Baffled with David DesRoches

Do you ever wonder why journalists do the things they do? Why do they focus on one thing and ignore another? Should journalists be champions of democracy or does that impede their objectivity? Why do they pretend to be unbiased? And why do they care so much about awards? Baffled with David DesRoches just might have some answers.

You might not agree with him, and that's the point -- to start a dialogue about this important industry. Hosted by an award-winning journalist (see that?), this podcast explores those moments when we consume media and say to ourselves, “Huh?” The goal is to offer thoughts on improving journalism and the media industry, and to also help non-journalists better understand the reporting process. In an era when distrust is as common as a cold, the need for podcasts like this cannot be overstated. So go and start one yourself! 

This podcast is a production of the Quinnipiac University Podcast Studio.

News Commentary
Daily News
The Harsh Reality of Forecasting Abuse Using Pr...
This episode was produced as a pilot podcast called America Decoded
34 min
Aborting Abortion: How to Report Better on One ...
The important of nuance and complexity when discussing such a sensitive topic cannot be overstated.
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Eight Suggestions for Journalists and the Publi...
How can journalists and news consumers make sense of this war when almost all information comes with strings attached?
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The Baffled Student Production Team Talks Journ...
In this episode, host David DesRoches interviews the Baffled production team: Grace McGuire, Jillian Catalano, and Jake McCarthy.
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The Biggest Threat to Democracy Isn’t Donald Tr...
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Quinnipiac's J School Chair Talks Journalism, D...
A discussion about journalism, its role in democracy, and how it has changed with Professor Molly Yanity
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A discussion about polls with Doug Schwartz
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Should Journalists Be Required to Have a Licens...
A discussion about whether journalism should require a license with Indiana lawyer, Steve Key
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A Journalism Professor Talks Diversity and Ethi...
A discussion about diversity and ethics in journalism with Professor Wasim Ahmad.
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Journalist Hacker? A Missouri Governor Goes Hea...
A look at a complicated article by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper
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We Should Redefine Journalism as the Pursuit of...
A look at a new journalism philosophy: the pursuit of equitable justice.
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The Six Headline Tactics That Should Drive You ...
A look at the flaws in today's news headlines and why they should drive you bananas
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Four Reasons Why Journalists Should Not Defend ...
A look at whether journalists can defend democracy and pursue truth at the same time.
30 min
The Seven Lies Journalists Want You to Believe
A look at why this podcasts exists and some of the questions we're going to tackle.
24 min