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Northwest Division Preview with Holy Backboard
62 min
What will be the Trail Blazers identity this se...
49 min
How High is Damian Lillard's Ceiling with Bball...
54 min
What New Skills will the Players Demonstrate Th...
50 min
Trail Blazers 2017-18 Schedule Overview
Ep 230. Dan and Tara dive into new news from the Portland Trail Blazers. They go over the recently released schedule and take a look at the Kevin Pelton’s NBA 2018 Season Projections for ESPN. Dan talks about how he approaches previewing teams and Tara t
51 min
A Closer Look at the New Uniform Design with Gr...
Ep 229. Fanalysts Tara and Jo are joined by Evan McCarthy, artist and graphics and clothing designer for EvanemPdx to talk all about the new Trail Blazer’s uniforms and remember uniforms of the past.  The direct .mp3 link of this week’s podcast is h
53 min
How Will the Blazers Fill an Allen Crabbe Sized...
Dan and Tara talk about how the Trail Blazers might fill the gap created by trading away Allen Crabbe: What did Allen Crabbe do for the Blazers? What can be made up for with the current roster? A case for Gerald Henderson. What might the front office do
47 min
Allen Crabbe Trade Episode
Ep. 227 Just when we thought it was safe to turn off the Twitter notifications, the Trail Blazers have made a move. Tara Biggs and Eric Griffith dig into the specifics of the Allen Crabbe for Andrew Nicholson trade, talk about what they will remember most
31 min
Who has a higher ceiling, Zach Collins or Caleb...
Ep. 226 At NBA Summer League we got a look (admittedly abbreviated) at rookies Zach Collins and Caleb Swanigan. How did their performance hold up to Dan’s initial assessment of their talents? Will they get minutes? Who has a higher ceiling of the two? Dan
67 min
Who Stands Out at Summer League?
Ep. 225 Tara is joined by David MacKay, Brian Freeman and Steve Dewald to talk about the Portland Trail Blazers at the 2017 NBA Summer League. What are their initial impressions of Zach Collins, Caleb Swanigan, Jake Layman and Pat Connaughton so far? Are
49 min
Catching up on the NBA Off Season
Ep 224 Free agency is in full swing. Dan Marang and Tara Bowen-Biggs talk about the draft, free agency and NBA Summer League while under Gordon Hayward watch. What does the Blazer’s activity on draft night tell you about the future of the team? Will Zach
69 min
Getting to know the newest Blazers and making w...
Ep 223 The FANalysts are back! Tara provides an update on what went down on draft night as well as thoughts on the newest Trail Blazers, Zach Collins and Caleb Swanigan. Jo discusses her feelings about a possible LaMarcus Aldridge return along with h
61 min
Trail Blazers Expected to Be Active in 2017 NBA...
EP 222: When the 2017 NBA Draft commences Thursday night, the Portland Trail Blazers will be packing a trio of first-round picks and a mandate for change. Coming off a 41-41 season, carrying a salary burden well past the luxury ta
37 min
Not Another NBA Draft Podcast
Ep 221 Blazer's Edge features editor Eric Griffith joins Team Mom to unpack the rules around draft picks. What can the Trail Blazers actually do with three first round draft picks? Salary dumps, the Stepien rule, and draft-and-stash--we dig into the rules
49 min
Brian Freeman from European League shares stori...
Ep. 220 Tara talks with Brian Freeman, Blazer’s Edge features writer and former European League basketball player. They catch up NBA Draft Lottery and All-NBA teams and then turn to Brian’s experiences playing overseas. Tune in to hear about his dad who p
60 min
2018 Trail Blazer’s Wish List
Ep. 219 Jo calls in from the wilds of Alaska to compare Blazer wish lists for next season. Do the FANalysts’ hopes and dreams for 2017-18 match yours? A mentor for Noah Vonleh A podcast for C.J. McCollum Handles for Al-Farouq Aminu More shots for Allen Cr
57 min
Is it Possible to Build Around a Point Guard?
EP. 218: On this week’s Blazer’s Edge podcast, Dave Deckard and Dan Marang discuss if it’s possible to build a title contending team around a franchise point guard, CJ McCollum’s suggestion that the Blazer’s should pursue Paul George in the offseason, the
45 min
Exit Interview Follies
EP. 217: Exit Interview Follies On this week’s Blazer’s Edge podcast, Dave Deckard and Dan Marang take a look at the closing games of the Blazer’s playoffs and ultimately, their season. With the year coming to a close, exit interviews between a majority o
61 min
So many questions about the Trail Blazers
Ep. 216. Dan Marang joins Tara to talk about the first two games of the Trail Blazer’s 2017 NBA Playoff series. Dan answers all of Tara's questions about what we know about this team, how they have progressed over the season and where they might go from
62 min
Who’s the Best Backcourt Duo in the NBA?
