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ATH Podcast: The holidays are over and the Horn...
We do our best to make interesting conversation about a wholly uninteresting Hornets season.
51 min
ATH Podcast: The Hornets season is not going well
Boy are things going poorly.
62 min
ATH Podcast: Making sense of the Hornets 3-5 start
The Hornets have started 3-5 but we're still optimistic
60 min
ATH Podcast: Preseason recap and regular season...
The season is upon us, so we've got a hot and fresh podcast for you.
38 min
ATH Podcast: Summer League recap and Steve Clif...
What's old is new again and the Summer League is over.
68 min
ATH Podcast: Hornets 2022 NBA Draft Preview
The podcast makes a return to talk about the 2022 NBA Draft.
82 min
ATH Live: 2022 postseason awards and series finale
Chase and James bring you the final episode of At the Hive Live.
84 min
ATH Live: The Hornets have fired James Borrego
56 min
ATH Live: Hornet-Hawks play-in recap
That was ugly.
22 min
ATH Live: Hornets-Hawks play-in preview
Chase and James get you ready for the big game.
51 min
ATH Live: Gordon Hayward’s return, end of seaso...
Chase and James fly solo for the likely last podcast before the end of the regular season.
52 min
ATH Live: Win streak and play-in talk with Fili...
Chase and James are joined by Filippo to talk about the home stretch of the season.
55 min
ATH Live: Hornets talk with James Dracula
Sam Dracula, Hornets YouTuber and content creator, joins us for this week’s At The Hive Live!
72 min
ATH Live: Hornets talk with EmbreyNBA
Tik Toker EmbreNBA joins the show to chat hoops.
59 min
ATH Live: All Star break chat with Nick Denning
Former At the Hive great Nick Denning returns to fill some All Star break time.
70 min
ATH Live: Trade deadline recap with James Herbe...
The Hornets acquired Montrezl Harrell as part of a wild deadline day.
92 min
ATH Live: Rufus on Fire retrospective with Ben ...
Much nostalgia.
61 min
ATH Live: Interview with Rod Boone
Chase and James are joined by Hornets beat reporter Rod Boone.
47 min
ATH Live: Trade deadline discussion with Dylan ...
The Hornets are dealing with some key absences as the trade deadline draws closer.
68 min
ATH Live: The Melo, Miles, McDaniels, and PJ ep...
Chase and James talk about the aforementioned players with the Hornets on a hot streak.
39 min
ATH Live: James is back!
James returns from vacation to spit the takes.
50 min
ATH Live: All star talk, Hornets new years reso...
Chase is joined by Maxwell Millington to discuss all things Hornets.
56 min
ATH Live: The Hornets are finally healthy!
Chase and James recap the Hornets brush with covid and it's effects on the rest of the season.
50 min
ATH Live: COVID outbreak, Pacers trade rumors, ...
The Hornets are scrapping with a skeleton crew while the Pacers might be looking to strip their roster down.
76 min
ATH Live: Charlotte Hornets power hour
Chase and James run through the Hornets roster through the first quarter of the season.
62 min
ATH Live: The Hornets are winners of 7 of 8
Chase and James are back to discuss the Hornets recent hot streak.
55 min
ATH Live: The Hornets are 3-0 for the first tim...
Chase and James talk about anything and every pertaining to the Hornets 3-0 start.
51 min
ATH Live: Season preview with Max Millington
Chase and James are joined by Panthers and Hornets writer Max Millington to get you ready for the Hornets regular season.
75 min
ATH Live: Interview with Kai Jones, preseason/M...
Chase and James chat with Hornets rookie Kai Jones.
51 min
ATH Live: Preseason opener and interview with M...
Chase and James talk with Mat Issa of Hoopshead Pod and Rise Network.
62 min
ATH Live: Hornets media day and training camp
Chase and James are back to talk about the unofficial start of the Hornets season.
43 min
ATH Live: Terry Rozier extension, '21-22 schedu...
Chase and James cover all of the latest news surrounding the Hornets in an otherwise dead time of the basketball calendar.
76 min
ATH Live: Summer League recap with Sam Perley
Chase and James are joined by Sam Perley of to chat about the Hornets summer league and other things.
84 min
ATH Live: Free agency recap with Richie Randall...
