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'Valentine's Views' podcast: Giants rookies rep...
One more week and camp will be fully underway
10 min
Chris & Nick Show: Safety review, Xavier McKinn...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum discuss the Giants' current safety situation. Xavier McKinney had a breakout season last year. With Logan Ryan and Jabrill Peppers gone, he'll look for even more responsibility alongside the versatile Julian Love. Who will be the backend safeties behind Dane Belton?
33 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Jimmy G a Giant?
David Carr opens that can of worms by saying it could 'very possibly' happen
5 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: NYG WR Travis Toiv...
Lightly recruited in college, undrafted by the NFL, Toivonen still pursuing his dream
18 min
Chris & Nick Show: CB review, can the Giants ov...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum break down the Giants' cornerback room. New York is thin on the backend with a lot of young - unproven - players. They can prove their skills in 2022, but that is not certain. The two also talk about Adoree Jackson's propensity for injury and how that can significantly alter Wink Martindale's defense.
29 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.65: NFC East All Stars (De...
52 min
Chris & Nick Show: Linebacker review. Welcome b...
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato go through the Giants' depth chart at LB and see who has the best opportunity to earn snaps behind Blake Martinez. The two talk about the fight for the backend roster spots and who could be expendable.
23 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: USFL players who c...
Emory Hunt breaks down USFL players the Giants might want to bring to training camp
36 min
Chris & Nick Show: EDGE review, youth & excitem...
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato dive into the revamped and exciting EDGE room centralized around three young pass rushers, and the veteran Jihad Ward. The two also discuss Elerson Smith's impact and the fight for a backend roster spot.
28 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.64: NFC East All-Stars (Of...
60 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Saquon, DJ 's futu...
There is a lot to look forward to as Giants training camp draws closer
33 min
Chris & Nick Show: DL review, ceiling for Dex a...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum go through the Giants' DL room and the major contributors behind Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams. They also discuss the impact of Wink Martindale's scheme.
22 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Brandon London tal...
Former Giant Brandon London on Kayvon Thibodeaux, training camp, more
38 min
Chris & Nick Show: OL review, how much better a...
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato discuss the Giants' revamped OL and all the intriguing camp battles that will ensue.
27 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.63: Teams we also sort of ...
51 min
Chris & Nick Show: TE positional review
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato evaluate the Giants' current TE room. What are the ceilings for Daniel Bellinger, Austin Allen, or the two veterans in RSJ and Jordan Akins?
18 min
Chris & Nick Show: WR positional review
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato detail the Giants' deep wide receiver room...the two discuss the 2021 failure of Kenny Golladay and how it can be rectified, the ceiling of Kadarius Toney, the impact of Sterling Shepard, and what backend players have a shot to make the roster. All this, plus much more!
33 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.62: Most overrated players...
57 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: 'Invictus' drops b...
Former BBV contributor gives us his take on the Giants
43 min
Chris & Nick Show: Running back positional review
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum go through the Giants' running back position while prognosticating the rushing philosophy of the new coaching staff. What does 2022 look like for Saquon Barkley? What role will Matt Breida play? Who will be the third RB? This, plus much more!
31 min
Chris & Nick Show: Quarterback positional review
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato discuss the Giants' quarterback room and how the depth chart might shake out over the summer. The two talk about Daniel Jones with Daboll/Kafka, the impact of Tyrod Taylor, Chris' love for Davis Webb, plus much more
28 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.61: Most Underrated player...
48 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Madelyn Burke talk...
Giants media host Madelyn Burke joins the show
32 min
Chris & Nick Show: Darrian Beavers, rotational ...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum go through the tape of Giants' 6th round selection Darrian Beavers - linebacker out of Cincinnati. The two talk about his year one impact and how Wink Martindale can use his skill-set; plus more.
22 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Giants offseason t...
What did we learn about the 2022 Giants during the team's offseason program?
34 min
Chris & Nick Show: Marcus McKethan, can he crac...
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato break down the strengths and weaknesses of 5th-round OG Marcus McKethan out of UNC. The Giants' OL finally has some depth, and McKethan's path to the final 53 is not certain; the two discuss the probability of McKethan making the roster.
20 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Mandatory mini-cam...
Light workout for Giants as offseason program nears conclusion
7 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.60: Give us the truth serum!
64 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Mandatory mini-cam...
Rough day for offense, Daniel Jones cleared for contact, more
4 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Mandatory mini-cam...
Here is what we'll be watching as the Giants hold their final offseason practices of 2022
6 min
Chris & Nick Show: DJ Davidson, more than a rot...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum go through the strengths and weaknesses of DJ Davidson - one of the 5th-round picks of the New York Giants.
20 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Sounds, impression...
What we saw, and heard, Thursday in East Rutherford
17 min
Chris & Nick Show: Micah McFadden, can he start...
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato go through the skillset of former Indiana LB Micah McFadden. The two talk about his unique pressure ability, his football intelligence, and what he can provide to Wink Martindale's system early in his career.
28 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.59: Ranking all of the div...
52 min
Chris & Nick Show: Dane Belton, a great fit for...
