The Better Samaritan Podcast

The Better Samaritan is a podcast with Kent Annan & Jamie Aten where we’re learning—along with you—how to more helpfully love our neighbors, from everyday acts of kindness to navigating complex humanitarian challenges facing the church and society. Join us as we interview experts with insight on learning to do good, better.

How Do You Sustain Hope and Resist Disillusionm...
42 min
How Churches Should—and Shouldn't—Respond to Cl...
A step-by-step, survivor-focused approach to responding to clergy sexual abuse.
48 min
One of the Best Routes to Wisdom: Sit with Peop...
Two experts explain how the growing field of wisdom psychology has plenty to teach Christians— especially those helping others through adversity.
37 min
The Immigration System Is Broken. But It Won’t ...
How can we be both a nation of laws, and a nation of grace?
32 min
Seven Crucial Steps for Self-Care—So You Can Ca...
What is happening within us impacts the ways that we serve.
37 min
What Has Evangelicalism Gotten Right—and Wrong—...
Bestselling author and historian Dr. Kristin Kobes Du Mez explains how the culture of evangelicalism has fostered a collective faith that values militarism over servanthood.
46 min
Understanding the Evangelical Mind—with the Man...
Mark Noll, author of "The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind," looks back on 30 years and says there is no one evangelical mind—and that's actually ok.
34 min
The EU Just Absorbed 2 Million Ukrainian Refuge...
A professor with the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College has just arrived on the border of Ukraine to assist with healthcare efforts. Here’s his report from the field.
28 min
A Well-Equipped Church is the Best Place to Sta...
Dr. Nicole Martin explains how Healing Groups work—and why scripture is essential to the process
38 min
Enneagram and Justice Work
Suzanne Stabile explains how your number can be an asset in helping professions.
43 min
Twenty Minutes of Soul Care & Free Writing with...
21 min
A Pastor and a Psychologist Unpack Why Pastors ...
They're being forced to moderate skirmishes without an answer, rather than minister, according to one Mennonite leader.
36 min
Racism Drove Many Asian-Americans from Local Ch...
Why a church plant in Austin, TX has grown exponentially this year—plus, wisdom on being prophetic vs. being noisy.
40 min
Ten Minute Embodied Prayer Meditation to Help M...
12 min
Dallas Jenkins on His Funding Model and Ethical...
The hit show has raised $10 million through crowdfunding—and its Christmas special topped box office charts. What drives Jenkins’ marketing philosophy?
42 min
This FEMA Official Says the Government Wants to...
He's served with FEMA under 3 presidents. Marcus Coleman shares with us about his calling.
29 min
Two Christian Reporters Talk About Reporting on...
32 min
Why Disasters?: Kent and Jamie on the Hot Seat ...
Remembering 10 years, and exploring the M.A. in Humanitarian & Disaster Leadership
31 min
Welcoming the Stranger Isn't a Political Burden...
Shane Claiborne wants to challenge our idea of scarcity—and how it affects policies at the southern border.
30 min
The Story Philip Yancey Waited 50 Years to Writ...
“Things I Thought We Were Done With, in the United States, Are Recurring”
37 min
We Know Things Are Bad in Haiti. What’s the Way...
An assassination, an earthquake and ongoing kidnappings on top of a dysfunctional republic. One reporter—herself a Haitian immigrant—explains why she still has hope for Haiti.
33 min
How Do You Sustain Hope in the Midst of This Wo...
We asked every one of our podcast guests this question. Here are their answers
22 min
How Do We Make the Jericho Road Safer for Those...
We asked every podcast guest: in the context of your work, how can we make a difference in the system?
17 min
What Does Humility Look like in Your Field?
Top humanitarians & NGO leaders share.
14 min
How Have You Been Learning to Do Good, Better i...
Top humanitarians & NGO leaders share.
18 min
Tearfund Haiti Director on the President's Assa...
The country has been a tangled web of violence & instability—and now it's under a declared State of Siege. Here's what humanitarians are most concerned about next.
18 min
We Asked 12 Top Humanitarians What Surprises Th...
14 min
WorldVision President Emeritus Rich Stearns on ...
42 min
How Can I Leverage How God Has Wired Me for God...
Terence Lester, author and founder of Love Beyond Walls, on calling, proximation, and what he's learned from his friends without an address.
40 min
Musician David Gungor of the Brilliance on Redi...
In both in art and peacemaking, sometimes we have to be comfortable with dissonances.
36 min
Don't Underestimate Refugees in 2021. They May ...
Pastor Jean Pierre Gatera on misconceptions, COVID, and what never to say to a newly resettled refugee
27 min
One Thing Keeps Women & Children Enslaved for 2...
Unleashing that potential is easier than you might think, says one expert
28 min
Undercut the Old Narratives to Show the Love Je...
If you want to make the world safer, but are used to privilege, you might need to lower your fists.
20 min
Why We Founded National COVID-19 Day, and 4 Way...
11 min
The Difference Between Freedom and Slavery: You
IJM expert says human trafficking still exists because we create the demand.
25 min
Yes, You Can—and Should—Talk About Climate Change
It's the one thing making every humanitarian crisis even worse.
25 min
Do We Shave the Edges Off of MLK?
Conversation with black history scholar Peniel Joseph on King’s shift from radical to revolutionary
27 min
Power and Abuse in the Church
Trauma expert Dr. Diane Langberg on how to respond—systemically, and individually.
28 min
Famine, displacement and war are layering to create a humanitarian catastrophe in Ethiopia. Here's what you can do.
14 min
The Biggest Mistake Christian Activists Make
(Plus, lessons they can learn from trapeze artists)
32 min
How Do Churches Combat COVID Misinformation?
Interview with Dr. Nicolette Louissaint, Exec. Director of Healthcare Ready
43 min
How to Love Your Neighbor Through Political Div...
A Conversation with Michael Wear
40 min
Learning to Do Good, Better
An introduction and a question: how do we help the hurting, while improving the road?
16 min
Coming Soon: The Better Samaritan Podcast
Teaser trailer for The Better Samaritan Podcast
2 min