later
61 min
Episode 15: An All Star Snub, the 3 point NBA a...
The Blazers had 3 tough losses, Dame wasn't voted to be a starter in the All Star game, and Dia hates change.
43 min
Episode 14: Brooke and Amara, A Winning Streak,...
The Trail Blazers are on a hot streak, Dame is in the MVP discussion, and Dave and Dia have opinions about the All Star Game.
61 min
Episode 13: A Star Rookie, A Knicks trade for D...
The Trail Blazers' road trip is over and Dave and Dia, like always, have opinions about it.
37 min
Episode 12: Defense and Coaching, Buzzer beater...
The Trail Blazers are on a road trip, dealing with injuries, and struggling with defense, while Dave and Dia go toe to toe about it.
62 min
Do the Blazers Have Enough Talent to be Good De...
61 min
Episode 11: Twins, broken records, and adjustin...
The Blazers are one again beaten and bruised, and Dave and Dia are talking about all of it.
56 min
Bench Fills in for Missing McCollum & Nurkic
26 min
Episode 10: Nurk, CJ, and what the heck do we d...
The Blazers have suffered a big blow in the form of two more injuries and Dave and Dia break down the big question everyone wants to know-- what now?
57 min
Staying Afloat with CJ & Nurkic Out
Staying Afloat with CJ & Nurkic Out
39 min
Rapid Reaction: Jusuf Nurkic Suffers Broken Wrist
19 min
Episode 09: Winning Streaks, CJ MVP McCollum, a...
The Blazers are on a winning streak, and CJ McCollum is on a streak of his own, Dave and Dia break it down.
54 min
Episode 08: Tough Losses, Stotts' Future, and P...
With a 3-4 record going into 2021, there's a whole lot to talk about and Dave and Dia aren't seeing eye to eye on the season.
63 min
Episode 07: Week One Reactions, Melo's Role, an...
Dave and Dia talk week one of regular season, where Melo fits with the team, Keeping Gary Trent Jr, and the media's role
58 min
Trading for James Harden
Trading for James Harden
53 min
Episode 06: Season Expectations, Zach Collins f...
Dave and Did talk regular season expectations, Zach Collins non extension, Damian Lillard MVP run and more
57 min
Episode 05: Preseason excitement, 6th man Melo ...
As the preseason begins, Dave and Dia talk preseason game 1 and 2 and how the team looks going into the regular season
53 min
Episode 04: Retiring Numbers and Acquiring Vill...
Dave and Dia discuss hot topics surrounding the Trail Blazers as they head into the Pre Season
55 min
Derrick Jones Jr: "I Can't Wait!"
Derrick Jones Jr: "I Can't Wait!"
33 min
Episode 03; Line ups, Projections and Social Media
Looking at the headlines surrounding the Blazers and the upcoming season and how social media impacts sports fans
58 min
Where Does Harry Giles Fit in with the Blazers?
Where Does Harry Giles Fit in with the Blazers?
45 min
Episode 02: Making Moves and Taking Names
Did the Trail Blazers win the 2020 off season?
52 min
Episode 01: Meet Dave and Dia
Meet Dave and Dia of Blazers Edge--your new podcast hosts
44 min
Who Starts for the New Look Blazers?
Who Starts for the New Look Blazers?
60 min
Who Will the Blazer's Sign with the MLE?
39 min
Has Jusuf Nurkic Reached His Ceiling?
77 min
Blazer's Edge Pod: Mailbag Edition!
Blazer's Edge Pod: Mailbag Edition!
37 min
Blazer's Edge: Picking Your Poison- LeBron Jame...
52 min
WHAT About the Bubble?
57 min
Lillard vs LeBron - Blazers v. Lakers Preview
50 min
Is Jusuf Nurkic a Top 5 Center?
52 min
Should the Blazers Make a Lineup Change?
Should the Blazers Make a Lineup Change?
68 min
Ben Golliver: Bubble Report
Ben Golliver: Bubble Report
48 min
How Many Wins do the Blazer's Need to Make the ...
How Many Wins do the Blazer's Need to Make the Playoffs?
38 min
Special Guest Trail Blazer's wing Nassir Little...
Special Guest Trail Blazer's wing Nassir Little, Most Improved in Lead Up to Restart
75 min
Who Can Fill in for Trevor Ariza?
Who Can Fill in for Trevor Ariza?
55 min
Should the NBA Come Back?
Civil Rights, Kyrie Irving's Comments & the Return to play with Marcus Greaves
68 min
It's Official, the Trail Blazers Return July 31...
It's Official, the Trail Blazers Return July 31st - Now What?
48 min
Why Damian Lillard is the Most Valuable Player ...
Why Damian Lillard is the Most Valuable Player the Blazer's Have Ever Had
48 min
Best Fits for the Trail Blazers Come Draft Nigh...
Best Fits for Trail Blazers Come Draft Night and Blazer's Basketball Returning This Year?
59 min
WHAT About the Championship: Part 3
58 min
Lamar Hurd Talks; Giving Back, Favorite Moments...
Lamar Hurd Talks; Giving Back, Favorite Moments and Growing Up in Basketball
67 min
Special Guest Gary Trent Jr on: Development, De...
Special Guest Gary Trent Jr on: Development, Defense and Drip
57 min