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato discuss the second fourth-round selection of the New York Football Giants: Safety Dane Belton from Iowa. The two talk about his strengths and weaknesses while prognosticating his year one usage in Martindale's scheme.
25 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Sounds, impression...
What did we learn, and who did we hear from?
42 min
Chris & Nick Show: Daniel Bellinger, Giants TE ...
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato go over San Diego State's Daniel Bellinger and the impact he'll have with the 2022 New York Giants. The two also dive into his long-term impact and his fit in Brian Daboll's system.
23 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.58: Defining players for e...
50 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Sandro Platzgummer...
Austrian running back in third year trying to crack 53-man roster
22 min
Chris & Nick Show: Cor'Dale Flott, a good fit f...
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato dive into the Giants' second third-round pick, Cor'Dale Flott. The two talk about Flott's strengths and weaknesses, while going over year one expectations.
25 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Sounds, impression...
What did we learn from Thursday's Giants OTA?
22 min
Chris & Nick Show: Joshua Ezeudu, an athletic a...
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato go through Joshua Ezeudu's strengths and weaknesses while prognosticating his year one impact on the 2022 New York Giants.
26 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Let's get to know ...
Newest Big Blue View contributor joins the show to tell us his story
33 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.57: Predicting wins and lo...
52 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Sounds of Giants r...
Kayvon Thibodeaux, other NYG draft picks talk about mini-camp
21 min
Chris & Nick Show: Wan'Dale Robinson's fit in B...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum break down the skill-set of the New York Giants' second-round pick, Wan'Dale Robinson. The two go through Robinson's traits - strengths/weaknesses - and the reason why Joe Schoen decided to select the tough, smart, and dependable WR.
32 min
Chris & Nick Show: Evan Neal, the right tackle ...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum breakdown former Alabama OT Evan Neal. His strengths, weaknesses, and all of the reasons to get excited! What should the Giants expect from the 6'7, 337-pound tackle?
30 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.56: Power Rankings and QB ...
52 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Pulling back the s...
Former Giants scouting assistant Tom Rudawsky takes us behind the process
27 min
Chris & Nick Show: James Bradberry released, wh...
The New York Giants release star CB James Bradberry. Nick Falato and Chris Pflum discuss the implications of that decision and the increasingly precarious state of the Giants' CB room.
19 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Shrine Game's Eric...
We asses the Giants draft, talk about potential future Giants who played in Shrine Game
24 min
Chris & Nick Show: Kayvon Thibodeaux, and the m...
Chris and Nick go through the Giants' fifth-overall selection, Kayvon Thibodeaux. The two discuss his college career, his positives/negatives, and his year one impact as an NFL player in Wink Martindale's system.
26 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: The Giants were on...
4 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Duke Manyweather t...
What are the Giants getting in Evan Neal? Should fans be excited about this version of the offensive line?
23 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.55: Reviewing the 2022 NFL...
55 min
Chris & Nick Show: Overview of the Giants draft...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum break down the Giants' philosophical approach to the 2022 NFL Draft and how it differs from previous regimes. The two go through each pick and position while discussing their year one impact in the NFL.
33 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Giants draft revie...
A different perspective on the Giants' 2022 draft class
32 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Round 1 draft reac...
Giants did well in Round 1, now can they follow that up with another good haul on Day 2?
30 min
Chris & Nick Show: Round 1 reaction
Giants add a pass rusher and an offensive tackle in top 10
24 min
Sauce Gardner joins the SB Nation NFL Show!
9 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.54: Mocking the division
49 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: NYG consensus mock...
We go through a 6-round NYG mock draft
44 min
Chris & Nick Show: Dueling mock drafts, trade s...
Chris and Nick go through each others mock drafts and prognosticate on potential trades that may occur for the Giants during the 2022 NFL Draft
41 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Draft questions wi...
Patricia Traina joins the show as we look ahead to the NFL Draft
38 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Talking Evan Neal,...
Is Evan Neal right for the Giants? How about Phidarian Mathis, Brian Robinson or other Alabama players?
32 min
Chris & Nick Show: 2022 Draft CB and SAF preview
Chris Pflum and Nick Falato break down the secondary pieces of the 2022 NFL Draft. The two discuss the realistic possibility of Ahmad Sauce Gardner and Derek Stingley Jr. in round one while going through options for the 36 pick at both corner and safety. They also dive into their favorite late-round guys and sleepers.
38 min
FROM THE SB NATION NFL SHOW: Giants can improve...
3 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.53: How each team could dr...
50 min
Chris & Nick Show: the 2022 EDGE class, loaded ...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum break down the 2022 EDGE class. Will the first three selections be EDGE rushers? Aidan Hutchinson vs Travon Walker for the top pick? Which EDGE makes the most sense for the Giants at 36? All this, plus much more!
35 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Georgia draft pros...
We break down the plethora of Georgia prospects who could be drafted by the Giants
34 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: 1-on-1 with Jon Fe...
