BEEF with Bridget Todd

BEEF is an original scripted non-fiction storytelling podcast where Business Wars meets pop culture history.

Award-winning host Bridget Todd tells the stories of legends in their fields and how they tried to stomp out their competition only to find that their enemies become the driving force behind their success, ultimately changing the world as we know it.

Society & Culture
Episode 3 - Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs Shawn Mic...
This week on Beef, professional wrestlers Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart weave between truth and fiction with a real-life feud in a sport that’s only sort of fake.
35 min
Episode 2 - James Brown vs Joe Tex
This week on Beef, soul singers James Brown and Joe Tex battle to become the biggest artist everywhere from the Chitlin Circuit to the Billboard charts.
29 min
Episode 1 - Dear Abby vs Ask Ann Landers
This week on Beef, advice columnists Ann Landers and Dear Abby share a good old fashion sibling rivalry that oddly elevates their abilities to solve other people's problems.
31 min
Introducing BEEF with Bridget Todd
Serving up the juiciest rivalries you're never heard of.
1 min