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Episode 46: Media Day, Ben Simmons (again), and...
Dave and Dia discuss Trail Blazers Media day and what the players had to say about the season.
61 min
Episode 45: Answering all of your questions
Dave & Dia answer all your burning questions about the Trail Blazers.
77 min
Episode 44: Carmelo Anthony's departure, Potent...
Potential lineups for the team, what to do with Nurk, Rick Adelman's HOF induction, and Carmelo Anthony's interview about his departure and Damian Lillard.
59 min
Episode 43: Blazers fan Larry Nance Jr, Dame's ...
It's a big week for the Blazers' personal lives, but not so much for basketball news--Dave and Dia still have things to say.
47 min
Episode 42: Making moves, talking trades and CJ...
72 min
Episode 41: Dame's IG live, Norman Powell's exc...
Free Agency is in full swing and yet, the Blazers seem to be stuck.
49 min
Episode 40: Summer League, Coaching Strategies ...
Dave is back from vacation, and he and Dia can't seem to stay on topic. But also, there's some Blazer talk.
64 min
Episode 39: Dame the gold medalist, Summer Leag...
Dia and guest host, Josh Rodriguez, discuss all the off season moves, summer league, the NBPA, Chauncey Bilups and more!
59 min
Episode 38: Free Agency Moves, the Draft and Su...
The off season heats up with the draft, free agency and summer league underway--as always, Dave and Dia have things to say about all of it.
60 min
Episode 37: Damian Lillard vs the Media, Team U...
The rumors are flying once again about Dame's future with Portland, the men's olympic basketball team struggles through another loss, and Dave and Da discuss mental health.
72 min
Mail Bag: Beal, Simmons, Siakam... Is There a M...
29 min
Episode 36: The Dame Debacle, Space Jam 2, and ...
Rumors surrounding Dame fly, Norman Powell turns down his option and Dia meets her idol.
64 min
Has the Clock Started On Dame’s Time in Portland?
34 min
Episode 35: Zach Collins' future, Team USA stru...
The off season has started for the Portland Trail Blazers, but things have not slowed down.
59 min
Episode 34: NBA Finals, Ben Simmons and trade t...
It's the Suns versus the Bucks in the finals, and trade season is here!
50 min
Will Damian Lillard be a Blazer Next Year?
32 min
Episode 33: The New Coach Controversy
The Trail Blazers have hired a new head coach despite controversy and mounting frustration from fans
80 min
Billups Hired, Lillard’s Warning & Olympic Tamp...
58 min
Episode 32: Dame the Olympian, the Search for H...
The season is over, but Dave and Dia still have lots to say about the off season rumors and events.
56 min
Trading for Ben Simmons - Is It Possible?
31 min
Dave and Dia Episode 31: Caitlin Cooper Talks B...
58 min
Who Best Fits Around Damian Lillard?
21 min
Episode 30: Blazers' Playoff Exit, Terry Stotts...
The Trail Blazers have made an early exit from the playoffs, the coach has been fired, the players aren't happy, and the swirling rumors out in full force.
63 min
Terry Stotts Fired, Chauncey Billups or Jason K...
24 min
Episode 29: Playoff Games, Out of Control Fans ...
The Playoffs continue and the Blazers are holding on for dear life.
70 min