Black Tuesday Podcast

Each and every week, Terrance Biggs and Maliik Obee discuss the latest surrounding the Oakland Raiders as well as a variety of other culturally relevant topics.

Ep 106: Making the Case
Diving in Legal Waters
51 min
Ep 105: A Bright Spot, Harris Gets VP Nom
A Respite From Pain
71 min
Ep 104: Vanishing Sensibilities
Sifting Through Astounding Ignorance
46 min
Ep 103: Opting Out Reaction
People Are Weird
37 min
Ep 102: Mask Confusion, Not Sticking to Sports
Opening Doors
55 min
Ep 101: The Darwin Brandis Interview
Film, Family, Life In NC
45 min
Ep 100: Science Is Your Friend
A Smarter World View
59 min
Ep 99: Foolery On A Grand Scale
45 min
Ep 98: A Trip Around Wisconsin With Erin Clune
44 min
Ep 97: Black or Blue?
Around the World
37 min
Ep 96: A Doctor's View
Separating Fact From Fiction
80 min
Ep 95: Media Storm
All Skinfolk..
47 min
Ep:94: Need Answers
What's Up In Kentucky?
63 min
Ep 93: Being Hunted In America
Stress of Being Black
52 min
Ep 92: Keeping the Same Energy
Fighting Through
63 min
Ep 91: East Coast Uprising
The 2020 Protests
72 min
Ep 90: The Linda Tirado Interview
In the Middle of An Uprising
73 min
Ep: 89: The Floyd Murder
21 min
Ep 88: The HBCU Situation
Searching for Equality
74 min
Ep 87: Speaking to the Manager
White Feminism's Ugly Side
71 min
Ep 86: Where We Are
While Obee is on assignment, Heather Wells fills in to discuss the Senate COVID-19 hearings, the failure of media, and the murder of Ahmaud Abery
69 min
Ep 85: The Unchanging Dynamic
Making Sense From the Senseless
67 min
Ep 84: Post-Draft Roundup
Putting the Draft in Perspective
68 min
Ep 83: Grant Fuhr Interview
Talking Puck With NHL Legend
39 min
Ep 82: Before the Draft
Finishing Touches Before Thursday
81 min
Ep 81: 2020 NFL Draft Roundtable
Wheeling Around the Draft
85 min
Ep 80: The Gathering
COVID-19, Gundy, BBQ
99 min
Ep: 79: Drinks, Laughs, and Movies
Laughter Amongst Worry
107 min
Ep 78: Unity?
Biggs, Obee, and their star-studded panel discuss the current pandemic and how the response from local, state, and federal government differ.
75 min
Ep 77: Free Agent/Pandemic
Biggs, Obee, and guest Pete Camarillo dive into the lastest free agency news. Also, the tackle the pandemic.
67 min
Ep 76: Here Comes the Hotepper
Biggs and Obee delve into hoteppery. With social, political, and financial strain, these members of the community do more harm than good.
61 min
Ep 75: Super Tuesday Recap
While Obee is on assignment, Biggs is joined by Brandi. They will break down the political fallout.
79 min
Ep 74: O-H-I-Whoa
Midwest Delusional
47 min
Ep 73: The Amik Robertson Interview
Biggs and Obee sit down with Louisiana Tech CB and 2020 NFL Draft Prospect Amik Robertson.
62 min
Ep 72: The Koby Quansah Interview
Biggs and Obee sit down with 2020 NFL Draft Prospect and former Duke LB Koby Quansah.
