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Battle Scars
Some firefights and bomb blasts never make the news or the history books, but they’re still incidents that changed the lives of those involved. In each episode, host and former soldier Thom Tran talks to fellow veterans of our recent wars. We hear from a badly burned vet who became a TV star; a medic who says God answered his prayers on the battlefield; and one of the few women soldiers to take an enemy life in action. Thom also shares his memories of fighting in Iraq, where a sniper's bullet came within an inch of killing him. Sometimes raw, often funny, but always arresting.
Society & Culture
Surrounded, Outnumbered, Shot in the Throat......
Sniper Simon Moloney survived a deadly wound and took on a Taliban attack virtually alone.
26 min
From War in Afghanistan to a Fight in the NFL
Green Beret Nate Boyer's role in a real war and the #TakeAKnee skirmish.
25 min
I Fought with Hate... Until it Caught Up On Me
Green Beret Tu Lam fought all over the world but let hate take over his heart.
33 min
Don't Die with Skeletons in Your Closet
Arnold Strong nearly died in Iraq so decided to confess something to his wife.
37 min
I Tried to Help Land Our Black Hawk, Then Passe...
Senator Tammy Duckworth lost her legs to an Iraqi rocket, but doesn't regret going to war.
27 min
The First Woman to Kill in Battle
When the Taliban ambushed Chantelle Taylor she killed an attacker... and entered the history books.
28 min
When I Went to Iraq it Killed My Dad Back Home
Kate's alcoholic dad fell off the wagon when she went to Iraq, destroying her family life.
23 min
When the Caskets Start Coming Home
Many soldiers never see an actual dead body, but Arti Walker-Peddakotla saw hundreds and hundreds.
24 min
Panoply Fall 2017 Trailer
3 min
God Loves Medics
Combat medic Manny says his prayers are often answered, but God won't let him save every badly wounded comrade.
27 min
Landmines freaked me out... and guess what got me?
JR Martinez was badly burned in an explosion, but learned to see value in his changed appearance.
25 min
Iraq veteran Thom Tran talks candidly to others who served in our recent wars about their battles.
2 min