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SPECIAL: 2019 SB Nation NFL Mock Draft
SB Nation's NFL bloggers predict what might happen at the 2019 NFL Draft.
27 min
Big Blue Big Board: News roundups and Day 3 str...
Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum talk possible Day 3 strategies for the Giants
33 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Let's stop asking ...
Also, Adam Stites joins us to discuss the 2004 Eli Manning-Philip Rivers trade
22 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Dane Brugler of Th...
Highly-respected draft analysts offers his take on the Giants' options in the 2019 NFL Draft
27 min
Big Blue Big Board: SB Nation NFL Writers' Mock...
Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum break down Ed's selection of Rashan Gary in the SB Nation NFL Writers Mock Draft
26 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Where's the value ...
Identifying receivers the Giants could target at different stages of the draft
53 min
Big Blue Big Board: Top 30 visits, Ed Oliver, a...
34 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Answering your que...
Answering questions from Big Blue View Twitter followers
18 min
Bonus: SB Nation NFL Writers Mock Draft, Pick 6...
Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum break down the Big Blue View pick in the 2019 SB Nation NFL Writers Mock
20 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Emory Hunt tells u...
Football Gameplan's Emory Hunt defends Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins and talks about the rest of the NFL Draft class
32 min
Big Blue Big Board: 2019 Positional Draft
Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum draft positions they believe the Giants will draft in April
43 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: RSP's Matt Waldman...
Waldman offers a different perspective on the Giants and the quarterback question
61 min
Big Blue Big Board: Players we like and don't l...
Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum are joined by Invictus to talk about the player they like more and less than general consensus
51 min
Big Blue Big Board: Can Josh Rosen be salvaged?
Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum dig into Josh Rosen's play and whether he could improve with a trade
40 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Dan Hatman assesse...
Scouting Academy director breaks down how the Giants arrived at some of their critical offseason decisions
37 min
'Valentine's Views' Podcast: Matt Williamson of...
Ed also offers thoughts on recent remarks by Dave Gettleman, Pat Shurmur
41 min
Big Blue Big Board: Matt Manocherian, former NF...
Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum are joined by Matt Manocherian of Sports Info Solutions.
53 min
Valentine's Views: John Mara, Steve Tisch addre...
We react to what the co-owners of the Giants have to say
31 min
Big Blue Big Board: A first round for every "plan"
Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum run through a few first round scenarios exploring what the Giants' plan could be
38 min
'Valentine's Views:' Carl Banks defends Eli, pr...
Rock M Nation's Pete Scantlebury also joins the show to tell us about Missouri QB Drew Lock
52 min
Big Blue Big Board: Matt Harmon of Yahoo! Sport...
Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum are joined by Matt Harmon of Yahoo! sports breaks down Giants and draft wide receivers
33 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Dave Gettleman exp...
The GM explains, and we react
12 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Talking Odell, FA ...
What have the Giants done? Where are they going?
35 min
Instant reaction: Golden Tate is a New York Giant
Dan Pizzuta and Chris Pflum discuss the Golden Tate signing and what it means for the Giants' "plan?"
21 min
Odell Beckham trade: Ed Valentine, Patricia Tra...
Trying to make sense of Tuesday's stunning trade by the Giants
30 min