The Giants center shares some of his journey and why being part of the Giants means so much to him
21 min
Chris & Nick Show: the best DL & LBs that fit t...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum break down the defensive line and linebacker positions for the 2022 NFL Draft. The two discuss the positions' strengths/weaknesses while seeing which players fit best with Martindale's scheme.
44 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Talking Daniel Jon...
Daniel Jones' offseason QB trainer David Morris talks about the Giants' quarterback heading into Year 4 of his career
19 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.52: Ranking NFC Quarterbacks
59 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Chris Myarick inte...
Giants' tight end Chris Myarick talks about last season, his hopes for 2022
38 min
Chris & Nick Show: 2022 RB/TEs; who fits the Gi...
Nick and Chris dive into the 2022 Draft class at the RB and TE positions. They go through the value of certain players at each position and who figures to be the best fit in the new schemes.
34 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Nate Ebner's journey
Ebner joins the show to talk about the meaning of his book, 'Finish Strong'
44 min
Chris & Nick Show: 2022 Quarterback Class w/ Ma...
Nick & Chris are joined by quarterback expert Mark Schofield to break down the 2022 quarterback class. The three go through some of the top prospects at the position, how and why they may succeed, and if the Giants should be interested in any of them in the first round.
30 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Matt Waldman break...
What you need to know about the skill position players in the 2022 NFL Draft class
83 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.51: The Eagles did a thing
41 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Emory Hunt talks d...
We talk about Hunt's often unique perspective on prospects
44 min
Chris & Nick Show: 2022 NFL Draft review - wide...
Nick and Chris go through the wide receivers for the 2022 NFL Draft. Who is the number one ranked receiver, and why? Chris Olave or Garrett Wilson? Is Treylon Burks the next Deebo Samuel? Sleepers, value receivers, and much more!
38 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Let's talk Charles...
We talk Charles Cross with WCBI News Sports Director Jon Sokoloff
20 min
Falato on Football: OL draft preview w/Chris Pflum
Nick and Chris go through the offensive line and discuss prospects of note, sleepers, and their favorite potential value selections in the draft.
28 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: QB whirlwind good ...
Mark Schofield, Ed Valentine talk about QBs and draft scenarios
36 min
Falato on Football: Making the case: Neal vs Ek...
Nick and Chris discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Alabama OT Evan Neal and NCST OT Ikem Ekwonu. They then make a determination on their preference. They do the same exercise for MISSST Charles Cross and UNI's Trevor Penning.
23 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.50: Draft Things
52 min
Falato on Football: Giants news, how interested...
Nick and Chris go over the James Bradberry situation and his potential suitors...what can the Giants get for him? Jabrill Peppers could reunite with Joe Judge in New England, what would that look like on defense, and offense?! The Giants send brass to UNC's Pro Day to see Sam Howell, what does that mean?
20 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Catching up on the...
John Mara talks Brian Flores, Saquon Barkley, James Bradberry and more
16 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Interview with Col...
Ed Valentine interviews potential future Giant TE Trey McBride (Colorado State). Ed asks McBride about his contact with the Giants, his favorite college football moments, and much more!
10 min
Falato on Football: How to analyze key injured ...
Nick and Chris go through all the major injured players that will be selected in the 2022 NFL Draft, and how the Giants will, or should, approach the situation. The two also ponder a new name for their podcast with Chris and Nick teaming up. If anyone has suggestions, slide into the Twitter DMs of @nickfalato or @RaptormkII
27 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.49: Who is Top 5 Across th...
44 min
Falato on Football: Matt Breida, Jihad Ward, dr...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum break down the recent additions of RB Matt Breida and EDGE/DL Jihad Ward and their future impact in Blue. The two then discuss the draft and recent trade market for the Giants' picks in the top ten.
25 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Tony Pauline on Gi...
We talk Giants free agency, draft, more with NFL Draft insider Tony Pauline
20 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Logan Ryan cut; Ot...
Thoughts on the Giants' decision to move on from Logan Ryan, and a conversation with Ottis Anderson and Stephen Baker
21 min
Falato on Football: Logan Ryan released, what t...
Nick and Chris Pflum breakdown the release of Logan Ryan and the addition of tight end Ricky Seals-Jones. They discuss what both moves mean for the New York Giants, and how it can alter the Giants' draft strategy. This, plus more new around the NFL
29 min
NFC East Mixtape Vol.48: Free Agency Frenzy!
38 min
Falato on Football: Tyrod Taylor, new OL, what ...
Nick Falato and Chris Pflum go over the recent New York Giants news; the additions of Mark Glowinski, Jon Feliciano, and Tyrod Taylor, and how that impacts the Giants moving forward. The two also discuss the Randy Gregory situation and other big free agent news around the NFL.
22 min
'Valentine's Views' podcast: Offensive line hel...
Ed Valentine, Nick Falato react as Giants add a pair of veteran offensive linemen
30 min
Falato on Football: Day one of free agency - wh...
Nick and Chris dive into day one of free agency and all the craziness. Jacksonville attempts to fix their mess through free agency...again...The Jets and Jags look to upgrade their OL, does that help the Giants' chances of drafting Evan Neal or Icky Ekwonu? How do these moves impact Big Blue? All this, plus more!
24 min