EP. 215: Who’s the Best Backcourt Duo in the NBA? On this week's episode of the Blazer's Edge podcast, Blazer's Edge managing editor Dave Deckard and Dan Marang take a look back at Game 1 of the Trail Blazers vs Warriors series. They discuss CJ McCollum's
50 min
Playoff Preview with Erik Garcia Gundersen
The FANalysts are back with a special playoff preview with Locked on Blazers host Erik Garcia Gundersen. They talk about what it is like covering a team that you are a fan of and what is different between regular season and playoff basketball? And of cour
60 min
Who is the Trail Blazers’ Sixth Man?
Tara is joined by Ashley Williams and Sean Philipsen to provide fan perspective on the Trail Blazers season. They discuss Meyers Leonard, debate who is the 6th man for the team, and talk about what has surprised them about this season. They talk about cur
52 min
What’s your best Trail Blazers moment?
EP. 214: What's your best Trail Blazers moment? On this week's episode of the Blazer's Edge podcast, Dave Deckard and Dan Marang brea-well maybe break isn't the best word choice, discuss Jusuf Nurkić's fractured leg and what that means for Portland in the
48 min
Where do the Blazers Go From Here?
EP 213: Where do the Blazers Go From Here? On an impromptu episode of he Blazer’s Edge podcast, Dave Deckard and Dan Marang discuss Portland’s recent run of form, Jusuf Nurkic’s big game against his former team and ask if the playoffs are now secure with
23 min
Dane Carbaugh on the post all-star break Trail ...
Ep  212 On this FANalyst edition of the podcast, Tara is joined by friendly neighborhood sportswriter Dane Carbaugh of Dane Not Dan YouTube Channel and NBC Sports. They explore whether Jusuf Nurkic's production is sustainable and how it impacts Noah
59 min
Best Stretch of the Season
EP. 211: Best Stretch of the Season! On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Dave Deckard and Dan Marang wax poetic about Portland’s recent run of form- with wins coming against the San Antonio Spurs, Atlanta Hawks, and Miami Heat- and clearl
49 min
What Does Nurkic Mean to Damian Lillard?
EP. 210: On this week's episode of the Blazer's Edge podcast, Dan Marang is joined by Blazer's Edge contributor Steve DeWald as a guest host to discuss the Blazer's best stretch of wins this season, the effect Jusuf Nurkic has had on Damian Lillard (and o
46 min
Welcome to Nurklandia
Ep. 209 The FANalysts are back. Jo has been out of the country so Tara gets her all caught up on what’s been happening with the Blazers and around the NBA (don’t miss the dramatic reenactment of Boogie’s press conference). Jusuf Nurkic and Shabazz Na
56 min
To Tank or Not to Tank?
EP. 208: On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Dave and Dan talk the merits and pitfalls of making the playoffs. In between exchanges of fire during tank warfare, they take time to discuss the Blazer’s recent run of play (2 wins in a row!),
58 min
Can the Blazers afford to draft three guys?
62 min
Why the Blazers didn't get Cousins
60 min
Is Nurk a Jerk?
EP. 205: On this week’s edition of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Dave and Dan have Adam Mares the editor of, the SBNation site for the Denver Nuggets, to discuss the incoming (former…
72 min
Let's Talk about the Draft
Ep. 204. Tara and Ashley join forces to break down Thursday’s Blazers-Celtics game and how the Blazer’s looked without Evan Turner in the lineup (and how Evan Turner looked in street clothes).
46 min
Okafor or Noel: Who ya got?
EP. 203: On this week’s edition of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Dave and Dan commiserate over the Trail Blazers’ recent run of form, reminisce over Patty Mills, Tim Frazier and missed…
65 min
Isaac Ropp on Olshey, Getting Fired / Ben Golli...
72 min
Debating the Merits of Serge Ibaka
=On this week’s edition of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Dave and Dan ask whether or not a deal for Serge Ibaka makes sense. With so many variables in place,…
56 min
Will the Trail Blazers' Lineup Changes Last?
EP: 200 On this week’s edition of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Dave and Dan ask, will the Trail Blazer’s lineup changes last? They also discuss if a Damian Lillard for Jimmy Butler swap make sense,
56 min
The Meyers Leonard / Ed Davis Conundrum
55 min
Is Cj McCollum better than Damian Lillard?
Ep. 198: Dave Deckard & Dan Marang discuss whether or not CJ McCollum is better than Damian Lillard, Portland’s recent run of play, and do a near-midseason report card check on Allen Crabbe,…
54 min
Would You Rather?
Ep. 197. Jo, Tara and Ashley welcome the new year with a round of “Would You Rather?” asking questions related to the Portland Trail Blazers: Would you rather have Festus Ezeli or Wesley Matthews on…
57 min