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Dave & Dia Daily: March 8 2022
In a new, shortened version of the podcast, Dave and Dia discuss the Russell Westbrook situation
11 min
Episode 68: The Great Damian Lillard Debate
Dave and Dia debate the idea of what Damian Lillard's future holds-- And they do NOT agree.
69 min
Episode 67: Dave and Dia Q&A
It's the All Star Break and Dave and Dia are answering all of your Trail Blazers questions!
72 min
Episode 66: The Happiest Podcast Ever
Three big wins in a row and this team is shaking things up.
59 min
Episode 65: The End of an Era
Portland makes big trades before the deadline, and Dave and Dia have a lot to say.
51 min
Dave and Dia Daily: February 9, 2022
In a new, shortened version of the podcast, Dave and Dia discuss the CJ McCollum trade news
10 min
Dave & Dia Daily: February 4, 2022
In a new, shortened version of the podcast, Dave and Dia discuss the controversial trade with the Clippers.
7 min
Episode 64: Trade predictions, Injuries and a win!
Dave and Did make a bet about the All Star selections, and talk trade rumors, injuries and more.
52 min
Episode 63: Dame has surgery, CJ has a baby, an...
The Blazers are winning despite the absences of major players on the team.
47 min
Episode 62: Winning and Losing, fighting a Herr...
The Blazers are still winning some and losing some with some fights in between... and then there's Damian Lillard's injury.
45 min
Episode 61: Shutting down Dame, Anfernee Simons...
Damian Lillard is injured and Anfernee Simons is taking that personally.
58 min
Episode 60: Covid (again), the G-League and som...
Covid and the G-League are the topics of conversation currently as the NBA fights through a covid outbreak
54 min
Episode 59: Covid in the NBA, Dame comes for th...
The NBA has been hit with Covid and the Trail Blazers are just pushing forward.
61 min
Episode 58: Dame returns, Cronin impresses, and...
The TrailBlazers continue to struggle, but Dave and Dia look for the positives.
56 min
Episode 57: Injuries, Struggles, and a New Era ...
It's been a rough week for the Portland Trail Blazers, but at the end of it there appears to be a light and some hope.
53 min
Special Episode: Neil Olshey has been fired
The Portland Trail Blazes announce the firing of President of Basketball Operations, Neil Olshey
65 min
Episode 55: A Win, a Fine, and a Soft Mask Toss
The Trail Blazers struggle through their week, and Dave & Did struggle to find the high points
63 min
Episode 54: Blazers win them all, Dame is back,...
The Blazers win all the games, Damian Lillard makes his comeback, and Neil Olshey is still an issue.
69 min
Episode 53: The President Steps Down, Dame Deal...
This week Dave and Dia discuss the ups, the downs, the injuries and the current chaos of the franchise
61 min
Episode 52: One Year of Podcasts, a Roller Coas...
Dave and Dia celebrate a year of podcasts and talk about the roller coaster ride of the Portland Trail Blazers.
73 min
Episode 51: Dame's slow start and the Blazers'...
The Trail Blazers continue their roller coaster ride of a season, and Lillard looks to get out of his slump
65 min
Episode 50: 30 points makes all the difference
The Trail Blazers are back to doing Trail Blazer things as the season gets underway.
57 min
Episode 49: It's a new season!
It's a new season but is it the same Blazers?
75 min
Episode 48: A pre-season game, an arrest, and 1...
The pre-season continues with another loss, a coach has charges brought against him, and Ben Simmons... again.
58 min
Episode 47: Blazers Basketball is Back, New Pla...
The pre-season is up and running and the Blazers are BACK baby!
63 min