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Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan
Hosted by Kevin Craine
13 min
Bizcast :: Jess Todtfeld - Media Secrets
Kevin Craine has Jess Todtfeld on Bizcast to talk about his book "Media Secrets."  Media Secrets:  A Media Training Crash Course … Get More Publicity, Look & Feel Your Best AND Convert Interviews Into Web Traffic & Sales....
13 min
Bizcast :: Erika Andersen - Be Bad First
Kevin Craine has Erika Andersen on Bizcast to talk about her book "Be Bad First." In Be Bad First, Erika Andersen proposes that success today depends on our ability to acquire new skills and knowledge quickly and continuously—and she offers a...
13 min
Bizcast :: Lea Woodford - Lead. Share. Empower
Kevin Craine has Lea Woodford on #Bizcast to talk about her book "Lead. Share. Empower."  What is your inner critic telling you? How are your values and standards holding you back? What can you do to get yourself out of a depression that’s...
11 min
Bizcast :: Dave Kurlan - Baseline Selling
Kevin Craine has Dave Kurlan, the author of "Baseline Selling" on #Bizcast. Baseline Selling – How to Become a Sales Superstar by Using What You Already Know About the Game of Baseball, will dramatically change the way we approach the sales...
12 min
Bizcast :: Stacey Hanke - Influence Redefined
Kevin Craine has Stacey Hanke on Bizcast to talk about her book "Influence Redefined."  Do you feel confident you’re a leader with influence? You may be surprised to discover you’re not as influential as you think you are.   Your team is...
13 min
Bizcast :: Brigham Dickinson - Pattern For Exce...
Kevin Craine has the author of "Pattern for Excellence," Brigham Dickinson. What brings us to WOW and keeps us delivering WOW Experiences is our commitment to that noble cause, mission, and purpose. Once you and your team are aligned behind your...
11 min
Bizcast :: Lou Diamond - Master the Art of Conn...
Kevin Craine has Lou Diamond on Bizcast to talk about his book "Master the Art of Connecting."A book about Making key connections in your life can launch your business, your sales, even your personal life and send them soaring to unforeseen levels.The...
13 min
Bizcast :: Colin Shaw - The Intuitive Customer
Kevin Craine has Colin Shaw on Bizcast to talk about his book "The Intuitive Customer." A book about the many organizations that are trying to improve their Customer experience as their Customer measures (NPS etc) plateau, but struggle to know what to...
13 min
Bizcast :: Matt Paese - Leaders Ready Now
Kevin Craine has Matt Paese on Bizcast to talk about his book "Leaders Ready Now." Better leaders, ready now. It’s what successful businesses need to stay viable and what most are unable to achieve. The problem is not the absence of tools,...
15 min
Bizcast :: Mitch Axelrod - The New Game of Selling
Kevin Craine has the author of "The New Game of Selling," Mitch Axelrod on Bizcast. Mitch Axelrod, author of The New Game of Selling: Attract, Convert, and Keep More Customers and Multiply Profits, talks about the old game versus the new game of...
12 min
Bizcast :: Steve Napolitan - Capture Clients Cl...
Kevin Craine has Steve Napolitan on Bizcast to talk about his book "Capture Clients Close Deals."  Steve Napolitan, author of Capture Clients and Close Deals: A Simple Way to Gain Clients without Convincing or Chasing, talks about the process of...
13 min
Bizcast :: Scott Love - Why They Follow
Kevin Craine has Scott Love on Bizcast to discuss his book "Why They Follow."  To achieve superior results as a leader, you must first understand why people follow. With this premise in mind, author Scott Love explores why some employees and...
17 min
Bizcast :: Lee Bartlett - The No.1 Best Seller
Kevin Craine has Lee Bartlett on Bizcast. Lee is the author of the only sales book you will ever need, titled "The Number One Best Seller."  What does it take to be a Top Salesperson? Many books claim to have the answer, but few show you, first...
14 min
Bizcast :: Julie Miles Lewis - Moving Mountains
Kevin Craine hosts Bizcast and has Julie Miles Lewis on the show to talk about her book "Moving Mountains." In this leadership adventure of stories, wisdom, thought-provoking exercises and actionable ideas, Julie guides you to discover your Inner...
13 min
Bizcast :: Mindy Gibbins-Klein - The Thoughtful...
Kevin Craine has Mindy Gibbins-Klein on Bizcast to discuss her book "The Thoughtful Leader," How to use your head and your heart to inspire others and says the book’s main message is that ‘thought leadership’ isn’t really ‘thoughtful’...
15 min
Bizcast :: Doug Sandler - Nice Guys Finish Last
Kevin Craine interviews Doug Sandler, author of Nice Guys Finish First: Winning Customers for Life by Winning Relationships That Last, defines ‘nice’ as “genuine, trustworthy, upstanding with the answers you give, give to clients as much as you...
12 min
Bizcast :: Diane DiResta - Knockout Presentations
Host Kevin Craine has Diane DiResta on Bizcast to talk about her book "Knockout Presentations." Knockout Presentations is the indispensable guide to delivering your message with clarity and confidence. With hundreds of tips to improve your...
12 min
Bizcast :: Show Me - Randall Kenneth Jones
Kevin Craine has Randall Kenneth Jones on Bizcast to talk about his book "Show Me." Show Me showcases how to learn from your past, embrace your present, grow personally and professionally, laugh at yourself and banish mediocrity—by listening,...
13 min
Bizcast :: Dan Negroni, Chasing Relevance
Kevin Craine has Dan Negroni on Bizcast to talk about his book "Chasing Relevance." Chasing Relevance empowers businesses and their leaders by bridging youth and experience to create powerful, connected workplaces. Learn how to create your own...
11 min
Bizcast :: Angela Preston - Opening Doors
Kevin Craine sits down with the author of "Opening Doors," Angela Preston on this episode of Bizcast. Her book is based on true life events of growing up in inner city Liverpool in the 70s and 80s. Known for her zest and passion for empowering...
14 min
Bizcast :: Joy Marsden - Keep Stepping
Joy Marsden joins Kevin Crain on Bizcast to talk about her book "Keep Stepping." She also talks about leading yourself and others during turbulent times and how that can be tricky, but great self-management and self-leadership doesn't come by...
11 min
Bizcast :: Adam Toporek
Kevin Craine host of Bizcast has Adam Toporek on the show to talk about his book and what it really means to "Be Your Customer's Hero."  
12 min
Bizcast :: Billee Howard - WE Commerce
Billee Howard talks about her book "WE Commerce" with Bizcast host Kevin Craine. In WE-Commerce, visionary marketing strategist Billee Howard lays out her plan for a new vision of success and long-term, purposeful profitability in the new global,...
13 min
Bizcast :: Ilja Grzeskowitz, Think It Do it Cha...
Kevin Craine has Ilja Grzeskowitz to talk about his book "Think it Do it Change it" and how you have to change your attitude, visualize being better...and change will come to you.
13 min