Chase and James are joined by Richie Randall of the Buzz Beat Podcast before breaking off to talk among themselves about the Summer League opener.
90 min
ATH Live: Free agency preview
Chase and James get you ready for the free agency madness that is about to begin.
57 min
ATH Live: Draft reactions and discussion
Chase and James react live to the second round while discussing the extraordinary draft night the Hornets had.
71 min
Stinger Player Profile: Miles Bridges
Zach and Chase talk about the altitude, the evolution, and the star potential of Miles Bridges.
24 min
ATH Live: Lottery mock draft with CJ Marchesani
Chase and James are joined by CJ Marchesani of The Stepien and Roll Call Sports Net to mock draft the lottery
82 min
Stinger Player Profile: PJ Washington
James joins Zach to talk about the ever versatile PJ Washington.
20 min
ATH Live: Best guard/wing prospects for the Hor...
Even with all the buzz surrounding the Hornets need for a big, Chase and James talk about some wing prospects the Hornets could target.
70 min
ATH Live: NBA Combine, draft rumor/prospect dis...
Chase and James talk about the buzz surrounding the NBA combine and pro days.
57 min
Stinger: Remote from the lottery
The Hornets are picking 11th in the 2021 NBA Draft.
22 min
ATH Live: Rumors abuzz and Hornets draft charac...
Chase and James talk about all the swirling rumors as the offseason heats up.
75 min
Stinger: LaMelo Ball: Rookie of the Year: ROTY
Zach and Jonathan pivot from their original plan to talk about the Hornets star rookie.
21 min
ATH Live: Big board wars and second round sleepers
Chase and James are back to talk about their Hornets big boards and guys the Hornets could target in the second round.
103 min
Stinger Player Profile: Terry Rozier
Jack and Zach review Terry Rozier's breakout 2020-21 cmapaign.
21 min
ATH Live: Three buzzing questions
Chase and James answer the buzziest questions from fans.
62 min
ATH Live: Exit interview quotes and postseason ...
Chase and James bring you their first offseason episode.
76 min
Stinger: Well that stung
The season is over.
21 min
ATH Live: Play-in megapod with experts from eac...
Chase and James are joined by several guests to talk about the first ever NBA play-in round.
56 min
Stinger: LaMelo Ball's rookie of the year case
Zach and Jack explain why LaMelo Ball is rookie of the year.
18 min
ATH Live: Chase, James, and Jon talkin' Hornets...
Jonathan DeLong from the very site that hosts this podcast is a guest on this show.
63 min
ATH Live: Hornets radio play-by-play man Sam Fa...
The voice of the Hornets on radio joins the show after Chase and James lament the Hornets misfortunes.
57 min
ATH Live: Play-in tournament, Miles Bridges, Ch...
James and Chase talk about the recent happenings in Hornets basketball before interviewing CharlotteMan
62 min
Stinger: To tank or not to tank
Zach and Jack debate the merits of tanking as the Hornets tumble down the standings.
23 min
ATH Live: Cody Zeller and Three Burning Questions
Chase and James are joined by the biggest guest in At the Hive podcast history.
67 min
ATH Live: Jalen McDaniels and draft talk with W...
Half of this episode is about draft prospects, the other half is about Jalen McDaniels.
85 min
ATH Live: Injuries, injuries, and more injuries
All of the Hornets are hurt.
67 min
ATH Live: Trades, buyouts, and NBA awards buzz
Chase and James take one more look at all that transpired around the NBA trade deadline.
64 min
Stinger: Trade deadline recap
Real Gs don't exist like Kupchak
16 min
ATH Live: LaMelo Ball injury, NBA Draft, March ...
Chase and James are sad about LaMelo Ball.
78 min
Stinger: The trade deadline approacheth
Zach and Chase hit you with a quick podcast to prep you for the trade deadline.
21 min
ATH Live: HornetsFilmRoom, Malik Monk's develop...
Chase and James are joined by Jim from HornetsFilmRoom after talking about Malik Monk's progress this season.
75 min
ATH Podcast: Midseason review
We're at the All Star Break. Let's catch up.
80 min
ATH Live: Cassidy McMahon, Nikola Vucevic rumor...