67 min
Ep 71: The Human Condition
Biggs and Obee break down the Super Bowl and friend of the show, Brandi, stops by for a conversation
77 min
Ep 70: Stop the Nonsense
82 min
Ep 69: One for Kobe
<p>In light of tragic loss of Kobe Bryant, we step in and celebrate his life and times.</p>
30 min
Ep 68: Through the World View
<p>Biggs and Em, his guest co-host while Obee is on vacation, discuss all manner of topics.</p>
65 min
Ep 67: A Philadelphia Story
<p>Biggs and Obee discuss the firing of Brentson Buckner. Later, they're joined by Chris, a lawyer/Philly resident. Chris brings insight on politics, the legal system, privilege, and the Philly music scene.</p>
69 min
Ep 66 -Kyle Dugger Interview
<p>Biggs and Obee sit down with Lenoir-Rhyne safety and 2020 NFL Draft Prospect Kyle Dugger.</p>
58 min
Ep 65: 2019 Awards
<p>Biggs and Obee reflect upon the year and discuss all aspects of 2019.</p>
60 min
Ep 64: Tarheel State of Mind
<p>Biggs and Obee discuss the last Raiders game in Oakland and the future of Derek Carr. They are joined by Meg Bee to discuss the Silent Sam controversy and cultural appropriation.</p>
77 min
Ep 63: Media Bias/Life in the 'Burgh
<p>Biggs and Obee detail yet another Raiders loss. Later, writer Julia Hudson stops in to discuss media bias and life in Pittsburgh.</p>
91 min
Ep 62 - Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
<p>Obee and Biggs discuss the latest Raiders defeat. The will also tackle the political fallout from Kamala Harris' dropping out if the race. They are joined by Nina Backon to examine the ramifications.</p>
78 min
Ep 61: Not for Pete's Sake
<p>Biggs and Obee breakdown the Raiders collapse in Jersey. They will also preview the Chiefs game. More importantly, they will navigate the Pete Buttigieg/Black community suggestion.</p>
62 min
Ep 60: Brutal Honesty In A Realm of Foolery
<p>Brutal Honesty In A Realm of Foolery</p>
60 min
Ep 60: The Eight Layers of the Kaepernick Issue
<p>During a special episode, Biggs and Obee focus on the Colin Kaepernick tryout. From start to finish, they will break it down. Joined by Blackhanside, they will offer honest, frank opinion.</p>
54 min
Ep 59: November News
<p>Biggs and Obee jump right into Raiders news and the world at large.</p>
76 min
Ep 58: Around the World
<p>Biggs flies solo this week. Joined by a couple special guests, they tackle the NFL and social issues.</p>
32 min
Ep 57: We're Not Sticking to Sports
<p>Biggs and Obee jump into the fray with Raiders talk. Also, they chat with Bret Williamson to go in-depth of Kanye West's music and philosophy.</p>
83 min
Ep 56: Finding a Way Through
<p>Biggs and Obee return to break down the latest news surrounding the Oakland Raiders.</p>
69 min
Ep 55 - The Road to Lambeau
<p>Obee and Biggs hit the ground running with Raiders opinion and figuring out the community.</p>
66 min
Ep 54: Venting and Other Ideas
<p>Biggs and Obee jump back into Raiders football. Also, they delve into the millennial/Gen-X/Boomer divide.</p>
78 min
Ep 53: Tuesday in Texas
<p>Biggs and Obee discuss the Raiders and Vontaze Burfict. Later, they break down the Guyger verdict with a special guest.</p>
100 min
Ep 52: The Divide
<p>Biggs and Obee discuss yet another Raiders loss. Also, there joined by Serina Martinez to detail the division between Black and Latinx Americans.</p>
95 min
Ep 51: Media Bias at the Cookout
<p>Biggs and Obee breakdown the Raiders' loss and the fandom conundrum. Later, Memphis Spence joins the party.</p>
80 min
Ep 50: Raiders Win, Combating Karenism in America
<p>Biggs and Obee celebrate their 50th episode with a breakdown of the Raiders Week 1 win vs. Denver. Later, they're joined author Allison Floyd to discuss dismantling of false allies.</p>
73 min
Ep 49: Dismantling Football Entitlement
<p>Biggs and Obee break down the Raiders Depth chart, the Jay-Z video discussing single parents. In addition, they are joined by Kathy Redmond, domestic abuse victim advocate that routinely battles the NCAA.</p>
86 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 48 - Trust the Process
<p>Biggs and Obee spotlight the late camp drive of players looking to grab a roster. They are also joined by author Courtney Gatlin to discuss a wide array of topics.</p>
49 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 47 - Truth and Reconciliation
<p>Biggs and Obee jump into Raiders news and the deepening chasm in the Black community.</p>
70 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 46 - A Nation Divided
<p>Biggs and Obee discuss Hard Knocks , Antonio Brown and lazy media. Plus, they are joined by a guest to comment about racial division inside Raider Nation.</p>
64 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 45 - Common Ground
<p>Biggs and Obee discuss the start of Hard Knocks and the passing of Cliff Branch. They are joined by Paulina Borrego to discuss the El Paso shooting and division. They'll finish with a lively music discussion.</p>
77 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 44 - Charm City Trouble
<p>Biggs and Obee break down the latest news and opinion from Raiders camp. They are also going to discuss the controversial statements made about Baltimore.</p>
67 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 43 - Overcoming Emotional Bo...
<p>Biggs and Obee deal with loss, discuss current events and keep the tone mellow.</p>
62 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 42 - Finding Answers
<p>Biggs and Obee break down the Raiders long wait for camp. They welcome Carrie Quibodeaux to discuss current events and delve into solving problems.</p>
81 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 41 - Current Events Roundtable
<p>Biggs and Obee break down the Josh Jacobs contract issues. They welcome Carrie Quibodeaux to the show and discuss current events.</p>
74 min
Black Tuesday - Ep 40 - Breaking Stereotypes
<p>Biggs and Obee discuss Daryl Worley's comments. In addition, Tina Xu rolls through to discuss conquering stereotypes about Asian Americans.</p>
98 min