A Guide to Compliance From the Bard

What is the intersection of Shakespeare and compliance? How do the plays of the world's greatest playwright inform your 21st century corporate compliance program? If you love Shakespeare and/or compliance, this is the podcast for you. Listen in as Tom Fox, the Compliance Evangelist and the Voice of Compliance discusses the plays, personalities and histories from The Bard of Avon and then uses them to provide insights to enhancing your compliance regime.

Performing Arts
Henry IV, Part 2-Lawyers and Compliance
How does Henry IV, Part 2 inform the intersection of lawyers and compliance.
8 min
Lear's Fool and Power Points
In this podcast, I use my favorite character in all Shakespeare's works, to introduce today’s post. He is The Fool from King Lear.
9 min
Othello and the Clash of Cultures
How does Othello inform your compliance program?
9 min
All's Well That Ends Well and Resiliency in Com...
8 min
Much Ado About Nothing and Use of Social Media ...
What Does Much Ado About Nothing tells us on using social media in compliance?
9 min
Troilus and Cressida and problems in compliance
How does Troilus and Cressida inform solving problems in compliance?
8 min
Measure for Measure and Creating a Game Plan
How does Measure for Measure inform in the #MeToo era?
8 min
A Winter's Tale and Terminating Third Parties
How does A Winter's Tale inform the termination of third parties?
8 min
Timon of Athens and Risk Ranking Logistics Comp...
How does Timon of Athens inform your risk ranking of logistics companies?
8 min
King Lear-Innovation
Today, I want to use the nature of the production, to introduce the day’s topic of innovation in compliance.
7 min
King Lear-Changing Your focus
In this episode, I want to discuss how this production changed the focus of the play, away from the madness of the king to the actions of the three daughters.
7 min
King Lear-Engaging Your Audience
In this episode, I want to discuss the opening scene where Lear bids his daughters express the breadth and scope of their love for him.
7 min
King Lear-A different Interpretation
In this episode, I want to discuss how Jackson, starring in the role of King Lear, added a new level of complexity, nuance and interpretation to the entire play.
8 min
King Lear-The Fool
In this podcast series, I have use the Broadway performance by Glenda Jackson as King Lear to introduce several compliance topics. Today, I want to discuss the role of The Fool who spoke truth to power during the play.
10 min