Black Tuesday Podcast

Terrance Biggs discusses the latest in the worlds of politics and social justice.

News Commentary
Black Tuesday - Ep 46 - A Nation Divided
<p>Biggs and Obee discuss Hard Knocks , Antonio Brown and lazy media. Plus, they are joined by a guest to comment about racial division inside Raider Nation.</p>
64 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 45 - Common Ground
<p>Biggs and Obee discuss the start of Hard Knocks and the passing of Cliff Branch. They are joined by Paulina Borrego to discuss the El Paso shooting and division. They'll finish with a lively music discussion.</p>
77 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 44 - Charm City Trouble
<p>Biggs and Obee break down the latest news and opinion from Raiders camp. They are also going to discuss the controversial statements made about Baltimore.</p>
67 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 43 - Overcoming Emotional Bo...
<p>Biggs and Obee deal with loss, discuss current events and keep the tone mellow.</p>
62 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 42 - Finding Answers
<p>Biggs and Obee break down the Raiders long wait for camp. They welcome Carrie Quibodeaux to discuss current events and delve into solving problems.</p>
81 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 41 - Current Events Roundtable
<p>Biggs and Obee break down the Josh Jacobs contract issues. They welcome Carrie Quibodeaux to the show and discuss current events.</p>
74 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 40 - Breaking Stereotypes
<p>Biggs and Obee discuss Daryl Worley's comments. In addition, Tina Xu rolls through to discuss conquering stereotypes about Asian Americans.</p>
98 min