Chase and James are joined by Hornets and Braves YouTuber Cassidy McMahon after discussing a couple pertinent Hornets topics.
60 min
ATH Live: Nick Denning, James Borrego review, A...
85 min
Stinger: All Star snubs
Zach and Jack talk about the snubbing of Gordon Hayward from the All Star game.
19 min
ATH Live: Prospect rankings, Filippo Baressi
Chase and James are joined by Filippo, a Hornets fan from Italy
100 min
Stinger: Episode 1
Another podcast!
10 min
ATH Podcast: Playoff picture, trades, LaMelo Ba...
Jonathan and Zach recap an up and down couple weeks of Hornets basketball and look at ways the team can improve in the second half.
57 min
ATH Live: Playoff push, covid, G League, and Go...
Chase and James are back for episode two.
69 min
ATH Live: The debut
Chase and James introduce the newest installment in the ATH podcast network.
67 min
LaMelo Ball's breakout, Cody Zeller's return, q...
The Hornets have looked good the last couple games.
73 min
Game cancellations, centers, small ball, and NB...
The Hornets have lost three straight, but we have some more big picture things to talk about.
62 min
LaMelo Ball is the truth and the Hornets are fi...
The Hornets are 6-5 after taking down the New York Knicks, and they have the best rookie in basketball.
55 min
Preseason reviews, season previews, and Kyrie I...
We recap the highs and lows of the preseason and get ready for real Hornets basketball.
60 min
Press conferences, schedule release, win totals
We catch up on all the odds and ends with preseason basketball on the horizon.
65 min
Gordon Hayward and other free agency news
The Hornets shocked the world by signing Gordon Hayward. And other stuff happened too.
56 min
Reviewing the Hornets 2020 draft picks
The Hornets nailed the 2020 draft. Let's talk about it.
66 min
Mint City, Russell Westbrook, and the draft
The draft is in a couple days, and the Hornets have been involved in that and much more.
69 min
Draft prospects, uniforms, and NASCAR
The Hornets got new uniforms, Michael Jordan got a new team, and it's still draft season.
52 min
Possible targets for the Hornets at the third pick
Jonathan, Zach, and Chase look at a handful of prospects the Hornets could target with the third pick.
70 min
From Adam Morrison to Michael Jordan
We talk about a lot of stuff and surprisingly keep it mostly sports related.
50 min
Chase Whitney joins the show to talk about the ...
Our newly anointed resident draft guru drops some draft nuggets.
56 min
Talking more about basketball than the coronavirus
While everyone else is talking about stuff getting canceled, we talk about the Hornets play on the court.
45 min
The Hornets are playing well, as they lose to t...
We record an episode during the fourth quarter of Hornets vs Bucks.
46 min
Trade deadline spectacular
The trade deadline has come and gone, and we have all the Hornets news to go along with it.
40 min
The Hornets are coming down to Earth and trade szn
The Hornets are losing a lot.
40 min
The Hornets make no sense
Jonathan and Zach try to explain the Hornets.
42 min
Devastating losses and crazy schedule changes
We run through a wild couple of weeks for the Hornets.
43 min
The Raptors killed the Hornets buzz
The Hornets won on back-to-back last second shots before the Raptors had to go and ruin everything.
42 min
Were the Hornets good before they played the Ce...
The Hornets were riding a three game winning streak before Kemba Walker and his new team came to town.
43 min
The Hornets are bad but boy are they fun
We recap the Hornets first four games and look ahead to some big games on the horizon.
44 min
The fake basketball is over
Jonathan and Zach transition you from the preseason to the regular season.
33 min
At the Hive Podcast season two is here
Jonathan and Zach are back to talk about the Hornets offseason and get ready for the regular season.
42 min
Free agency sadness
Jonathan and Zach talk about all of the Hornets departures and their one acquisition thus far.
56 min
The Hornets drafted three new players
We talk about the 2019 NBA Draft and what the Hornets did with it.
51 min
SPECIAL: NBA Bloggers’ Mock Draft Recap
67 min
Who oh who should the Hornets draft?
We're joined by special guest Laieke Abebe to talk about the Hornets' options at the twelfth pick.
65 min
Offseason plans to fix the Charlotte Hornets
Jonathan and Zach lay out the Hornets offseason after the draft lottery.
64 min